i like putting antlers on things

when i was in eighth grade, we had the best art teacher: mr. krantz. he was weird, wacky, lived in pennsylvania, and was obsessed with cats. he’d let us sit with our friends while we worked, which was great. 

so, at the end of the 8th grade year, weird things started happening. in his school mailbox, mr. krantz started getting weird items in his school mailbox. it started with a pair of deer antlers, and then it was rabbits. lots of them. not real rabbits, but like, plastic toys and shit. in his mailbox, in his desk, even in his lunch.

and he thought that had put them all there.

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Okay, here's an Adoribull prompt (if you feel like it): Some Dorian/Imekari bonding time. Like... How long did it take for Imekari to accept/like Dorian? How did it happen? I would love to read that :D

“She’s a hart, Lavellan and Dennett both say so.”

“She doesn’t even have stripes,” Dorian protests. “She has spots.”

“She’s still a baby.”

“She hasn’t even got antlers.” The little creature looks impossibly tiny and fragile cradled in Bull’s big hands. She blinks at Dorian with wide brown eyes. “Maker, where would antlers even fit?”

“Hey, I didn’t have horns at first either. They’re something you gotta grow into.” Bull strokes her forehead with a finger. She bleats at him, and he smiles, soft and wide. “And you’re gonna have some badass antlers when you’re bigger, aren’t you? Yes you are. You’re gonna be so awesome.”

Dorian snorts, then pauses. “I do hope you’re not planning on her sleeping here.”

“Why not?” Bull keeps smiling at the little thing.

“She’s a hart, a wild animal! You can’t house-train her like a… like a lap-nug!”

A stubborn look settles on Bull’s face. “Watch me.”

The hart starts to wriggle, and Bull puts her down on the mattress between him and Dorian, holding one arm out to keep her away from the edge.

She snuffles at the blankets, then Bull’s hand, and then Dorian’s leg. She tugs at the linen of his robes with her teeth, but decides it’s not worth the trouble to try to eat it. Her tiny hooves poke him as she climbs onto his lap to investigate the metal of his buckles. She feels much larger when she’s standing on him than she looked next to Bull.

Cautiously, Dorian strokes the side of her neck. She sighs, in a way that he thinks is happy, and leans into his hand. “That’s a good sign, right?”

“Yeah! You’re doing great.” Bull grins, and then kisses Dorian, careful not to disturb the small animal on his legs.

She honks at them long before Dorian thinks the kiss should end.

Sera calls Dorian Imekari’s “no-fun dad.” He prefers to think of himself as her responsible guardian who doesn’t feed her pure sugar, Bull, because harts aren’t biologically capable of eating Orlesian guimauves. He tries to find acceptable scholarly sources on the rearing of young harts, but the Skyhold library has less than nothing. Dennett’s best guesses and Lavellan’s memories of her clan’s halla are all he has to go on. Thank the Maker she’s already old enough to have weaned off her mother’s milk.

Bull pets her and holds her and talks to her constantly, and is generally smitten. He carries her in a sling on his back sometimes, because she’s spoiled rotten after a week. Dorian has absolutely no business imagining Bull with children of his own, but that doesn’t stop him.

Dorian merits a solid third place in Imekari’s affections, just barely beating Krem. She teases them both mercilessly. Her favorite game is sneaking up on him, and she’s terrifyingly good at it. As she gets larger, the stakes get higher. Somehow, she always finds mud to push Dorian into. Then, she’s tall enough to get at his hair.

A Few More Sportarobbie Headcanons

•Robbie stands up straight after being hunched over at his work desk and the most ungodly noise is produced
•Sportacus fucking screams and thinks Robbie is dying
•"What was that?! Humans aren’t supposed to make that noise!“
•Robbie looks at him then cracks his back again
•Sportacus covers his ears and just sits him back down
•"You are getting a massage and I don’t wanna hear a word about it!”
•Only Sportacus is allowed to lift Robbie

•Like, someone else picks him up and Sportacus just quietly watches like
•"That’s not how you do it. Put him down. No, stop this. You don’t lift him like that, sTOP.“
•Sportacus always hugs Robbie from behind and it scares the shit out of him

•He doesn’t just hug him, he hoists him up as well
•Sportacus shows up at Robbie’s lair with fake reindeer antlers
•"Sportacus, take those off.”
•Sportacus runs in the other direction
•"No, I shan’t! It’s Christmas!“
•Sportacus does not understand certain human things and needs Robbie to explain them

•"Why would I need a coat?”/“MAYBE BECAUSE IT’S 30 DEGREES BELOW ZERO??”

