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I can’t believe i actually had to watch, with my own eyeballs, Tony Snark say to a baby super hero “what if someone got hurt”? Tony “I think I did okay*queue explosions in the background*” stark? Seriously? Did marvel just FORGET the  Iron Man movies exist? I think they did, because they keep giving him everyone else’s films

Just Admit it

A/N: Hello! I wrote something really quick, it’s not the best, but I’m not really a writer (and English is not my first language) but I wrote this because I love that scene when Clay finds out Tony is gay and I love sadness and vague things. Don’t worry happy things will come soon! 

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“I hope he’s still my boyfriend. He’s been pretty annoyed ‘cause I’ve been spending my time with another guy.” Silence.

“You.” Tony clarified for Clay.

“Oh. You mean with the tapes and all and not in a romantic way?”


Tony’s heart pounded as he hoped that Clay wouldn’t see right through him. Yes, he had been looking out for Clay all this time because he didn’t want him to go through this alone, but the truth was that he had always spent a little too much time with Clay.

Ever since they first became friends, it felt like his job was to look out for the blue eyed boy, but Tony had always done it with an open heart, it never had bothered him because this was Clay Jensen who we are talking about.

Clay who was so kind hearted, Clay who had lost Jeff, Clay who had lost Hannah.

Tony didn’t have the heart to leave him alone.

He wasn’t sure when it first started, hell, Tony wasn’t sure how he ended up feeling for Clay, but he was sure that they were feelings that he simply didn’t have for Brad.

Was it after Ryan? Probably. He didn’t think about that part of his past too much anymore. Tony had bigger things in mind and one of them was walking besides him to his car.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Clay questioned once they were on the road. The silence between them was never uncomfortable, it just gave them space to think.

“I thought you knew.” Tony stated, like he had before. “I thought you just didn’t care.” He cleared his throat, looking over at Clay with a small frown on his face.

“I-I don’t. I’m surprised, but I don’t mind, if that’s what you mean.” Clay quickly intervened, but continued. “I just thought I was your best friend and this went completely over my head. I mean, you dated Ryan? How did I miss that?” Tony laughed softly at Clay’s confusion and questions.

“You were just too busy looking at someone else.” Tony said, his heart clenching a little. “It’s not a big deal. Nothing changes just because I’m gay.”

“But what if it does changes thing for me?” Clay replied, not looking at Tony. Suddenly he felt worried. Was Clay uncomfortable with this? Did he think that Tony would makes moves on him? He would never do something that Clay didn’t want to. All this time he was being careful not to scare Clay Jensen away.

“What does that mean? Are you against it or something, man?” Tony asked.

“No. Not at all. I just mean what if-.” Clay shook his head and reached for the radio, playing whatever tape Tony already had in. “You know what, nevermind. Forget I said anything.”

“Okay.” Was the last words as the two boys drove down the roads they had before. Tony was not sure what Clay meant, but he wasn’t going to push it. They could talk about it later. Jensen had a lot on his plate right now and Tony didn’t want to add to that, actually he wanted to take some of it away,some of that pain that Clay was holding inside.

It hurt watching the one you love suffer, they both knew that very well.

Watching You (Tony Stark x Reader)

Plot: When Tony works late into the night in the lab, reader makes sure he’s not alone

A/N: I though this was a cute idea… but this is the last of my drafts so request if you’d like

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Every night no matter the occasion or place, it was nearly guaranteed that Tony stayed up late into the night- and early morning to others. Whether it was partying, his insomnia, or his nightmares, the night for him always ended in the lab, and consequently so did yours.

Every night you joined Tony. It started by accident before the both of you were official, a simple night helping him fill out mission reports and then the nights continued that way. At first the both of you stayed in your respective areas, minding your own business, then Tony would need help, and eventually you both just found things to tinker with to spend time together- all night.

After it was official however and because for whatever reason, work was slow, you just got used to staying up all night and finding quiet, calm moments in the day to take a quick nap. You quickly came to realize that staying up alone wasn’t fun, the TV was no more comforting than Sam when he got less than 8 hours of sleep. So you joined Tony. 

He was very against it at first, there was so much work after the whole dramatic affair with Steve and the others, plus the new kid recruit, he had so much paperwork and actual work to do that he simply told you to keep away. There was a reason you had both connected though, you were as if not more stubborn than he was, which led to you spending nights in the lab with him scrolling through the internet, brewing pots of coffee every 3 hours, and just straight up watching Tony in your own little corner. Not watching in a creepy way, more so admiring in a sleepy daze.

One night though, Tony was cranky and stressed. He ran a hand over his face, sighing, “You know I have a state of the art security system, right? I don’t need you to watch me.”

“I know that, you’re a big boy, but you ruined my sleeping schedule. I can’t sleep in the gigantic bed without you, plus, I can’t even fall asleep for more that 2 hours before 11:30 in the morning.” You replied, your elbows propped on a small clean area on a table that faced Tony’s work space. Tony scoffed, laughing a little bit.

“And I like watching you, it calms me, and you’re not too bad to look at.” You winked playfully.

“You need sleep, you sound crazy.” Tony laughed.

