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I wish to own a hippo skull one day -have you seen one? they are incredibly unearthly

I know what they look like, but here’s to those that haven’t seen one;

They are absolutely freakish and unnatural looking. 

Those things must weight a ton and require a lot of room. I couldn’t find any real hippo skulls for sale online, but Skullsunlimited sells replicas for $1,550.00.

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jonghyun: from my perspective i think roo likes my older sister and mom more. i totally understand that, but when guests come over to our house …, i think it’s her way of greeting but i can feel who she likes more and who she likes less. i know puppies have feelings too. out of the people that visit my house frequently there’s a particular manager hyung she likes more than other managers and a particular friend from my middle school she likes more than others. i feel a sense of jealousy, thinking that maybe she likes that manager hyung more than me.


(I have done it)

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Okay, so I’m not sure if there are others familiar with both FNAF and Monsters University but after seeing this I’d like to give you all introduction for both of them.

So first there’s a protagonist named Mike who is unable to follow his career dream(s) and has to change them.


He gains a BFF who is sweet, precious and has a trouble with his self-esteem

As a part of their gang there is also a chubby cute guy with fluffy hair

and a suspicious, cheery purple guy who is hairy and probably been in jail.

The leader of the antagonists is a cocky and based on mammals, and have a strong eyebrown game. They are also able to scare the shit out of you.

There is also this poor purple cutie who is insecure yet wants to fit in with cool guys and owns an ability to sneak into a room unnoticed

And last but not least there are two fellas who have head of their own but share a torso. They both have only one eye and they have many limbs. Sometimes living together is difficult to them but they still are dear to each other


sb : thalia loves being a hunter!! yeah she’s away from annabeth but she has a new family in them and she enjoys it so much!1!! :)

me, pulling out my colour-coded binder of Evidence : no

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about the insta live’s, at least kibum usually posts he’ll do a live and this time jjong did as well, let’s just hope they keep doing that from now on ^^

!!! i know i was so happy jjong posted that warning cause i was doing hw and wouldn’t have checked my phone otherwise. but also my heart won’t be able to handle all the constant updates. like i’m barely holding on now with his FOUR CONSECUTIVE LIVES LIKE WOW JJONG THANK YOU this is very reminiscent of kibum during his peak and i hope i’m not asking for too much when i say i hope this continues. even if jjong only goes on for a second i’ll be satisfied. i just love knowing he’s out there…yknow just existing.

So uh.  I had this ideya, and no reasonable excuses to justify not doing it.  Apologies are offered as needed. XD;;;

FNAF meets Ib!  Mike and Faith as Garry and Ib works pretty darn well, and if Violet becomes Mary… then the gallery could be featuring the works of Fazbaerna, whose paintings of oddly creepy animals seem to be alive!

(Dangit I have comics and asks to do! XD  Ah well, it got me drawing anyway!)