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Little Witch Academia characters, a summary:
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Akko
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Diana
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Lotte
  • Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Sucy
  • The sinnamon roll: Shiny Chariot
How Would You Feel

A/N: I have this version of Bucky in my head where he’s full on sweetheart and yeah he’s still got bits and pieces of that sorta dominant side but he falls for the reader and has full on hearts and flowers feelings for her. I’m a sap I know. Also it’s based off of that knew Ed Sheeran song ;)

Warnings: I think there’s a cuss word. other than that, flufffffff

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It started out slowly. It was the simple glances that you shared that first caught your eye, even after having barely known him. 

Then, like a train, it hit. You noticed how close he sat next to you on the sofa, how he’d always call to go on missions with you. He took care of you when you were sick, at your bedside with soup whenever you needed it. He was certainly something else.

Eventually he’d steal small kisses. The first time caught you off guard, he was going on a mission with Steve and Sam and as he was saying bye, he pressed a small peck to your lips. He didn’t seem to know what he was doing either, but neither of you complained and took everything in small steps. 

After that, anytime he entered the room or left, he would peck your lips and pull away with a smile, as if you had been together for years. 

You never spoke a word to each other about it, though, it was all taken in one at a time. After a while, he’d start to sleep in your room with you, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. Almost as if he was afraid to let you go. 

You two would share conversations with each other that no one else would dare to listen to. He was there for your whenever you needed him and vice versa. 

He’d have panic attacks and nightmares that you’d be there for. He’d scream and yell sometimes and you’d be the one to calm him. Sometimes stuff would be thrown and broken, but you’d stand your ground, kiss him and watch him slowly tire himself out.

One particular night, you two sat alone in a car, the night had fallen over the sky and your eyes had never left him. 

“Life happened, you know?” Bucky murmured, picking at his glove as he explained what exactly happened in 1942. “Steve tried to get to me on that train but he couldn’t. I was on the brink of death when I landed but the soldiers just appeared out of nowhere.” 

Your eyebrows furrowed in sympathy, resting your hand on his thigh while you continued to listen. 

It was the first time he was able to talk about it, he hadn’t even fully been able to mention it to Steve which made you feel special that you could be that person he needed. 

“In a sense I’m grateful for it,” He continued, “I would have died in the snow.” 

“But you-” you felt emotional, “you went through so much shit that you shouldn’t have.” A small tear collected in the corner of your eye. 

“It was worth it. I wouldn’t have met you.” Bucky whispered, his sentence faltering slightly at the end, as if he wasn’t sure he wanted to say those words just yet. 

The tear had then slipped down your cheek, causing Bucky to reach up and wipe it away. “I don’t know what to say.” You looked down, allowing Bucky to take your hands in his. 

He smiled, tilting your chin up to him. “How about I love you?” 

In that moment, your heart filled with absolute admiration and love for the man in front of you. “I do love you.” You responded, watching a grins stretch across Bucky’s face.

“I know you do. You would have ran far away if you hadn’t.” Bucky said, adding humor to a somewhat somber conversation.

“Do you love me too?” You asked, almost embarrassed about the question. Bucky’s humor was wiped from his face, “More than anything.” 

Without another word, you climbed across the center console and straddled Bucky’s thighs, grabbing his jaw and kissing his lips. 

“Say it.” You whispered against his lips, needing to hear it so you knew it was real, that you weren’t dreaming. 

“I love you.” The statement was said so lowly and quickly that you weren’t sure you heard it right but when your brain finally allowed you to understand everything, you almost burst into tears of happiness. 

“How did you know you loved me?” You asked, wanting every detail. 

“That night,” he whispered, lacing his hand in yours, “the night that you sang on the balcony with Natasha and Sam. The fire cast the light perfectly on your face so I could see your shining smile.” 

“You were plastered then, though.” You giggled, remembering the bottle of liquor him and Tony shared.

“I was sober enough to know that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, and that I love you.” Bucky said, causing you to grow serious again. 

“Oh Bucky.” You murmured, kissing him hard, unlike you ever had before. This kiss was filled with so much more passion, so much more heat. Before, Bucky would treat you like glass, but now he needed you just as much as you needed him. 

