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your daily reminder that ryan is ,,, so pure ,,,, just his unadulterated excitement at doing some Real-Ass Ghosthunting™ for a living ,,,, and Shane?? the way Shane admits to wanting to be as swept up in this as ryan is and probably is excited about this stuff too because who knows?? maybe one day something will change his mind, but for now, he can't complain about getting to do dumb shit with his Ghoulfriend™™™ ,,,, man this is incoherent I just love the bois so much

that was 1000% coherent and I 1000% agree with you like damn, why are they such best friends stoked about getting to hunt some spooky things with each other damn like name a better friendship

Autumn/Halloween Sentence Starters

Feel free to suggest conversation subjects for a part two.

“Autumn is my favorite season.”
“Do you call it Fall or Autumn?”
“I love it when the trees change.”
“Don’t tell me you’re not dressing up for Halloween.”
“It’s the mooost wonderful tiiime of the yeaaaaar~”
“I miss when it was actually warm outside.”
“I’m in pumpkin spice hell.”
“How many caramel apples do we need? Two? Twenty? Four hundred? I’m buying four hundred.”
“I’m having a bonfire tonight. Wanna come?”
“If you don’t carve pumpkins with me this year, we’re not friends anymore.”
“If you don’t carve pumpkins with me this year, I’m breaking up with you.”
“I drank a gallon of cider all by myself. I regret nothing.”
“Let’s do a couple costume this year.”
“Did you know they used to carve faces on turnips?”
“There’s nothing quite as satisfying as stepping on a super crunchy leaf.”
“October is when the creeps come out of hiding. Hence, I am here.”
“Want to have a horror movie marathon with me?”
“You ever realize that the fall smell everyone loves so much is just the scent of dying plants?”
“We need to add more Halloweens to the year. 30 more to be exact.”
“I’m not really superstitious. I think the whole ‘spirits returning to earth’ thing is ridiculous.”
“Whether or not I believe in ghosts, I’m not going to risk it with a Ouija board.”
“Let’s go to the Halloween store.”
“You know, there are a lot of spooky legends about this time of year.”
“Everything just seems more eerie in the fall.”
“Ooh! I like this pumpkin pattern. I’m getting it.”
“Something about Autumn just makes me melancholy.”
“October is the best time for blankets and [hot beverage of choice].”
“Take a walk with me. It’s so crisp and nice outside.”
“Ah, October. The harvest season. Perfect for harvesting souls.”
“Let’s go get lost in a corn maze. It’ll be fun!”
“I want a pumpkin spice latte and I don’t care what anyone thinks.”
“I’m still undecided on my Halloween costume this year.”
“I don’t dress up anymore. That’s for kids.”
“I’m so excited to see all of the adorable trick-or-treaters.”
“I’m decorating the house as terrifying as possible to scare away trick-or-treaters. More candy for me.”
“You give kids apples for Halloween? What kind of monster does that?!”
“If you jump in this leaf pile right after I finish raking, I will spear you with this rake.”
“Tell me the scariest story you have.”
“Do you want to hear something scary?”

dishonored 2 is 5000% scarier than the original like this is a straight-up first person horror survival game i was sneakin thru a bloodfly-infested house and i didnt realize there were nest-keepers there and one of them crept up directly behind me and whispered ‘now im going to have to hurt you’ in my ear and anyway thats why i havent been active much lately its because dh2 scared all the remaining years off my life and i died

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It's so funny how we use to get all excited when there were hints at Dark or Anti. *gasp* "WAS THAT A GLITCH!! I'm so excited and 'scared!' Woooo theories!" It's funny how it's changed from that, to sobbing when we think about Dark. It used to be an exciting kinda 'scary' thing but now it's so sad once you think about how it all started. He didn't deserve that.

i find it funny that the whole wkm thing we were expecting it to be spooky and full of mystery and like omg mark died who’s the killer??? sort of thing, but no way we’re met with so much heartbreak in the end. (also tons of love for the jims but still lol)

i love the take that mark and his team took on these characters, that yes they’re evil and not to be trusted, but we see why they act the way that they do and this series shows just where they came from. and that’s why i love origins, so we get a better sense of understanding about these characters. 

and what’s even cooler is that mark didn’t have to do this, he could have dropped these characters at any time, but he didn’t. he decided to write more about them, create more lore, give them tragic backstories, develop them in how he wants them. and we freaking love it and love him for it.

but i definitely agree, both dark and wilford deserve better. 💜

AMAZING NEW PARANORMAL DISCOVERY!!!!!!!! science side of ghost fandom explain this to me

best explanation so far: during the Famous Portal Accident, a ghost got caught in her hair and when she became half ghost. now the ghost is part of her hair. it just. lives there. in her hair, forever.

