i like stealing clothes

“Shirts are made for stealing”

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Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 800+

Warning: sfw

Idk what this is tbh 

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squishy hoodie boyfriends


Here are their matching glasses:

But wait, because look:



Malec is killing me
Dating a BTS Member Would Include: Jungkook

Dating BTS Series

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  • Bowling dates and him always winning
  • Him getting embarrassed whenever the other members mention you
  • Teasing him
  • Going from innocent bunny to daddy fuckboy 100 in 0.00001 seconds
  • Blushing when you hold his hand first (or do anything first)
  • Forehead kisses
  • Changing his name in your phone every time he does something stupid, funny or memeable

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I picture him as the person that likes to steal his partners clothing…(◡‿◡✿)

Iwa-chan will smack him around for it.. I’m pretty sure… and he will be shirtless (⁄ ⁄◕⁄‿⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿)

what’s that whole thing about people in relationships stealing each others clothes like i’m almost worried. i don’t want anyone taking my favourite shirt. i don’t care if you like it. it’s mine. i’ll buy you one if you love it so much. damn.


Overwatch OC/Canon Week
Day Three:  Theme A Outfit Swap

I’ve actually had these sketches for Shuichi sitting in my art folder for awhile, when I was starting to decided what his combat outfit would look like.  Then I was joking with @gnomeicecream how Shuichi might look like stealing his mates’ clothing.

1)  Shuichi’s combat outfit.  Shuichi wields a naginata when using a physical weapon, having been trained by his eldest sister Tori (Hanamura dragon kami of Fall).  He switches to hakama pants, and a kimono top with the sleeves loosely tied out of the way.  There is also a kaiken (short blade/dagger) tucked into his belt, traditionally worn by both men and women of the samurai class for self defense/close quarters combat.  Japanese women still wear them tucked into the obi of their wedding kimono as a special charm. 

2) Variation of Shuichi’s combat outfit.  Basically the same, but with one side exposed.  Usually in a cheeky imitation of Hanzo’s bared chest.  Besides, Shu has cute nip-nips~

3) Hanzo outfit swap.  If Hanzo is gonna expose one breast, Shu will expose both.  Shuichi was also trained in the yumi, the traditional Japanese longbow where the grip is featured on the lower third of the bow.  A weapon Shuichi can wield with surprising ease, both in combat and spiritual rituals, despite the bow being taller than he is. 

4)  Jesse outfit swap.  At 5ft tall and a small but sturdy build, Shuichi is smaller than Hanzo (5′8) and Jesse (6′1).  That doesn’t mean that the dragon kami isn’t any less interested in Jesse’s traditional clothing, even if Shuichi is swimming in it.  Which is kidnapped frequently.  Besides, the gunslinger’s scent is just as soothing as the archer’s. 

Exo reacting to you stealing their clothes

Suho:  When he sees you cuddled into the hoodie he has been searching for the last ten minutes he can’t even be angry because you just look so goddamn cute. But he  wouldn’t be able to hold back and tease you about it, saying something like if he has to take you shopping so you won’t steal his clothes anymore, goddamnit. And you would be like yeah, shopping sounds great but also I will keep stealing your clothes, they are too freaking comfy.

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Xiumin:  He’d skype with you on tour and after a few minutes he’d be like: Wait, is this my favorite sweater you are wearing right now? I have been looking for this for three days straight! And you’d be like: Yeah okay, but in my defense, this is really fluffy- i know, that’s why it is my favorite - shut up xiu. also, I miss you like hell but if you don’t come home soon I’ll replace you with this thing. 

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Chanyeol :  He doesn’t really bother with you stealing his clothes because he doesn’t really keep track of them anyway. sometimes he would be like: wow, this shirt looks awesome on you! it’s really pretty, i wish they’d make these for men! And you’d be like: hahaha…Wait, you serious right now?? Wow, you really get smarter by the day, huh? This would probably result in him tickling you in revenge and demanding his shirt back. You bribe him to let you keep it with a make-out session

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Sehun: You just pick his stuff up and wear it whenever you are cold and he’d be like: … i literally put that down for 0.5 seconds also this doesn’t fit to your other clothes at all. you’d be like: Help, my boyfriend is slowly turning into Coco Chanel. Also it’s cold, so shut up. Usually ends up with you giving him his clothes back, but only in exchange for cuddles. 

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Kai: He would be like oh my god you look so cute right now honestly just keep that thing i don’t even like it and it looks way better on you anyways. You try to convince him that he can’t keep giving you all his clothes because one day he won’t have anything left to wear and after a second you’d be like: …you know what? Just keep giving me your shirts and walk around shirtless instead.

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(dayuum shirtless kai is going to be the end of me…)

Kris: He’d whine because: Hey, that was part of my outfit, you ruined it and when you tell him that he still looks good he’d grin and be like yeah of course I do, but that’s not the point here. You’d probably use whichever item of clothing you stole to smack that smug grin from his face because goddamnit Wu, stop being such a brat

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D.O.: He would try to act angry. Because he maybe has worn that pullover once since he bought it and it has been months but also you do that one thing with the sleeves and it’s too goddamn cute and honestly, he doesn’t really need it anyways, right?

