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  • Draco: Oh yeah, Potter does have have some talents
  • Draco: Like when it comes to picking a boyfriend *smirks and winks*
  • Harry, in the background: Cleary I can still screw up something I'm talented at, then

docholligay replied to your post: “aww, i’m sorry you don’t like sayaka. i feel like her arc in this show…”:

(This is not a spoiler) I always wondered, as my own thoughts, if her hang up about I CAN’T GIVE HIM THIS ZOMBIE’S BODY was “i cannot bear to put forth the idea that he might reject me, and so I will martyr myself IN A ROMANTICA AND TRAGIC AND DRAMATIC WAY.”

I was wondering much the same, which would make WAY more sense to me. I don’t think they sold it well, but if I cared enough about the character to reach for an answer (you can probably infer the “I DON’T” there), this is how I’d go too.

Her consistent fixation in this show has been Violin Boy. Him being the actual reason, coupled with her own self-doubt/hate, is the only answer that makes sense to me.



I have no freaking idea what is happening or what I am doing. I woke up this morning and wrote this down. I am scared shitless but @therobbinsnest told me to “GET UP AND STOP HIDING” so that is what I am doing….. I’m not fancy enough to know how to put things or post things…I just read and read and read and now I’m hyperventilating so there’s that too….oh and my hands are shaking and I’m going to barf up my own heart as soon as I push post….so ta-da!

This is my first ever fan-fic story. Written, posted. The whole nine yards.

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I saw a post by @bryborg with the idea of other artists doing side-by-side draws where you all draw [characrer] in your own style and put them together so there’s a line of [character] in different styles.

They did Rick from Rick n Morty and it looked FUN and I wanted to do one with Jasper! So like, if you wanna join me, copy my Jasper and draw your Jasper next to her, reblog with a full view of your own and then the line up under that and we’ll see how many Jaspers we can get on the cheeto train :0

@ or inbox me if you do it because I want to seeeee

when i’m thinking about you

i imagine:


  • buying you clothes. not because i don’t like the ones you’re owning but because i love the idea of you thinking about me when putting them on and maybe them becoming your favourite ones.
  • writing little messages and leaving them on places where you’ll find them eg on the kitchen table so you see them when you wake up and have to leave for school
  • going on trips with you. maybe riding a tandem and just randomly take breaks to lay in the fields or on a meadow. or simply going for a walk in the city or in my hometown
  • visiting museums and other places we both find interesting
  • going to the theatre, a ballet performance, a concert, a movie or an event we both would enjoy
  • doing the above even if i may not be interested but getting excited nonetheless because you’re enjoying it
  • laying in your arms while you read out a book to me
  • me returning the favour by reading something to you.
  • you talking about something you’re passionate about and me seeing your eyes sparkle
  • doing the dishes with you while we sing together
  • watching you while you’re cooking something
  • you laughing about me while i fail at preparing a meal (and me laughing even louder)
  • me being desperate because you might have a problem too big for me to help you with so i only can watch you trying to cope with it while i’m trying to comfort and support you
  • getting sad because you’re sad
  • getting happy because you’re happy
  • arguing about things
  • being mad at you (but not for a long time because i couldn’t)
  • showing each other books, music, movies,… we enjoy
  • laughing and ‘arguing’ because our opinions on these might be very different
  • seeing you only for what seems to be twice a day because you (and me) might have so much to do and me only entering your room once in a while to give you a little kiss and something to eat and drink
  • stroking your hair
  • getting to know each millimeter of your body
  • listening to your stories
  • taking photos of you
  • hard, fast and short sex
  • soft, slow and long-lasting sex
  • just watching you while you’re doing something
  • or watching you while you’re sleeping
  • watching you in general
  • laying in the garden of my family’s house watching the stars
  • laying in the bed of my childhood with you
  • looking at old photos of and with you
  • getting to know your family
  • kisses of every kind
  • carrying a photo of you with me
  • travelling with you
  • feeling your hands on me
  • feeling your lips on me
  • talking to you for hours and hours
  • complimenting you
  • being silent with you
  • getting to know your good and your best sides
  • getting to know your bad and your worst sides
  • sharing the best moments
  • sharing the worst moments
  • sharing a life 
  • cuddling
  • sleeping next to you
  • caring for you when you’re sick
  • reminding you of the fact that you’re perfect in every single way
  • getting to know your friends
  • bringing you to appointments and picking you up
  • visiting you at work because you might have forgotten something at home and i’m getting it for you
  • talking to you on the phone
  • writing you a letter
  • driving a car with you
  • taking a bath with you
  • going swimming with you
  • making fun of each other 
  • bantering and badgering each other
  • being bugged by the other one
  • helping you
  • comforting you
  • making you happy
  • making you laugh
  • supporting you
  • writing you a love letter
  • reading your texts
  • brushing our teeth together
  • being comfortable with your body functions
  • holding your hand
  • caressing you
  • massaging you
  • being in love with your entirety


