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Mary is stunning and I love her realistic features! I'm really trying to find more realistic facial downloads. Nose masks, shadings, etc. Anything that adds more detail to my sims face. Do you have any in mind you could share? thanks so much xx

thank you very much for the compliments :3

Since I have been asked more than once I decided to make a 

Realistic Make Up Masterlist for sims 3! Hope you like it ;)


  1. sweetmango by @sadisim
  2. a matter of skin by mamyrocker
  3. skins by @kurasoberina
  4. pity party skin by @live-love-sim
  5. warren’s skin by @chisimi

Face blushes:

  1. faceshine by @sk-sims
  2. faceshadow by @sk-sims
  3. face pores by tifa
  4. real face blush by tifa
  5. blush by @sk-sims
  6. faceshadow by @synestesi-vtmb


  1. eruwen
  2. brntwaffles
  3. imamii big eyes 
  4. wundersims


  1. lipstick by @sk-sims
  2. dry lips by @joes-stuff
  3. iced lips by @i-like-teh-sims
  4. lips by tifa


  1. freckles by @aphroditeisimmoral
  2. freckles and moles by @sims3melancholic
  3. various makeup by @kurasoberina
  4. nose masks by @brntwaffles
  5. eyebags by @wundersims

okay. wow. so as promised i said i would upload stressed parents anonymous for the next follower milestone and only twelve days later we’ve hit that milestone. that was super fast!! wow! i’m really not sure my content is ~quality~ enough to deserve you all. (and tbh i’m not sure how a handful of you even found me lol but THANKS) a fair bit happened over those twelve days and i’m so so lucky to have such kind followers and people i can now call friends. SIMBLR FRIENDS ARE ALL I WANT IN LIFE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME  ;   A   ; 

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okay, okay, that’s all great zeeb, but get to the point. you can’t just give these lovely people a pic of danica and indie. no no no. they deserve better than that! (sorry danica and indie, i know you don’t get enough love on this blog as it is. i have failed you. but this is also the truth.) so, since my pose-making skills are good enough for me but idk how to do the thing with the list and i wouldn’t want to release anything subpar to you guys lol, and i therefore cannot offer you guys too much in the way of gifts rn, i have this idea:

i will edit your pics. (yep. that’s it. that’s the big idea.)

all you gotta do is send me or link me to a raw pic of yours that you’d like me to edit :> and i will post them all as a photoset as a token of my undying appreciation for you!! (you can send me sims 4 pics as well as sims 3. i’ll edit just about anything, even pics of potatoes!! pls don’t send me pics of potatoes tho.)

shoutout and big thank you to everyone currently following this subpar blog (please support each other!!) ♡♡♡

@scentedboredom @simmeronnie @preferatajaferoj @simsysims @simstrope @simmaterial @pixmatic @nova-neptune @simplykitsch @goknazzer @chof-pixls @lavisims @sthenosims @waystosim @thissimslifeishard @boxofsims @steffieandhersims @lilyshadowwriter @justkeeponsimming @sunset-melody @pixelevia @keeksim @dstarsims @merry-go-sims @ultroslovesyou @millascreativecornerblog @alluringsimss @omgdoubleume @simsoksims @kalethegrey @i-like-teh-sims @livnpixels @sugary-plumb @keytiofinback1971 @matsouri @novapark @inquisitive-simmer @plumboby @camisims @urbaneesim @littlepxels @sul-sul @sandy-sims @furiouslydecaffinated @rollo-rolls @itsjustpxels @shaaan95x @vodkasimmer @strawberrymelonn @quoththeraven821 @blackoutsims @skarlet-sims @akikka88 @kabuna @pxeldude @sim-pi @candyssimblr @grumpysimmies @itsdeadpoetry @pixelplxm @squeamishsimmer @raindrops-snow @walkingbvrnes @negativeplumbobs @nihongamer @blakcsheep @moonskin9393 @cartersims @casuable @cat-nerd-sims @bedroomblast @thecactus @essexfloorsanders @rezzabob @blursims @lilit666-posts @graentea @enchantedunicornhideout @basicpixels @caterpillarsims @jitterydevice @woohoodlums @mottesim @simgallery @lilytita @freckled-pixels @sinfullysimlicious @elisabettasims @annjonesbooks @vanillasimsfan @simsandlifealert @lucasmunch @gilded-phoenix @katsujii @procrasimnation @mypixelstories @notcoolnico @the-shimmering-silwermoon @simbasims @obsessionfactory @pixelated-leaf @angelblue007 @galaxsim

n.b. not everyone here is a simblr and that’s totally cool :> 

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- lots of love from zeeb, danica, and indie ♡



I always loved this conversion by @i-like-teh-sims, but I wanted it to have the original face, so I pulled the files from the store version and placed them in. 

