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In the white light, a hand reaches through  Embrace the dark you call a home.

Azura/Aqua requested by anon

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Hey love ur art style do u do requests? If so, can I get a very homesick randl who then remind each other that home isn't about where u are, but who ur with? Pls

I don’t know if this is what you wanted :/ …but I hope you’ll like it 

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133. Andrew

Fuck, this is long. I put way too much effort into this. 

133. “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” 

Midterms, while not nearly as agonizingly awful as finals, still left Neil feeling like he’d been run over. It was just more like he’d been hit by a small car instead of a semi truck. 

He’d barely slept all week, between studying and practice. And Andrew, although that was less Andrew’s fault and more Neil’s, because Neil had a tendency to use Andrew as a distraction or an excuse to procrastinate.

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Can you draw a trans boy with blond hair on the top and dark and short hair on the sides? Maybe he could be wearing black earrings and a black varsity type jacket with jeans and black pumas?

here u go friend!

BSD: Chuuya, Why Are You Awake?

Hey guys! I know, it’s been a while XD But I finally got enough time to actually write something, and be able to finish it. So, this was a prompt from @a-flustered-paint-appeared who wanted either akuatsu or soukoku from the Christmas prompts. So, I choose soukoku since I love the pairing XD I really hope you like this my friend! I really hope you all like this, and please enjoy!

It had been a long day for the Double Black team. All because they could defeat any threat in the matter of minutes, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t put a strain on their bodies. However, after every one of those missions, they would either be too bound up to fall asleep, or they would fall right to sleep as soon as their heads hit a fluffy pillow. Sadly, Chuuya was not having one of those much-needed days. Even after sharing the hotel’s hot baths with his suicidal partner didn’t relax him enough. Unlike Dazai, who fell asleep right after the warm soak, the red head’s body was so bound up and tense that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get a proper rest. Sighing, Chuuya glanced at his sleeping partner, before quietly getting up and making his way outside. Feeling the cold air of a winter night greet him, the ginger took a deep breath, and slouched down against the walls, drawing his knees up to his chest. Glancing up at the glistening stars, Chuuya was so distracted that he didn’t hear their apartment door opening until someone sat beside him.

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anyone have any ML requests?

i’ve been studying all day for finals and I’m damn near about to pitch myself out a window and I’m so tired at looking at all of my books. I’m kind of just in the mood to pen up a few things really quick to help clear my head. 

Seriously, send anything, and I’ll see what I can do. 

if you send me gay prompts i’ll love you forever

Yoosung who liked Zen a lot and was jealous of MC because of it requested by anonymous! -Mod Yoosung★

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Marquis de Lafayette x Reader - Sparkle and Shine

A/N: I got my first request; so proud and so thankful. Also, this fic is awful and I am so sorry – I’ve been so busy this week, I’ve got five shows coming up so rehearsals have been manic and I’ve had barely enough for homework, let alone writing. Again, I’m so sorry that this is so late and bad.

Request: I have a little Lafayette x reader idea where the reader likes really pretty dresses and things and she gets dressed up for a party and is being all cute and fangirling over her dress so she doesn’t realize Lafayette starring at her with awe and all that.

It was a mild December day. Unfortunately, you and a couple of others were stuck in school while others were relaxing at home, but your exams were ultimately more important than a couple extra days of rest. You were hanging around in your English teacher’s classroom while they were off on an errand, lounging next to your boyfriend. He messed with your hair, combing his fingers through your sleek curls and clumsily plaiting with his fumbling fingers.

“Hey, Laf, do you have the- Laf?”

“Hm? Oh, mes plus chères excuses, Mon amour. I was just, ah, deep in thought.”

You raised an eyebrow, a sceptical expression on your face. “Yes, that’s why you were making doe eyes at me.”

For once, it was your turn to make the Frenchman blush, his cheeks flushing almost instantly. “Ah, um, well, you see-“

“Dear lord. Lafayette, speechless? I never thought I’d see the day.”

You pouted at Alexander, who had barged into the mostly-empty classroom in search of a particular textbook. The blushing Frenchman mirrored your expression, his eyes frantically scanning everywhere but Alexander’s smug face. “Va te faire foutre, Alex.”

The said man’s eyes widened; as the only other student who could speak French fluently, he often conversed with Lafayette when the English language just seemed impossible. You tried your best to speak his mother tongue, but MFL were never your strong suit.

You sighed, leaning back into your boyfriend’s lean chest. He placed his chin on top of your head, making you smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Alexander, having found his required textbook, rolled his eyes at your public display of affection. “Get a room, you two.”

“Oh yeah? I’ve seen the way you look at Eliza – and John and Angelica, for that matter. Oh, and don’t forget Maria.”

It was Alexander’s turn to pout. “Yeah, yeah. See you around, sparkles.” With that, he was out the door, cackling. Just as he had probably predicted, Lafayette’s eyes narrowed, his arms tightening around your frame. “Arrogant bâtard.”

Turning in his arms, you craned your neck up to look at your boyfriend, a small smile toying at the edge of your mouth. Forgetting his moment of coldness, Lafayette returned your smile, placing a kiss on your forehead. You let your eyes flutter close, grinning as kisses were peppered over your face with warm lips.

Sadly, before you could repay your sweet gentleman of a boyfriend, the classroom door opened once again, your teacher hurriedly rushing to his desk, arms full with various textbooks. Huffing, you force yourself away from Lafayette’s warm arms, returning to your seat beside him.

“Sorry for the delay, guys; bit of confusion over the books. Anyway, now that I’m back, turn to chapter three.”

You groan and open the book placed in front of you, resting your head on the broad shoulders seated beside you.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . .

“What do you think?

As he did every year, Alexander was throwing a Christmas party before you all left to be with your families for the holidays. They were not to be missed, under any circumstance. Somehow gaining popularity as the years went on, the celebrations were nostalgic, alive, and epic all at once. And this year, you finally had a date to go with after the bumbling Frenchman had admitted his feelings half a year ago.

Stepping out of the bathroom, you watch, amused, as Lafayette’s face registered the garment that adorned your body. Nobody but you and the Schuyler sisters had seen the actual dress; you had kept it hidden underneath your bed, ignoring the desperate pleas of your boyfriend begging you to show him.

Silence dragged on. You blushed and looked at the ground, taking the lack of comment as disapproval. Frantically searching your mind for something, anything, to say, you try and rectify your apparent mistake.

“I mean, I know it isn’t the most expensive thing out there, but it looks cute, don’t you think? Look at the sparkles, do you like how they catch the light? I did pick it out with you in mind…”

Lafayette’s hands found their way to cup your chin, gently easing you to look up and into his eyes. You were surprised to find not disgust or disapproval, but glowing pride and love. As Lafayette began to softly caress your cheeks, he brought you closer to his caring face.

“You look absolutely incroyable, mon amour. You have aucune idée just how incredibly chanceux I am to have the privilege of calling you ‘mine’.”

Small tears gathered in your eyes. One of the many things you loved about Lafayette was his ability to somehow always say the thing to make you blush and fall even more in love with him.

“Laf… I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything. How about a twirl in that lovely dress of yours?”

Happy to oblige, you spun until you were dizzy, watching how Lafayette’s face glowed and sparkled – literally. Those sequins were very bright.

I gave up and preordered Rose Marie Seoir happy bag ;o;

I am a little nervous about what I will receive but at least the bag and the shoes I chose look really cute..! :’o