That night, you two stayed in that car. You could’ve stayed there forever, because you had everything you needed. Bucky was your world, and you were his. That’s what love is.

i still don’t understand how they both can be so kind after specifically saying for people not to wait at airports for them. How even after a long and tiring flight still manage to put a smile on their faces and say hello and take pictures. Because even though they were probably annoyed and just done, they would do anything for us, and some people just take advantage of that. 

My Steggy Secret Santa gift for @beautifulwhensarcastic (1 / 2)

A Vermeer Muse - Steggy AU Christmas Rom-Com

Peggy moves to NYC. She’s about to spend Christmas alone for the first time, but it turns out this is going to be quite a surprising holiday…  


i made garbage at 2 in the morning
nem’s voice/roki’s voice is actually how i sound like when im all chirpy n dying at the same time so there u go

okay but raphael pacing around the hotel waiting for simon to get back, because it was just go take a walk, not disappear for hours and travel the whole city. raphael assures himself that he’s fine, but it keeps dawning on him that simon’s only been a vampire for a few days and he’s just a baby and he could be really hurt or hurt someone else. and both of those things are bad, so he continues walking in circles, too worried to even drink much, and so he keeps pacing with his hands in his hair. he hates that he’s so worried, tries to tell himself that he’s not, but if he had a heart it would be pounding in his chest.

he thinks about going to look for simon, but he doesn’t know where to look, and it might come off as clingy, he’s not supposed to be clingy, and it’ll show that he cares too much for his own good.

and then, hours later, simon sneaks through the back door of the hotel, hoping raphael won’t hear. but of course, nothing beat’s a vampires hearing and raphael’s been waiting for so long that he’s at the door in seconds, trying to get there more slowly but it’s no use. 

as soon as he sees bullet holes in his shirt, the other boy’s hair messed up, looking as he was killed even though he’s already dead, his cold heart sinks in his chest. 

“oh, hey, raphael, you see-”

and before simon can even finish, raphael’s hands are all over simon, touching him gently up and down. his fingers trace the bullet holes and he makes sure simon’s okay, even though nothing could really hurt him, and he sighs as he realizes he’s fine. perfectly fine, just like a teenager who snuck out at night, trying to make excuses for what he’s done.

raphael’s hands still linger on his chest, moving up to his shoulders, gripping tightly. 

“i told you to take a walk. you’re gone for hours, and you come back with bullet holes in your shirt? dios, simon, what the hell did you do?”

but all simon can see is worry in his eyes and feel it in the tight grip on his shoulders, so he meets the other’s eyes slowly, smiling. because it’s something he’s never seen in raphael, and it’s beautiful, it’s so heartwarming, and he’s never felt so loved for the time he’s been a vampire.

“raphael… im okay.”

and raphael realizes how overdramatic he’s been, how he hasn’t taken his hands off of simon for the past five minutes. he’s been so worked up that he’s let down his guard, and simon just let him realize that.

“of course. yes, of course but make sure you tell me before you go starting trouble. you have little control,”raphael responded, taking his hands from simon’s shoulders and crossing them in front of his chest instead, a gruff look on his face hiding the worry.

“i got you. you’re right, sorry, next time it won’t be long. i’ve got it,”simon utters with a toothy smile, holding his thumb up in recognition.

“good. now, i’ve got things to do. blood’s in the lobby, go entertain yourself.”

and with a deep swallow, trying to eradicate every fiber of embarrassment still left in him, raphael’s gone.

and simon’s stands there still, remembering the cool hands on him and the eyes glowing with care, and he smiles, wider than he has in a long time. he’s about to shout out, don’t you want to hear what happened? but he knows raphael won’t come out. he’ll explain what happened later. 

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Hi! Can you do how the hosts first ask out their crush? Could you include haruhi, neckozowa (think I spelt it wrong) and Ristu? Thanks (: sorry if I'm annoying you O///O

lol yes bby it’s Nekozawa, you were close though!!:) and you’re not annoying me at all!!

Tamaki: Tamaki would wait for you outside of class, full-on suave standing in the doorway with his hand running through his hair. When you see him, he reaches a hand out to take yours. “My dear, I can’t imagine going another moment without you. Will you be mine?”

Kyoya: Also would wait for you outside of your class, but is standing against the window. He calls out your name to get your attention, and then considers himself for a moment before saying, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the feelings I have for you might be mutual. Would you go out with me?”