•"Humans willing ride on these rollercoasters even after eating a bunch of sugary food?“/"Humanity has its ups and downs, I’m not gonna lie.”

•"Robbie, what’s a meme?“

•These explanations always with Sportacus laying his concerned head on Robbie’s shoulder and just hugging from the side
•"Humans are weird.”
•Sportacus eats flowers


•He always knows which flower he’s about to eat, its meaning, and if it will kill him or not

•"Do you like these flowers, Sporty? I bought them for you.”/“Robbie, they’re amazing!” *Immediately bites a petal*/“spORTACUS WE TALKED ABOUT THIS.”

How Glass Castings are Born (and how I killed a baby unicorn and accidentally made abstract sculpture in the process)

I’ve made a number of posts which hint at what I do with glass/the sort of art I make, but the process I usually work in - know as casting - is long and confusing. This is a ramble-y/technical post with lots of pictures, so I’m adding a ‘read more’ line so as to not clutter up anyone’s dash too terribly… But I will leave one hovering above that threshold. 

…Meet Frank.

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24 Days of Christmas: Chris-Mas *Chris Evans x Reader*

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Day One

Summary: Ugly Christmas sweaters & Baking Cookies.

You grinned happily at your boyfriend, giggling at the sight; it was a truly wonderful sight to behold. Six-foot-one, over a hundred and eighty of pure muscle, freshly groomed beard that still didn’t hide the sulking pout. He was wearing one of the ugliest Christmas sweaters in the world. It was that deep green, the neck and sleeve cuffs lined with bright red, a picture over the broad chest of a tree. What made it ugly were the little different jingling bells, the hood it had for some reason that had a huge bell dangling, it also plays, ‘Have a holly-jolly Christmas’.

“If you take a photo-“he’s cut off by the camera shutter sound of your phone, your light giggles in your own equally, as terrible Christmas sweater. Only to him, you look cute, the snowman made from some itchy fluff like material, the protruding carrot nose. “If I knew dating you would lead to our first Christmas wearing ugly sweaters, I may have reconsidered getting your number!”  

You scoffed putting your phone away and skipped up to his side, he was still wearing the pout as he looked down at you. You leant up on your tippy toes, he instinctively leant down, and you grinned when you quickly snapped the thing onto his head causing him to jerk up into a straight standing position. You laughed at the sight, you had put reindeer antlers on his head and he looked positively adorable.

You clicked the button of his sweater and sang to him, “Have a holly jolly Christmas; it’s the best time of the year. I don’t know if there’ll be snow but have a cup of cheer. Have a holly-jolly Christmas; and when you walk down the street, say hello to friends you know and everyone you’ll meet.

“You’re way too into this.” Chris sighed teasingly and wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you to him; you chuckled as he dipped down, the light movement causing the bells to jingle softly between you both. He silenced you with a gentle kiss to your lips, beard tickling your cheeks and chin as he brushed a few strands of your hair behind your left ear.

“We got cookies to bake,” you mutter against his mouth and he just hums in agreement, making no effort to stop kissing you or allow you to pull away to breathe, not that you needed to yet! You exhaled softly through your nose, pushing him lightly off. “Christopher Robert Evans, we have to bake cookies for your nieces and nephews!”

He sighed with an eye roll, grinning at you. “Fine, let’s bake some cookies.” He stomped off to the kitchen with you skipping behind him, humming the godawful Christmas song.

The baking process was long and difficult, even more so, with the giant oaf known as Chris. He claimed to be an expert baker, you couldn’t see how since all he has done is complain and whine about not being able to eat the mixture. After much work, you were finally able to put the cookies into bake for fifteen minutes.

