i like semicolons

did anyone else go through a phase where they read too much john green or some shit and started acting like the annoying white male lead who thinks everyone else is intellectually inferior and does shit like start a grammar club to be away from all the “dumb normies” or was that just me

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Sam's first Christmas with Mary is everything he had ever dreamt of.

When they’re finally free from prison, Sam is ten pounds lighter and Dean stalks everywhere like a panther just waiting for the walls to close in on him again; it’s not December 25th, not even 2016 anymore, but the first thing Mary does when they get home is quietly usher them into the library, where a decorated tree shelters a handful of shoddily newspaper-wrapped packages.

Then she guides them into the kitchen, where she nervously gestures to a feast on the counter, mumbling, “Ham’s burnt, and… I got everything else at the store, but, uh… this stuffing is mine—my mom’s recipe, she swore by the stuff.”

Dean smiles and fills a plate half with stuffing and half with pie and crispy ham slices, gushing praise past mouthfuls of food while Sam watches his mom and brother laugh, and it’s good.

Mary died on November 2nd, 1983, a month and change from when she would have been able to spend her first Christmas with her infant son, and having this with her is something Sam never dared to hope for.

Even if he had, this simple, awkward intimacy would have blown all his fantasies out of the water, anyway.

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I get to learn Java after being in C++ for a semester. My favorite "why am I so stupid" moment was literally anytime I forgot a semicolon. Like... It's basic punctuation...

You won’t regret learning C++. Understanding fundamentals of memory management, and dealing with pointers is something a lot of new developers miss out on these days, which can then make references seem confusing.

At least with missing semi-colons a missing one usually results in a compiler error, who knows how many hours I’ve lost of the years where I’ve accidentally put one at the end of an if statement.

    if(x && y);
      // why the ?#$! won't this run?!
Soulmates and a decided lack of paper part 2; BTS

In which anything you mark your skin with appears on your soulmate’s; not much for tattoos, you tend to write things on your arm, and one day you get a reply. 

V/Taehyung: You should have gone to bed a long time ago. You were already sleep deprived, but it was really easy to lose track of time on the Internet and that is exactly what you had done, so you were somewhat drunk on exhaustion as you stumbled up the stairs to finally get in bed, slipped under the covers and tried to fall asleep.

But your mind was not tired, not yet, and it decided that was a good time to come up with really weird theories about the universe. One made you sit up suddenly, determined to write the idea down before you forgot it so you could think more about it in the morning, so you snatched a pen from your bedside table and flicked on the lamp to scrawl wtf there could be rabbits on the moon no one knows for sure and i bet they’d be fluffy before falling back down to try and sleep once more.

You’d just closed your eyes when your forearm began to feel like it had fallen asleep before you, so you turned on the light again and smacked at it, trying to counteract the itching with pain. And then you saw the writing, symbols that had not been written by you (unless you were more tired than you thought and had forgotten about writing them already, though why you would write a response to your own statement you had no idea).

FINALLY someone agrees with me.

To your sleep-drunk brain this made perfect sense and you beamed, happy that you weren’t crazy. You weren’t completely ruling out the possibility of insanity day-to-day, but in this case it was more likely that your soulmate was the one who had replied, and if they agreed with your random statements, this was clearly a fated match.

Of course! There’s no proof otherwise, you wrote back, and then sat and waited.

Moments later the itching came again and this time it was Exactly. My hyungs say I’m an idiot, especially Yoongi-hyung, but until you show me solid proof against it I am determined to believe this.

Yoongi…this name was familiar, even with how tired you were, and there was only one member of that group you could think of that would agree to something like this.

By any chance, are you V? you wrote, and the response was immediate.

Yep! If you know my name, do I get to know yours?

You answered easily and then there was a pause, and you grew a bit worried about whether or not you’d scared him off by figuring out who he was so quickly. But finally that itch started up again and you looked down.

Sorry, I have to go for now, Jin-hyung says we’ve got schedule things soon. But I want to hear all of your theories about these rabbits, Y/N! 

