i like taking pictures of random stuff

stop taking pictures or he’s gonna get grumpy 

there was a maga march planned today so of course there was a protest to shut it down and i was in the black bloc and we started running down a random street in the city to try to get around the cops and there was a couple who just got married getting their wedding pictures taken and we all were running around them and everyone started yelling “congratulations” and “we love you” and stuff like that to them and the photographer kept taking pictures so i guess this couple is just gonna have some really special wedding pictures ft communists in black bloc

In the vein of “Humans are weird”: Social Media

I’ve seen these posts all over pinterest and I had to wonder: would aliens have social media?

I mean sure they would have forms of mass communication for stuff like news and emergency warnings, but what if aliens just didn’t give a crap about sharing their lives on whatever they have that resembles the internet. 

Like we love to share random things like a picture of the food we were eating or the place we just were or the outfit we’re wearing. Aliens? I mean sure they went to their planet’s equivalent of disney world or the grand canyon or london. But they aren’t taking pictures and stuff to show off they just want their own memories.

A trip down memory lane

Since it’s the one year anniversary of this glorious show, time to remember some of the random and weird things experienced by this fandom in no particular order (and please add to this because I can’t remember everything)

  • When we thought Volpina was going to be a superhero and join the team… and then Lila happened
  • the Valentine’s Day episode that would “break the internet”
  • mlsubbing’s subs. All of it.
  • “who is that cool girl who sits at the back with purple hair?”
  • Korean episodes airing earlier than French episodes
  • ml safe haven
  • trying to figure out who would be akumatized next even when we didn’t know all the classmate names
  • “Every time someone asks Hawkdaddy about Felix, a kitten dies”
  • trying to spot Fu in the background of every episode
  • when everyone thought Kim and Alix were friends because we hadn’t seen him interact with Max yet and omg the Heartrate. So much. Everywhere. Where did it go
  • #adrienknows2k16
  • #letadrieneat2k16
  • #savenooroo2k16
  • #probably some other stuff 2k16
  • The Stare™ in the Mime episode which made everyone thirsty for Ladrien
  • The Shower Scene™ in Jackady which quenched everyone’s thirst for Ladrien
  • Who is this red-headed jerk with a crush on Marinette getting in the way of the otp- wait actually he’s adorable nvm I love him
  • Theo having like 3 million jobs
  • When everyone supported France in the football/soccer because we wanted spoilers
  • The Kung Food episode when Marinette and Adrien were really friendly and close and it was so sweet and lovely and everyone was happy
  • People suddenly shipping Marichat after the Evillustrator episode because Chat actually flirted with Marinette and it was like whoa
  • “There’s an ad for the weather competition on the side of the bus, so what if Animan actually takes place before Stormy Weather”
  • trying to make a chronological order based on the pictures in Marinette’s room
  • Thinking “about time!” when Chloé finally got akumatized
  • Chat Noir murdered the Gorilla
  • “tomato son”
  • that time everyone thought Nino’s surname was gonna be some huge important part of the plot
  • #bowlprince

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Leak your recipes pls I live on my own and I'm pretty sure I'm dying of malnutrition because I survive on coffee and cliff bars



It’s funny that you say that because I’m actually in the process of compiling all of my recipes and pictures and uploading them to a blog on like blogspot or whatever. 

Not just recipes but tips on how to shop smart and budget-friendly. Ever since I had a kid I budget my food spending like crazy but we still need to eat well. I spend less than $100/week at the grocery store for 3 people, 3 meals a day plus the other household necessities. 

Almost everything I made is from scratch with fresh ingredients. It takes a bit more time to prepare but it’s so worth it and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER. 

BUT–I also have a shit ton of recipes for like…crock pots that use 3-4 ingredients and can feed you for 3 days. So if you’re busy a lot and have like…no money, these are AMAZING and TASTY. Just throw the stuff in the pot before going to school or work and you come home and eat. 