“Ugh, I got flour all over me!” You huff holding the sweater away from your body and showing Chris the white, powdery splotches. He chuckled at your little pouty face, “we’re meant to wear these on Christmas Eve at your parents!”

Chris widened his eyes, “Like fuck are we wearing these! Christmas photos, Y/N. Do you really want your first Christmas photos with my family to be in that?” he asked with a quirk of an eyebrow, you opened and closed your mouth a few times.

“Good point.” You murmur.

He nodded crossing his arms and leaning against the counter, knowing smirk on his handsome face, you often wondered if the line between punching or kissing him would be crossed one day.

“I just realised something, wanna know what?” You lean into his side and looks down at you, a small puff of air leaving him and blowing your hair lightly.


“This is my first Chris-mas, get it!?” The look of pain on Chris’s face lets you know he got it and didn’t exactly enjoy it. “Chris-mas presents and Chris-mas dinner!” Then Chris’s face flashes of amusement and you know he’s thought of at least, twenty inappropriate jokes. “Don’t even go there, Evans.”

He held his hands up in mock surrender, “I didn’t say anything, yet!” He was chuckling and you sighed, checking on the cookies. “Boston sausage is usually served on Chris-mas.” He mutters and snickers to himself, you turn around, trying to glare at the man-child.

“Not funny!” You slap his chest and he’s still laughing at his own joke, you sigh and slightly chuckle beside him with an eye roll. “You’re lucky I love you!”

Still laughing to himself he leans down and kisses your cheek softly, holding your hip with one hand and pulling back to goofily grin at you, you sighed and wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for an actual kiss.

(Day One, hope you’re excited for the nest 23 Days! Countdown to Christmas Eve with me, with various Christmas inspired One shots. - Rosalee)

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Just letting all the interested vultures know that the shirts I made with prettydeadstuff‘s quote are now available with three new pride flags as promised (as well as notebooks and hardcover journals and pillows and stuff yaaaaay) I tried to add differently vulture-y things to the antlers that would match the flags - asexuality has feathers and beads, bisexuality has flowers (I hope people are okay with a kind of feminine touch to that, pink and purple are hard to find in nature, guys!) and transgender has teeth.

Next on my to-do is the aromantic flag, DONE, aromantics now have a nice mossy skull, putting the pansexual pride as the next on the list, and then possibly a nonbinary flag or something like that? These are quite easy to recolour so if any vultures wants a shirt with their specific identity, feel free to drop me an ask!

Aaaand as always a special thanks to Prettydeadstuff aka. mydogisanerd and all vultures should check out their blog if they haven’t already because pretty dead things isn’t that reason enough?

EDIT: -facepalms-

Link to the shirts, of course!

Headcanon Lily bought a fawn-onesie for baby Harry - resulted in Sirius buying five onesies for all of the Marauders and Lily.

James’ obviously a stag (“Look, Evans! It has fluffy antlers!”), Sirius is a dog (“Moony, watch how my cute little tail moves!”), Remus is a wolf (“Dammit, Padfoot, it’s too short for me!”), Pettigrew is a rat (“No, it’s not too small for me, I swear I’m not that fat!”), and Lily is a doe (“Why do I put up with you and your stupid friends, Potter?”)

(Years later, after the War, Harry Potter was tidying things up in his parents’ old house in Godric’s Hollow, when he found five animal-themed onesies for adults that looked like it’d seen much better days ages ago, before Harry was even born.)

(Harry tried hard not to cry when he saw the five onesies, but he couldn’t stop himself from sobbing when he saw a small fawn-onesie, knowing whose onesie that little one belonged to.)