Jimin: You’d lost your voice, which wasn’t surprising considering the terrible cough you always got come allergy season, and conveniently you chose that time to run out of paper on the notepad you’d been using, but fangirling was necessary. Jungkook was precious and adorable and even more so when half-asleep and being tormented by his bandmates, and if you’d been able to you would be echoing the squeals of your best friend.

Why. Why is my bias so flipping cute?” she asked, and you hesitated at the knowledge that someone was going to see this appear on their skin as well but put your pen tip to your arm and wrote. When you showed her your skin, black ink spelled out kookie is a ball of fluff and needs all the cuddles.

She agreed instantly, and then your attention was caught up by a related video and the two of you spent the next half hour laughing at the seven Korean dorks that had somehow, extremely annoyingly, taken over your life.

You were interrupted, however, by a slight stinging in your arm, and glanced down in shock. It was a good thing you’d decided to learn Hangul after getting into a few K-pop groups, because apparently your soulmate was Korean and somehow had responded to your written message. It took you a moment to figure out the translation, but you stared at your friend with wide eyes once you deciphered what it said.

“Let me get right on that?”

“Does that mean…” Your friend was just as shocked, and she looked between you and the computer screen, which was paused on an image of Jungkook being attacked by Jimin. The stinging continued and you translated this part as it appeared, reading it aloud slowly.

“We really must be soulmates if we agree on that.”

“The only person who thinks like that and is in a position to do something about it…” Your friend trailed off, neither of you able to process what this meant, but you finished the sentence together.

“Park Jimin.”

A second later the words registered and thus commenced a major freak-out session as you asked your friend every five seconds if this could actually be real. She weathered the storm with a practiced manner and once you were calm she smirked at you.

“You will hook me up with Jungkook, right?”

Jungkook: You got bored really easily in Math, a subject that had never really interested you, so you tended to do something that did, and the drawings in your sketchbook were pretty much all a result of your inattention to equations and variables that you didn’t care about at all. But with your sketchbook full and the teacher prattling about something or the other, you were a bit stuck until you glanced at the pen you were twirling between your fingers and saw a new type of canvas in the back of your hand.

Giving no thought to soulmates or anything of the sort, you began to draw, inking a design that looked like some of your skin had been peeled away to show the clockwork gears that were in place of bones and by the time you were finished the girl next to you leaned over and whispered that the art needed to go on tumblr (she made it sound like the world would end if you didn’t), so dutifully you snapped a picture and uploaded it.

It was lunch when your arm began to itch and you scratched at it absentmindedly, not paying much attention, but your friend smacked you.

“Look at your arm,” she hissed, and you did so, surprised to see words appearing there slowly.

Your drawing is incredible, honestly, but I almost got in trouble because I’m not supposed to have tattoos yet and I have a performance so thanks for scaring manager-hyung half to death.

Performance? So a musician or something, and knowing that ink could only be erased by the person whose skin it was originally put on, he would have that drawing on his hand until you washed yours off. “Manager-hyung” was going to get to live with this for a while, however, because you had no intention of getting rid of the art yet, so whoever your soulmate was was going to have a clockwork hand for their performance.

It took six hours for your notifications to begin blowing up with messages. All of them were freaking out and most of them were fairly incoherent, so you were eternally grateful to the person that linked you to the twitter post.

You had figured you’d get these messages and this would be how you discovered the identity of your soulmate, and you were proven right when you opened the link to see the familiar black hair and big brown eyes and myriad of ear piercings of a boy that you were not going to lie, you had biased since the day you found his group, but it was his hand that caught your attention–the hand covered in what was clearly a drawing of ripped skin and clockwork done in black pen.

And then there was the last message, awkward and full of typos because of course English wasn’t his first language but Jeon Jungkook had found your tumblr and sent you a message because holy shit somehow the precious maknae was your soulmate and wanted to meet you and you were pretty sure you were dying slowly as you typed a reply with shaking fingers.

As promised, the maknae line one day later. Thank you for the sudden influx of notes to those who did follow and such; it’s much appreciated (and yes, I like semicolons way too much).


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