*There are four channels; the main hat, the spikes/ties, the eye whites and the mouth/pupils. The nostril buttons are set as overlays and I have included a variety of colours in the file.

*You can have this in your game as well as the original

*As with all accessories, it can look slightly blurry if you overload your sims with them.

Thank you very much to i-like-teh-sims for converting this in the first place :) I take very little credit for this, the textures were mostly EA with a little tweak here and there, I wanted to share this though as I always loved this hat.


so i started to play the sims 3 again a few weeks ago and i was (and still) so obsessed over bully that i made 3 of my fave characters: Jimmy, Trent and Gord ! (honestly i’m not so proud of how i made Trent, Jimmy looks okay (and cute) and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOW I MADE GORD i have a big crush on him i’d marry him but we’re not cousins)

just sharing a few solo shots for the moment, i’m gonna post more in the week !!

(* i do not own any cc content i used on my sims -??? i hope this makes any sense- nor the photoshop actions made by halcyonglow and i-like-teh-sims)

Got tagged by @blackswan-sims​ for the favourite simblrs thingy! THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR! *______* I love your blog too, your sims and your style are awesome <3

Also, as a “thank you” (and because I don’t think I’ve actually ever done any of these things before), I decided to do a “favourite simblrs/follow forever” sort of thing.

Please know that this is not complete: I’m pretty sure that I forgot A TON of names, so if your name is not listed here, please keep in mind that it is not because I hate you or whatever. I love each and every of my followers, I love talking to you guys and if I forgot to put you in here is because I have the memory span of a goldfish D:

Since this is pretty long (and also to make it less annoying to anyone who doesn’t like these type of things), I put my list under a cut. Alphabetical order and so on.

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Hello, I am sorry to bother you but I am getting Sims 3 and I am also making a sims blog and I want to be able to follow a lot of good sims blogs so if you have recommendations of good Sims blogs I can use that would help oh so much :)

Hi! At first sorry for the late reply. I have never done something like this before so I decided to include a lot of blogs that I like. Some of them may be quite inactive at the moment but I still think they had to be in this list. And also sorry if I missed someone but I have to say that I like every blog that I’m following :)

# - 2sanghaec, 77rachel

A - adriannecarroll, andhisrabbits, antraya-cubed, aphroditeisimmoral, aquamarinus, azuremermaid

B - bakasim, bartlby182, berrysweetshoppe, black-le, blondechaos, bringmevictory, brntwaffles, buckleysims

C - captainsimerica, chaoticsims, chisimi, circasim, cocooooon, coercere, coffee-americano, crazysim-mary, crvcrv-sims, cyberryeezus

D - darkosims3, davidmont, doryeon-simz

E - eadan, elasticgirl-simlock, eroticsim, erschsims, eruwen, eversims

G - geishasims, gimmesims, goatyesims, goguma-yang, grimhatesdeathflowers

H - halcyonglow

I - icrvesims, ikarisims, i-like-teh-sims, itstraumhaus

J - jazzy—–fizzle, jinglestartk, joes-stuff, jorsimmy, julies7821, julykapo, juniellie

K - kaleekalo, kasumihonda, koolhira, kosmokhaos, kurasoberina

L - leahlillith, lhyrical, liahxsimblr, liasims, liegt, lilith-sims, little-wingxo, livelovepixels

M - m1ssduo, melancholycotton, melltokio, mexe-capuletmissfortunesims, momosims, moonskin93, muraisawesome 

N - naiisimblr, neptunesims, nilxis, nixels, noelyely, noviebird

O - ofpixels, ohmysim, onyxirony, osacuveiasims

P - pastry-box, periluxe, phixil, pickypikachu, pinkiepancakes, pinofurude, pleyita, plumb-barb, plumbionic, plumblobs, plumbobsophy, pnmai

R - rucklia

S - sadisim, sectumsimpra, serabiet, shambalasims3, shanni-bo-banni, shockshame, shokoninio, silumeo, simified, simifymylove, simpaii, simplykitsch, simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr, simsimi-only-mine, simsinspring, simstaplease, simstrope, simtzu, sk-sims, soupsim, spaceywaceysims, springcolds, stefizzi, sugarballoon, sushisims, sweetsimsationz, sweetyss

T - tamoky, tariks-sims, theboywhosimmed, thenoisyneutron, theothersim, the-sagaro, theseprettylittlepixels, thriftsimshop, thunderpudding, touchmypixels, tractusopticus, treesimz, typicalsimblr

V - violetmoonsims

W - wickedsims, woohoo-juice-simoleons, woohootycall, wundersims

Y - yearimm, yennsims

Z - zauma, zowaaaay 

Favorite Tumblrs

All my favorite tumblrs, current and up to date. Always adding new ones!


