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oh my gosh don’t even talk to me about the preview. it. took. so. long. not even because it was difficult-because it wasn’t, i just had drained every last drop of my motivation for this jumper and pretty much anything. sometimes that just happens. do you ever just feel so freaking sad and you don’t know why? either way i really hope you like these <3

sims 4 collared jumpa’s

new mesh. suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download

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I love nagas and I love destiel and I love the two together even more! have you ever thought about naga!cas with human (or even demon?) dean?

I tried to reverse their roles once but it sucked *lol* I wanted to include a link to the post but I have no idea what past!Steffi was thinking when she tagged that doodle and therefore present!Steffi can’t find it. So here’s a repost:

I don’t like it. >w<

Valentines (except not really): Zen

A/N: LOL MINE ISN’T IN FIC FORM LIKE 404’S BECAUSE I’M NOT TALENTED LIKE THAT SORRY NOT SORRY BYYYEE <3 I’ll be posting Jaehee’s tomorrow and V’s on Friday! These aren’t even really Valentine’s but I really needed to write these omg, hope y’all are doing great! Btw, whoever requested the RFA members in a musical, it’ll be posted soon too <3 ~ 626

- The second you woke up you were expected to be showered in gifts
-  And by expected, it’s not like Zen had to actually do anything for u but I mean, it is Valentine’s Day and Zen is a very extravagant person
- But there was nothing???
- Turns out he got called in for a role bc some poor person got sick and couldn’t make it (Zen totally didn’t dance and break something while u were asleep, nope didn’t happen)
- But he didn’t wanna wake u up on your day off so he made breakfast and left it along with flowers for u on the table <3
- But you don’t see him again for awhile???
- And he’s being very, very suspicious about what he’s doing?? He hasn’t even told what character he’s playing
- But you don’t say anything (make his dick hard not his life amiright), you know how hard it can be to memorize lines so last minute so he probably just doesn’t want to talk about his role when he’s not at work (haha yeah right he’s a little attention hoe
- And ofc, two weeks later, he invites you out <3
- aND HE’S TAKING YOU TO A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT??? (if ur not into taylor swift, u r now it’s important for the story mkay)
-  he gets to your seats but ofc his hoe ass excuses himself to look at himself in the bathroom because “I need to make sure I look good for the pictures, mc” as if he doesn’t know he always looks good
- but he doesn’t come back??? The show is about to start??
- Ur so hyped omg, ur lovely little Zen dancing to some of your favorite songs??? (if u all don’t at least like one TS song,,, ur lying,,,)
- she’s walking towards you??? dIRECT EYE CONTACT, WHAT DOES THIS SNAKE WANT
- ??? she’s holding out her hand for you??? Does she wants you??? To get on stage
what is happening
- if we’re being honest ur not even paying attention to zen bc hOLY SHIT TAYLOR SWIFT INVITED U ON STAGE
- You dunno what to do??? Ur standing awkwardly watching her sing as everyone dances around u???
- “Is this in my head? I don’t know what to think, he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said..”
- Taylor Swift turns u around aND ZEN IS ON ONE KNEE??? WITH A RING??
- U end up bursting into tears and nodding ur head and ofc zen isn’t done with his dramatic ass proposal
- some very good loving that night wink wonk

Got7 reaction when their girlfriends misses them when on tour

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

Omg I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long I have been up to my neck in coursework and just haven’t had time to myself and I really haven’t had motivation or inspiration to write anything so if you have sent in a request or are going to just know I will do them …. eventually but they will be done even if it kills me XD but thank you all for staying this long and hello to my new followers I love you <3

JB: *He’d smile at the texts you send him that say you miss him and his heart will slightly flutter as he knows that he’s still on your mind even if he is far away, he’d try to make you feel as happy as possible when he’s not there and just make you look forward to the day he comes home*

Yugyeom; *He’d feel so bad that you were upset over him not being there and would do his best to make you feel happy again whether it be a really long, sweet message, a funny selfie or a funny story of a prank he pulled or something that happened on tour, as long as it put a smile on your face he’d be happy*

Youngjae: *This little bean would be so sweet and would hate to see you sad over that fact that you missed him and so would send really sweet messages to help cheer you up and maybe a couple of photos of him and Coco just to add a little bit more fluff into your day*

Jinyoung: *When he had enough time he’d sit on his phone drafting out a really long paragraph to send to you telling you that you were his world, he hated sleeping in a bed that didn’t have you in it next to him and that you held his heart in your hands and that he was going to travel miles just to get back to you, however, if he didn’t have this time he’d most likely send you really cute pictures to help cheer you up*

