i like stealing clothes

Bts reaction to their girlfriend wearing their clothes


He would laugh hugging you and kiss you all over your face. Later while cuddling he would tease you saying “It’s okay if you don’t know how to do your laundry, I can do it for you, you don’t have to steal my clothes baby" 


Yoongi would pretend he didn’t see you wearing his clothes and lay down on the couch, you would sulk and sit on top of him crossing your arms “but im wearing your hoodie” “yeah, wash it and put it back when you’re done with it please” you would sulk more and pout. Then he would wrap his arms around you pulling you down and nuzzling your neck saying how much he loved it when you wore his clothes. 


​He would smile as soon as he saw you. He would probably kiss you before running to his room to come back a few minutes later with a bunch of his clothes asking you if you could wear them so he could take pictures and show everyone “You just look so cute, I suddenly need a new background for my phone”


​Namjoon would tease you because lets be honest, namjoon is that amazing. He would hug you and kiss you and after a few minutes of cuddling his horny side would appear “i love seeing you with my clothes but i rather see you with no clothes at all”


​He would be super happy about it and would show it as soon as he saw you “You look so cute with that Jagi” “Let me cuddle you please”


​Taehyung would be happy, he would be super clingy and tease you about it “that looks so big on you baby cakes” he would smile back hugging you “It already looks big on me so imagine how you look, so smol and cute” he would pinch your cheeks while kissing you repeatedly.


​Jungkook would be all shy about it, he wouldn’t say anything but he would look at you all the time and bite his lip trying to hide his smile, when you asked him if he was okay he would put a fake mad voice and tell you he was mad for stealing his clothes “You know I don’t like sharing clothes” but he would fail miserably when he started laughing, then he would cuddle you until you two fell asleep together

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Maybe Jackie and Marvin on a date with H1 and G1? ps ur art is gr8 <3

I like the way you think!

And thank you <3 I’m glad you enjoy my stuff

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i love the idea of peter stealing clothes its so cuTE. like u dont REALLY become peter's friend until he steals some of ur clothes, usually w/o u even noticing. sometimes even He doesn't notice that the clothes he's wearing aren't /really/ his until somebody calls him out. he only gives half of the stolen clothing back too. he is a Menace and must be stopped immediately

one day peter sits down at the lunch table next to ned and mj, and mj looks up from her book and her eyes kinda bulge out of her head

“is that my scarf?”

peter looks confused and pulls the scarf tighter around his neck. “i’m pretty sure it’s mine?”

“no that is definitely my scarf, i remember buying it last month. why did you even take it?”

peter begins eating his food. “well, if i took your scarf — which i totally didn’t — i would have taken it because i get cold”

mj closes her book and reaches over to pull the scarf off of peter. “well, it’s 70 degrees out today so i guess you don’t need it”

before mj can pull the scarf off of him peter leans back and holds the scarf closer to himself as if it isn’t already wrapped around him. “no no no no, okay it’s yours, but can i wear it until the end of the day?”

mj raises an eyebrow. “why?”

peter blushes and mutters, “smells good,” before he takes a bite of bread.

“what did you say???” ned laughs

“i said it smells good!!” peter shouts

“that is so fucking weird, dude” ned says lightly, patting peter on the back

“shut up, last week you told me that you think mj smells like flowers”

ned blushes and kicks peters leg under the table, before he turns to mj. “yeah, i said you smell like those flowers that stink. you know they’re flowers that smell like ass.”

mj rolls her eyes, shakes her head fondly, and opens her book. “just keep the scarf, parker”

peter sighs happily and they all go back to eating their food.

“wait is that my shirt?” ned asks suddenly

she stole their clothes and none of them fit her correctly but thats oka y cause she’s establishing dominance over the tower

the only one remotely close to her size is tony and even then like still

thor has big feet

“Shirts are made for stealing”

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Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 800+

Warning: sfw

Idk what this is tbh 

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Ok but I really enjoy the idea of Peter stealing clothing?? Like a jacket from Ned here, a hoodie dress from MJ there, and maybe even shirts from Tony? Like he doesn't give a fuck as long as it's comfy.

one day aunt may and peter are watching tv and may pulls a blanket over herself

“god, i just love this blanket. it’s so soft. i love soft things.”

peter side eyes her, and gets a devious smile on his face. “wanna see something cool?” he says.

the look on his face is weird and may suddenly gets a feeling of unease. “um…. sure?”

peter gets up and gestures for her to follow him, and now she’s even more concerned. he walks into his room and opens his closet, pulls out a stepping stool so he can reach the top shelf, and he pulls out a large beat up cardboard box that appears to be overflowing with clothing. she gets a closer look to see loads of hoodies, shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, scarves, socks, gloves, mittens, earmuffs, even blankets and one pillow.

peter smiles, gazing at the box of items fondly. “i take soft things from people and put them here. they’re all so soft, may. i’m like a dragon but instead of collecting gold i collect all the soft stuff. this is my treasure.”

“peter, what the actual fuck.”

Move In (Blurb)

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Shawn takes you out on a casual date at this outdoor cafe in Toronto, where the atmosphere is calm and serene. Very few people populated the outdoor patio, so nothing was more perfect than what Shawn was about to do. 

He places a small box wrapped in a pink ribbon, not saying a word. Giving him a suspicious look, you slowly take the box questioning what the special occasion was. He did know it wasn’t your anniversary right? Or did you completely forget….