Just a few random recipes and pictures of what I have made recently are 

Tonkatsu with homemade Tonkatsu sauce (freshly ground roasted white sesame seeds added) and Gyoza

Pho (this is all from scratch, DELICIOUS. I MADE IT LIKE 3 DAYS IN A ROW BECAUSE IM OBSESSED) ((I had a way better pic but I cant find it boo)) 

Tofu and Wakame Miso Soup (I make this from scratch every morning for breakfast. It’s INSANELY HEALTHY for you. And it takes less than 30 minutes as long as you make your Dashi stock in bulk on like Sunday and use that–the stock lasts for a week in the fridge) 

R A M E N with Braised Pork Belly (okay this recipe is NOT EASY. It took me 19 hours to make. But it is my husbands favorite dish of all time that I make so I do it on special occasions or when I feel like not sleeping and watching the stove all damn night and day haha) 

Thai Meatballs in cabbage boats with Sriracha Mayo 

Mongolian Beef (bruhhh love this one) 

Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs with Asparagus and Baby Red Potatoes


I also cook some….not so healthy but damn delicious food too such as

Copycat In-N-Out Burgers (the sauce is DIIVINE also sorry for the messy plate lol and if you don’t know what In-N-Out is…its sooo good im sorry you’ve never had it but now you can)

PIZZAAAA (okay but for real fuck Dominos and everything, it’s sooo expensive, and frozen pizzas tend to taste like garbage. With a homemade sauce and dough ((SHIT YOU CAN EVEN MAKE YOUR OWN MOZZARELLA USING JUST A GALLON OF MILK)) you can have delicious customized pizza for wayyy less money. Add whatever toppings you want! 

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes! (I actually had Buzzfeed really like this recipe and post of mine online! These are seriously moist as HECK and you’ll probably eat them all in one sitting I swear) 


ANYWAY I LOVE TO COOK. I have soooo many more recipes than this. My husband pressures me like every day to open up a food truck or something lmao, but nah. I just like to cook for the people I love in my own home. 

If you guys are interested in good food recipes and ways to save a ton of money in the grocery store then I can post a link for my food blog once I have it up and running!!!! 

I’m really passionate about young people and really everyone in general finding ways to cook more. It’s taken me years to gain all of the knowledge I have on shopping smart and knowing how to spend what little money I have the RIGHT way so I’m not wasting food and eating garbage. I would love to share it with as many people as I can.  

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i think someone stole or traced one of ur widow pics? their names CheeselessDorito on deviantart heres a screenshot i(.)imgur(.)com/73sqbAa(.)png

Here’s the image for reference:

Here’s my image:

I just wanted to say a couple things about this.

It looks like they may have eyeballed it and copied the palette but there isn’t really much i can do about that! I don’t stress out too much about stuff like that. I’m okay with people using my pictures for practice/ inspiration/ etc.

That’s how you learn how to draw, after all. You just, take inspiration from a bunch of random stuff. It starts with, you know, just copying other people. I’d like to be acknowledged, but in the grand scheme, it isn’t necessary. I’m popular enough that people see the above image, and even their image, and they recognize where it came from, like this anon did. I don’t list my inspirations when I draw, (unless it is obviously based on something else, like nataliehall’s she-wolf) and no one is obligated to! Eyeballing, yes, you should. But that’s only to potentially show the artist what you were inspired to make because of them, because you respect their work and like their voice. 

If this person was selling this as a print, I might have an issue with that. But they aren’t. This is just an image on the internet, put here for other’s to see. I don’t need to be acknowledged if my work inspires someone else. It’s okay to use someone else’s voice in an image if you’re having trouble finding your own.

It’s important to find your own voice. This is part of that process.

I think there’s a certain stigma in the art community that treats art like this like some kind of condemn-able crime. Like, say, I would have the right (or even WANT) to control this person’s content, because it looks like mine. This person, who has no monetary gain to putting this picture on the internet, or drawing it in the first place. Yes, there are extreme cases of this that ARE wrong. Stealing another artist’s image is WRONG. Selling someone else’s art is WRONG. But this? This isn’t wrong. This is just someone finding inspiration and wanting to make something based on that inspiration. That’s part of learning how to be an artist.

