i like rain ok

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..

ok but hOnestly i like the summer rain i like the sounds you make we put the world away we get so disconnected you are my getaway you are my favorite place we put the world away

i talked once w some pals about how i’ve seen Legit Rain like just a couple of times since it never does anything but drizzle here in coastal perú. the other time it rained but it was like.. a few months ago? or a year ago? or both? but like last night it Rained Rained and i was like ‘i must be a fool. it probably rains all the time and i’m just an idiot’

but no turns out we’re getting FUCKED by the weather and that’s why it rained and it’s gotten so bad classes are fucking CANCELLED im going to scream

sate eagle-wing’d  /  sat with her eagle wings

apparently, through incredible investigative skills ( ie. I read a few comments on the wikia when I hopped on there a while back )   washuu can also mean eagle feather. the kanji used for the name isn’t read with that meaning, however. but i’ll take it as a hint of the main branch’s primary type. 

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Rain, rain, don’t go away | Clean

She was humming the lyrics to some old Kelly Clarkson song as she made her way pick Sean up from work. With the windows down, hair blowing in the wind, and sunglasses that covered half of her face, Cleo felt like she was the star of a classic 2004 music video. It had been a good week for her; starting to work as an intern with her mom, she was catching the gist of what it was like to be a journalist, fashion designer, and basically a Miranda Priestly and was very relieved to find out that she did not want to do that with her future. Overall, she had been feeling very good with herself, and after a few months of feeling like she was just drifting through life, she was finally doing something productive, even if it was just following her mom around the office and buying coffee. 

Once she arrived at the place and sat in her car for 5 minutes, debating whether to go inside, say hello, and probably embarrass Sean and herself in front of his co-workers in some way, or just wait for him to come out, she finally decided to text him. “I’m here!” she wrote, adding little smiley and kissy emojis at the end. As she waited, she pulled her shades up and opened the Waze app to check the route she was taking again. She had never been to this place, at least not that she remembered, and now she was on her way to pack it up and sell it to another couple that would hopefully not end up divorced and sad. She glanced at the backseat of her Jeep which was filled with cardboard boxes she’d just bought at Home Depot, and then turned to look at herself in the mirror, sighing. “New beginnings,” she said to herself quietly.


REVEALED: Briana & Louis decide on a name
  • Briana: What about Sydney. I really love the classic movie "Scream."
  • Louis: Ok. I screamed when I found out you were pregnant so that's fitting.
  • Briana: I like Rain for the middle name.
  • Louis: Yeah, ok, whatever.
  • Briana: It's settled. But I don't think we should do the birth certificate yet. Let's wait a few days.
  • Louis: Ok, but let me call the Sun and give them a heads up.
  • Briana: I love the Sun. I wish we could name our son Sydney Sun but I think that might be too obvious for people who think this is a farce.
  • Louis: Dan will be sad he can't use the headline "A Sun is Born!" We should throw them some extra info to make them feel better. Like our custody dealings.
  • Briana: Be sure to tell them we'll have it all worked out by Friday.
  • Louis: [hangs up phone] It is done.