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What happened after that valentines day stream??;) Where did that hickey come from?? ;) ;) ;)

“You’re such a nerd.” Stephanie laughed, squirming a little against the wall at how she could feel her husbands eyelashes tickling her neck as he kissed across her collarbone. “Okay but you married me so what does that say about you?” She heard Matt tease, pressing a soft kiss to the hollow of her throat. Another laugh threatened to bubble out of her and she slid a hand up Matthew’s chest, lifting his chin so she could rest her forehead against his. “Means I have good taste.”

The shy, sweet smile he gave her in return almost knocked the breath out of Stephanie with how much she loved Matt, pulling him in for a series of quick, soft kisses. “I think the waiter wanted to kick you out by the end of lunch.” She added. Matt snorted and kissed the tip of her nose, Stephanie’s face crinkling up a little at the gesture. “Okay, maybe I was a little loud but forgive me for wanting to spend our Valentines Day telling you how pretty you looked and how cute it is when you squeak when laughing and how much I love you.” He scoffed playfully, ducking down to press more kisses down the curve of her neck.

“You were pretty boisterous.” Stephanie agreed, tilting her head slightly and smiling at the pleased little noise Matthew made when he kissed just under her jaw. “You’re just too damn cute. I wanted everyone to see how lovable you are, Steph, and how much I love you.” She more felt than saw the smile on her husbands lips. “I love your laugh and your smile, I love how smart you are, I love the way you’re always so capable and confident, I love how in love with you I am.” He whispered against her skin, his voice suddenly dropping a little to something a shade more intimate.

Stephanie could feel a subtle little shiver go down her spine as Matt moved a little closer to her, hands starting to roam away from where they’d been resting on her hips to slowly trace along her curves, one hand fanning across her back to pull her in and the other tangling in her hair and tugging her head gently to the side. “You’re just so gorgeous, Steph. I could probably spend the rest of my life getting kicked out of gardens for talking about you too loudly and I’d still not do you justice.”

Steph let out a soft noise as she felt Matthew nip at the sensitive skin just under her ear, fingers bunching in his shirt. “You’re a little biased.” She pointed out, her breath hitching suddenly as he latched onto the side of her neck, kissing and sucking and occasionally giving a soft little lovebite that Stephanie was pretty sure would leave a hell of a bruise. “I totally am, I’m just crazy about you, Stephanie Patrick. Can’t wait to spend another 140 Valentines Days with you.” Matthew whispered.

I picture him as the person that likes to steal his partners clothing…(◡‿◡✿)

Iwa-chan will smack him around for it.. I’m pretty sure… and he will be shirtless (⁄ ⁄◕⁄‿⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿)

“Shirts are made for stealing”

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Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 800+

Warning: sfw

Idk what this is tbh 

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squishy hoodie boyfriends

Dangerous Woman-Part 5

A/N: Again, thank you @livforthegames. You are amazing love! I LOVE this a lot more than my original idea.

Warnings: FLUFF

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.

Bucky x Reader 

Part 4

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You walked in the door, bags in your hands as little Liam ran past you out the front door. “Fiona?” you called. Fiona came out on the phone smiling at you, still in her sleeping shirt and underwear. You set the bags on the counter, sighing as you looked at a drunken Frank on the floor, nose bleeding as if he’d been hit. “Frank,” you acknowledged briefly. “Fiona, put some clothes on we’re going to the club,” you called. “On the phone!” she called back. You rolled your eyes, unloading the groceries you’d gotten for her on the counter. Little Carl walked past you, a switchblade in his hands as he reached for the fruit you set down. You grabbed his wrist with the switchblade. “You pay for that?” you asked in your motherly tone. Carl nodded sheepishly, but you took it from him and handed him a butter knife instead. He made a sound of dissatisfaction as he dragged himself out of the room. 