As long as it isn’t traced or just plain STOLEN, or reposted without credit, I‘m okay with it! I’d like to SEE and be linked to art that I’ve inspired because being an artist that people think is good enough to cause inspiration is Amazing! It’s part of the reason I love doing art so much. 

Thank you for letting me know, though!

Dating Rosé would include...

  • first off Rosé is a beautiful angel that need protecting
  • a lot of it
  • it’s #RoséProtectionSquad level
  • she’s so clumsy around you
  • like she could be walking across smooth glass and trip
  • then grab onto you cuz “save me babe”
  • she’s almost set the apartment on fire several times
  • “oh there’s a candle right there”
  • tries to stay away from the candle
  • trips, falls, sets the carpet on fire
  • you run out of the shower like wtf
  • she’s just pouring water on it like “shhhh”
  • now whenever you walk past the burnt spot you laugh
  • waking up to her adorable face
  • it’s 11/10
  • if she can’t be with you she’ll leave notes
  • like “good morning sunshine sorry I had to go into work early”
  • they’re honestly all over the place
  • some are in English or Korean or whatever your native language is
  • she’ll sit up late at night trying to copy “I love you” in your native tongue
  • she makes everyone soft
  • your parents love her
  • it’s crazy
  • you’re pretty sure they lowkey want to adopt her and kick you out of the family
  • snapchats 24/7
  • it’s usually random stuff but
  • ??? she’s still so cute
  • it could be the set for an mv and she’s taking a picture of a cloud
  • “it looks like Jennie’s fluffy hair”
  • or it’ll be of her hyping the girls
  • “look how cute Lisa looks ❤️”
  • her learning how to play your favorite songs on her guitar
  • like you’re coming home and hear Goodbye by 2NE1 playing
  • but like ??¿? it’s not coming from a speaker
  • you walk in your room and Rosé is on the bed with her guitar
  • “hi babe I learned a new song”
  • being that one couple everyone makes fun of but secretly loves
  • “omg y'all are so nasty” –Lisa probably
  • the girls making fun of you 25/8
  • like you’ll hug and they’ll be like
  • “oh wow” 👀
  • then start dramatically imitating you
  • but they lowkey love it
  • you’re the fifth member of BLACKPINK
  • Rosé takes you everywhere
  • oh she’s going to the studio?
  • gotta take the gf
  • oh she’s filming a variety show
  • gotta take the gf
  • you two are honestly attached at the hip
  • but it’s aight cuz the Blinks ship y'all real hard
  • #1 cutest couple in kpop

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🌻 how to adventure: (type down ur ideas)

when talking about adventurez, the first thing that pops inside my head is: travel & good food. so normally, adventures will just include the following with some take-out stuff or picnic goodies that i bring with myself:

  • drive away from the city. preferably a place i’ve never been to!
  • visit a new coffee shop or a resto perhaps and stay there for a couple of hours.
  • shop alone! i somehow consider this an adventure because you would rarely witness me going out alone?
  • walk around a local or amusement park and urban sketch! yes that’s right, use your gree time to also be extra productive
  • read a good adventure book! indeed, books will take you to places farther than the ones your eyes could see!
  • walk on the subdivision. this is frankly lame but i would love to do this especially when im walking my dogs.
  • visit a farm/garden. there are cute places that let you pick berries/lavenders/other flowers?? idk i love doing those, do it, it’s gun be super fun!
  • drive somewhere you dont know, quite similar to #1 except you dont do stop overs unless you are hungry!! enjoy the sunsets, sunrises, the view, and the warm or cool air on your skin
  • get a cheap bus/train ticket and head to a random place. this is scary for some people but i find it real cool tbh. my soul is always thirsty to wander!
stuff that i will most likely bring:
  • a goodie basket + blanket for picnic purposes
  • my sketchpad/journal to document everything
  • my camera of course, i will take cute pictures of everything
  • good book!
  • extra shirt
  • umbrella just in case ☔☔
  • a good playlist!!!! for the entire trip
  • my laptop maybe if i need it
this is quite lengthy! hope it helps 🌼

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For the oneshot thing, maybe something about young Wilford and young Dark just having a rare day where they get along and just cause chaos for random pedestrians? Or something like that idk

(So this is what happens when I watch a show about haunted houses…)

Dark tosses a dart at the picture of Mark and sighs dramatically. “I’m so bored,” he groans as Wilford wanders into the room with two mugs of hot cocoa in his hands and a lampshade on his head.

