i like slurpees

We Are The Crystal Weebs

R - Weeb
P - My Sister
G - friend (girl)
S - friend (boy)

Everyday after school, my sister and I would watch Steven Universe. We’d put on out pajamas and binge watch until supper time (which worked out perfectly because we started watching when Season 2 was already a thing so we had tons of time).

One day P picked me up from school and started talking really fast, she said that she had a crush on this girl who just started working with her, named G. P said G was already ahead of us on Steven Universe but P said that G might be alright with watching it with us. I said it was cool and so we drove to G’s house to pick her up ( she was in her Pajamas already) and she fisted bumped P and waved awkwardly to me.

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Something's off.

[Taking another sip from the slurpee he was holding] Ratios’re wrong.