Bambam: *Derpy selfies. He’d always brighten your mood with a derpy selfie when you tell him that you miss him, he’d also be quite sweet as another tactic to cheer you up but if worst comes to worst and none of his previous ideas helped he’d happily send you a video of him and Yugyeom pranking their hyungs*

Jackson: *Like Bambam he’d be the type to sense that you missed him and so would randomly send you silly pictures of himself and the other members telling you that he missed you too and he won’t be long until he’s back next to you*

Mark: *He’d do his best to face time you as much as possible just so you can see his face and not miss him as much, but when he doesn’t get the time to do so he would simply send you a sweet text telling you that you mean the world to him and that he’ll be home soon*


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Kara & Mon-El | Let's Hurt Tonight [2x13]
Watch in 1080 HD + headphones please!♡ -F "If this love is pain well darling let's hurt tonight." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

Hey guys, I just published this new video about karamel, I hope you like it! <3

Seventeen Reaction: They See Your Tattoo

Requested by the lovely @hoshijamjam <3 I hope you like it! Thank you for requesting and I hope you have a nice day! :D I put gifs in it because I thought the descriptions made the whole thing look short :P Hope that’s okay!

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Would be surprised that you hadn’t mentioned it. He’d think it was good looking and would compliment you on the tattoo choice. Runs his fingers over it when you cuddle in an admiring way. 


Originally posted by sneezes

Teases you about being a badass because of your tattoo. He knows it’s just a small one but he’d make gangster jokes about it all the time. *is a meme*

“You must be immune to all pain Y/N! Look at that sick ink!" 


Originally posted by mountean

He’ll be curious about it and ask a lot of questions because he’s confused. Why didn’t you tell him about it? When did you get it? Did it hurt? Does it have a meaning or is it just for sick aesthetic? Satisfy his curious mind! 


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Wouldn’t pay too much attention to it once he noticed. He’d ask about it and once you told him where it came from he’d ask if it hurt. He’d listen to the story behind it just like any other story and then move on with his life. He would be pretty neutral about the whole thing. 


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He’d think it was cool. He’d ask you if it hurt to get on that area of your body and ask how it felt compared to a piercing since he has multiple of them. He liked the way it looked on you and would wonder if there’s a story behind it. 


Originally posted by koraenpop

Appalled you didn’t tell him about this earlier! Feigns offense but it’s obviously fake. He asks you all about it! Listens attentively while you explain.


Originally posted by woozioppa

Likes it but doesn’t know how to say that without being awkward. He’d just sort of stare at it and if you brought it up then he’d happily listen to your story. 


Originally posted by dank-svt-memes

SHOCKED. Probably yells and points when he first sees it and then asks why you never told him before. Yells about how much it must have hurt and calls you strong. Talks about how he could never get a tattoo himself. Praises you endlessly.


Originally posted by shininghoshi

Gets super giddy about it. Points at it and pulls you close to cuddle and look at the tattoo. Asks you all about it and excitedly listens to your story. Likes when you wear clothes that show off the tattoo so he can smile contently at it. He’d think it’s cute.


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He’d be similar to DK. He’d want to know the story about you getting it and how much it hurt. He’d also be like Scoups and compliment you on it all the time. Probably one to tell the members about it if you were cool with that.


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A curious bean. He never had thoughts about tattoos before seeing that you had one. What’s the ink made of? How long did yours take? What was the pain level like? He thinks it’s sexy even if it’s a butterfly on your ankle. He likes it endlessly and would compliment the style. Wants to see the art from your perspective and hear the story about it. He’s just generally interested in it :) 


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Shy cutie. When he sees it he’ll quietly bring it up and ask you about where you got it and such. Might briefly consider getting one himself, whether he does or not is unknown. Still the cuddly cutie he always is. 
“You look more gangster than I used to! Wow!”


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Lowkey shocked and impressed. Asks A TON of questions. Jams his face close to your skin to get a closer look at the ink and runs his finger over it to feel if it’s bumpy or smooth or what. Curious and excited. 
"You’re so cool Jagi!!" 

