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Lotor: Haggar what are you doing here?
Haggar: I would like to introduce you to my newest pet project.
Lance: Greetings my prince
Lotor: The blue paladin… how?
Haggar: let’s just say, I got rid of those pesky memories of his.

After Lance is captured by the Galra he is tortured for information. When he doesn’t break Haggar erases his memories, making his body stronger and faster. She makes him Lotors personal bodyguard.


bi mendel icons requested by @anxiousactor

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Major Distraction

Bakushima college AU fic request!

Thanks to @turtleangel94 for requesting this!! I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long but it turned out a lot longer than expected;)

Word Count: 2277

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anonymous asked:

omgg i really like your blog!! can u do headcanons of todoroki with a fem s/o who is super shy and introverted but with a fierce personality when its needed, thank u so so much!!

Of course! Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you enjoy/sorry for the wait!

  • no one questions why the two of you are together
  • like it makes so much sense that everyone just assumed that this was just nature taking its course
  • Todoroki just can’t control himself around you
  • those adorable little smiles of yours
  • that little giggle you him when he does something embarrassing
  • he wants to die when he does
  • he loves to kiss you when no one’s watching
  • you turn bright red and push your face into his chest to  hide your red cheeks
  • the noises you make during make-out sessions (which happen once every blue moon) just make him swoon
  • and want to dirty things to you in his room
  • he enjoys spending time with you even if the two of you aren’t doing anything but homework
  • ‘screw you math problems.’ you think as you try to remember what you had been taught literally and hour before
  • he doesn’t really care much about what other had to think
  • even if he does swell up with pride that people say that you guys are the perfect couple
  • his father even likes you
  • which makes Todoroki very uncomfortable
  • his mother just smiles and thinks you’re sweet
  • and yes you have met his parents - he loves you enough to take you along with him
  • like a puppy
  • when you first stand up for him, the poor boy was just confused
  • like what happened to my little poodle? why is it a Chihuahua now?
  • it first happens when you walk in on Bakugou yelling at him for being a coward
  • you know, after the sports festival
  • “Leave him alone!”
  • “You wanna fight me, Sweetie Pie?”
  • yes that’s Bakugou’s nickname for you
  • “Don’t you dare call him weak. he’s stronger than you’ll ever be.”
  • “Say that again and I’ll decide whether or not to punch you in the face or fry your skin off.”
  • “I’d like to see you try!”
  • the whole class is just waiting for WWIII to take place in front of their eyes
  • todokori has to pull you away from getting your ass handed to you
  • he does this more than he should honestly
  • “You did NOT just call me short!”
  • “Don’t touch my ass, Mineta!”
  • “Call Tsuyu Frog-face one more time and I’ll consider whether or not I’ll let you live, Bakugou!”
  • most of the class thinks you’re a angel on the outside and a little demon on the inside
  • not entirely wrong if you think about it.
  • Todoroki thinks it’s cute that you can stand up for yourself while still being a complete angel
  • except in bed of course

anonymous asked:

Hey hey! So I recently found your blog and oh m y I love what I see! So can I request newlywed Prompto with his s/o? Pls pls I need more happiness for this Sunshine boyo

I actually did some marriage headcanons with our sunshine child this morning, so check those out if you want! I’ve been having a lot of fun with this idea today!

Happy Prompto is always welcome on my blog, anon! Thank you so much for the request; I always love to write for this boy.

word count: 1078

(so. much. fluff.)


It was just another day.

The sun was rising over the horizon, casting a soft glow over everything in the home you shared with him. Under the sheets, your legs were tangled with his as your arms reached for him, finding their ways around his waist and tugging him closer in an attempt to steal his warmth. He was leaning back, camera in hand, lining up the perfect shot of your resting face.

He smelled of lemons and cinnamon, intoxicating you with every breath you drew. The lilac in your fabric softener drifted from the covers, mixing itself with your husband’s natural scent. A tired hum escaped your lips as you leaned into him, hinting that you were nearly awake.

No, he thought, his chin coming to rest over the top of your head, He wasn’t ready yet.

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anonymous asked:

heyyy i'd really love it if you drew manuel and emmanuel eating ice cream at the beach and/or enjoying an ice cream flavoured snog

Hey anon#20 :D Here’s your request ^^

(It continues under the cut ^^)

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