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You now what really hurts me. That uryuu and orihime dont get to be a little family, they dont get to share their holidays together, they dont go from living alone to having each other. And rukia doest get to be a part of the kurosaki family holidays and traditions anymore. She doesn't get to be wowed by the strange traditions they dont have in SS. She no longer gets to be embraced by this strange family that took her in with open arms and showed what a loving family is. It breaks my heart

*cries* God imagine though? Like, in spirit of the holidays lets imagine

  • Rukia baking christmas cookies with Yuzu
  • Ichigo and Rukia going last minute christmas shopping for the twins
  • Ofc Renji comes down from the seireitei to celebrate with them and you bet your ass he’s punk Santa
  • christmas carols in the Kurosaki Household mean only one thing n one thing only. Chad brings out his guitar and–
  • Feliz Navidad Prospero Año y Felicidad
  • Isshin and Rukia totally wear matching reindeer antlers
  • Ichigo doesn’t bc wtf Rukia I have an image I’m not wearing stupid reindeer antlers–
  • They put him in a santa suit
  • “hey Ichigo we match now–” “Get fucked, Renji”
  • And then the Ishidas + Orihime come knockin holy shit
  • and they have presents
  • I’m crying do you think Isshin and Ryuuken have to wear matching ugly sweaters. Absolutely. Absolutely.
  • I’m absolutely losing it Orihime would be so festive like??? Mariah Carey who honestly
  • Sidenote: when uryuu and orihime have a family on their own, Orihime would absolutely be Santa. 
  • “Dad, why were you kissing Santa last night?” “Uh”
  • Christmas shopping with the Ishidas
  • Im so emotional
  • Kanae’s photo is definitely in their living room and she gets a new frame at christmas every year ok. So does Sora.
  • Ichigo takes Rukia and their kids to a petting zoo on Christmas
  • Someone steals a rabbit
  • I’m gonna stop here before this gets longer
  • we could’ve had it all please hold me
How to not be wasteful

I always see people in the tag who are worried about being wasteful when it comes to dead things and they feel like if they don’t use 100% of what they find they’re doing something wrong, which isn’t true at all! I encourage everyone to use as much from an animal as they can, but if there’s something you just can’t do anything with there’s nothing wrong with that.

Bones/antlers/etc: If you can’t use bones, just put them back outside! Rodents and lagomorphs chew on bones to get calcium and if the bone is large and hollow lots of different kinds of insects and arachnids can use it as a home
Organs/meat/etc: If you’ve got something that you can’t eat/preserve it’s totally okay to just put it back outside. There’s plenty of mammals, insects and other scavengers that would enjoy the meal, no matter how gross it may seem to you. Wild animals usually aren’t picky.
Fur: If fur can’t be salvaged or you have no way to tan it or get it tanned, it can be left outside to decompose back into the earth and nurture the ground, and certain insects actually eat hair/fur/wool materials

I can’t think of anything else, but since the beginning of time things have died and disappeared back into the earth, nurturing millions of other living things, letting something go back to the natural cycle is much better than throwing it in the garbage and there’s nothing wrong with not being able to use certain things!

Witchy Wishlist 2015

Hi there, I’m in Ohio, USA!  My side witchy blog that doesn’t have fandom and randomness on it is macabre-witch. If you’re trying to get a hold of me regarding something on my list, you can:
- send me an ask-

send me a message(preferred)

Note: I am perfectly okay with used items if you can’t go buy anything, but are able to give something you aren’t using its quite alright! :)

(I am also an XL in shirt size incase you get a shirt off of one of my lists.)

( Also  I’ve noticed alot of wonderful witchy people following me because of this post. This blog is my main blog that is not directly witchy. My witchy only blog is macabre-witch if you’d like to follow that and not see other random fandom things and such.)

💀 1. Tarot decks and Spirit/Ouija boards. 💀

💀 2. Bones, teeth, skulls, fur, feathers, wet specimens, antlers, reptile shedding ,quills, claws, whiskers, hooves, fossils, plants/succulents/cacti you get the point!  💀

💀 3.  Etsy, Amazon, Petco, Petsmart, or Starbucks gift cards  I also have wishlits on amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1G9RKBJJAKGUY/ref=topnav_lists_1 )  and etsy ( https://www.etsy.com/people/GuroBrat/favorites/items-i-love?ref=favs_index_1 ) 💀