Honey: Honey would find you at lunchtime, and would present you with a small cake with ‘Will you go out with me?’ written on it in icing. Asks, “Will you go out with me, ____-chan? Pretty please with icing on top?”

Mori: He would give you a slip of paper every day for a week, each with a set of scrambled letters on it for you to decode. On the last day, he’d meet you at lunch to ask if you’ve decoded it. You smile and present him with the paper you wrote your decodings down on, which has lots of scribbles and question marks, but written at the bottom, in big bold letters, is “W I L L Y O U G O O U T W I T H M E

Haruhi: Haruhi would invite you over for a study date, all with the disguised purpose of asking you out. She’d cook dinner and offer subtle compliments, but while you’re quizzing her with the notecards she gave you, you come across one that says “Would you like to go out with me?” to which Haruhi responds with a resounding “Absolutely.”

Hikaru: Hikaru would ask for your e-mail under the guise of sending you notes from the classes you missed while you were sick. He sends the notes, but attaches a cartoon that he made in Photoshop: A small animated version of your favorite animal holding up a sign that says “Will you go out with Hikaru?? For me?”

Kaoru: Completely on accident. You’re in the one class he doesn’t have with Hikaru, and when the time comes to pair up for a project, he jumps on the chance to ask you. Only problem is he asks you the other question at the forefront of his mind, “Will you go out with me?” He’ll blanch, then blush furiously and say, “I’m sorry, I meant to ask if you’d work on the project with me. But the offer is definitely up for grabs.”

Nekozawa: Passes you a note while you’re watching a video in class. It says, “I feel as though I’ve been bewitched, and there is but one cure: Will you be mine?”

Kasanoda: Please prepare to have a bouquet shoved into your face. Kasanoda finds you before school and offers you a bunch of flowers that he’s grown himself, pushed up in front of his face to hide that he’s blushing, and he’ll ask, trying to keep himself from yelling, “Will you please go out with me?”

imagine #11

Thousands of people get the notification for Brendon’s new tweet. None of them, however, are prepared for what it says. It’s a retweet of an old message, with a new reply attached to it. He retweeted Ryan’s message from years ago: “he’s my boy. Always will be.” The message he replied with is simple. He attached a very recently taken picture of him and Ryan in which Ryan is looking at Brendon adoringly and Brendon is facing the ground, laughing at something Ryan said. The picture is captioned, “Got my boy back.”

crispypepperoni replied to your post: Why do the skeletons in Coco have lips? ???

Its most likely because no lips makes it hard to animate expressions which is why most skeletons in animation have moving eye sockets and can move their teeth like lips. Jack Skellington is a good example too and the skeleton with a top hat in the corpse bride (sorry if you weren’t actually asking)

I think the Coco skeleton’s problem is that it’s just too “human/alive” looking to be a skeleton. Like you pointed out Jack is rather expressive for a skeleton, you could say he’s even somewhat fleshy looking too, what with his cranium and mandible being all one giant sphere rather than separated.

However we can still discern he is in fact a skeleton because of the empty eye and nasal sockets, and also his boney hands and the slight etched markings on his “lips” that look like teeth, and whenever he DOES do a weird lip looking expression he still has the etched markings on his face so it somewhat looks like he’s still talking through his teeth rather than a fleshy mouth.

An open mouth. ( a general skeleton look )

An “Ooo” mouth ( technically only things with lips can do this in reality, but note the marks on his face still! )

And something I want to point out on the skeletons in Corpse Bride is that all of them have separate craniums and mandibles, and no lips. ( and only two of the skeleton characters have eyes. )

Some of them do look more expressive than the others, I think General Wellington (the skeleton with the red suit and… moustache?!? ) and Elder Gutknecht (the last skeleton) still look rather expressive on their own, mainly because of the way their brows and cheekbones are modeled.

Also let’s not forget the best skeleton here,

One time, Bruce was violently awakened at stupid-early o’clock (7.30am) by his cell-phone, and he was bleary and cranky and he answered it; “Ngnnghmf? Tim?”
And Tim said, “…how casual?“
Bruce, resisting the urge to smother himself with his own pillow and/or toss his phone against the wall, managed a (reasonably) coherent, “What.”
“It’s business casual Friday, Bruce! Seriously, how casual is too casual?”


Hey look a chopped all of my hair off!! Well, I didn’t, a hairdresser did. Also thnx to my flatmate for the lovely background in the first pic 🍑