i like slurpees

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I love rebel rental!!!!! What's the first D&D night like?

Ben’s first night of D&D will go much like mine did, he will work really hard on an epic level character he has no idea what to do with, take something from a crypt and wake a horrible monster. All the while sitting way too close to Armie for the DM’s taste (what with the DM’s crush on Armie)

It’ll be lots of, “Wait what can I do?” and glaring at the DM, and Ben sitting with his arm across the back of Armie’s seat and drinking his Slurpee (because if one thing has been established it’s that Ben likes men, and if there’s two things it that Ben likes men AND Slurpee’s)

Something's off.

[Taking another sip from the slurpee he was holding] Ratios’re wrong.

We Are The Crystal Weebs

R - Weeb
P - My Sister
G - friend (girl)
S - friend (boy)

Everyday after school, my sister and I would watch Steven Universe. We’d put on out pajamas and binge watch until supper time (which worked out perfectly because we started watching when Season 2 was already a thing so we had tons of time).

One day P picked me up from school and started talking really fast, she said that she had a crush on this girl who just started working with her, named G. P said G was already ahead of us on Steven Universe but P said that G might be alright with watching it with us. I said it was cool and so we drove to G’s house to pick her up ( she was in her Pajamas already) and she fisted bumped P and waved awkwardly to me.

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