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what about the stairs in the forests!!! and what doc were you watching and would you recommend?

ok so I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE STAIRS IN THE FORESTS! mainly because I’m A Search and Rescue Officer for the U.S. Forest Service, and I Have Some Stories to Tell a) is posted on /r/nosleep so it’s definitely made up, b) the op admits to knowing about David Paulides, and lbr knowing about = being influenced by, so it’s definitely made up, and c) if you read all the way through to the end it stops being even vaguely believable and starts reading like a WTNV transcript, and then he plugs his book, so it’s DEFINITELY MADE UP. however, it is an amazing (read: terrifying) thread, some of it is obviously based on truths/insider SAR knowledge which means a lot of it is probably uncomfortably close to actually being true, and it’s a good Gateway Read into MISSING PEOPLE IN NATIONAL PARKS CONSPIRACY THEORIES, which is where I live now. (plus, if you read this before getting into anything else it imbues every single missing persons case with an unsettling sense of Eldritch horror, which is why I had to turn on three overheads and unfocus my eyes all the way to the bathroom last night at 2am.) 

so yeah, after reading that /r/nosleep thing for the first time I drew a line under it and moved on until SOMEONE (ahem@roundtop) sent me a link to an article called How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace (on a legit and sensible outdoorsy people website), like ‘haha, stairs in the forest!’ and I SWAN DIVED DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. thus: the documentary-watching, staying up till 2am and spending all day today trying to find copies of David Paulides’ books for less than $80 inc. postage. 

THIS DUDE DAVID PAULIDES. he was in law enforcement before, for some reason, deciding to become a ~*~cryptozoologist~*~ and certified gung-ho Bigfoot conspiracy theorist, and through that found out about how many people had disappeared without a trace from National Parks in the U.S., did 7,000 hours worth of digging, and wrote a bunch of books about it. his books are called Missing 411 and are about the ridiculous number of people who go missing in National Parks, the usually weird circumstances around their disappearances, the fact that when people are found (dead or alive) it’s often in places miles and miles and sometimes waaaaay higher up mountains than where they disappeared from, and all sorts of creepy crap to boot. like they can’t get bloodhounds to find a scent, or they find tiny children miles away from where they got lost, barefoot, without a scratch on the soles of their feet, human remains being found years later in places that were search dozens and dozens of times. not to mention the National Parks… People (? I really don’t know enough to be making this post) are aware of what’s happening but don’t keep a list of the people who’ve gone missing on their lands. 

(which is all part of why I’m A Search and Rescue Officer for the U.S. Forest Service is so freaky – enough of it (people being found miles away, kids being found up mountains, the people in charge being cagey about it all) sounds real that you can believe it was actually written by a SAR Officer. heebies!) 

it’s all real nightmare fuel, if you’re the sort of person who is absolutely terrified by all this Scary Forest Disappearing People Unexplainable Deaths stuff, i.e. me. luckily I can’t afford to buy any of them! phew! however, I haven’t let that stop me from a) SCARING MYSELF SHITLESS and b) BECOMING A TIN HATTER, and it shouldn’t stop you either: you can read loads of stuff over at /r/missing411, listen to one of his initial interviews (in which he talks about how he was approached by two park employees in plain clothes who were like ‘please investigate this, there’s SOMETHING going on and it’s so goddamn weird’) on Coast to Coast AM (which is, like, a paranormal radio station… I’m sorry), watch a bunch of Paulides’/CanAm Missing Project’s vids about disappearances on youtube, and listen to hours worth of interviews and late night spooky radio/podcast discussions with Paulides. 

the documentary I thought I was watching was Missing 411, which is based on his books and Kickstarted by the public in 2015, but it turns out that they’re apparently shopping it around at festivals so it’s not out yet. what I was actually watching (and quickly abandoned) was a weird supercut of all of David Paulides’ tv interviews and some cryptozoologist chatter about Bigfoot. Paulides, god love him, never ever SAYS Bigfoot in any of his books, and everything he presents is 100% factually accurate and extensively researched, but… I think we can safely say he thinks it’s Bigfoot. tbh, after reading about Jaryd Atadero I think it’s Bigfoot. I mean, goddamn. 

so, yeah. I’ve finished reading every search and rescue story on this blog (Hunt for the Death Valley Germans is LONG but awesome), I’ve got West of Memphis ready to watch after work tomorrow because I remembered how much I love that case and spooky true crime things, if you have any related LINKS or STUFF about This Shit then REBLOG THIS/MSG ME AND TELL ME, or if you have a copy of a Missing 411 book you wouldn’t mind mailing to me then LET ME KNOW, and in conclusion I can’t believe America is so fucking huge and unkind, goodnight.

autumn/halloween sentene starters 🍂🎃🍬👻🍁

masterlist of autumn and halloween themed sentence starters! some are original, but most are collected from other posts.

