i like robots with talons okay

as-if-unreal  asked:

Question, how do you feel about 3/4 now of Talon being poc? (widowmaker is white - ethnically, anyway - but really in her own class tbh) Especially in contrast to Overwatch, who, while still quite diverse, are white in public faces like 76 and Tracer.

Believe me, I am upset about that. It’s not good, to say the least, that the faces of Talon we know are all people of color. Someone else pointed out that Widowmaker, the only white character, is the only character who did not actually join of her free will, and that it’s shady that her skin is blue instead of being actually white; it makes us not actually associate her with Whiteness, if you know what I mean. We also know that the former Doomfist was also associated with Talon, and was also presumably a black African man, so that makes four members of Talon that we know are people of color, three of them playable characters.

As much as I love Doomfist - and I really love Doomfist - I’m still bothered by the fact that another member of Talon is a person of color. I like to think Blizzard isn’t doing it maliciously, but whether it’s malicious or not, it’s still not right.

People have argued that Overwatch (the organization, post-recall) does have a lot of people of color on it, and that’s true, but they should really think about how many of those people are dark-skinned compared to the number of robots and lighter-skinned members. Also, it sends a certain message when the majority of Talon, the international terrorist group, is made up of mostly brown and black people of color.

I hope I got my point across okay. Thanks for the ask!