i like sketch dumps


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a punky usagi i worked on off and on all last year-i’m just not satisfied with my colored pencil work anymore, so i took markers to it!! i guess her silver millennium tat would be better on her chest, but… it’s fiiine! i’ll probably put this in a future sketch dump. i feel like i’m making up for the fact i never drew any SM fanart as a kid, slowly….


Sketch dump … yes, another one. :P I’m still trying to figure out styles and techniques (as you can see, I have no consistent art style), so no artwork for now, just practice. 

First row: Young Cress during her time in the satellite, Cress again

Second row: Cinder in casual clothing and smiling (because @lovelunarchron - rightfully- noted, I always draw her looking angry), young Princess Winter

Third row: Cinder and Cress from my “Lunar Investigations” story idea

Fourth row: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from PJO

Fifth row: Hazel Levesque (PJO) in both, I’m not quite sure how I want to draw her, so these are face and colour studies.

anonymous asked:

dyou think you'd be able to do Drift in E4 too??? if youre still taking the requests, that is. all the boys gotta go nya >:3

I’m not taking but I had to see it done, I’m really tired though, so ;; sorry if it’s not as good as the others


!!!! I found my sketches from when I first started watching/reading MP100 ohmygoodness. Ahh, those were the days, back before the big artblock of ‘16 struck. I hope you guys enjoy them~

And also a random Satoru from Erased but I really like how it turned out so it’s here


I’ve drawn a lot of yugioh lately???? anyway here’s a mini dump of my favorite things from these past few weeks~ a non-yugioh dump will be coming soon as well!

reminder that I update my twitter and instagram a lot more often than i do here!