“No kidding,” Wilford mutters, handing Dark one of the mugs and plopping down onto the couch without spilling a drop. He takes a sip of his cocoa, leaving whipped cream all over his mustache and nose. “I wanna break stuff and maybe steal everyone’s left shoe. Can we do that?”

Dark pinches the bridge of his nose and creates another dart between his fingers to toss at the picture of Mark. “I’m going to need a better plan than that, Will.”

Wilford pouts before he tilts the lampshade back away from his eyes, grinning and wiggling his eyebrows. “Oh, I have an idea, and you’re going to like this one…”

Mark is in the middle of recording when all the power in the house cuts off at once. He throws off his headphones in frustration and goes to find the breaker box. He tries to switch the power back on, but nothing happens. He wanders back inside, looking around and finding that the furniture has moved into a single pyramid.

Mark backs up slowly into a hooded figure who is cold to the touch and looming over him. Mark screams and runs for his room, locking the door behind him, only to find that everything in the bedroom has been transferred to the ceiling. Something starts banging on Mark’s door, and Chica whines at Mark from her corner. “Come here, Chica. Come here!”

Chica runs over and practically tackles Mark. The banging on the door stops suddenly, and the lights come back on. Mark opens the door a crack to find that the hooded figure has disappeared. Chica licks Mark’s face until he pets her and calms down. “I don’t know what that was, bub, but I have a feeling a certain pair of Egos were involved…”

Somewhere outside, Dark throws back the hood of the grim reaper costume and Wilford cleans the super glue off of his fingers. They poof back to their house, cackling and hugging their sides.

So, several months ago, I asked for advice on a Mizar cosplay. Two months ago, I did it. NOW I’m finally getting around to posting it.

The visible word on the bat is “DREAMBENDER”. I might take more pictures of the bat if you’re all interested. I had fun drawing random stuff on it. The earrings are pink pentagrams that made me think “Mabel Mizar” as soon as I saw them.

Anyways, I hope you like it!

PSA: My art on Redbubble

Hello lovely people!

I’m just gonna come right out and say it, lately I’ve been kinda poor financially (due to preparing to move and medical bills and a bunch of other probably first world problems) so I thought I would promote my stuff on Redbubble to y’all! 

Some of it is The Foxhole Court themed and some of it is just random typography prints and stuff like that. (I’d like to add here that some of the pictures I’ve used I couldn’t find the owner of, so if you see something you know belongs to someone else just lemme know and I will contact them or take it down.)

The markup for my designs is 20%, meaning that I get a sixth of the full price.

Also if anyone has any requests (like for instance making the sports jersey prints for others than Andrew and Neil, or more things with gothic fonts or art etc etc) feel free to throw them at me!

You can find my prints here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/mimoir

If you like my stuff, please feel free to spread the word!

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I still remember my old comic fanart of cartoonz and vanoss fighting over delirious, and I kinda feel like sharing it, I actually found a random post by someone ( I don’t remember who posted it nor I remember their name ) and I want to draw it but never posted it on tumblr cuz I have nothing to take pictures of it and I’m too lazy to draw it on my computer…

Never Forget Me

Genre: Werewolf Au / Fluff / Angst / Slight Humor (?)

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 9,040

Warnings: None really, maybe mentions of blood

Masterlist ♥︎ | Ask/Request

A/n: It’s finally finsihed!!! I r e a l l y hope you guys like this fic, I spent almost two months writing it, trying to perfect it and all that fun stuff. Feedback would be much apprecitated :)) Thank you for reading! 

