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What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

I somehow feel like Anne’s character development is tied with her use of the hat, as if the hat is symbolic in some way. Someone who is better than me at this explain please. Like in the first episodes we almost never see her face, it’s always covered by her hat, she’s this mysterious looking woman who we know nothing about. But then slowly we start seeing more and more, and throughout the seasons she starts taking it off, until the last episodes when it somehow disappears completely and we have these glorious shots:

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..waking from a long and terrible nightmare.


the moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.

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“You people, incapable of accepting the world as it is,” says the man to whom the world handed everything.

when people complain about season 1 being boring and im like this is literally the happiest season ever can we just go back to season 1 please everyone is alive everyone wears turbans flint is just an asshole that ran away with someones wife silver has two legs eleanor doesnt have to wear a corset jack wears sunglasses gates just sits out on the porch for hours watching naft critique tit art like this season was so Good.

I’m in the middle of season 3 of Black Sails and I know two things for sure:

  1. everyone is a little in love with Captain Flint
  2. everyone is really irritated at being a little in love with Captain Flint