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Hello! You've been on tumblr pretty much since the beginning of seventeen, right? I was just wondering which other people have been around since then? I'm just curious ^3^

Hi! Yeah, I think I got into Seventeen a week after Adore U came out. These are the ones I’m following, though I might have missed some because I can’t really remember all the active debut era fans. But these blogs I clearly remember from those golden days (and have been consistently active).

@joshsua, @junghan, @junhui, @wonnhao, @hanwooz, @pledisseventeen, @17dad, @minghaou,  (along with @jshuahong@sugarjisoo & @saltyjeonghan who are less active but I can’t think of debut era without them!) 

okay so like bad news, I can’t get anything for the entire duration of this steam summer sale. like absolutely no money can go towards it. and I’ve been so excited for this sale like being mentally ill and having something you’re excited for just completely go down the tubes is so shitty. so, I’m setting up a little donate button for my paypal on my main blog page (it’s right there on the sidebar under jaal) 

honestly I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. no one is under any obligation to give me anything. it’s just there if anyone is feeling extra nice, okay? I love you all, thank you ♥

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Congrats on the follower goal! Could I maybe have a Kara Danvers/Supergirl icon with a background like yours? It's so pretty :3

Thank you!! <3 And here you go!

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Steven Universe: Story for Steven

Well, if one good thing came out of the copy-paste fiasco, it’s that it finally forced me to organize my image folders. One person suggested ‘copy image URL’ but that isn’t feasible for screenshots (which I use for chatlogs and as of recently SU episodes) which are saved to my computer.

Hopefully a few adjustments to my work flow will be all that’s needed. It still sucks, though.

So, my first Steven Universe commentary post. Figures the episode would pretty much blow my original planned meta post. Oh well. I learned a lot over the course of this. Like how, about several hours into it, I realized it wasn’t feasible to do a play by play reaction like with Homestuck. So this is just commentary and thoughts on the episode. It’s mostly screenshots because finding videos I can make into gifs is a PAIN. I did make one gif simply to know how (and because it conveyed the point better), but it took me FOREVER. And THEN it turned out to be larger then Tumblr could handle, forcing me to use a gif I turned up on Google instead. So, yeah…

So, here my thoughts on the SU episode, “Story for Steven.” And I start with the scene that set the tone of the episode for me:

I used to think Rose was kinda ‘above it all.’ She’s been put up on this pedestal for so long I’m glad this episode was quick to establish that she’s as literal minded as the other Gems. Seems to be a recurring thing with them, and it’s hilarious.


In point:

It was just an important establishing character moment for Rose for me, allowing me to better relate to her.

You know, I was JUST wondering about Gems shapshifting in relation to birds ‘cause of one of my fanfic ideas. This episode helped address it nicely (even if it does mean I have to find another way to make things work >_<).

Also, look! It’s the fence Pearl mentioned!:

(I JUST noticed the misplaced comma in the subtitle. Damn it. Oh well.)

Hi Pearl! She looks younger here. And really dressing 80’s. I reblogged the thing about her outfits flashing during her regeneration before, which included this one. But I notice she initially addresses Greg as an ‘it’ (though she reverts to ‘he’ once he’s in earshot). I’m going to come back to that.

Oh wow, Amethyst looks really young! And her hairstyle is different. But:

What about this??? Here, she looks exactly like she does in the present day, and this is explicitly in the past.

There have been a few theories circling around, but my personal one is this: I think the Gems ‘cycle’ through ages. ‘Cause, you know, someone with eternal youth walking around inevitably attracts attention after enough years. So, they allow themselves to age like humans, and every generation or half generation they set their physical ages back a few decades. Pearl and Garnet probably don’t go as far back as 20 or so, but Amethyst, as the ‘baby’ of the family, probably likes starting from a *lot* younger. (And when you consider she’s the ‘best adjusted’ to human society, it also probably gave her an excuse to sneak away and play with any local kids for a change of pace.)

That’s my take on it, at least.

Pearl is acting like she caught her little sister with a stray dog. The screencap above being a case in point. She’s clearly not used to interacting with humans. We already know she kinda looked down on humans, and this episode did a great job of showing the extent of it before Steven came into the picture.

Amethyst, on the other hand, thinks the appearance of Greg is like the best thing ever. It’s hilarious. 

To everyone who complains about the show focusing on Steven over the Crystal Gems: THIS IS WHY he’s the main focus. This episode really drove home just how detatched the Crystal Gems were from humanity before Greg, and later Steven entered the picture. As we know in the present day, Steven’s presence forces them to interact with the outside world, and keeps them from locking themselves away in the metaphorical ivory tower again. He’s the grounding presence for them. By seeing how they were before, we see a major part of the reason why the story is about Steven, instead of the Crystal Gems.

Whoa, Garnet’s BLUSHING. That’s not something we’ve seen like…ever.

Look at these dorks! Look at Rose’s expression! She’s totally geeking out while Pearl and Garnet are just plain baffled. Greg’s kinda a dork in this episode too. Is it any wonder their kid turned out to be such a huge, adorable dork as well?

No pressure, of course. XD. But Garnet has the star symbol on her gauntlet. I reblogged the post before that none of the Gems otherwise have the star symbol on their outfit. Also, someone posted earlier that since the Sapphire half of Garnet is a singer, and the Ruby half is rather straighforward, the end result is that Garnet tends to be rather blunt when it comes to music. Remember when she jumped out of Greg’s moving van after he put on his music?

Make me wonder if that comment is some kinda retro-foreshadowing because considering Garnet’s, ahem, ‘opinion’ of Greg’s music in the present…

As if Pearl having a romantic thing for Rose needed anymore fuel…

Rose was really the Team Mom for the Crystal Gems. She looks just like a mother with her three kids here, complete with the youngest (Amethyst) clinging to her. Garnet also MUCH more emotion in this episode then she usually does. Given how stoic she was at the beginning of the series, it’s not unreasonable to think Rose’s death had something to do with that…

And speaking of, it’s interesting how we haven’t really heard much from Garnet on that front. We’ve heard plenty from Pearl (Rose’s Scabbard really brought it out, but even before then she was usually the one who says ‘when Rose was around..’ like in Laser Light Cannon), and a bit from Amethyst (especially in Maximum Capacity), but not really much from Garnet.

Though the fact she’s a fusion probably had something to do with it. Now that the cat’s out of the bag on that little fact, hopefully we’ll get more on her relation to Rose now. I’m *really* interested in Garnet’s backstory. My original planned meta post concerned her, actually. I need to revise it ‘cause this episode contradicted a few things.

Whelp, that explains what happened to the fence.

Now, where have we seen this starry eyed expression before? Oh, yeah:

Like mother, like son! XD. Seriously though, I’m glad we saw a more adorkable side to Rose here. Like I said earlier, she’d been on this huge pedestal for most of the series, and now we finally see her as she really was. Not to mention getting a pretty good idea of what the team was like before she died.

Whelp, Homestuck resumes in a couple days. So this was a warm-up of sort for me to hop back into writing, since I plan on writing my reaction/analysis posts again. I’m going to continue following Steven Universe, naturally, so this is kinda going to be a mixed blog now. I really need to update my sidebar, speaking of which…

Hope you enjoyed!


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