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Vernon's mom talked about your blog on her Facebook page tonight 😁

asdfghjklslsg >___< i’m like so… shocked?? k i feel like this needs an explanation LMAO. so i knew of her fb page but didn’t give it much attention tbh bc it’s like… not right in my honest opinion lol. i thought at first that maybe she didn’t even realize that her profile was publicly viewable so idk i just felt super uncomfortable and just like… forgot about it lol. but i recently saw screenshots flying around on twitter and stuff of users sending her fanart, translations and other things and she was actually posting them onto her fb and thanking carats for sending them in! so i guess that means she’s aware of carats who are following her on fb and is cool with it?? so i kinda got confident for a sec LMFAO and msgd her w/ some of my own fanart and told her about this blog incase she wanted to stay caught up with her son’s activities… and…. i did not think she would actually poST IT??? but she did… *cries* LOL. so yeah, thats the story. also please don’t ask me to link you to her fb page or anything cuz i will not be doing that. i hope you understand~^^

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Hi ! I really really love your blog and i was wondering if you still do cannons? If so , what do you think levi would be like when youre sleeping together ( not sex , like just sleeping with each other) thank you :-) 💕

Hello! I’m really glad you like my blog, anon! <3

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Well, on nights that he isn’t passing out in his chair, I think he’d be the big spoon and sleep soundly for about two or three hours as usual. Then he’d get up without trying to disturb his partner and go about his usual way of doing things.

I know Levi is an awkward individual with a harsh mouth, but I think that if he’s comfortable enough to share a bed with someone without it being a “have to” circumstance (i.e. being stranded somewhere, etc); he’d be comfortable enough to cuddle and sleep soundly. But I doubt very highly that it would make him sleep longer. Levi seems like he’s pretty set in his ways and has a routine of things. Especially since he’s a clean freak who showers in under three minutes.

I imagine he’d cuddle and he’d enjoy the shared warmth. He’d sleep comfortably and he would like having someone to hold. At least until his arm goes numb lmao xD

This Was Worth an Overreaction - RottenSocksandFluff - LazyTown [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

… because Robbie is sick. Very sick. All he knows is that he needs help. If there was any time for Sportacus to wrap him in over-protectiveness, it was now. He desperately needed it.

Sportacus doesn’t disappoint.

Thanks to @neyieagetslazy for the good advice on not pressuring myself into writing if I didn’t feel like it, and to just write if I feel like I can.  And also to @eyeonnah because she was awesome encouragement <3


I have a bad habit of destroying my own creativity otherwise, which is why I decided to take a break in the first place!  So I didn’t do that!

This was too much fun to write.

Sorry Robbie. >3>  But I had to give Sportacus a legitimate reason to be a Sportasmother.

Something New - One

Summary: A year had come and gone, Jyn and Cassian were acclimating to a peaceful life on Takodana, even K-2SO was beginning to take some joy in finding new risks to calculate, such as how badly Jyn would burn the food she was attempting to cook without Cassian’s supervision. Jyn getting pregnant seemed the next logical thing in their family they were building despite Jyn’s fears about it. Even Kay can’t help but be jovial in his own way, driving Jyn and Cassian crazy lists of what they should and shouldn’t do to ensure the birth of a healthy companion for him.

A/N: This is purely just pregnancy/little family fluff cause we all deserve it, Jyn and Cassian deserve it, and I got a prompt for it for my birthday last month. So yay! Here’s some fluff, it might not be too long but I haven’t decided yet, hope you guys like it! <3

Pairing: Rebelcaptain


Words: 1,750

AO3: (x)

    Jyn stared at the positive readout on the test, she’d waited to take it until Cassian had gotten out of bed to go check on the field droids outside, unsure of not only how he’d react, but how she would react herself. She suspected something was different for about a month, her cycle had normalized over the past year of peace since the war was won, and she tried to dismiss the skipped month though she knew something was wrong. And there is was staring right at her, a positive readout on the pregnancy test, and for the first time in a year, Jyn was terrified. Hearing the familiar heavy footsteps of Cassian heading back towards their bedroom again had Jyn frantically shove the blood test in her nightstand drawer and trying to keep the covers arranged over her still naked form.

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Hi there! Quick question, mostly out of curiosity. I saw someone else ask the question of why don't you make a flurry blog? I realize it's a lot of work but there are no good active flurry blogs on tumblr, and I bet lots of people would wanna see one OwO

((Yep, it would be a lot of work :/ It’d be pretty pointless, too. Flurry Heart is pretty much as big a character in this blog as Skyla is. You can send her asks, too, if you want! Since this blog is a continuation of Ask-Cadance, all next-gen stuff is happening on this blog. Yes, this blog is called “Skyla Diaries”, but it’s not “Ask Skyla”, ya kno? ;)

If you’re looking for blogs with Flurry Heart as the star, I like these ones:

Flurry-Heart-Replies <– [They are very active!]

FlurryHeart-Babbles ))