“Hey,” you called as Lip passed you by. Lip turned to you as you took the beer from his hand. “What happened to your face?” you asked, seeing a few scratches across his nose. “Made some money,” he answered vaguely. You gave him a look of sincerity as he shrugged, reaching for his beer. “No. Go next door and see V, your nose is swollen,” you demanded. “Y/N-” “Lip,” you interrupted. He dropped his hands as he took the beer, leaving out the back door. He loved you like he loved Fiona, and didn’t want to argue with you. Ian was the sweetest one, always doing little things for you because you’d helped him through his problems with Kash and Mickey. You looked into a military training camp at West Point for him, hoping to introduce him to it on his upcoming birthday. 

Now, Fiona was setting the phone down beside you, in her tank top and underwear with her makeup done. “I brought a dress for you, since you like to steal my clothes,” you laughed, picking up a strawberry to eat. “Don’t need. Bought one down at McClaire’s, V’s got her tag gun,” she noted. “You’d rather risk an expensive borrowed dress around wasted people than take my stuff for free?” you scoffed. Fiona sighed as you held up the dress bag you brought, too. “It is the red one…” Fiona said, persuaded by the ruffles she could see through the plastic of the dress cover. You laughed as you handed it to her, slapping her on the bottom as she went up the staircase. “Five minutes, V will be here,” you told her.


This is both an interesting example of how the manga’s art style changed over time, and an appreciation post for Daisuke’s enduring love of cute plaid jackets. 

More of those and less of the weird pants please, bb.

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(I don't know if you take asks like this, if not sorry) do you have any jastavian Headcanons you could share?

Ahh I would’ve answered this sooner but I had to do my homework and algebra kills but yeah I do lots of fluff because I live for Tavi being happy

  • Their first ‘date’ is Jason asking Octavian out for coffee and breakfast one morning
  • Since he never clearly stated it was a date, the whole time Octavian was like ???!!?! Is this a date?!?! Does he actually like me???!!?
  • They go on ‘dates’ like that a lot. Restaurants, arcades, that one really strange play that neither of them really understood what it was about
  • Their first kiss was after a game of capture the flag
  • Octavian led their team and they ended up winning
  • Excited about their victory Octavian runs up to Jason and is like “I did it!!! I won!!!”
  • And Jason kisses him and is like “Yeah!! You did!!”
  • Just imagine how much they both were blushing when they realized that majority of the two camps were watching
  • They’re both hopelessly in love it’s ridiculous
  • One time when Reyna and Octavian were talking Jason walked past and Tavi just stared at him because that’s his boyfriend!! Whom he loves
  • When they’re not busy doing camp stuff they spend majority of their time cuddling
  • They watch a lot of movies because Octavian never had much of a childhood and he enjoys watching them
  • Also because Jase just can’t believe??? Octavian’s never seen a mcu movie??? And barely any Disney movies???? What does he mean he’s never watched The Never Ending Story??
  • Octavian dances and sings a lot when he’s alone what a fucking cutie
  • Jason walked in on this once and Octavian was so embarrassed but he thought it was the cutest thing which it is
  • They go to restaurants to eat a lot because neither of them can do anything but bake
  • Neck!!! Kisses!!!
  • Octavian has paranoia and insomnia and when he can’t sleep Jason stays up to talk with and comfort him
  • Their house is very neat and organized like I even bet their clothes are sorted by color
  • Except for stuffed animals which are everywhere especially on their bed because Octavian, unlike most think, actually really likes them
  • His favourite one is an eagle plushie that Jason got him for his birthday when they were kids named Skylar
  • They both love it when it rains because they get to cuddle together and talk with the sound of thunder and the scent of petrichor
  • Like I’ve said before I just find this adorable Octavian steals Jason’s clothes and Jase is just in awe of how cute his boyfriend is
  • They have an annual tradition during the holidays to get peppermint hot chocolate that this one coffee shop and stroll around New Rome looking at the lights
  • Octavian wears cardigans a lot and that’s why Jason is as pan as he is
  • Jason is really supportive of Octavian and tries his best to help him cope with all the problems he has because I doubt his backstory is a happy one


Here are their matching glasses:

But wait, because look: