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Imagine Jjong sitting on Jinki's lap while Jinki knits with his arms around Jjong. Jinki is knitting Roo a sweater since she just got groomed. Jjong starts getting restless and wiggles in Jinki's lap which makes it harder to knit but Jinki's not complaining.

this is so so cute im ;;;;; jonghyuns lil impatient wiggles !! jinki finds his way of reacting w his entire body incredibly endearing jonghyun is just a very expressiv person. jinki kisses his shoulder a bit to distract him. he likes getting to hold jonghyn in his lap. eventually he sets down the sweater to rub jonghyuns tummy softly and coo in his ear about how precious he is. which makes jjong wiggle more but in a shy way this time and smile in that tiny coy lil way. 

and then he settles back against jinki and lets jinki knit a bit more bc he has renewed interest in being cuddled in jinkis lap. he turns around slightly to do things like poke at jinkis cheeks and generally be bratty but jinki finds his brattiness endearing too. even when hes really disrupting his concentration, jinki just thinks jonghyun being his bratty princess self is v cute. the way jonghyuns kind of attention seeky in this pouty way is adorable to jinki. after a while jonghyun finally wiggles away to go spend time w roo and let jinki finish knitting the sweater. he brings roo over so she can nose at sweater which is still in progress. this whole scene is so soft and domestic it makes me cry im still ;; thank for this anon i lov <3

Why do people hate on others, or call them not a true fan, of they can’t name all of the current band members of their favorite bands? I honestly have basically 50 favorite bands, and I can barley remeber all their names. (Besides Black Veil Brides, cause their music is the reason why I started listening to the genre of music I listen to, I used to listen to only music my older sister listens to, and now the music I listen to scares her cause the screaming and I am now totally off subject) Basically, if I enjoy their music, I am a fan. I dont really care if I can name all the band members. Reblog if you agree, and also tag your favorite bands.

Looks Like Rain. (Switch-A-Roo AU)


Closed book.
Sighs and hard stares at the ceiling.

I don’t know what I keep doing wrong.

Nik closed his eyes as he slumped to the floor in defeat.

Heavy-hearted and tired,
He groans as he covers his eyes with his forearm as thoughts race.

Isn’t just so pointless-
To keep trying when it’s hopeless.

Green eyes.
Richly red locks.

There is no way he could convince Apollo to go to prom with him.

Maybe my hints aren’t strong enough.
Surely he can’t be this dense,
Is he?

Groaning loudly,
Nik rolls over onto his stomach and props his chin over his arms.

Imagination running rabid.
Possibilities flashing dully,
Frustration and wishful thinking…

Gold eyes peek out from their lids.

What should I even say…
Should I just walk to him and just-

“Hey Clusterfuck- you going prom?”

“Oh why Nik~ Yes, I am! But I’m going with a potted dandelion or some shit-”

“Really now? That’s stupid.”

No no…

“Hey doofus- Prom? You? Me?”


Too realistic.

Just slam his locker shut like a bold fucker-
Take off your shades and give him the look ™.

Watch him quiver and gasp.

“OH NIK- JUST TAKE ME AND DEFLOWER ME~” He moans as he hikes up his thigh up for me to grab.

That wanton look in his eyes as he bites his freckled bottom lip at me.

Take his truck and set off to the sun as Apollo smooches my neck.

It really is pointless-
He would never go with me…
Is there a way he could ask me out instead?

It’d be easier.


Did he always smell so good,,,

Him and his infuriating plaid shirts.

Fucking hipster.

“That looks familiar-” He heard his voice echo back with annoyance as Apollo referred to his shirt that was just too big on Nik.

“Really? Huh.”

Brief pause.
Annoyance painted his features before letting it drop.

It wasn’t like this was the first time I’ve ever stolen something of Apollo’s. His mom who is killer btw just so happens to be very cool with borrowing things that I usually keep…

“Are those my shoes?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”
Then walk off.

Is there really anything to see here?

It’s not like it’s ever stopped him being invited over-
Though who’s inviting who was solely me, myself, and I.

And sometimes Judith for me to stay for dinner because she’s poLITE UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.

Nik glanced over at the flannel at his bed.
Images of Apollo emerge of the times he’s worn the article of clothing.
Particularly when gardening.