  • ​❝ i made pumpkin cookies! want to try one? ❞
  • ❝ did you cut yourself carving the pumpkin? let me see it. ❞
  • ❝ stay still i’m almost done with your costume. ❞
  • ​❝ let’s paint pumpkins. ❞
  • ❝ hurry up! we’re going to be late for the costume party! ❞
  • ❝ help me decorate! ❞
  • ​❝ let’s open some windows, okay? ❞
  • ​❝ it’s starting to rain… ❞
  • ​❝ bring a jacket! ❞
  • ​❝ do we really need to go to a pumpkin patch? can’t we just buy one at the store? ❞
  • ​❝ let’s go pick pumpkins! ❞
  • ​❝ it’s chilly out here, you need a coat. take mine. ❞
  • ​❝ you sound sick. are you sick? ❞
  • *sneeze* ​❝ sorry, allergies. ❞
  • ​❝ wanna go out for halloween? ❞
  • ​❝ looks like it’s time to rake the leaves… ❞
  • ​❝ let’s go get hot chocolate then go for a walk. ❞
  • ​❝ let’s go trick-or-treating! ❞
  • ❝ let’s go jump in the leaves! ❞
  • ​❝ come in here where it’s dry! ❞
  • ​❝ it’s dark?! already?! ❞
  • ​❝ ooh it’s chilly out. ❞
  • ​❝ please, enough with the pumpkin spice. ❞
  • ​❝ good morning. no, don’t get up, it’s raining, let’s stay in bed a little longer… ❞
  • ❝ did you hear about the werewolf/vampire/witch roaming around this town on halloween night? ❞
  • ❝ let’s go to the haunted house! oh, please, please, please, please?! ❞
  • ❝ i don’t get scared. i’m practically fearless. ❞
  • ❝ did you hear that? ❞
  • ❝ we have to get out of here! ❞
  • ❝ are you going to hide in my shoulder the whole time? or actually watch the movie? ❞
  • ❝ i’m not going in a graveyard. ❞
  • ❝ what did you get? ❞
  • ❝ want to trade candy? ❞
  • ❝ i got a rock. ❞
  • ❝ don’t blame me! it was your idea to come in here! ❞
  • ❝ what are you going as for halloween this year? ❞
  • ❝ i just can’t wait for halloween! ❞
  • ❝ you should totally buy that costume! ❞
  • ❝ trick or treat! ❞
  • ❝ happy halloween! ❞
  • ❝ happy fall! ❞
  • ❝ i wanna make sure that my jack-o-lantern is the best! ❞
  • ❝ i’ll race you through the corn maze! ❞
  • ❝ that guy in the gorilla costume has been following us for the past ten blocks. ❞
  • ❝ aww come on! it was a prank! ❞
  • ❝ please, please, PLEASE no scary movie marathon! ❞
  • ❝ that wasn’t funny! ❞
  • ❝ i keep tripping over my costume. ❞
  • ❝ i’m not sure we should go down that street. ❞
  • ❝ no fair! your costume is getting you more candy. ❞
  • ❝ faster! we need to get to all of the houses! ❞
  • ❝ forget being ‘too old’ to trick or treat. i’m doing this forever! ❞
  • ❝ i don’t like these woods. ❞
  • ❝ i just saw something! ❞
  • ❝ look at that intestine cake! ❞
  • ❝ i’m a real vampire. ❞
  • ❝ do you think stuff really happens on halloween? like..supernatural stuff. ❞
  • ❝ i made us matching costumes! ❞
  • ❝ i think i just saw something move outside your window…is someone watching us? ❞
  • ❝ you’re not going to make me carve this pumpkin all by myself, are you? ❞
  • ❝ did you hear there’s a masquerade ball this halloween? let’s go! ❞
  • ❝ you shouldn’t go out there! ❞
  • ❝ s-scared? me? i’m not..scared. ❞
  • ​❝ Autumn is my favorite season. ❞
  • ​❝ Do you call it Fall or Autumn? ❞
  • ​❝ I love it when the trees change. ❞
  • ​❝ Don’t tell me you’re not dressing up for Halloween. ❞
  • ​❝ It’s the mooost wonderful tiiime of the yeaaaaar~ ❞
  • ​❝ I miss when it was actually warm outside. ❞
  • ❝ I’m in pumpkin spice hell. ❞
  • ❝ How many caramel apples do we need? Two? Twenty? Four hundred? I’m buying four hundred. ❞
  • ❝ I’m having a bonfire tonight. Wanna come? ❞
  • ❝ If you don’t carve pumpkins with me this year, we’re not friends anymore. ❞
  • ❝ If you don’t carve pumpkins with me this year, I’m breaking up with you. ❞
  • ❝ I drank a gallon of cider all by myself. I regret nothing. ❞
  • ❝ Let’s do a couple costume this year. ❞
  • ❝ Did you know they used to carve faces on turnips? ❞
  • ❝ There’s nothing quite as satisfying as stepping on a super crunchy leaf. ❞
  • ❝ October is when the creeps come out of hiding. Hence, I am here. ❞
  • ❝ Want to have a horror movie marathon with me? ❞
  • ❝ You ever realize that the fall smell everyone loves so much is just the scent of dying plants? ❞
  • ❝ We need to add more Halloweens to the year. 30 more to be exact. ❞
  • ❝ I’m not really superstitious. I think the whole ‘spirits returning to earth’ thing is ridiculous. ❞
  • ❝ Whether or not I believe in ghosts, I’m not going to risk it with a Ouija board. ❞
  • ❝ Let’s go to the Halloween store. ❞
  • ❝ You know, there are a lot of spooky legends about this time of year. ❞
  • ❝ Everything just seems more eerie in the fall. ❞
  • ❝ Ooh! I like this pumpkin pattern. I’m getting it. ❞
  • ❝ Something about Autumn just makes me melancholy. ❞
  • ❝ October is the best time for blankets and [hot beverage of choice]. ❞
  • ❝ Take a walk with me. It’s so crisp and nice outside. ❞
  • ❝ Ah, October. The harvest season. Perfect for harvesting souls. ❞
  • ❝ Let’s go get lost in a corn maze. It’ll be fun! ❞
  • ❝ I want a pumpkin spice latte and I don’t care what anyone thinks. ❞
  • ❝ I’m still undecided on my Halloween costume this year. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t dress up anymore. That’s for kids. ❞
  • ❝ I’m so excited to see all of the adorable trick-or-treaters. ❞
  • ❝ I’m decorating the house as terrifying as possible to scare away trick-or-treaters. More candy for me. ❞
  • ❝ You give kids apples for Halloween? What kind of monster does that?! ❞
  • ❝ If you jump in this leaf pile right after I finish raking, I will spear you with this rake. ❞
  • ❝ Tell me the scariest story you have. ❞
  • ❝ Do you want to hear something scary? ❞