💀 4. An altar Cloth, gemstones/minerals or a cauldron (putting those together because they are altar items)  💀

💀 5. Vials and jars. I would love corks with the vials vials but is not needed. As well as lids to jars  💀

💀 6. Graveyard dirt, Thorns, Baneful herbs and anything used in death witchery, curses/hexes   💀

💀 7. Oddities/curio items, Victorian photos, paranormal stuff.  Medical diagrams (I’m thinking of going to college for being a mortician)   💀

💀 8. Anything with death deities, such as Hecate, Hades, Thanatos, etc as well as  Baphomet. 💀

💀 9. Anything with the Pisces symbol, or just Pisces things in general.  💀

💀  10. A witchy mentor, and or friend who will keep in regular contact with me, I’m really shy so its hard for me, but I am in need of friends.  💀        

💀  11. Something handmade by you! I love handmade things, and I will treasure it, no matter what it is.  💀

💀   12. Tea and coffee please, as well as mugs!  💀

💀  13. Last of all, PLEASE read this.


Please send positive thoughts my way, cast any spells, and or make any spells, charms and just anything that ill help aid on bringing my kitty home.  💀

I am still wigged out by the existence of bows and arrows I mean…

Who picks up a stick, and ties string to each end? Who then pulls the string and finds they have found a perfectly bendy stick, that won’t snap? Who then realises they can put another stick on the string, and ping it into the distance?

Seriously, who?

I mean. They had atlatls. Spear throwers. Have stick, hook spear in, hurl, spear goes further. That’s just a leverage issue, you make the lever bigger, you get more throw. Well done, that’s awesome, but how do you go from that to a bow and arrow???

Ok now I know what some of you are thinking - slingshot.

But for yonks slingshots were strips of leather you stuck a stone in, swung round and round and then loosed one end so your single stone went hurling at a target. The Y shaped slingshot (if it was a thing then) I don’t think has been found.

And even if it did who goes from Y-shaped slingshot hurling stones, to something hurling motherfucking pointy sticks????


This is not a single logical leap, this is a series. Feathered spears were likely, once you got to atlatls. Knowing to put a point on things has been around for millions of years, thank the Palaeolithic. That explains the shape of an arrow perfectly well.

but who in fuck thought “lets miniaturise these spears and make a brand new implement to hurl it”?????

I am just  ??!???!??!?? right now?

Going over my Arch notes and like… where the fuck did bows come from? Who the fuck came up with this? Was it chance? How much chance went into these things?

I mean I know people like to call bows primitive, because in comparison to guns they are but like… think of how many leaps of logic it took to get there.

Stone tools make sense. Ooh look I bashed a rock and it shattered and now I have a stabby. Fucking apelike Homo habilis worked that out. Their brains were eensy.

Metal tools make sense. Mate I put this rock around the fire but like… it melted? and now it’s shiny? … Let’s do it again. Can we make it a different shape?

They make sense.

Attaching stone stabbies, and later metal ones to spears and antler dagger hilts make sense.

Bows do not.

Where the fuck did they come from????

I am like five seconds away from calling aliens cos like… the fuck did they come from???

Please note: I am a serious archaeology student (Second year at Uni) currently panicking about her Later Prehistoric Europe Exam. 