  • cutting your (finger-) nails
  • listening to all the little and big stories and memories of yours
  • loving the things you think of as neglibilitys of yours
  • doing things together which we both hate and exchanging those special telling and funny looks
  • laughing together
  • waking up next to you
  • getting to know every small detail about your personality, your behaviour and the way you live
  • loving the things you hate about yourself
  • falling for things you don’t even recognize about yourself
  • getting to know all the different (little) nuances of your voice and your facial expressions
  • getting educated by you
  • missing you
  • making you gifts
  • sitting in the same room with you while we both work calmly and without talking but still enjoying each other’s presence
  • simply going somewhere with you in a way everyone will know that we are a couple (e.g. holding hands while we amble through the city)
  • breakfast in bed
  • getting into a routine with you
  • letting you room to breathe, to distance yourself, to grow


  • making a pilgrimage with you
  • teaching you something new
  • making you see things in a different way/ making you see new, unknown things
  • you being my tour guide in my home town and getting to know all the facts about it and it’s history
  • feeling your breath on my skin
  • knowing about your favourite and your detested foods and dishes
  • letting my fingers wander over your body, your skin, your spine
  • knowing when to leave you alone
  • feeling the movement of your muscles when you move (e.g. letting my hand rest on your waist while you’re walking)

I’m fucking crying bc of the anti ks tag I swear y'all are so extra like, bruh. I can’t even kill a fly I won’t fucking kill anyone just because I read this. I’m not gonna shame anyone but I have read things that made me think of taking my eyes out and putting them back on just to confirm that I read that with my own two eyes but anyway.

Yes, we do like the plot bc have you even read the two first chapters before saying anything? Dude that shit makes you think of who a person can truly be and makes you wanna know what happens next after a really fucking crazy ass moment that ends with a cliff hanger, like what the fuck happened to bum or what is going to do with that girl and things like that. And the art? I’m majoring in arts (especifically music and theatre but I have art classes too so I know what the fuckity fuck I am talking about for once in my life) and it’s amazing, so no, we’re not psychopaths with a fetish or something like that.

Another topic that leaves me on the ground rolling for air is the yoonbum x sangwoo topic. The fuck is wrong with those people that say that if you ship those two you are a horrible person and that you should kill yourself?? And wait, hold on a second, you said to someone to kill themselves over a ship that it’s fictional, who the fuck here is the real psychopath now huh?? Anyway, what I was saying, yoonbum and sangwoo both are fucking fictional characters that doesn’t exist in real life and are not going to fucking murder or stalk you in any way and of course not a single person in there is suffering for real (except me every time I read it I swear to god). I personally don’t ship them bc I like Sangwoo x jail and Yoonbum x therapist but that doesn’t mean that I should F U C K I N G DISR ES P E CT SO ME O N E’S O P I NI ON AB O U T IT FO R F U C KIN G FR EE. If someone ships them it’s alright. If someone doesn’t it’s alright too and if you don’t fucking like Killing Stalking don’t make an anti blog, block the tag, don’t comment negative things on someone’s blog about it and go on with your fabulous and sweet fantastic life.

I don’t care if you think it’s horrible and a taboo topic just go on with your life and stop being immature and a hater. Tumblr really needs to fucking chill a lil bit.

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HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”

I have been posting a lot of personal stuff on here lately, so here’s one more post that may or may not be wank.

I saw a post from a writer that was lamenting the lack of notes on her fics. I totally get that. Notes and nice messages/reblogs are life for a fic author. It keeps us writing sometimes when we don’t have the confidence to do it on our own.

