i like requests


it wasn’t even on the lips!!!

so I drew a lucario the other day :0


I loved your suggestions! So I ended up drawing more than one request today evening ^^ (eek - I wanted to draw more!)

1. Toothless~ Requested by @furyoftime

2. Hiccstrid kiss (Spiderman style)~ Requested by @tarched

3. Falda Haddock (older version)~ Requested by @fifylou

NOTE: Requests are closed again! I had fun doing this though. I might offer requests like this again sometime in future :)


I would like to request that you all take a moment to watch how completely stoked this guy is to drive a 1990 Toyota Camry V6, courtesy of his friend Moark.

superfuckingmoose  asked:

I love your art and I'm so happy to be following you! Seeing your art always makes me feel better! If you still need requests I would love anything queerminal minds, especially trans Hotch or Garcia things. Idk if you're into Star Trek (TOS or AOS) at all, but I would also love Trek art if you want to do some.

im yellin this is honestly such a nice mssg it made my day 100%??? ily

itstrinity034  asked:

Why do you not take requests?? :3

Well, I used to take requests, they were fun to make but I arribed to the point where I recived 3 or 4 request a day and I couldn’t manage to do them anymore.
Also I don’t have much time to draw so I just draw what I like whithout a schedule or the worried to do “drawings on ordination”, it feels more like something I have to do instead of something I do for the fun of it. So unless I make a post esplicitly saying I’m bored and I’d like some requests I don’t think I’ll do them :/

Anonymous asks: Ahh i’d like to request for a DK scenario please– where he likes the reader and tries to make her fall for him without knowing she already did.. I really really like your stories and its fun to read them, looking foward to your next one! FIGHTING!!

A/N: Idk this was supposed to be cute and romantic, but it ended up being a meme. I’ll call it a romantic meme. Thanks for liking my stories btw :^)

Word Count: 857

Sorry for any mistakes

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anonymous asked:

I'd like to request Valerie and Jim! They're so absolutely adorable together, and I think they already qualify as "unpopular". Nobody ever seems to like the women Jim dates, I don't know why. But these two are so cute!

Aehm…I don’t want to destroy your dreams but she’s just using Jim probably. Or maybe it’s my impression but surely the only 2 women I ship with Jim are Lee and Barbara(season1). And it isn’t true! Lee is fabulous!

 I’m sorry anon I can’t ship them,  sorry <:(

anonymous asked:

Hello darling! I know your probably getting a lot of these, but for the Halloween special I'd like to request with Bruce and (batmom) taking their baby [ preferably girl :) ] trick or treating for the first time, but her brothers end up wanting to take her instead? Thank you if you do do this! I love all of your writing your very talented <33 ✨

Thank you darling!
There’s still a few spots left on the request list to fill up to month so of course!
How old were you thinking for the daughter to be?