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Give us your best Cole headcanons

anon do you have any idea what you’ve done. I hope you’re prepared for how many of these there are

  • he’s left handed
  • you think he’d Pump The Iron™ to get relieve stress but he actually goes for a long run
  • he’s always torn between “I consume nothing but protein shakes and chicken salads” and “I just downed a litre of dr pepper and I have a pizza in the oven and I’m going to eat the entire thing myself”
  • Cole says he can’t sing or dance but no one will ever convince me of that. He wouldn’t have been able to get into the Marty Oppenheimer if he couldn’t, so while he may not enjoy it he’s real frickin super talented at it
  • he is actually blind without glasses but won’t wear them so he wears contacts instead.
    • literally he got up to get a snack in the night but in his sleepy haze tripped over a table and almost broke the whole bounty. Lloyd came running through with both katanas and then tripped over the same table. Don’t scare him like that Cole.
    • he’s one of those guys who will literally always sit on his glasses. He can put them down for 0.56 seconds and still sit on them anyway, honestly it’s a talent how does he do it
    • “Cole for the love of all that is good in this world will you just wear your glasses” “I just can’t bear to look at you so get a new face and I’ll consider it”
  • Jay: I can’t believe Cole is dead
    Cole: I’m not dead!!
    Lloyd: Hey Cole can you help me with-
    Cole: I’m sorry Lloyd but unfortunately :// I am dead ://
    • when Cole was a ghost every time he walked into the room Jay would play the spooky scary skeletons song
    • in all seriousness he still has PTSD from being a ghost, he doesn’t entirely trust that water won’t kill him or at least hurt him, especially cause he still has his green scar, so he tries to avoid it as much as he can. He still flinches when something or someone touches him sometimes because he’s not used to it
    • when he figured out how to use his ghost body the first thing he did was visit his dad and hugged him for like 3 hours solid
    • honestly I have so many angsty ghost headcanons but I won’t do that to my boy I love him too much
  • he is everyone’s vent buddy. People go to Zane if they have a problem they need help with, but Cole is always the one they’ll go to if they have stuff they just wanna get off their chest
  • you hear it all the time but Jay is his best friend, he would do anything for him even if he calls him a loser or threatens to Spartan kick him over the side of the bounty.
    • they can communicate using only the word ‘bro’
    • Jay: hey Cole what do you think of this-
      Cole: *slaps him across the face* TAG, YOU’RE IT *runs away*
      Jay: ……….. nO I WAS AT BASE THAT’S NOT FAIR
    • This video: Jay is the one that walks into the lamppost and Cole is the one that’s like “yo that’s my bRO”
    • Jay when he can’t wake up Wu: WU’S BEEN FOUND DEAD IN THE BOUNTY
      Cole: *jumps up* IS HE OK 
  • so Cole has really thick hair and one time it’s just so hot and he gets so mad that mid battle he marches into a hairdressers and shaves his head. He accidentally goes too far and regrets it afterwards when Jay keels over on the floor from laughing and all he can make out is the word “SHINY”
  • “watch me do a backflip” *falls on his face and almost breaks his neck*
  • one time Kai walks in on Cole laying sprawled out on the floor and he’s just like damn it Cole what is it now, and Cole just whispers “I dropped my steak pie” as a single tear rolls down his face
  • “do you think pigeons have feelings”
  • the boyo stress eats:
    • I know he was a ghost but when they were in Kryptarium but he literally ate an entire cake filled with tools that were supposed to break them out. He’s a stress eater. He has no idea what or how much he’s eating just as long as he eats!!! me too babe
  • OK so he loves musicals. He loves them. Les Mis is his fave. He made Zane learn all the songs and he’s not sorry
    • Cole as Zane walks past his room: Valjean, at last, we see each other plain, Monsieur, le mayor, you’ll wear a different chain
    • no but seriously he loves it, the only thing he was happy to do at school involving arts was the Les Mis musical, he played Gavroche.
    • on the way to the dark island to face Garmadon, Cole was stood at the front of the bounty singing ‘Stars‘ and everyone was like Cole pls, but by the end they were all stood with him singing it as loud as they could
    • one time they had a really close call in battle and Cole nearly died, and Zane was holding him so Cole tried to lighten the mood by singing a little fall of rain and Zane was like no stop that stop it right now. When Zane died he couldn’t listen to the song anymore.
