i like pixely things


Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder
Ciel and Sebastian favorite moments      ||      Phantomhive servants version

well i know when you’re around ‘cause i know the sound,

i know the sound, of your heart ❣

heres some pastel!dan and punk!phil for you bc im trash for that au

Sometimes I hate tumblr because I can be out grocery shopping, get to the personal hygiene section of the store and see the shaving creams and in my head I’ll have an argument of whether or not I should take one of the cans and throw it to the other aisle after saying something dumb like “this bitch empty, VEET”

my little brother watches mlp a lot and it made me want me to watch it again so ive been catching up where i left off a few years ago and its sooo good and cute and it makes me happy tbh and i made ANOTHER side blog  ,this time for like “fandom” stuff (pix and things about the show i guess) and im also going to use it for like other “fandoms” im in like sonic and,,,,,,,,,,,idk whatever you get the idea but i dont know really how to find blogs to follow other than just searching the tag and also i really wish you could like follow separate people on side blogs . idk anyway yeah i want to try and find myself into a community again and maybe start drawing again and stuff
i reaaally wish i could follow separate ppl tho because i follow like 4k and want a feed of specific stuff some times. i dont want to have to switch back and forth accounts