Posted: August 19th / 11:43 pm

Originally posted by leojuseyo

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Ive never seen a post specifically talking about Danny's Sam wall in fanning the flames, so I figured I’d try 

first we have this adorable picture. it looks like sam is in the middle of talking, and it’s most likely danny who had taken this picture, which is so cute to think about. he was probably bored of hearing her blabbing and thought having a secret photoshoot would be more interesting. tucker probably jumped in at last minute, look at his little smile!!!! danny most likely had this lying around, but overall an adorable picture.

next is this iconic photo. im guessing this was in middle school, but i would’ve loved to see her rock this look on the show. she looks pretty bored/unamused in this photo. maybe her parents took it of her. maybe danny or tucker??? idk. danny probably had this lying around as well.

i have so many thoughts on this one ??? im guessing it’s sam’s belt, but where the hell did danny get this?! it would be pretty creepy if he casually had HER BELT lying around in his room. unless these kids have some explaining to do, i can’t think any other reason how he could have this. im just gonna say the animators were sticking random stuff up there. sam does have some great taste in belts tho.

another adorable picture!! there’s not much to say about this one, besides the fact that this basically confirms that danny is never picture ready. i’ll take it though!!

i have a few thoughts on this one. this was most likely taken at re dance in parental bonding. but sam’s dress sleeve looks different then the one she originally had. or maybe im just overthinking it and it was just an error. also, it looks like a part of the picture was ripped off. maybe it was a picture of her with someone else (most likely tucker) and danny had ripped it off bc he just wanted a picture of her. still looks perfect though.

im guessing this is a reminder for danny to keep thinking about sam. which is pretty pointless since he’s under an obsessive love spell? but hey, whatever helps the kid out.

now this??? i have no idea. how the hell did danny get her hair? HER GUM?! especially in such a short period of time! that’s another level of creepy! i guess it’s just another case of animators putting up random stuff. i bet danny was super confused seeing this when he got back home after the episode.

Imagine that Peter is in a relationship with Harry, and he takes pictures of him all the time and uploads them to his Instagram or tumblr or what-have-you.

And like, of course sometimes Harry poses, or they pose together, or they’re being silly for the camera. But mostly Peter likes taking pictures of Harry doing random/every day stuff; eating, taking a walk, working, goofing off, sitting around, etc.

And he’s a complete dork in the captions like “Look at this moron, stuffing his face. Gross.” “Somebody’s not a morning person.” “And here we see the Osborn in its natural habitat…” “Cause of death: THIS SMILE.”

(And occasionally, Harry snaps pictures of Peter when he isn’t paying attention and uploads those with comments like “Guess who left his camera unattended.” “We’re totally not dating. I mean, seriously, look at this loser. Ew.” “I honestly don’t even know this guy.” “What an idiot.”

And then Peter sees them later and laughs his ass off.)

Ponyboy having social media Headcanon

Requested by @ryleighisapanda


- that one aesthetically pleasing instagram

- post a lot of Polaroid pics that he takes

- probably that one person that changes filters a lot

- post what he’s wearing for the day

- his instagram story’s are of places he went for the day

- takes pictures of the sky, coffee shops, books, etc

- he follows all those travel instagrams

- His bio is an inspiring quote

- has like 1000 followers


- tweets about random stuff he likes or sees

- for example

“A lady bug just landed on me”

- he has a lot of pictures of him

- and he takes pictures of his food probably

- has a lot of conversations with people

- likes a lot of pictures


- makes mood boards

- reblogs nature stuff

- he searches up aesthetic things

- post quotes he finds in books

- everyone loves his blog

- probably follows like 1 or 2 fanpages

Note: Thats all I could think of to be honest😂. But I hope you like it. And it’s hopefully close to what you were thinking of❤

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I'm sorry if this has been asked, but how to you manage to take pictures like that? my camera work just sucks o.O any tips you could share?

Well, if you’re a complete amateur just like me, I can share few things that might end up being useful in deceiving others that our camera work is on point :P

Two major tools that will help you improve your camera game:
1) Field of View slider in the game options
2) Your precious collection of “useless” transformation tonics

The Field of View - I play the game with the fov slider pushed to 75% (the default is middle if I remember it right), but I always change and adjust it whenever I take pictures. Some things worth remembering:
-Smaller fov can let you zoom in further. Sometimes just walking away from the scenery and using lower fov to zoom in can yield a better result. It is also perfect for details, portraits or character screenshots in general. Try it, it’s worth it.
-Avoid pushing your slider to maximum when you take your screenshots. It might be fun to play the game with Field of View set to max, but usually it’s bad for taking screenshots, because it will distort stuff and it makes everything look worse. If you really want to fit more things into single picture, consider creating panorama instead!

