i like ska

I hope nobody thought I was joking when I say my McDad was going to have the same beard as Babewall :))) ,,, also;;;;;

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Jeff Rosenstock

While you were asleep
On the couch, watching a movie, smoking weed
Rummaging through the utensils in the kitchen counter,
In the drainer, which one’s sharper.
When the light creeps in
loosen my grip and crawl back into my bed.
Your alarm is set to go off in a half an hour.
Eyes closed. Fake snore. None the wiser.

hey so finally my follow count has gone up enough to not make me feel shitty about my blog lol. I’m almost back into the 1000′s after deleting my old blog with over 3,500 on there (not a lot, but enough to miss the interactions i used to get)

the issue is i need more people to follow and interact with on here. Basically if you blog about 3 or more of the following, hmu and I’ll have a look at ur blog!: 

Film (no superheros tho. i hate that shit. im more into cult stuff), Communism/Anarchy, Photography, Occultism, Fine art, Furries, Music (I like grunge, ska, punk and 60s-mid 70s psychedelic/prog rock) 

go wild, lemme see ur blogs, i’ll probably follow you if you blog about any of this stuff.

spxak  asked:

Hey! What type of music do you like to listen to?

Hey, well I mainly listen to music in spanish and in my main language. But in general I like up beat music where you can apreciate the voice. In terms of genres I like ska, reggae, blues, swing and covers of classic songs with a totally different style.

It baffles me when I play like. Ska or Streetlight Manifesto music and then people are like ‘ugh this isnt music’ and im just ?????? Bruh this is the most music-y music i have unless you’d rather listen to like. Melodic dubstep or electroswing

Ska music is such a wonderful and unique music genre. It can be really energetic and exciting while, at the same time, it can also be really laid back and relaxed. I feel like ska music doesn’t get as much representation now as it did in the 90s. In fact, I don’t feel like it gets a lot of representation at all! More people should listen to ska music, in my opinion.

Bands I’ve included in the pictures, who are my favorite ska bands, are Be Like Max (top left), OreSkaBand (top right), Streetlight Manifesto (bottom left), and Big D and the Kids Table (bottom right). Go look them up if you have the chance! :)