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Chen: Whenever you steal his clothes he acts af if you just committed high treason like: goddammit woman, you already stole my heart, what else do you even want? When you tell him a smoothie would be really nice right now he’d give you the most condescending bitch-face in history before strolling off. Just when you start to wonder if he is actually pissed he’d come back with a smoothie in his hand. You’d be like: Are you for real right now? and he’d try to be witty and act like he isn’t totally 160% in love with you but he doesn’t even get the chance because honestly you just have to cuddle him to death right now 

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Lay: He’d be like: Is that mine? And to your reluctant: Uhh, maybe…? Do you mind? He’d just shrug and smile because he really doesn’t. You’d probably end up just taking whatever you want from his wardrobe and he’d just compliment you on your looks. You’d probably end up feeling guilty and offering that he can take whatever he wants from your closet, too. He’d grin and say: Yeah, because I’d look awesome in plaid skirts or skinny jeans and you’d laugh because wow, that’s a mental image right there

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Luhan: He’d clutch his heart and act as if he’s dying like: Oh my god, this woman is too freaking perfect, stop killing me with your awesome looks and how can you be so cute and sexy at the same time? and you’d be like lu…? i am just…sitting here?

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Baekhyun: He’d scream and you’d be like OMG!! is there a spider?!?! And he’d clutch his heart like “oh that thing in my pullover is just my girlfriend…I wonder how you always keep getting into these” you’d probably postpone dying from a heart attack to murder him instead.

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Tao: He would be all smiles and giggles because you look so tiny in his oversized jacket and are you sure you aren’t a hobbit or something? …but also, if you get dirt on it he will have to sue you because this is his absolute favorite. Okay??? Okay. Now please come cuddle?

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Yay! Thank you for being patient with me bc I know I take ages to post something… Buut as usually,, you can find all my writing here and request one shots/scenarios/ reactions here!

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how i (a scorpio) feel about the signs

Aries: i love ur energy and ur super fun to be around
Taurus: u chill man, u chill. i like u a lot
Gemini: ur the person i throw major shade with, i love it.
Cancer: ur the one person i can sit in silence with and not feel awkward tbh.
Leo: u are super fun and u always make me feel super loved and happy, u da real mvp
Virgo: meh, u can be a bit too logical for me at times, but we cool, man.
Libra: i want to steal ur clothes tbh. we kinda clash, but i like talking to u.
Sagittarius: i love talking to u about the universe and theories and i just love talking to u in general
Capricorn: i like chilling with u, u get me.
Aquarius: ur personality makes me so happy, i love ur quirkiness. ur jokes are 11/10 tbh
Pisces: ur my fave. always. ya cutie

Waterfall HC Silliness

Kylo Ren lands on Ach To and finds Rey bathing in a pool by majestic waterfall. (The pool is just deep enough where she’s covered, but she can still stand cuz Jakku girl can’t swim, mmmkur?)

So Rey’s enjoying her bath and she’s not paying attention and Kylo’s all like “I’m gonna steal her clothes so she can’t leave the pool! She’ll HAVE to stay there and listen to my bullshit about being her teacher and how awesome the dark side is!”

So he sneaks over and takes her clothes and…whatever…puts them under a rock or some shit.

Rey suddenly senses something and turns around! Kylo Ren! WTF dude!

So he starts in with his carefully rehearsed speech but he did NOT realize that scrappy survivor Jakku girl could not give two shits about nudity and she proudly emerges from the pool in all her feminine glory, sunlight glinting through the droplets in her hair, breasts heaving in anger, ready to kick some ass.

And Kylo’s all like shit shit shit shit shit shit *nosebleed*

Got7s reaction to you stealing their sweaters

Mark: Would find your little sweater paws the cutest thing ever! He noticed you wearing it and turned bright red “babe are we sharing clothes now because I think it might be a little big” he said giggling while rolling up your sleeves.

Jaebum: Wouldn’t even mind at all! He might tease you a little because of how big it is but he Lowkey really enjoys seeing you in his clothes. Would probably complain about how it smells girly now but can’t help but smile.

Jackson: Would literally be like aight fine “jagi youre stealing my sweaters I steal your clothes” “ooo this sweater would look great on me” doesn’t even remember what’s going on he just knows that that sweater does not! Go with those shoes!

Jr: would find this so cute! He sees your little frame in his big sweater and be like “Jagiya, just when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter” he would shine that big sweet smile.

Youngjae: He doesn’t mind but he teases you about it anyway! “Wahhh really? You’re taking all my good sweaters Jagiya!!” But deep down inside he wants to just give you all his big shirts! He loves seeing you in HIS clothes because it reminds him your his!

Bambam: would find something of his own he wants! Two can play at this game! Besides this he enjoys seeing this! Your little hands covered by larger sleeves and even little giggles and you putting your sweater pawed fist up to your face would make him melt.

Yugyeom: Our flustered maknae is flustered! He’s blushing and trying to fight it! He always gets so happy when he sees you in his clothes! He’s so tall and your so small that the clothes his your knees and it just makes him so warm and happy inside