Let me use some random angel statue in Divinity’s Reach as example:

The first picture is really bad, everything important is squished to the middle and the ground, stairs and sky are stretched and covering most of the space. In the second picture, after moving closer to the statue, it makes it feel like you’re a size of an ant, everything is still distorted or stretched. In the last screenshot I moved back to the spot that I used before, but I lowered field of view slider to around 25%. Major improvement!

Transformation Tonics - yes, you can use these for taking screenshots. How? By transforming into something that is either bigger or smaller than you, therefore changing your camera height!  And if you can change the position of your camera, you can take even better pictures! Here’s me facing some random NPC and using different tonics:

Personally I always carry Mordrem Husk, Miniature and Mystery tonic with me and I use them frequently for both screenshots and recording :).

I hope this will help!

Picture This ~ Sonamy One Shot

A/N -


Sonic has a picture of Amy tucked away, and he accidentally drops it.

The picture [ X ].

“I got it!” Sonic shouted jumping to hit the incoming ball.

The team where enjoying a game of volley ball, one of their favourite past times. It was Sticks, Knuckles and Tails verses Sonic and Amy. Sonic and Amy where in the lead and had just scored another point.

“Yes! Another point for team Sonamy!” Sonic shouted.

Amy cheered and gave sonic a high five.

“Aren’t they adorable.” Sticks said flatly.

“Come on guys, I think we know you’ve won, let’s go get some food.” Tails said frustrated with another loss for his team.

“Good idea buddy.” Sonic said happily.

They began walking, when Knuckles noticed a piece of paper on the floor, he knelt down and picked it up. It was a picture, a picture of Amy. She wasn’t looking at the camera, she was looking off over the ocean. It looked as if she wasn’t even aware the picture was being taken.

 “Hey guys wait up! I just found a picture…” Knuckles shouted as he ran towards his friends.

 But before he could finish the picture was out of his hand.

 “That mine.” Sonic said quickly as he stuffed the picture into his scarf.

 Sonic couldn’t even look at Knuckles, he didn’t want to even know the expression that was on his face. What he didn’t see was a look of confusion that melted into a massive grin.

 “Oh, is it now.” Knuckles said in a teasing voice.

 “What was it Knuckles?” Amy questioned.

 “Nothing. It was nothing. Let’s go to meh burger, I’m starved.” Sonic said walking off towards the restaurant.

 The group caught up with Sonic, with Tails and Knuckles bring up the rear.

 “So, what was the picture you found?” Tails asked quietly.

 “It was a picture of Amy, she was sat looking at the ocean, and I don’t think she even knew she was being photographed.” Knuckles said describing the image, to the best of his memory.

 “You’ve got to be kidding me! And he just carry’s that around with him? Why on earth hasn’t he asked her out yet?” Tails complained.

 The fox was getting incredibly tired of the two hedgehog’s painfully obvious feelings for one another. It was so obvious that they liked one another, so he couldn’t understand why they couldn’t tell each other. It was very frustrating. He just wanted to see his friends happy.

 “You’ve got me dude, I mean he’s carrying that around with him, so there’s no doubt in my mind he likes her.” Knuckles said as he watched the two hedgehogs interact with one another.

Suddenly Sonic stopped and looked back at the two men walking slowly behind the group, he spoke to the girls then ran over to them.

 “About earlier…” Sonic began flatly. “I’d appreciate it if you kept what you saw to yourself.”

 “My lips are sealed…I told Tails.” Knuckles explained grinning sheepishly.

 Tails laughed nervously, as the blue hedgehog directed his attention to him.

 “Look guys, she can’t know.” Sonic said stepping in front of them both.

 “Why?” Knuckles asked confused as to why the pink hedgehog wasn’t allowed to know the truth.