Christmas with Seokmin
  • there is no Christmas if you don’t set the mood with a few appropriately themed movies
  • a few being closer to 10, but that’s a minor detail!!
  • Seokmin would start suggesting watching them around the end of November - at first it’s the two of you cuddling under a blanket while watching, sometimes eating pop corn and drinking something nice
  • when it gets closer to Christmas, the pop corn is joined by or replaced with chocolate and cookies and other more Christmasy snacks, and you’d usually drink tea or hot chocolate or just about anything that makes you feel like Christmas
  • one or both of you would insist on putting whipped cream on the hot chocolate, and Seokmin is never able to drink it without getting a cream moustache
  • it’s more often than not that he’d chuckle to himself and wait for you to turn to look at him
  • “How do I look?”
  • for some reason, though, it makes you laugh every single time
  • “Ridiculous.”
  • he always grins and brings his face closer to yours, and right when you’re expecting him to kiss you, he just gets the whipped cream on your upper lip and pulls back while laughing loudly at your sudden yelp
  • you pout at him and pull him down into an actual kiss with your hand on the back of his head, and for some reason neither of you have any whipped cream left on your faces afterwards
  • you both do have flushed cheeks tho
  • but yeah you watch lots of movies, some of which you get more invested in and some of which you mostly spend analyzing the plot, actors etc
  • sometimes you find yourself falling asleep against him, and he always lets you
  • Seokmin would find decorating and dressing up a lot of fun, and would seriously embrace the sweaters
  • he’d have one of those with Rudolp the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s face on it, the nose being an actual soft, bright red ball that’s sown into it
  • to date, you’re still just as amazed that the nose has yet to come off the shirt (as far as you know)
  • but honestly it’s the cutest thing when Seokmin wears said brown sweater and antlers on his head, and another red nose on top of his own nose
  • “So you’re like, Rudolph with a Rudolp shirt?”
  • Seokmin snickers and nods
  • “Pretty much, yeah. Like it?”
  • you put on a Christmas hat and a Santa’s beard that you have lying around for unknown reasons
  • “As Santa Claus, I must say that I really like it.”
  • that’s when a playful grin takes over Seokmin’s features
  • “Wanna have a ride?”
  • blood rushes to your cheeks when you realize what he means with his words
  • “…Honey, Santa rides a sleigh, not a reindeer.”
  • he gives you a quick kiss on the lips, still grinning from ear to ear
  • “If you say so.”
  • for your presents, you would’ve both been pretty straight-forward
  • although, the pattern had more or less been “What do you want for Christmas?” → “I don’t know.” → “No, really. What do you want?” → “I don’t really need or want anything…” → “…Please.” → “Alright. So, I kind of want…” for both of you
  • so at the end of it you’d both told each other what you wanted, and you had also gotten each other precisely that
  • and possibly a bit of extra, but it would only be like, chocolate or the like
  • when Christmas Eve comes, the reason behind the Santa’s beard and other clothes and accessories is revealed: Seokmin’s volunteered to visit a nearby children’s hospital as Santa Claus
  • you end up joining him as an elf, and spend most of the time smiling at the delighted faces of the children while carrying a big bag of presents to brighten their days
  • Seokmin does a great job and the children are incredibly happy to see him, and your heart clenches in the best way possible when he’s talking to one of the kids who’s sitting on his lap, and they’re both smiling
  • he’s happy that he’s able to bring some joy to the children, who clearly appreciate it all - you’re happy about both that and how happy it’s making him
  • in the evening, you get home and make some hot chocolate and enjoy it while sitting by the dining table, still in your Santa and elf costumes
  • you’d be talking about the day and how much it had given you, and all in all you’re both just really happy
  • you sleep soundly, tangled in each other, and the next day you spend in the very same costumes, only this time you’re entertaining the kids related to him
  • that night, you finally open your presents, as happy to see what you knew to be in the wrapping as you would’ve been if you hadn’t known
  • he’d still have his Santa costume on, and when it’s gotten later and he’s been looking at you rather intensely for a while, you’d begin twirling his fake beard around your forefinger and look at him meaningfully
  • his cheeks gain quite a bit of color when you lean closer to his ear and whisper him a question

Admin Scooter

i like to think owen has been with the raptors since they were hatchlings and did the whole parent thing, got up at 5am to go feed them and when the scientists were all “owen that’s not really necessary we can do that here” he was already sitting cross-legged in their little pen stroking them like “shh we’re bonding”

A Calzona advent calendar - December 10th

“What the hell are you wearing?”

Arizona had left the house early that morning, coming in to round on some of the previous day’s surgical patients before her shift actually started, and so the first time Callie actually saw her wife she could only stop and stare.

The peds surgeon was standing at the nurses’ desk, tapping away at her tablet, with reindeer antlers (complete with ears) perched on top of her head. And not only reindeer antlers, but reindeer antlers with lights on them – tiny rainbow coloured lights that were blinking in a slow, twinkly kind of rhythm.

