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I like to let my werewolf friend out as much as possible, he doesn’t seem to mind us very much, but Elder Albrecht says that he has to stay in the stables anyway.. I guess it’s better than out in the cold all alone!

He hasn’t changed back yet.. Elder Albrecht says that he might be of a very old bloodline, and needs something more than just the moons to shift.. I don’t know what that means.

I need to figure out a way to turn him back human again.. Then he can come stay in the castle!

It’s not fair to keep him here.. but what if he attacks someone? I need to help him..

Count Albrecht belongs to @snowygranius


The Monster Hunter Experience™


so i’ve been playing what some might call an obsessive amount of Euro Truck Simulator 2 lately and as a joke i was like “haha what if i created a trucker OC for this game”

anyway i did just that and ended up putting a lot of thought into her backstory and now i genuinely like her  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

her name is Silke, she’s german, mid-60′s, and she collects grandma-themed bumper stickers despite not technically being a grandma

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子供の遊びは母の一言で終わる… 〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

Kids’ playtime ends with just a word from mum… 〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

We’re going home.