 “Because! Please guys just keep this to your self’s.” Sonic sounded desperate, it was actually a little painful to hear.

 “Fine!” They replied in unison.

 Internally Sonic was having a mini freak out. He dropped the picture, how could he have been so careless. What if Amy had found it? She would think he was creepy carrying around a picture of her, let alone it being one she didn’t even know existed.  Tails could keep a secret he knew that, what worrying him was that Knuckles knew. He wasn’t the best secret keeper, Sonic shuddered remembering all the surprise parties that had been ruin by Knuckles accidentally letting the secret slip.

 “Guy’s come on!” Amy shouted to the three men trailing behind her.

 Sonic gave a solitary nod to the men and then sped up to catch up with the girls. They found an empty table at Meh Burger and ordered there food.

 “So, what shall we do after this?” Sticks asked before tucking in to her food.

 “I was thinking we could go back to the beach.” Sonic suggested.

 “Why? So you can take more pictures of…uh I mean…” Knuckles blabbered.

 “What are you talking about Knucks?” Amy asked the flustered echidna.

 “Me oh nothing. You know me, sometimes I just say random stuff. Like Sonic carrying around a picture of you, why would I even say something like that, who knows?” Knuckles jabbered on and on, trying to dig himself out of a never ending hole.

 The whole team froze, Amy switched he attention to the blue hedgehog who was sat frozen solid, dripping chilly from his chilly dog. He stared back at her, what was he meant to do? His flight or fight instincts kicked in. He chose flight. Sonic darted off as fast as he could, leaving a very stunted group.

 “He…he what?” Amy stuttered

 “What? Sonic, nothing. Knuckles was just joking. Right Knucks” Tails said trying to laugh off the situation. It failed to work.

 “Hehe…yeah.” Knuckles smiled sheepishly.

 “He carries a picture of me?” She said standing and looking off into the direction Sonic had ran off to.

 “Hey, don’t you have a picture of Sonic in your purse!” Sticks said remembering their trip to the volcano.

 “Sticks!” Amy snapped, she didn’t want the world to know her secret.

 “Oh for crying out loud you two are so frustrating! Just go find him Amy.” Tails shouted slamming his hand down onto the table.

Amy jumped at the fox’s sudden outburst but nodded and ran off following in Sonics footsteps. She ran around frantically, looking everywhere she could think of, but couldn’t find him anywhere. After what felt like hours she gave up, she’d just have to look for him tomorrow. She walked home in defeat. When she finally arrived she found Sonic sat on the step outside her door.

 “Sonic?” Amy said approaching him slowly.

He stood up and walked over to her. He rummaged in his scarf and dug out a small piece of paper and past it over to her. It was a picture of her, looking out over the sea. She saw a date scribbled on the bottom, it was from a day she’d spent with Sonic on the beach. It had been a wonderful day, just the two of them, enjoying each other’s Company. But she wasn’t aware of the picture.

 “I’m sorry.” Sonic spoke softly, snapping Amy out of her memory.

“For what?” Amy responded surprised.

 “For not telling you, and for being creepy, and for….” He began listing off things.

 Amy stopped him by pulling him into a heartfelt hug.

 “You’re not a creep Sonic! This is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done.” She said holding him tightly.

 At first he hadn’t registered what was happening, but slowly he wrapped his arms around the pink woman. His heart erupting in is chest.

“Plus I have a picture of you in my bag so we’re both creeps.” Amy said as she nuzzled into his chest.

 Sonic chuckled, “We’re not very good at mushy stuff, hyh.” He said resting his head on the top of hers.

 “No I guess not.” He heard her reply softly.

 “Ames, I’m only gonna say this once, so listen up. I like you a lot, and I wanna be…um…well you know.” He stated.

 He was pretty proud of himself, he was never very good with feelings, but he thought he’d got his point across pretty well.

 “I like you a lot too, and yes I’d like that to.” Amy responded pulling back so she could look up at her blue love.

They both lent into one another touching lips softly. They pulled apart, Amy took Sonic’s hand in hers and pulled I’m into her home, closing the door gently behind them.  

