i like playing with coloring idk


we’re not pawns of some scripted fate. i believe we’re more. much more… there’s something between us all. something that keeps us together… like… invisible ties, connecting us.

fire emblem awakening opening


Yata Misaki & Fushimi Saruhiko
Lost Small World Stage Play

designs for the transistor au idk

Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

Listen I’m not even lying okay this was an honest accident.

…that… I spent… many hours on… But that’s not the point!  xD

(more Star Wars fanart)

mkay so idk if this is common knowledge and everyone knows this and i just never clued in, but my sister and i are playing the first uncharted game (the remastered version) and i noticed this on the side of the jet ski: 

which, as some of u may recognize, is the design from ellies tshirt in the last of us:

also, i discovered that in the original uncharted the boat design looked like this:

which i guess means that they took the little design from the from the first uncharted, colored it, then put it in the last of us (6 years after the first game was released) and when the remastered version of the uncharted games was released (two years after the last of us) they decided to throw in the newer version :0


You see, in this scene(THAT I LOVE) in the game Paper Mario Color splash

When you save the Green Big Paint Star..

We can See Bowser is watching The toads playing with Paints…

He just wanted to have his Shell to be like a rainbow !!

He jumps into the paints BUT OF COURSE , everyone is afraid of him…afraid that he’s going to do an evil plan….AGAIN.


He just wanted to have fun !! to play with the paints !

I MEAN LOOK AT HIM !!! He is playing with the paints like a little kid !! (It’s sooooooooooo cuuuute )

But…He didn’t know that you CAN’t mix the paints or else it would be black !

(look at him seriously…he’s panicked!)


Even Huey is saying that Bowser was just having fun ! (That’s so cute !)

request by @zquadlivin! might’ve done a bit much with colors and the bg but w/e. click for more detail as usual


another side

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ok but really where is the drive video? she wouldn't put that many hints in just not to make it, right? or has she binned the idea. ?

yeah I mean all signs pointed to a Drive video. The opening to Drive playing at the end of the New Americana video while she picks up the car keys, the close up on the Drive poster in the Colors video. I really thought for sure she would do at least one more video after Colors (not counting the one for Castle since it was for a movie and didn’t take place in the Badlands universe) that would like wrap things up in Badlands and lead us in to the Kingdom? But idk, I guess she scrapped it for whatever reason.