“You just move so fluidly, and you get the cutest look on your face when you’re concentrated, and when it’s just the holograms, your hair looks great. You also look so relaxed and peaceful when you get a hot, new cup of coffee and I like seeing the look on your face when you finish all the work and we walk upstairs together, you look so cuddly.” You listed off.

“You’re so in love with me.”

“Of course I am, and you love me too, or I wouldn’t be allowed down here.”

Tony only smiled at you, walking over to you and pulling you to his chest, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“What do you say we call it an early night and spend all day in that huge, expensive bed we have? I’ll cancel all my appointments and tell FRIDAY not to bother us.” He suggested.

“You’re too good to me, I’ll go up now or do you need help closing everything down?”

“No, I got it, I’ll be right up.” Tony smiled.

You knew him better than that though, you saw him return to his desk chair and type away on his laptop, taking sips of coffee every 10 seconds.

“TONY! NOW!” You yelled.

He scrambled to close his laptop, then up the stairs, and actually beat you into the bed. Now for a full day of sleep, finally.

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Hello, loving this blog! Can I ask for Peter using cheesy pick up lines like comparing the sight of tony to the starry night sky, stuff like that and tony is just so smitten with him.. thank you and I wish this blog the best of luck!

Hiya! Thank you so much for the luck! I’m sure we need it! :) Also what a cute prompt! Hopefully you like it! (i ignore the civil war and a few things in this!)


“Tony? We have a situation.”

Tony looks up from his armor at that. Jarvis had opened the door for Steve and the captain didn’t waste a second.

“A situation?” Tony asks then, because this sentence never means anything good.

Why is his life constantly like that?

“Yes. There are a few intruder.” Steve answers calmly and Tony nods.

“The good or the bad kind?” Tony asks again and then saves his work on the armor without another word. Jarvis closes his blueprints and Tony rubs his dirty hands on his pants.

“Is there even a good kind?” Steve says when they leave the workshop together and Tony grins.

“That depends. Are they hot?” Tony asks and he can see the blush on Steves cheeks and even the tips of his ears are a bit red.

Steve knows him for over 5 years now and he knows that Tony likes to flirt. But he still blushes as bad as the first time.

“See for yourself.” is the only response Tony gets at that. He chuckles.

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Yeah but consider this:

SteveTony AU where Tony is an alien who came down to Earth purely out of curiosity, yet Steve and the rest of the Avengers see him as a threat.  They try to fight him but Tony just plays defense as he marvels at the differences in their technology and superpowers from his home planet, and is amazed because THESE humans aren’t like the one’s he’s heard/read about.  

Eventually the Avengers realize that he isn’t a threat and take him into SHIELD, and Steve teaches Tony about Earth and the Avengers and his own past, while Tony teaches Steve about his home planet and his love for outer space and the stars and science and technology and they end up falling hopelessly in love.

Paint My Spirit Gold Chapter 1: Light

Bruce dragged his sore body though the dim lab and slumped over the nearest workstation.  He felt like he couldn’t breathe, so he yanked off his tie, popping a button in the process.  He wasn’t sure if the beads of moisture running down his face were tears or sweat, and he didn’t care.

No one was there to see him. Everyone was at the memorial service. Half the streets in Manhattan were closed and the other half were jammed with traffic.  Bruce had meant to stand there in the bright morning sun and listen to Jim and T’Challa speak about their fallen friend.  Even Steve had said a few words which echoed over the silent mass of people.   It seemed like all of New York had emptied into the streets to honor Tony Stark.

But Bruce couldn’t stand it. He walked back to the Tower with his hands shoved deep in his pockets and his eyes glued to the sidewalk in front of him and headed to the one place he was absolutely certain no one would be.

Tony’s lab.  It had been dark since he died, with the glass tinted against strange eyes until FRIDAY and Bruce could figure out what to do with everything in it.  Even FRIDAY had been quiet and subdued, and neither of them wanted to face the task of emptying the lab.  He couldn’t speak for the AI, but for Bruce, leaving the lab as Tony left it made it feel like he was going to be back soon.

Bruce booted up the holographic displays.  He peeled off his suit jacket and pushed up his sleeves as blue-white light washed over the room, but once he was settled, he couldn’t think of a project to open. He sat hunched over the desk, mind blank for a few minutes.

“Good afternoon, Doctor Banner,” FRIDAY said.

“Is it afternoon?” Bruce said.  

“It is 12:35 p.m. Would you like to order lunch?” she asked hesitantly, though she tried to hide it in robotic efficiency. It might have worked on someone else.

“Not right now, thank you,” Bruce said.

They lapsed into silence.

Bruce was grateful, in a small way, that the suit died before Tony did because that meant FRIDAY didn’t feel him die.  Tony would have been grateful.  JARVIS could have handled it, but FRIDAY wasn’t JARVIS.  

She knew before any of them, though, because the last thing she did before the suit lost all function was to fire every canister of morphine she had into Tony’s bloodstream. She wouldn’t have done that unless she was absolutely sure that there was no way to save him from hitting the ground, and no one was close enough to try.

