i like pepsi


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Relationship Status: single

Favourite colour: red/pink/orange idk

Pets: I have 2 cats, they live with my parents an i miss them :’(

Wake up to: My phone alarm or my flatmate’s alarm/getting ready in the morning, she’s more of a morning person than i’ll ever be

Cats or dogs: Cats, but i like both

Coke or pepsi: coke (zero)

Day or Night: night, i always seem to get more work done then…

Text or call: text

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick  

City or country: Both, but the city im living in right now is boring as hell

Last book I read: Probably something to do with art nouveau for my dissertation (ugh)

Last song I listened to: Drake - Nothings into Something

5 Facts About Me (warning: i am boring):

- i have a weird accent, my flatmates like to take the complete piss out of me but i think its actually rubbing off on them haha

- i drink an insane amount coffee because im a tired mess

- Fave bands/musicians atm: Interpol, Frank Ocean, Daft Punk, Solange, Grimes

- im in my final year of art school (and its killing me)

- i grew up on a farm (my dad named a boar Heathcliff from wuthering heights lol)

I tag anyone an everyone who wants to do this ;) 



SONG: so what is it that you two want with Pepsi? you haven’t even told me!

EMILY: well… i cannot deny that he is an absolute radiant beauty of blondness and freckles but… we really want to join his anime club…

SONG: that’s it?! seriously?! just ask him if you can join then!

ETHAN: it’s not as easy as that, is it Emily?! everytime we try to, we just get intimidated by his good looks!

anonymous asked:

are either pan or pepsi interested in having kids down the line?👀

sorta!! pepsi is a lil more hmmmm but demi would definitely want a whole slew of kids so pepsi would compromise in the end… and pancake is very much NO WAY at this stage in her life but would warm up to the idea of having a lil nugget around !!! or adopting an older kid :’-)


“The all-American kid from Vancouver.”

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1. Coke or Pepsi: i like Zero Coke! But they basically taste the same. I like the Coke tin better.

2. Disney or DreamWorks: §Both! But i’m more familiar with Disney!

3.Coffee or tea: Tea. And coffee. AH I LIKE THEM BOTH. but i like tea the best.

4. Books or movies: movies!  

5. Windows or Mac: Windows! i get confused with mac controls.

6. DC or Marvel: Marvel

7. Xbox or Playstation: playstation!

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: ??? dunno

9. Night ow or early riser​:night owl. And destroyed human in the morning. 

10. Cards or chess: Cards!

11. Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate! yum :p 

12. Vans or Converse:      …comfy shoes?.

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar: lavellan looks cute!

14. Fluff or angst: Angst!

15. Beach or forest: both **

16. Dogs or cats: dOGGOS

17. Clear skies or rain: rain *U*

18. Cooking or eating out: Both!!!
19. Spicey food or mild food: spicey!

20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: hm– do i have to choose?

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: too cold, obviously! i love cold.

22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be:  To restore bad things in good ones.

23. Animation or live action: animation! 

24. Paragon or Renegade: ?

25. Baths or showers: showers! i feel more clean. 

26. Team Cap or Team Iron Man: CAP ALL THE WAY!

27. Fantasy or Sci-fi:fantasy :p

28. Do you have three or four favorite quotes? If so, what are they: 

  • It is the role of a parent to stand in front of their children… and protect them even if their legs were to give out at any moment. 
  • No one can decide what someone else should do with their life.  -Makarov Dreyar

  • “If one really wants to change the world… they have to do it with their own hands!” - Lucy Ashley 
  • “Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what’s happened and continue living.” - Erza Scarlet
  • Fear isn’t ‘evil’, it only allows us to learn our own weaknesses. When we learn our weakness, people can grow stronger and kinder.” - Gildarts Clive 

29. YouTube or Netflix: both! but i prefer netflix.

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Harry Potter! 
31. When you feel accomplished: When somebody feels good. Even if i didn’t make anything to make them feel so.

32. Star Wars or Star Trek: Star trek!

33. Paperback books or hardback books: hardback ones are my secret pleasure 

34. Handwriting or typing: handwriting :).

35. Velvet or satin: my pajama :9

36. Video games or movies: movies

37. Would you rather be the dragon, or own the dragon? be the dragon ^^

38. Sunrise or sunset: both! 

39. What’s your favorite song? i don’t have one!

40. Horror movies, yes or no: they’re so funny!

41. Long hair or short hair: uhmm short, definitely

42. Opera or theater: theater xox hate opera.
43. Assuming the multiverse theory is true and every story ever told really happened somewhere, which one of the movie/book/TV show/game/etc would would you pick to travel to first? Magnolia! Fairy tail. Or the pokèmon world!

44. If you had only one thing for the rest of you life, what would it be?my hammie Rosie.

45. “Yer a wizard/witch, Y/N” your reaction: OH MY SLHFLLLLPASODHFPAOEIHJSOIEJèPOIJ REALLY???!?!?! *jumps on Hagrid*

My question: 
Do the world deserve better things than humans?

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i’ve only been awake for 3 hours but who wants to hear about my day anyways. i woke up, ate some spaghettie, then i went to the store and bought a bunch of candies and chocolate and also some gluten free arrowroot cookies. it smelled nice and fresh outside and i was happy because i don’t get to go outside very often even though i really like it. now i am home in my bed with my blanket that has all of the eeveelutions on it. it is soft. i am drinking pepsi. i like this fizz! very sensory pleasing!!!!!