Hot summer days.
Stripping off layers while in the blazing heat…

Dirty skin glistening with beads of sweat.
Lifting off heavy sacks of this and that…

Huffing and puffing.

It really is fun to watch him work while I sit around and not do jack shit.

You expected me to do something?

Ah, well-
Maybe I do help around a little bit.
Though he honestly doesn’t want me touch anything.

It’s kind of a shame,

He could pick me up like that bale of hay any day…
He did once.

Manhandled me into a bridal hold.
The best five second in my life.

Strong arms and that close to his chest-
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… bOIIIIIIII

Till he dunked me in a trash bin.

It was my fault-

But still.
Them five seconds were something else…

Sitting up,
Nik reached up and grabbed the shirt from his bed as he returned to laying back down on the floor in his misery.

It still smells like him…

Sun-dried cotton.
And sweet grass…

And that’s not been the only contact I’ve had with Apollo.

Oh no…

He once spooned me.
Arm around my torso and his sleepy breath lightly puffing at my skin.

We don’t always argue or pick fights.
Sometimes in that rare five percent,
We could come together and be like this…

Uncertainty made by the judges in my head.
Am I really qualified to the conquer the very things out of my control?

I remember life hitting me hard one night while the TV buzzed.

“…Can we talk?”

His ears twitch and his eyes peek over to me.

He knows…

Balled up in his arms and at his face,
Nik felt the fabric tenderly.

Sometimes he could give great advice.
Sometimes it didn’t require that and he would lend me his ears.

I really didn’t expected him to hug me like he did.
He must have known I never wanted him to let go.

He didn’t until he pulled away to looked at me.

Then I wonder why I treat him the way that I do.

He bundled me up in blankets as I idly focus on his lips.

The sound of the TV could only be heard when he pressed his thumbs to my tear stained cheeks-
Wiping away the remnants of voiced worries.

Grabbing pillows to place on the living floor,
He told me to lie down as he stayed by my side.

We stayed that way the whole night as I was mentally blowing up what was transpiring in the here and now.

Never questioned-
Nor wanted to…

His glasses on the table.

I feel like I had grew more problems out of this than where I started out.

Laying there,
Nik cracked open his molten gold eyes.

Evening had turned to night.

His journal and pen consumed in the dark,
He felt for them as a plan hatched.

He clicked his pen as a small flame traveled to the candle in his room.

Dear Diary,
Clusterfuck best watch out…

A wild and wicked smile curled at his lips as laughter erupted from them.

This was gonna be the best plan yet.
Fucking GENIUS, NIK.

-I’mma make that green-eyed fuck jealous.


(Song- Looks Like Rain by: Passion Pit)

So uh.  I had this ideya, and no reasonable excuses to justify not doing it.  Apologies are offered as needed. XD;;;

FNAF meets Ib!  Mike and Faith as Garry and Ib works pretty darn well, and if Violet becomes Mary… then the gallery could be featuring the works of Fazbaerna, whose paintings of oddly creepy animals seem to be alive!

(Dangit I have comics and asks to do! XD  Ah well, it got me drawing anyway!)

(Post made by myartblogbitch)

Okay, so I’m not sure if there are others familiar with both FNAF and Monsters University but after seeing this I’d like to give you all introduction for both of them.

So first there’s a protagonist named Mike who is unable to follow his career dream(s) and has to change them.


He gains a BFF who is sweet, precious and has a trouble with his self-esteem

As a part of their gang there is also a chubby cute guy with fluffy hair

and a suspicious, cheery purple guy who is hairy and probably been in jail.

The leader of the antagonists is a cocky and based on mammals, and have a strong eyebrown game. They are also able to scare the shit out of you.

There is also this poor purple cutie who is insecure yet wants to fit in with cool guys and owns an ability to sneak into a room unnoticed

And last but not least there are two fellas who have head of their own but share a torso. They both have only one eye and they have many limbs. Sometimes living together is difficult to them but they still are dear to each other



And from that day onwards Mike hated Billie with burning passion pun not intended

But actually, Billie is much more dangerous than everyone likes to think. Always staying in the distance, always aiming in the back of the head with a poisoned dart and almost never missing. 

Aaaand that probably explains why everyone hate him so much.

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