@art-sims, @afterlifesims


@brntwaffles, @bellesgrotto


@chaoticsims, @creatingsims, @chisimi


@darkosims3, @dstarsims


@erschsims, @eternal-simmer, @emilyccfinds




@gimmesims, @ganjasims




@inabadromance, @i-like-teh-sims, @ikarisims


@jennisims, @jellyfishandpancakes, @jakeasims




@letichespixels, @leahlillith, @lumialoversims, @liahxsimblr, @lucassims


@missparaply, @madlensims, @missfortunesims, @mac-cosimetics


@nixels, @nygirlsims, @neisims


@ohmysim, @ohmyglobsims


@plumblobs, @preslavabg, @pixldust, @pralinesims, @pickypikachu, @pixelpixies, @peacemaker-ic


@romeo-and-simulet, @randuhhxx,


@simpliciaty, @sssvitlans, @serenity-cc, @sims-4-cc-finds, @smallsimmer


@the77sim3, @theothersim




@woohoo-juice-simoleons, @wundersims, @worldstarsimblr, @witchypixels, @walkininfected







alienpod, alfalfalegacy, ameowls, bellesgrotto, bemykingofthesims, beaverhausenx, beautyandthesim, berrysweetboutique, berrysimlish, blindingechoescathilark, catastrophicpixels, checkmar, catlover800, colormepixeled, cookiemonsterrsims, cuteplumbbies

deathbycowplant, ddeathflowerdeedee-sims, divadoom, doiwonnasims, dustofsims, ellzia, elvination, fairsteadsims, faeriefrolic, fangflower, fishiiiiiii

gellysims, going-simmingly, gowiththeflowxx, happilyeveraster, holospritehambergersims, i-like-teh-sims, inabadromance, iliketodissectsims, inkwisteria

jenba, jehusethemoose, jokeplease, liegt, lilith-sims, lina-cherie, lunarsteal

madmonomistyinthebluebox, moveobjects, morgibritt, morrowsims, nixels, notplumbobswithapassion, noodlesims, ohmysim, ohmypominit, onebillionpixels, onebloopin

pandoricasims, pixelswirl, pixelatedzombies, pixeljackpot, plumb-barb, plumbobsandrainbows, plumbobbles, plumb0bs, plumnamedbob, pocketfulofpixels, pokemyplumbob, poppet-sims pxelbox riddikulsims, riskywoohoo, rayscho, risastorm, robotfishes, romeo-and-simulet

shockshame, simstrology, simstaplease, shanni-bo-banni, shipofsims, shambalasims3, simacaroni, simblroonies, simblerina, simblrofthecoolestgirl simblurry, simburgerr, simsandgiggles, simsandturtles, simminglystrange, simphonious, simslikepie, sinfulwunders, sugarlumpies, thegingersnapdiary, theseprettylittlepixels, touchmypixels, titosims, trutjesims, tragicpixels, twilightpixelsusedtoplaygames, usagisims

vixsims, vimpse, wundersims woohootycall, wonderpetals, whataloadofboolprop, whimsywaltz, wispasims, wispsims, woohoo-juice-simoleons, woohooligan, wonder-simmerxlovekstewx, xvanillaxgalaxiesx, zeusar, zebrafagsims, zebrasims

I am almost positive I forgot some. But I have been compiling this list for awhile. These are my favorites who fill my dash with so much loveliness. Never stop simming! ♥ ♥

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Fave blogs?

oh. uh, oh. i’m picky with the blogs i follow, so i love every single one. every.sINGLE.ONE.

but… since i feel like reminiscing/giving some love - these are all blogs of people that i either talk to (or have talked to), just discovered, or have been following since the dawn of time. XP 

@5traits, @a-century-of-fakers, @alhajero, @americansims, @andhisrabbits, @antraya-cubed, @aphroditeisimmoral, @bartlby182, @blondechaos, @buckleysims, @candy-crystals, @caterpillarsims, @chisimi, @classycupid, @cocooooon, @creatingsims, @etiollesims, @firstladyofcasterlyrock, @gimmesims, @heavensims, @holosprite, @i-like-teh-sims, @ice-creamforbreakfast, @joes-stuff, @jorsimmy, @julykapo, @katsujii, @keblobs, @kurasoberina, @liegt, @lis0, @littlepuppets, @lolitasim, @lucifermetternich, @lululanlucien, @melacholycotton, @midiththefair, @moonskin93, @naiisimblr, @nekoasakuro, @nerdieplumbs, @noelyely, @nova-neptune, @onyxirony, @owl-loya, @paperfriendd, @pastry-box, @pinofurude, @pixelddump, @pixelore, @plumb-barb, @plumblobs, @plumbobsophy, @prettybigsim, @putrulance, @radicalsims, @shockshame, @simblrdeglam, @simified, @simpaii, @simplykitsch, @simplyonehellofasimblr, @sims3melancholic, @simstrope, @sincerelyasimmer, @sk-sims, @sodasims, @spooky-mullder@stefizzi, @subpoint, @sugarballoon, @sumiei, @sushisims, @sweetwildoranges, @theothersim, @touchmypixels, @tractusopticus, @typicalsimblr, @witchxis, @woohoo-juice-simoleons, @woohoodlums, @yayasimblr, @zeusar, @zhutra, @zowaaaay

Hello Everyone!