    • “Cole you’re on the rota for cleaning the bounty today” *sigh* “… there is a castle on a cloud… I like to go there in my sleep… aren’t any floors for me to sweep… not in my castle on a cloud”
  • He gets himself involved in stupid bets with Kai involving fire or hot things that Kai will obviously win but Kai dared him too and he’ll be damned if he lets Kai think he’s gonna back out of a dare
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to eat that jar of chillies
      Cole: Kai no I’m not doing this again
      Kai: I bet you $50 I can eat more than you
      Cole: …. Goodbye taste buds I’m so sorry
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to put that flame out with your bare hands
      Cole: n-
      Kai: I double triple quadruple dare you nO TAKE BACKSIES
      Cole: DAMN IT KAI
  • Cole gets him back though
  • when they first became a ninja gang Cole seemed quite serious to the rest of them, but he’s basically a walking pun. They way he delivers them make them the best puns ever. Doesn’t matter if Cole and Jay say the exact same thing, Cole’s is funnier. Cole would only make jokes in front of Jay though and it would drive him crazy because no one would believe him.
    • they suss him out when Kai makes a joke about “you wanna know how I got these scars” and Cole dead face goes “maybe he was born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” and Jay shrieks because finally his secret is out
  • have I ever mentioned that Cole is gay
    • “Cole I need your help” “I can’t I’m gay” “first you were dead and now you’re gay. The hell Cole, I think I preferred ‘I’m dead’ better” “first of all screw you I was actually dead, and second of all screw you even more I’ve always been gay”
    • he’s the type of guy to say “no homo but I would literally steal all the stars in the sky for you and I dream about waking up next to you for the rest of my life and you make me so happy I can’t even breathe sometimes and every time I think about you I smile and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. No homo though just bros.”
    • “sunrise exercise is homophobic.” “???” “I’m gay and it’s offending me”
    • once he looked his boyfriend in the eyes who he’d been dating for 3 years and went “babe… Uh, I hope this doesn’t change anything but… I’m gay ://” and he’s like “Cole we were literally making out 4 seconds ago why do you do these things”
    • Kai goes to Cole about fashion advice one time. Never again
    •  “Oh typical, ask the gay guy about fashion. Not all gay guys are good at fashion, Kai.” “Jeez dude you told me you knew what you were talking about-” “Oh no I have a fantastic fashion sense. Those shoes are ugly and if you want the green in your eyes to stand out, wear something red. Like you usually do. Honestly I don’t know what you’re doing trying to change it up.”
  • Remember in season one when they all used the anchor of the bounty to drop to the ground where Lloyd and Pythor were at Darkley’s school? And it was like the least stealthy thing ever and Cole said “let’s agree to never do that again”? Well they do it again. Like, all the time. It becomes a competition as to who can get flung down faster. Every time Cole does it, he sings “chandelier”.
  • Jay is trying to teach Zane flirting™ and he’s just like “I don’t see the appeal” so Jay makes Cole come over and use a pick up line on Zane and he short circuits. He swears it was just a coincidence.

honestly I have so many more but this is long enough and I could talk about him for years

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Things That Go Bump in the Night.

Ask by @sageorijima : ……“You can totally ignore this or whatever, but what about Lance with amnesia or him being possessed/corrupted??? I love your writing and you, thank you so much for even looking at this!”…. —

A dark laugh sounded throughout the castle, and it sent horrid chills down the team members spines as it carried on through the castles empty halls.

It was something straight out of a movie.

The kind where it’s teenagers at a sleep over, and they tell spooky stories and joke and shove. Until it all becomes too real.

Classic thing like that, irony.

It was real, and maybe there wasn’t sleepovers, but it was something straight out of the nightmares and deepest fears of each member of Voltron.

The laugh sounded again.

“Come on, friends. Didn’t you say I was apart of your team?” Lances voice sounded through the halls, and whimpers bounced off of corners and on walls.


Lance laughed again, striding down the dark corridor of the castle, having cut the power for the most part as Lotors corruption took effect.