He still didn’t understand how he found himself blinking into the burning sun with the taste of smoke in his mouth, but Steve was already picking him up and half-carrying him across a dusty street.

“Tony’s down,” Steve said. “Hulk turned back to you pretty quickly, but Tony’s suit won’t open and he’s not responding.”

“Wait…what?” Bruce said as he got his feet under him.

“Tony’s down.  The suit went down.”

“How far?”

But he didn’t get an answer because then he could see a thin curl of smoke and see the Iron Man suit laying on the buckled asphalt and he was running.  He slid to the ground beside Tony, even though his bare knees scraped on the pavement.  The suit was completely dark—he looked like a broken toy discarded on the ground.

“Tony?” Bruce called, just in case Tony could hear him.  “I’ve got you.  Steve’s here, too.”  

He slid his finger under Tony’s chin to trigger the helmet’s manual release.  The faceplate popped off to reveal Tony’s face, so white that Bruce thought for a moment that he was dead already.  But after a second, Tony gasped in a breath of air, which caught in his throat and bubbled up in a bloody cough.  His eyes were open, though Bruce had no idea how he was conscious.  

“Tony, I’m going to get you out of here,” Bruce said as calmly as he could as he reached for the release button to the chest plate.

“No!” Tony gasped again. “Don’t open the suit.  I think it’s the only thing holding me together.”

Bruce’s hands froze and his mind went very still.  Blood continued to rise up and catch in Tony’s throat, so Bruce did the only thing he could think of and sank closer to Tony so he could slip his hand under Tony’s head and raise it a little.  The rest of his body was pinned down by the weight of the Iron Man suit.

“Just breathe,” Bruce said.

“Our pickup is almost here,” Steve said from somewhere above them.  But Tony smiled a little bit, and Bruce knew there wasn’t going to be any time.

“Hey,” Tony said.  His voice was hoarse and hard to hear.  “It’s okay.  I can hardly feel anything.”

His pupils were blown wide, and he didn’t seem to be focusing on anything, but he kept talking.

“You know I love you, right?” Tony said.

“I know.  I love you, too.”

“I wish we had more time, but what we had was good, right?”

“Better than good.  It was…a light in the darkness.  I don’t know where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for you,” Bruce said.

That made Tony smile again and really look at him.  Bruce massaged the back of Tony’s head the way he liked, and Tony sighed and relaxed. Bruce leaned down the rest of the way and pressed their lips together.  He tasted like blood and smoldering metal.

“Can you feel that?” Bruce murmured.

“I can,” Tony said.

So Bruce kissed him again.

Tony sighed one more time, and then he was gone.  Bruce watched the light fade from his eyes.  He was too stunned to cry or scream or do anything but sit there with Tony’s head in his lap while Steve stood guard above them.

Bruce didn’t remember much after that.  He knew Steve had to pry him away when the medics arrived, but they just confirmed what everyone already knew.  He didn’t remember the ride home in the jet, or much of the week that followed.  And now here he was, sitting out Tony’s big public memorial service.  But that didn’t matter to him.  He’d had his chance to say goodbye.  

“Friday,” Bruce said after a while, “are there any of Tony’s projects that need immediate attention?”

“No, Doctor.  Stark Industry teams have taken over most responsibilities and contracts.”

Of course, he knew that Tony would have made sure the right research went to the right department.  

“What about something more…personal?  Did he have any pet projects that need anything?”

FRIDAY sounded a little guarded when she said, “Anything that personal can be accessed only by Mr. Stark.”

“Yeah, well, FRIDAY, Tony’s dead,” Bruce said, and his voice come our harsher than he meant.  He licked he lips and tried again. “Tony’s dead,” he said, softer.

The air pressure in the room changed as the door slid silently open.  Whoever was coming didn’t bother to turn on the lights.

“There you are, Bruce,” Steve said with relief.  

Bruce could guess he was grateful to find him sitting in the dark instead of rampaging over the eastern seaboard.

“I thought you were speaking at the…” Bruce trailed off. Steve had probably heard him yelling at FRIDAY, even through the closed door.

“I did.  It ended, and I didn’t see you, so I got worried.” Steve leaned in the doorway.  He rarely came into this lab anyway, and without Tony there, it felt like sacred space.  

“I don’t think I want to go back.  There are too many people.  How about I make us something to eat downstairs?” Steve sounded hopeful.

Steve was trying to help, and Bruce couldn’t think of a reason to sit in the dark any more.

“Ok,” he said as he stood and pushed the chair back against the desk.  Steve nodded and headed down the hall.

Bruce looked back to the dark lab.  Everything would be there when he got back.  As he left, the holograms blinked off behind him.  Bruce shut the door softly on the dark.

He missed the yellow cursor blinking on the black monitor.

Bruce?  Are you there?

Welcome To The Freak Show - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Part 1

A/N: Sooooo, I got bored at work and had this idea. Anyway, here’s part 1, they won’t all be this short, I promise. Also, anything in italics is thought, not spoken out loud.

Summary: You were made by HYDRA to be the perfect silent assassin, however you escaped and work as an aerial dancer at a carnival with the other avengers.
Because why the fuck not.

Warnings: None, I don’t think

Words: 898

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