The blonde glanced up at the familiar voice and a smile broke out on her face, but Callie’s eyes were still trained skeptically on the twinkling protrusions on top of her head.


She set the tablet back into its dock and turned to face the other woman, adjusting her headband slightly.

“They’re reindeer antlers.”

Callie met her wife’s eyes with an eyebrow raised and a slightly amused smile tugging at her lips.

“Yes, I can see that, honey. But why are you wearing them?”

“Because it’s almost Christmas. Sofia and I picked them out yesterday – there’s a pair for you too.”

“You’re seriously going to wear those things at work all day?”

Callie just laughed as Arizona put her hands on her hips, her brow furrowing and blue eyes narrowing slightly. She knew the other woman was trying to look stern, but with those things on her head she couldn’t look like anything other than an adorable marshmallow.

“I work with children! And babies! They appreciate my holiday spirit.”

“You’re missing a red nose though.”

The brunette reached up, tapping the tip of her finger against her wife’s nose, and Arizona wrinkled it slightly, her face scrunching up.

“Well I’m not Rudolph, obviously, Calliope.”

“Which one are you then?”

The blonde was actually completely adorable in her ridiculous holiday garb, Callie had to admit. And as much as she loved teasing her about it, she absolutely loved the lighthearted spirit she brought to everyone at this time of year – Callie especially. Christmas had changed for her when Arizona came into her life – no longer the serious, designer-decorated, dressy and overly elaborate celebration it had been growing up in Miami. Christmas with Arizona was filled with bright colours and holiday pajamas and homemade ornaments and Santa hats, and silly traditions that belonged to them and only them. 

“I’m Dasher.”

Arizona beamed slightly, and Callie couldn’t help herself. She ran her hands along the smaller woman’s waist and grasped at her open lab coat, leaning in to drop a soft, quick kiss on her lips.

“So does that make me Dancer?”

A wide smile spread across Arizona’s face as Callie pulled back, and something akin to a childish delight lit up her eyes. And they, in turn, held the power to light up the entire hospital. 

“Absolutely. And your antlers are in your locker.”


I’ve received requests to make a headdress for a male on several occasions. The most recent is from a person who identified himself as a witch and expressed interest in commissioning me to make a headdress for a male. Perfectly lovely message from a nice person. But I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and here are my thoughts:

First, I’m not taking commissions right now. I can’t afford it. Commissions take twice as long to complete a project and it is not how I can produce my art. I am in complete zen mode when I’m making these *Sparklies*… I don’t know if any of my followers truly understand what goes into making these ritual tools. Every crystal, gem, color is specifically chosen with precision. 

Second, I do make headdresses for males. The Winter crown pictured above was purchased by a man. Now if it’s my sparkly, jeweled, extravagant style that you are trying to dictate… well… that’s where it’s not going to work for me. It is not unnoticed that you are asking me to change my style to conform to your beliefs about gender and what is male or female. 

I am an artist. This is what I make. 

I feel like I could take my art further to an even more interesting place. So I intuitively do not want to shade my sense of play and exploration by polluting my process. That’s why I’m not taking commissions. Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but I like to put antlers on crowns with lots and lots of crystals. So, I’m not exactly playing along with the traditional gender rules anyway.

And maybe I’m talking to the one straight guy who needs to read this… 

“Hey dude, it’s okay. You can like that *Sparklie* thing." 

Thanks for reading,



there was a little idea forming in my head and after reading a little through legends and mistery stuff (and with the great help of mando and queen dea) an AU was born.

i really love it especially since its baby human chopper with antlers and may have a little zosan in it too heheh 

in a few words;
chopper is something like a nature spirit and was put asleep by hiluluk centuries ago because of reasons…when he awakes tho his surroundings changed into streets with cars and just a few trees standing here and there. and then zoro appears. (im bad in explaining things so i hope thats okay for now?for now!!!) 


VC Photo challenge (made by billibones) Day 1 - Antler selfie!

…. With a Wispa instead of a me