He had been acting weird since the last mission. Lance as been temporarily trapped by Lotor, but then suddenly let free. 

Now they knew what had happened, and what Lance had seemingly forgotten about.

His old paladin armor had turned black, and what once was a cheery blue color was now a dark purple, the ‘V’ shape on his breastplate slashed through from Pidges bayard.

Before he’d captured her.
During the struggle.
After she had lost.

The only light that shown anywhere near him, was the yellow and purple of his yea and pupils, like a cats eyes in a camera lens. It wa terrifying.

“Don’t you want your Pidge Podge? Doesn’t she have the cure? But wait? You can’t activate the serum without her?” Lance threw his head back and let out another laugh.

Allow me to introduce the situation.

Lance held the end of his old bayard, turned to a shot gun, up against the side of Pidges skull as he dragged the crying girl down hall after hall.


Everything had been going fine.

They were all having dinner, and Lance had been acting a little strange, but maybe it wasn’t as unusual at the time as it should have been.

The blue paladin complained mostly about his eyes hurting, and about feeling a little down, but that had been it.

Hunk had left him well wishes when Shiro offered that Lance go to bed, and the Cuban boy had done just that.

He said goodnight, trudged off to bed, and no one heard from him for hours.

“What did you think that was about?” Keith asked through a mouthful of CinnaMint foam, brushing his teeth as he stood with the others in the lounge.

“I think maybe he just looked at the lights too much in training today. We were working on looking up from above attacks, so maybe he just has a sensitivity.” Shiro offered, slipping into his black lion slippers.

Hunk, laying back on a couch to himself, furrowed his brows and thought about that. He didn’t remember Lance with a history of light sensitivity.

“I dunno guys…maybe it was just a headache or something. It could be a minor sickness.” Hunk offered.

Pidge didn’t seem to interested, “Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter right now. He’s not going to skip out on the planet gazing tonight. Coran said the hips going to orbit a planet that only shows on the third day of the month every ten thousand years!”

She had a point. They’d been excited about this for days, and there was always the chance it slipped Lances mind since he didn’t feel good.

The others seemed to think this made right sense. “Go get him, Pidge? We’re gonna turn out the lights and get ready.”

With a groan, the green paladin got up and stumped off to Lances bedroom, not enthusiastic about the fact she had to get up.

“Dumb Lance and his dumb headache… Get himself back there!” She grumbled.

As Pidge neared Lances room, she felt something uneasy grow inside her gut, but she wasn’t sure what it was.

Usually she could hear Lance snoring, or the sounds of sheets shuffling, sometimes light music, but now it was completely quiet.

Pidge stood outside Lances door, tilting her head and leaned in to try and listen. Not a sound, which made her frown.

Did Lance feel really THAT bad?
Her small fist knocked, “Lance?”

No answer.

She didn’t have the energy or the care to go in or knock harder to wake him up. Lance was a hard sleeper when hewanted to be.

“Okay, fine. I’ll just—”

As the green paladin turned, she screamed as she became face to chest with someone.

“Oooh! God you scared me, fu— Lance?”

An evil grin came across his face, and Pidge felt her heart stops she looked up at him,unaware of the events that were to come.

The corruption that had taken place.
What line in store.

Her voice shook, hands trembling.
Oh god.