A/N - 

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoyed this new one shot. Its a little longer than my usual one shot but ah well. I drew a little picture to go along with this one, [ X ]. Tis the photo of Amy that Sonic keeps.

Sorry about my spelling, dyslexia makes me sad. 

Have ideas you want me to write, send me a message and ill give you a yay or nay. :D 

Some Thoughts About Random Stuff From A Year Ago

Who else remembers last years March charity live stream?

It was the most chaotic stream ever but also amazing. The thumbnail wouldn’t change to the right picture, he spelled volunteer wrong and then like 2 hours in after everyone was like “It’s March!” He realized that he had put April Charity Livestream instead of March.  Kerbal Space Program crashed after like an hour so he went back to Stardew Valley. 

It was also the stream where he asked everyone to volunteer instead of donating money. I volunteered at a local school the next week. I also forgot to take pictures lol but the kids were great~

Side note: As much as I liked the idea of everyone volunteering I think that having a specific goal works better, but that’s just my opinion.

Does anyone know what Mark volunteered for? I can’t remember if he said or not.

Either way, that stream was great. All the crazy stuff that happened just made it all the more memorable. Also I got back into playing Stardew Valley recently and I’m hooked again someone save me.

Anyway sorry this is like the most random thought flow ever, I was just thinking about it. I hope you all have a great day and see you at the stream tomorrow~

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"Who..." with Kaminari?

It’s time for Pikachu.

Kaminari Denki x Reader !


  • Who said “I love you” first: You. Due to the fact that he in general such a (failing) flirty boy he wasnt sure if you’d take his words for real so he refrained to do so. But you were able to see him gape at you, some kind of sparkle could be read in those brown eyes. That guy hugged the hell out of you afterwards and thanking you many times, burying his nose into your neck with an even to relatively loud voice: “I love you too!”
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Kaminari does and it was a random snap above that, it’s also not really the most beautiful picture and would most likely embarrass you, begging him to delete it and take another but he’d simply refuse. 
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Kaminari, he tries to go with cheesy and flirty stuff or hit out his newest pun which will cause you to groan. Also things like: “Yesterday your fly was open kekk”, sometimes you have a wish to just slap your boyfriend for once.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts : Kaminari does rarely. He rather likes to gift you with prank presents which will either make you laugh or roll your eyes. But when he does make a cheesy one, it’s really lovely.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Kaminari. It wasnt the best first kiss that you could wish for but no need to be picky because the male tried really hard though it ended up being more like an experiment kind of thing. Wasnt the best in picking time and mood though… 
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning : You. But you know he’s not easy to wake up so another action must be performed, especially on his super lazy days. You yank off the blanket which will make him scream.
    Sounds like the best plan, he’d be mad at you ofc but not for too long.
  • Who starts tickle fights : Both of you and it always ends up in laying on the ground completely out of breath and exhausted - almost dead. 
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower : Kaminari does but often you find yourself refusing because if he accidently sends a spark through the water it wouldnt end up well for the two of you. But your trust grows in his abilities and soon you’d find yourself enjoying it with your lover, sometimes even asking him. It will make him feel ultra lucky.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: You but it’s not as often as he wished it’d be more due to his schedule. If it happens both of you turn really giddy for the rest of the day after lunch. But you’d most likely remind him to eat something and drink properly for this day - which also causes a grin to spread on his lips.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date : You, definitely. At first you felt really insecure and didnt even know what to talk about and how was a date supposed to go? Worries if he’d dislike it clouded your mind and all in all in the beginning of the relationship you werent the most confident. But he took initiative, showed you some of his fav spots of the city, inviting you for something to eat and offered his arm for you to link with it. Kaminari was a great help to make you feel more comfy so in the end when you pecked him on the cheeks you voiced a small “Thank you”. Good shit. 
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Kaminari screeches and you smack him on his shoulder for being such a puss (you’ve grown in the relationship, can you see). You can decide to kill or to spare. 
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Kaminari. You will have a good laugh from it bc he’s such a jerk, denying the fact a bit that your heart feels so light and full with love. Both of you had lost it for each other even if he can sometimes annoy the hell out of you.

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