This particular post, however, slammed smut fics. She said some things about putting her heart into her writing and getting nothing, but so many others just write “people fucking” and get tons of notes.

I get that I write smut. It’s fun for me. It’s my escape, my freedom to fantasize about characters I love. It’s not gonna win any awards. But I like to think that it’s still valid. I choose words carefully, I set up scenes, I make decisions about the type of sex based on the character, and I do my best to make readers feel something.

I understand frustration. I do not understand demeaning someone else in order to make yourself feel less demeaned.

Choose your words carefully. They have the power to tear someone down or lift someone up.

possibly the start of a fic???

hi I wrote this thing very late at night (or very early morning???) It starts off shitty and dramatic but it actually has a plot. 

I only put a little but up for you to see so you can read the rest under the cut.


Keith has never been in love. 

He thought he was, at one point.  The head-over-heels kind, in fact. The first love kind. The reckless kind.

Love, he learned, was not where you give every part of your heart or soul to your loved one. It was not where you put everything on the line for the other person, uncaring about the repercussions. It wasn’t the warm, tingly feeling you get when you look at the person you gave your entire life for. That feeling of being on top of the world when you hold their hand or kiss their cheek in public.

It certainly wasn’t what they show in the movies.

And so, Keith, at the tender age of eighteen, got his heart broken so far into oblivion that he lost a part of himself in the process. 

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EXO Reaction-Getting frisky before a concert. (18+)

I have been trying to post this for like 20 minutes and my internet is being mean!  So I had a couple of requests asking for this so this Due to the subscribers I have recently received I am posting this keeping my promise to all my readers and followers.  Enjoy and as always don’t forget to send in those requests.  This is an 18+ reaction.

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

Xiumin:  He’d come up to you and say that he needed to talk to you.  he’d take you back to the green room where he would start to put little kisses on your neck until you gave in and let him pull you closer.

Luhan:  He would show you how manly he could be and grab your wrist and pull you into the dressing room where he would lay you on the couch and not let you go until you kiss him for a while.  

Kris:  This galaxy lover wouldn’t need to pull you anywhere he would simply give you “the look” and you would be making sure he followed you to the closest where you would redefine what 7 minutes in heaven actually is.

Suho:  He would be subtle about letting you know that he needed you attention by telling you he needed to see you in the waiting room.  Once you got in there his personality would change and he’d pick you up and sit you on a table where he could kiss you.

Lay:  You would be the one asking this Unicorn to see you in the next room.  Once you guys were alone he would understand what you wanted to happen and pick you up and press you against the wall so he could kiss that tender spot on your neck.

Baekhyun:  He would be excited to let you know that he needed you.  He’d playfully grab your arm and drag you into the green room.  Once inside he would bring you in close for a kiss as his hands start to wonder all over your body.

Chen:  This adorkable cutie would be surprised when you told him you needed him at that moment.  He would kiss you and try to touch you but you decided to make him happy first, he’d gasp out as you went lower on him.

Chanyeol:  He would send you a text telling you to come to the backroom.  Once you found it you would see him there relaxing getting ready for the show.  When you leaned down to kiss him he’d bring you closer making you sit in his lap so he could kiss you more.

D.O:  You two would be sitting down before the show helping him relax.  He would lean in and give you a quick kiss.  You would pull him in closer to you so you two could make sure he was really relaxed before the show.

Tao:  He wouldn’t know how to ask you that he needed you at this moment.  He’d come up and tell you he wants to see you.  He’d pull you in room where the normally emotional Panda would turn into a completly confident person.

Kai:  You’d already be alone with him when he decided it was go time.  He wraps you in his arms and start kissing you telling you that he needs you to help him calm down before your hands went lower on his body.

Sehun:  This maknae would want to spend some extra time with you but would be too scared to ask.  When he finally did, you two would be kissing in the back of the closet with passion before a stage hand found you and told you it was time for the show to start.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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Where The Hell Were You?

Well I have been couch surfing in Los Angeles for the past 4 months! Like a true artist!

Thanks to my friends and fellow voice actors, I have since found my own place! A spacious apartment in North Hollywood!

I apologize for the lapse in posting, among other things, but guess what?