Some more ‘What if Tex and Church were Max’s parents?’ stuff:
  • Max’s full name is Maxwell Epsilon Church. Tex regrets letting Leonard Lee-Alpha Church name their child. Leonard points out how HER full name is Bethany Texas Church and that shuts her up. This is a family full of terrible names.
  • Max cursing and the two of them immediately going ‘Watch your fucking mouth’ in PERFECT unison.
  • Max hating David at first because GOD, he reminds him so much of his ‘uncle’ Caboose. Max DREADS to imagine the two of them actually meeting one day. That is a cursed thought.
  • Max ESPECIALLY hating Cameron because he’s one red outfit and an over-the-top Southern accent away from being like that asshole from next door who won’t leave their family alone. SERIOUSLY, DAD, WHY DO THE SHITHEADS FROM NEXT DOOR KEEP COMING OVER? (Because despite Sarge’s supposed neighbor rivally, everyone in both houses are actually friends with one another.)
  • Grif’s sister is constantly over at their house for reasons he doesn’t want to think about because he’s a child and fuck that. Hell, she’s probably the reason he wants to know what boobs look like since she’s CONSTANTLY talking about hers and Tucker is just talking about them in general (Guys, come on, there’s a child present, stop talking about boobs and dicks and shit like that). It’d definitely explain his vocabulary, even without taking his parents’ own cursing into account.
  • Speaking of cursing and stuff, it also doesn’t help that Tucker’s kid (Junior) lives in the house, too, and is probably as dirty-minded as his father. But again, he never goes too far with it when Max is around. He’s is a CHILD for fuck’s sake! Max is just bitter that Junior won’t let him look at boobs on his computer, but he does see Junior as an older brother figure and he’s one of Max’s best friends at the end of the day.
  • Max not being afraid of anything because…with a family like his, what on EARTH could possibly scare him? He’s spent holidays with these fuckers, he has NO FEAR (except the obvious stuff in the Spooky Island episode but y’know, can you blame him?).
  • The cobalt-blue sweater is a family thing, especially with the Church men. Church has his own sweater, his father has one, and Max has one. It’s a nice color, okay?
  • Whenever someone says that Max and Leonard look and act so much alike, they both go ‘Don’t insult me’.
  • As overwhelming as his family gets at times, Max actually REALLY likes spending time with his Aunt Carolina. She’s fun, even if she tries to sing along with songs on the radio constantly and is TERRIBLE at it (I…love her……). Uncle Wash is cool too, sometimes, though he used to be such a stick in the mud. And he always seems nervous about spending time with Max, as if he’s worried that he’s going to like…break the kid or something. Calm your tits, Wash, he’s not five anymore! He’s a tough kid!
  • Don’t even ask about his relationship with Grandpa Leonard. Fuck Grandpa Leonard, he sucks.
  • Him and his parents constantly insult one another (calling each other shithead and fuckface and the like), but it’s always more playful than malicious, and at the end of the day, Church and Tex (okay, mostly Tex because Church is a weak-ass bitch) would fucking murder someone who tried to hurt their kid. Thank God Daniel never met Tex, or heard the horror stories involving her accidentally shattering Grif’s nuts with her foot (though Tex is still apologizing for that because she does feel bad for it. But apologies won’t fix them, TEX, and there’s nothing stopping her from doing it again to someone who actually deserves it. Like Daniel. Please kick him, Tex).
  • Sometimes there’s this guy in purple over at the house but he’s often never acknowledged. Hey….hey, does anyone else see this guy? Is he some kind of cryptid? When they do see him, they just call him Doc but he’s not a doctor and that’s not even his real name? Hello? Who is he?
  • His family is loud and obnoxious and ridiculous and full of idiots, but he can’t help but love them. Especially since he’s constantly spoiled by all of them, being the youngest kid and all.

Reasons to Love Aracely: The only part, because if I included them all it’d just be every appearance she has ever made in a comic ever <33

@colourfulbounty replied to your post “There’s so much about Jasper Dies At The End that doesn’t sit well…”

like what?

HEY sorry I had to go digging for this. 

There are a lot of lines that really throw me. As a storyteller, when you set up a story, you can’t just throw things together. I mean, okay, you can, but it would be choppy and flat. Foreshadowing and complex set up is important for a good story. 

Consider the condensed form: In spooky island (s1e5), Jasper mentions his LA Gear shoes. When we see Jasper again (s2e5) he shows Davey his LA Gear shoes. In the end, it’s the LA Gear shoes that save them from the bears. The LA Gear shoes were important. They Made a Big Deal Out of Them, and for good reason.

Simiarly, in s2e5, Jasper has a few questionable lines. 

It’s easy to assume that his first lines “Well, I think I speak for everyone when I say, we all saw this coming!” are a joke - he looks directly at the audience when he says it.

We’ll put that one aside for now. 

The third most concerning thing is “This is not how Jasper’s story ends.” Because it’s just. Not. It’s not how Jasper’s story ends, plain and simple, they’re telling us that outright. There’s no way it can be, and with the release of the Halloween episode, we have conclusive proof that Jasper died on Spooky Island. 

A lot of people argue that David just made up a happier ending for the kids, but - with the exception of “possibly telling this story to some kids in the car on the way to the hospital…” - the contents of David’s story are intended for the audience to take as solid truth. It can’t all be from David’s memory, because we see Campbell pull a knife on Davey, which he doesn’t know about. 

So we’ll put that line to rest. 

The second most concerning thing is that the bear cave we see in Mascot (s1e2) is the exact same bear cave that Jasper was dragged into. Bear tracks, toothy opening and all. This would normally be fine, Camp Campbell hasn’t exactly moved around that much between the generations, so it would stand to reason that the cave could be featured twice. 

But what is most concerning about it is that they specifically chose to use the two instances of the same  cave. Coulda been two different caves! But it wasn’t. And that isn’t really consequential until you consider the fact that Campbell killed and stuffed the two bears in the cave upon rescuing Jasper, but there was a bear skeleton in the cave when Nikki and Neil got there. 

That, to me, is very confusing. Could just be a continuity thing! Could not! I don’t know! But it’s concerning enough to make the list.

To me, the most concerning thing in Jasper Dies at the End is one of the lines in the beginning. Jasper makes a Very Big Deal about being The Best Camper. Again, he even looks directly at the camera. He’s talking to the audience, and we’re supposed to pay attention. 

As I mentioned before, making a big deal of something comes back to bite you in the butt. Everyone watching expected David to be the best camper - there’s no reason up to that point why we wouldn’t. As I also mentioned earlier, they know that we weren’t expecting Jasper to make an appearance at all (despite his split-second cameo in David’s class photo), let alone be the best camper.

