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So this fluffy Percabeth oneshot is for @percyyoulittleshit! I hope you like it Mari! :D

Honestly this was quite a lot of fun to write, so I hope everyone enjoys reading it! 

“It feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages,” Percy complained, as he walked through the cabin area of Camp Half-Blood. It was a sunny August day, and many campers were milling about.

“I know, Seaweed Brain, but you know I’ve been so busy helping with the New Athens plans. And you’ve been doing a lot of training sessions. Besides, that’s why we’re having our picnic today!” Annabeth said happily.

Percy nodded, his usual smile returning to his face. He grabbed her hand, ready to take her to the beach, where he had planned on having their picnic, when someone interrupted them.

“Percy! Annabeth!” Piper shouted from behind them, panting out of breath. “We need you.” She was dressed in shorts and a blue t-shirt, and Rachel was next to her, a small smile on her face, dressed in her usual paint-stained attire.

“For what?” Percy asked reluctantly. “We were just about to–”

“There’s a meeting in the Big House,” Rachel said, interrupting Percy. “Chiron says you guys need to be there. There’s no time for you to go to the beach–you need to come now.”

Percy looked at Annabeth, disappointment written on his face. “I guess we have to go.”

“It shouldn’t matter too much.” Annabeth smiled. “How about afternoon tea?”

“Who has sandwiches for tea?” Percy grumbled halfheartedly.

Annabeth rolled her eyes.

“Fine,” Percy turned to Rachel and Piper. “We’re coming.”

“Great,” Piper said, her eyes brightening. “Let’s go.”

Percy and Annabeth followed them, now focused fully on what this emergency meeting would be about.

“Well, that was a waste of time,” Percy said in annoyance, as he and Annabeth walked out of the Big House over an hour later.

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They were like Romeo and Juliet,
fated to fall in love.
Or maybe,
they were just fated to fall.

- the way star-crossed lovers always do. (k.b.)

  • Chloe: Okay, so you and I are married.
  • Rachel: We are not married.
  • Chloe: Relax, it’s just pretend.
  • Rachel: Well, I don’t wanna pretend.
  • Chloe: Scared you’ll like it?
  • Rachel: Okay, if we’re married I want a divorce.
  • Max: Are you two like this all the time?
  • Chloe and Rachel (in unison): Yes.

We’ve all done things… that are hard to live with. So let this be your redemption, if it needs to be, because it might be mine.

sunnydaleslut  asked:

So, out of curiosity, and because I respect your opinions, what are your thoughts on Rebecca's various love interests?

Okay SO I feel like Rachel and I are on the same Rachel wave length. Because when I watched the first season of the show I was like “this has so many feminist themes BUT Rebecca ties her happiness up in being in love and like that’s the end all be all for her.” And i think both Greg and Josh are just that. Desperate grabs for love because that’s what she thinks will make her happy. But I was holding out hope because Rachel has always said she’s “Team Rebecca” when asked who she thought Rebecca should end up with. 

FURTHER MORE - both greg and josh fit that love triangle dude trope we see over and over again right. “two guys for her to pick from. long lost love and the guy she couldn’t see right under her nose” and then in the second season the show deconstructs those tropes. Neither greg NOR josh are good for her, and she’s not good for them. 

And then there’s Nathan who looks like he might actually get a bit of plot development, and is someone she actually has things in common with. But is kind of a dick, which is probably why my trashbag self likes it. That being said as Rebecca’s therapist feels - she needs time alone. 

I am so so so glad the show got a third season because I’m looking forward to seeing where this Rebecca goes. I’m so excited to see if she actually addresses her mental health issues!! 

♥/?? | for the lemon squad : rachel (sehuhuhu); happy birthday~!

‘Free or dead!’ Jara Hamee yelled.

'Okay, I definitely like these guys,’ Rachel said. She kind of cocked her head and looked up at Jara Hamee. 'Free or dead!’ she yelled, just as loudly as the Hork-Bajir had.

Cassie and Jake and I yelled it, too. With slightly less enthusiasm. In my case, I’d been too close to being dead just a few minutes earlier.

'I’ll give you two-to-one odds on “dead,”’ Marco said grimly. 'And if we all keep yelling with a bunch of Taxxons half a mile away, I’ll make it ten-to-one.’

Rachel ran over, grabbed Marco by the shoulders and gave him a good hard shake. 'Come on, you big baby, say it - free or dead!’

'Yeah, yeah, free or dead,’ Marco said. Then he laughed. 'Rachel, you do know you’re insane, right?’

—  Book #13: The Change, pg. 109 (by K.A. Applegate)

for ungranger

‘Cause I can’t b r e a t h e, without you n e a r 

You keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me h o n e s t

You keep me alive, on the edge of tonight, chasing t o m o r r o w

With fire in my eyes, you’re like a siren in the dark

You’re the beat playing in my heart

You keep me a l i v e