I can start working all day every day now! Putting out new audio and sound stuff for you guys to enjoy!



December Photo Challenge #jinglemybooks
Feel free to participate if you’d like to join in the photo challenge! I’ll have all the prompts explained although quite a few are self explanatory, I’m so excited for this photo challenge I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful photos and perhaps repost a few ❄️️Like always each prompt is up to your own interpretation MY prompt explanations are just like a mini guide but don’t have to be followed down to the point! Be creative, that’s what these challenges are for ✨

Day 1. #untbr - well who actually finishes reading their tbr or sticks to it? Anyone? No? I thought so.. well you post a photo of books you’re certain you won’t be reading this month 😂
Day 2. Books Under the Mistletoe - Books with your otps, heck you can put it under the mistletoe if you want but not required
Day 3. Minimalistic books - Well this one can’t really be explained, make your photo simple, simple photos are just as pretty as overloaded photos
Day 4. Candy Cane Books - Red and white books
Day 5. Books the Gram’ Made You Read - self explanatory what books have you read just because you saw it everywhere and you were like I MUST HAVE IT AND READ IT
Day 6. Books You’d Give as a Gift - What books do you love so much you just want everyone to read them so you buy it for your friends and force them to read it
Day 7. #Blackoutpoetry now you can do this with an old book, a used book, an arc, or even a book you wouldn’t mind writing in. You black out everything on the page except for the words that create a poem look up the hashtag for examples
Day 8. I’m dreaming of a diverse Christmas - recommend your favorite diverse reads (POC, disabilities, sexualities, cultures, etc) or what books you’re anticipating to read next year
Day 9. Let It Go, bookish tropes editor - what mainstream things do you hate in books? Maybe that brooding male hero, that damsel in distress, the love triangle, the rebellious princess, the poc being the best friend of the main character, such and such
Day 10. Bookstagram Guilty Pleasure (Inner Kermit Meme) - what things do you do that are sometimes frowned upon, let’s say dog earring books you don’t want to fold the pages of your precious books but inner you is whispering you to do it, or maybe leaving your books everywhere, writing in them, shoving them into your bookshelf to make them fit, etc
Day 11. Addictive Books - What books have you read that you just couldn’t set down, you just had to finish that book even if it’s already 1 am and you still have 100 pages left
Day 12. Guess the Book (blind date with a book) - okay how this works is you wrap up a book and on the outside, on a piece of paper, or in the caption wherever you want, write up the description of the book without completely giving it away like describing the main character, genre, maybe the year it was released and have people guess the book!
Day 13. An #emdawgreadschristmas - alright this prompt is inspired by the gorgeous clean feed @emdawgreads on Instagram has, all white Winter land type of thing
Day 14. Stranger Books - inspired by the Stranger Things show, stranger books is books you’ve read that you found strange, quirky, unusual
Day 15. Christmas Playlist - create a Christmas playlist full of music you enjoy listening to during the holidays. You can write it in the caption or on a paper in your photo or show the playlist and such
Day 16. Books and your pajamas, self explanatory yes
Day 17. Christmas and Chill - For this you can plan out your Christmas activity, or take a picture of you doing said activity like baking, sledding, wrapping presents or even just reading a book by the fire or anything else Christmas related
Day 18. SOCK SUNDAY in Christmas form of course
Day 19. Reading Update, what are you currently reading, how many books you’ve read, what are you planning to read next, what page are you on and such
Day 20. Books and your sweaters, jumpers, jackets
Day 21. Favorite Christmas scene in a book
Day 22. Snacking on your candy canes and cocoa and your books (don’t snack on your books please)
Day 23. Book and outfit - outfit of the day Christmasy, cozy, or whatever outfit
Day 24. Bookish Christmas List - now what do you hope to find under the Christmas tree or just basically a list of things you want whether it’s candles, books, prints, bookmarks and such
Day 25. #Litupbooks LIGHT THOSE BOOKS ON FIRE just kidding, Christmas lights, fairy lights, lamp lights, candles, whatever you want to add just a touch of light to your photos ✨
Day 26. Favorite movies of 2016 - self explanatory, what were your favorite movies you watched this year?
Day 27. Fancast your favorite book - so think about the characters in your favorite book, what people do you want to portray those characters?
Day 28. Favorite Winter Books - What books do you enjoy reading during the winter time?
Day 29. Top 12 books of 2016 - What were the top 12 books you read this year, self explanatory
Day 30. Christmas December Haul - WHAT DID YOU GET FOR CHRISTMAS? You can show off your books, favorite presents, whatever you want to share
Day 31. Bookish Resolutions - the year has ended and 2017 is about to begin so.. what bookish resolutions do you want to accomplish? Read a certain amount of books? Read a book by a certain author? Limit the amount of books you buy? Write a book? Finish a series?