“It’s not my birthday…” you spoke out, only to see him grin even wider. “Plus you know I’m not that big on presents. Your love is all I need.”

“I know, but trust me you’ll like this one.”Shawn simply states, still smiling.

Unwrapping it, you saw a key, and immediately looked up at him, with your mouth wide open. “Your room key?” you asked, happy and still surprised.

“I figured, you’d like it, so you don’t have to head to your place so late, or continuously stop by just to steal my clothes. Besides, I like having you around me. It’s not home without you.” Shawn smiles, leaning across the table. He grabs both of your hands leaving a gentle kiss on your little fingers. 

You reply with a shy smile, licking your lips and looking down for a brief second. It really didn’t take long for you to know you wanted this as much as him. “When does move-in day start?” you simply ask.

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What happened after that valentines day stream??;) Where did that hickey come from?? ;) ;) ;)

“You’re such a nerd.” Stephanie laughed, squirming a little against the wall at how she could feel her husbands eyelashes tickling her neck as he kissed across her collarbone. “Okay but you married me so what does that say about you?” She heard Matt tease, pressing a soft kiss to the hollow of her throat. Another laugh threatened to bubble out of her and she slid a hand up Matthew’s chest, lifting his chin so she could rest her forehead against his. “Means I have good taste.”

The shy, sweet smile he gave her in return almost knocked the breath out of Stephanie with how much she loved Matt, pulling him in for a series of quick, soft kisses. “I think the waiter wanted to kick you out by the end of lunch.” She added. Matt snorted and kissed the tip of her nose, Stephanie’s face crinkling up a little at the gesture. “Okay, maybe I was a little loud but forgive me for wanting to spend our Valentines Day telling you how pretty you looked and how cute it is when you squeak when laughing and how much I love you.” He scoffed playfully, ducking down to press more kisses down the curve of her neck.

“You were pretty boisterous.” Stephanie agreed, tilting her head slightly and smiling at the pleased little noise Matthew made when he kissed just under her jaw. “You’re just too damn cute. I wanted everyone to see how lovable you are, Steph, and how much I love you.” She more felt than saw the smile on her husbands lips. “I love your laugh and your smile, I love how smart you are, I love the way you’re always so capable and confident, I love how in love with you I am.” He whispered against her skin, his voice suddenly dropping a little to something a shade more intimate.

Stephanie could feel a subtle little shiver go down her spine as Matt moved a little closer to her, hands starting to roam away from where they’d been resting on her hips to slowly trace along her curves, one hand fanning across her back to pull her in and the other tangling in her hair and tugging her head gently to the side. “You’re just so gorgeous, Steph. I could probably spend the rest of my life getting kicked out of gardens for talking about you too loudly and I’d still not do you justice.”

Steph let out a soft noise as she felt Matthew nip at the sensitive skin just under her ear, fingers bunching in his shirt. “You’re a little biased.” She pointed out, her breath hitching suddenly as he latched onto the side of her neck, kissing and sucking and occasionally giving a soft little lovebite that Stephanie was pretty sure would leave a hell of a bruise. “I totally am, I’m just crazy about you, Stephanie Patrick. Can’t wait to spend another 140 Valentines Days with you.” Matthew whispered.

I picture him as the person that likes to steal his partners clothing…(◡‿◡✿)

Iwa-chan will smack him around for it.. I’m pretty sure… and he will be shirtless (⁄ ⁄◕⁄‿⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿)


This is both an interesting example of how the manga’s art style changed over time, and an appreciation post for Daisuke’s enduring love of cute plaid jackets. 

More of those and less of the weird pants please, bb.


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-Having him be your personal pillow and literally just laying in his arms when you’re stressed or when he’s just come back from tour and feeling invincible and loved.

-Kissing Shawn would include forehead kisses when you’re anxious or overcome with stress, heated kisses(whenever tbh), neck kisses when you and Shawn are teasing each other.

-The kisses are always passionate because Shawn is a passionate person and I’m feel like he probably does kiss passionately?¿

-Borrowing(stealing) his clothes and seeing his goofy smile.

-“You look cute.”

-Trying to tell him something but he isn’t paying attention.

-“Shawn?Are you even listening?”

-“Huh, what?”

-“What are you looking at?”

-“Oh, I was just thinking about how much I love you.”

-Repeating what you said, but he’s still not paying attention.

“Can you please do me a favour, babe?”

-“What is it, Shawn?”

-“Can y-you kiss me?”

-Kissing him because he’s pulling that adorable puppy face that you fall every time.

-Singing along to all those cheesy love songs on the radio and smiling at each other like dorks.

-“I can’t help falling in love with you”

-Having cute, fun dates with Shawn.

-Like going to a theme park and going on all the roller coasters and holding hands in the queues(I always see this when I go to theme parks and it makes me heart melt).

-Stargazing and talking about your futures together.

-“Our future.”

-Talking about your future children and playfully arguing over their names.

-“Lilly is a nice name.”

-“But what about Amelia?Or Sierra?”

-Teasing each other.

-“We should totally name our first boy Shawn”

-“Babe, I don’t need two Shawn’s running around the house.”

-Drinking hot cocoa and resting your head upon his shoulder.

-“I live for moments like this, you know.”

-Entwining your small hands in Shawn’s big ones.

-“I love you.”

-“I love you too.”

squishy hoodie boyfriends