So we have to ask ourselves why they made such a big deal about Jasper being the best camper. This combined with the fact that they fully expected us to believe that David would be the best camper, makes me worry. It’s clear that Jasper wasn’t too thrilled with the camp after the trial, and for them to call attention to the fact that he was the best camper, leads me to believe that Jasper fell from that title like he fell clean off that cliff. 

David and Jasper clearly have more of a story together, but - as with the relationship between s1e5 and s2e5 - they’re able to use the comedic tones of the show to divert our attention.

That being said, I feel like wherever this is leading is gonna be a buncha hooey.

the thing about looking evil in a cliche villain way is that it happens so much in media it makes looking evil in a cliche villain way cease to be intimidating. like you’re a giant dude comin’ around wearing bulky black armor and a horned helmet while surrounded by an aura of darkness??? wow, you’re so original Mr. Shadow McBadGuy, I bet you even named your weapon the Death Bringer, oooooo so spooky, geez man just go home and stop disappointing your mother. get a life Maurice

Resident Evil Vendetta!

So I just got back from seeing Resident Evil Vendetta.  I LOVED IT. I thought it looked beautiful, the action was awesome and not too overblown, and the story was a classic Resi story with some classic Resi cheese. 

Stop reading and scroll now because I’m about to spoiler:

 Chris was so… loveable in it! He was SO sweet to Rebecca and he was so chill and just a shining beacon of pure good in the world. If Capcom really have decided to throw away his character post-re7 then Vendetta Chris is a great send off for the one we know and love. I actually preferred him to Leon in this movie and Leon is my husbando from way back!

Leon was SUCH an asshole! And why so disillusioned. I found it a little weird  that after everything Leon’s suddenly decided he’s done with fighting bioterrorism and turned to booze. I guess it beats pining after Ada. It also really parallelled Piers finding Chris in the bar in Re6 and being disgusted, only this time it was Chris being disgusted with Leon. One of my favourite scenes was where Leon was being super emo and Chris got pretty aggressive with him, then Rebecca schooled them both. Speaking of Rebecca, I’ve never been a fan of her character, but I loved her in this. She was sharp, funny, and capable.

I also liked the supporting characters, although I wish we could have seen more of them, especially the cute funny Asian guy who got eaten :/

I loved Glenn Arias! He’s like a neo-Wesker. At first, he was this ice cold weapons dealer who could kick Chris’s ass and then you found out his tragic backstory and from then on he became comical in a kind of sad but hilarious way. When he was waving his long-dead wife’s disembodied arm at Rebecca I almost burst out laughing. And the caskets full of his zombified family members at his “wedding” to Rebecca. A classic nutjob along the lines of Alfred Ashford. Also like any good bad guy he died twice, and like… absorbed himself into the body of his big scary BOW (which reminded me of the ones from Heavenly Island) for his final form in this weird William Birkin way which was really cool!

Rebecca’s “wedding dress” was so gorgeous too. 

The movie doesn’t really advance the world of RE at all, it’s kind of a stand alone thing. Also, there’s nothing in it that would point to Chris joining Umbrella in Re7 or getting a face lift and whatever.

In short definitely definitely watch this movie! It’s really made me feel so much happier about RE after the disappointment I went through with 7. (I wish this had been what 7 was like… so much… why couldn’t we have had a restrained yet exciting action game with beloved characters like this for re7 instead of first person headless fuckery in a hillbilly swamp house with one type of enemy, a spooky psychotropic brat and an inbred family?) 

Vendetta is the best of the CGI Resis BY FAR and such nice fanservice for long term Resi fans.

I got two free clear files at the ticket gate, both of them are Chris though, boo! & I also bought another clear file and the official movie booklet which I can’t wait to readdddddd

Also, my boyfriend liked it (especially the action scenes) and said he’s going to start playing Bio now :D

So I thought this might make interesting story for @sixpenceee . I had just moved into my room as a freshman in college. I live in an apartment style dorm with three other girls, each person getting their own room. This was sometime early January so it was pretty cold. One morning I woke up and got ready for class as usual,(I like to open up my window to get fresh air) and when I went to open the drapes, I was met with the hand print in the first image. I didn’t know my roommates that well at the time and had a paranoia that they’d sneak into my room in the middle of the night to prank me, so I kept my room locked while I was out and when I went to bed. My room is also on the third floor and was kept locked before I moved in. 

I thought that it might have been one I had left somehow when I opened the window some day prior, so I placed my hand to the glass and left another print

The one on the left is mine. The one on the right is from an unknown source. As you can see, the unknown print has long, slender fingers and a more narrow palm. You can also see the little fine lines from the hand wrinkles where you can’t see any on mine due to the condensation build up. Much different from my pudgey little hand lol 

It’s still there now, but it’s getting hot so the glass won’t fog for it to show anymore. I’m not really freaked out by it, I was just surprised to see something like that first thing in the morning but I’m kinda glad it happened. It made for a cool story to tell haha