i like personification


The Night’s Watch Otayuri AU no one asked for or someone already did sorry not sorry yay

Yuri actually went to the Night’s Watch because his family didn’t think he was fit to inherit their legacy, due to rumors on his sexual preferences (kinda like Loras Tyrell but Yuri’s family sucks and didn’t cover up for him), so he just shot a great fuck you and left the family, saying that he could better anywhere other than with them. He’s really skiled with the sword and really smart so he gets a post within the Rangers on his second week there.

Otabek chose to go too. He stole some food from a rich family who had lots of stocked for a specially tough winter. He knew he would be punished, so he volunteered to go to the Watch when they were on his city recruiting. He always practiced sword fighting with his father and younger sister, so he became the Master At Arms, training the new recruits that got there

Only Grace could manage to make walking around barefoot while under the influence of alcohol look dignified. Granted, no one held their alcohol quite like Grace, and though she was already three bars deep in to her impromptu pub crawl, she wasn’t staggering or slurring in the least, and every hair on her head was still immaculately in place. The perfect breeding of a proper finishing school education and natural Irish alcohol tolerance… 

“Oh, oops, must have dropped them somewhere,” Grace remarked flippantly, looking down at her feet as though she’d just now noticed they no longer possessed shoes to cover them. 

not to be dramatic but last night i accidentally fell asleep without brushing my teeth or washing my face and now this morning i feel like the literal personification of death

I feel like I am the personification of unhealty
my diet is composed by something-flavoured potato chips, sugary and energy drinks and other junk food
my sleep schedule is chaos, I have no organization and education, I rarely go outside and I isolate myself from people

also I’m a drama king

anonymous asked:

sometimes I feel like a really bad friend bc I never know what to say or do to help my friends who are going through something bad the only thing I know I do is stand there looking at their faces while absorbing all their problems and putting myself in their places (so I can find a better/more helpful way out instead of just a "everything will be fine") but they don't know I do this so to them I look like a total useless human being when it comes to help and that hurts (+)

“(+) because whenever I need them they’re there. they know what to say, they know what to do, somehow they will help me but I can’t do the same and I keep reminding myself that and i feel like a failure. I feel like the personification of the “you only had one job” as a friend”

I think it’s okay to listen to your friends without saying anything! it shows you’re empathetic, but when it comes to conveying that in words I know it can be quite tricky. what I try to do is reflect their feelings back at them, or just say something that shows you’re listening to them (”that must really hurt for you”, “that must have been quite upsetting”, etc.). when it comes to them talking things out with you, and/or low self-esteem, the worst thing I think you could do is shift the conversational attention onto you, or give them advice. those two don’t really help anyone unless they ask you for it. and a hot tip: observe how your friends help you! maybe the words they say to you are the words they feel they really need to hear. just know that you’re not stuck being a “bad friend” because you can always grow and learn new things to help them out.

I hope this helped a bit :)