As part of/in addition to my upcoming follower gifts, I wanted to do a follow forever. I’ve never done one before, and I thought it would be a fun and easy way to show my appreciation for the simblr community. It’s entirely possible I forgot some people (I almost somehow forgot medleymisty, the most perfect simblr/person/being in the universe? It happens, man), but this is mostly complete for right now! As the name suggests, even if these blogs fall inactive I continue to follow them, so some haven’t been updated in a while, but every simblr on this list is great and definitely worth a look! They’re in alphabetical order, with my current simblr crushes in italics.

#-B: 99simproblems, ahsberrysims, alayaya-simblr, anaoemila, antraya-cubed, awaresimblr, baloopix, beaverhausenx, bellesgrotto, berrysim, berrysweetboutique, brntwaffles, burntsugarsimblr, b0nehilda

C-G: caterpillarsims, catlover800, cherrybonniu, cuteplumbbies, dat-one-simblr, deathbycowplant, deathbyranting, divadoom, doiwonnasims, eir-sims, ellzia, elvination, erschsims, faeriefrolic, faithtrustandpixels, fangflower, gilded-phoenix, goatkibble, goodnightlittlewing

H-L: historicalsimslife, holosprite, i-like-teh-sims, inkwisteria, its-me-voidberg, jaxxis, jazzhasasimblr, justanothersimsblog, keenpea, kosmokhaos, legendofsim, lesyasun, littlenettleheart, littlemicrocosims, llunarlakes, lumialoversims, lynekosims

M-P: manicpxl, martiniplumbobs, mckatsims, medleymisty, megusims, mhamilton0911, misosoupy, mspoodle1momosims, morgibritt, nativeafua, novellam-under-the-stars, ohmypominit, pandoricasims, phyrcracker93, pluckyplumbobs, plumb0bs, plush-cat, pollenpunch, prismaplanetsims, pushingupplumbobs, pxelbox

R-S: rayscho, risastorm, romeo-and-simulet, rosessupposesmanythings, runwiththewolfes, samantha8982, sammsimblr, serindeppity, sevelii, shambalasims3, silly-daydream, simacaroni, simblroonies, sims3medieval, simsandgiggles, simsl3gacies, simstrology, smallsimmer, soloriya, spoopsims, stardustedsims, stsims, subpoint, supersinclairsaga, swirlgoodies

T-Z: tainoodles216thegingersnapdiary, titosims, treason-and-plot, whimsywaltz, winterspixels, wispasims, wonderblobs, yoonhaon, zauma

Thank you so much to every one of you for making the simblr community a bright and happy place!

<3 Izzy

The first part, where I’m gonna spill some bits about what you can do to get your male character lookin’ right. I’m mostly going to focus on the face part, cause that’s what makes or breaks your sim. I’m sure body shaping is something we are all comfortable with doing and it since it’s not very hard at all.

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Sims 3 EA Clothes and Hair edits/Fixes

Click Picture/s to be redirected to the Download. Various Finds of EA expansion/stuff packs and Store Hair and Clothes that has been fixed or edited by others. I take no credit for these, they belong…

EA Clothes and Hair edits/Fixes

Click Picture/s to be redirected to the Download.

Various Finds of EA expansion/stuff packs and Store Hair and Clothes that has been fixed or edited by others.

I take no credit for these, they belong to EA and those that edited/fixed them. 

Most are Non Replacements/Base Game Compatible which means you won’t need that expansion/stuff pack/store item because the mesh is included but read what the Editor says to be sure.

And Please Respect Their Terms of Use, Do not claim as your own, Give them and EA credit and do not re-upload to pay sites or through adfly.

There, there, Jonah.  It’s all better now.  ::hug::

(that shadow under his chin is seriously giving me a case of the grumps though… grr)

I can’t settle on a skin for him.  I generally don’t want uber-pale skins (as seems to be the fashion) except for now I do.. go figure.  And I’m left wanting something coarser than 99% of the skins out there, but softer than Nika V’s Adam…  I *think* this is Candy Crush/Marshmallow by I Like Teh Sims.   

Anyway.. I think he is officially “different” then the rest of my stable. and yet… similar…