That’s it! I hope you guys join us since we had so much fun creating this for you guys! Happy holidays ❄️️

I think my role is to shut up and listen. A lot of white people should shut up and listen. They really don’t know what the African-American experience truly is. When you have people getting shot in their cars for no reason and being put in fucking jail cells and it’s for profit, we have a serious problem, and the first thing you need to do is get educated. Don’t try to do this, like, ‘Blue lives matter.’ Don’t try to do the 'All lives matter.’ Just shut up and listen to the experience.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong (x)

when an idea has been done already but you just go like:

Scrreeeewwww ittttt im doing that idea as well, may have been done by others already but i wanna do it still.

its in all of my abouts???? and said abouts go to a link describing it if you’re unfamiliar w/ what it is?????

like. i wasnt getting upset at you i didnt condemn you i just said ‘please dont call me a girl’

all you have to do is say ‘sorry, i wont next time’ and thats it!! thats all u hav to do!!! no excuses, no nothin, its simple, its polite, + its a lot more respectful than going ‘well i didnt MEAN to make u upset how could i have known??/??????’

im not trying to be condescending or rude im just. saying that if you misgender someone/someone tells you to not call them something, literally all you need to do is say ‘sorry wont do it again’ and Not Do It Again, nothin else! thats it!

A Credence Meets A Boggart fic - Gradence, Graves POV

Jesus I haven’t written in ages! Ok, so this is in response to literally my own prompt? I would have just reblogged the post with it, but that would have made that post eons long as the post already had two great responses on it as well. So go check out the post/prompt, and get into the comments because like I said, two people have already done a take on this and posted it as a reblog.

As someone else said though, why suffer once when you can suffer – err three times? :) I put some of it under a cut because this thing ended up longer than I expected. Enjoy!

Percival couldn’t believe it.

How? Why?

Had Grindlewald broken out?

He hadn’t heard anything. Tina had not mentioned a thing, and they were currently at her home. Having stayed the night at her place, he had seen her just hours before. She was not here now though, so it could be possible he may have broken in just barely. Serphina must not be aware, or she’d be calling everyone in right away. And yet, here he was, gazing at the physical embodiment of his own reflection once more. A man wearing his clothes.

His face.

Flashbacks, brief but sickening went through his mind. It all came back. Being locked away in some unknown cellar, bound and gagged as he watched a man who looked just like him walking freely about. Smirking, gloating, taunting. Bragging about all the time he was spending with…


He was so shocked to see the return of his doppleganger, that he had taken a moment to notice the shivering humanoid lump on the ground before him. Credence was on his knees, once again trembling with fear. A helplessness that had only somewhat receded since Tina agreed to let her stay with him, back with a vengeance.

And not without good reason.

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28.11.2016 - 7/100 days of productivity

An alternative view of my study space. The good thing about running a studyblr is it makes me keep my desk clean (usually it’s overrun with stuff (mugs) but I feel like I have to tidy it for photos).

And now I have to catch up on several lectures and put together a presentation on an R package I don’t really know how to use and data I have not yet been given. They didn’t lie when they said grad school would be a challenge.

I’ve done a lot of research and found a good site in my area to post ads. A lot of girls on there don’t have high res professional pics- some are selfies taken on iPhones but the pics are amazing. At the moment I can’t afford to get professions pictures taken but I am coming into some money soon so I’m going to get a few sets of lingerie, post up in front of a large mirror and do my best with this iPhone 6s camera.

I know I don’t have all the resources-like my own place to host- but I’m going to put myself out there. Play with a few pics and descriptions and see what type of men I attract and how much they are willing to pay. Just a little head start while I’m sitting on my ass on campus. When summer comes I feel I’ll be able to do better.