i like people with a sense of humor

I found Jack’s videos last summer when his Undertale series came up while I was searching for one to watch. After I finished that series, I couldn’t stop watching Jack’s videos. His personality and energy just made him so fun to watch and made me so happy!

This year has been rough and Jack has helped me through so many hard times in just the short time I’ve been watching his videos. When I felt like I might suffocate from all the stress, Jack was there to make me smile and take my mind off things for a bit. When I was lonely and needed a friend, Jack was there. When I just needed someone to make so happy, Jack could always make me laugh.

Jack’s positivity and energy make me want to be more positive and spread kindness wherever I go. His boldness to be himself in front of millions of people has made be more confident to embrace who I am. His personality and sense of humor bring me so much joy and happiness. Jack has changed me for the better and it’s hard to imagine going even one day without his videos.

Jack, you have impacted my life more than I ever thought a loud, green-haired Irishman could. Thank you for all that you do! 💚

lmao i love all those posts that are like ‘’what are the future anthropologists/linguistics majors gonna think unearthing this stuff’’ as if people interested in linguistic anthropology are these super straight-laced normal people with no sense of humor 

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What do you think is about Sam that makes people have so wild feelings towards him, both negative or positive. Everytime something happen it's all about him even if Cait might have done the same thing. There's never indifference: people hate him or love him. Do you think it's because he interacts more with fans so they feel they have more knowledge of him?

What is it about Sam? Well, isn’t that the million dollar question? Sam is charismatic, talented, generous and handsome. He also exudes a bit of insecurity and clearly likes to get a rise out of people with his naughty sense of humor. I would lay dollars to donuts he was the kid who deserved to get in trouble in school but rarely did because he charmed all of his teachers. He obviously exuded that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that has people wanting to know more. I suspect that he’s always been loved or hated, with very few who have neutral feelings towards him. Why? Who knows. Some people are just born that way.

Look at that face. Mama Heughan obviously had her hands full with this little charmer.

The rascal

You tell me why people can’t leave him alone? Love him or hate him, people don’t seem to leave him

The signs based on my experiences with them
  • Aries: can be really nice but also super mean without realizing ??
  • Taurus: every single taurus i've met has been gay ,, literally every. single. one.
  • Gemini: has really good sense of humor ,, super sensitive !!! plus they can't keep secrets very well
  • Cancer: polite !!!!!
  • Leo: can be a little egocentric but still really nice
  • Virgo: either super organized or a literal mess tbh there's no in between
  • Libra: super popular. reminds me of regina george
  • Scorpio: gr8 sense of humor and honestly isn't as dark as most people think
  • Sagittarius: they seem innocent but they aren't
  • Capricorn: seem like the kind of people who would like crafts and art
  • Aquarius: the smartest person i know tbh
  • Pisces: can accidentally offend people but v friendly !!!

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I would die for your headcannons how are YOU SO GOOD AT MAKING THEM

*finger guns* i spend most of my waking hours consuming memes my guy

  • keith: “shiro… told me to lead voltron” hunk: “galra keith, i’m glad you discovered your sense of humor but now is not the time for jokes”
  • coran was altea’s bill nye
    • but like. more ripped
    • had a series of informational videos that covered basically anything slightly educational. was sleeveless in every single one
    • he was the Science Guy
  • lance insists upon the use of space rock paper scissors to solve disputes. it’s exactly like normal rock paper scissors but the rock is a space rock
  • they refer to keith’s shack as the “love shack, baby love shack”
  • slav: *breathes* shiro, under his breath: “patience yields focus patience yields focus patience yields focus-”
  • they ditch kaltenecker on the first planet with aliens that’ll take him
    • lance argues against this decision vehemently
    • “but allura we can’t get rid of him!! he reminds keith of home” “lance if you tell another texas joke i swear to god-”
  • lance’s Mermaid Thing conversation w hunk was 1% “wow mermaids are hot” and 99% “i wanna be a mermaid”
  • pidge: “why do you guys have british accents” allura: “what’s a british”
  • Reporter: Neil Josten, do you have a girlfriend?
  • Neil: *Thinks of Andrew Minyard feeling comfortable enough with him to touch him and telling him to stay*
  • Neil: ...I have cats
the signs based on people i know

aries: stubborn and independent, married to their netflix account, assholes but lowkey sensitive, always ready to turn up
taurus: competitive and sensitive, loves food and attention, would do anything to protect their friends and family, good for late night talks
gemini: either very emotional and empathetic or very cold and self-absorbed, silly, good sense of humor, quick to cut people out of their lives
cancer: no chill, always there to tell you the truth when you need it but usually in a nice way, would probably murder someone for you (or for fun)
leo: assholes, talk a lot, usually have some wild story to tell, VERY blunt and sarcastic
virgo: angels probably, always there to make you laugh, hates most people but it makes you feel special when one of them actually likes you
libra: try really hard to look cool, actually really cool most of the time, all over the place, very loyal
scorpio: VERY intense, either very sensitive or a psychopath, you can usually find them in the middle of a 5 hour long rant
sagittarius: always wants what’s best for everyone, sassy, loves listening to gossip, good listeners
capricorn: either cares about everything or cares about nothing, usually the parental figure of the friend group, generally responsible but doesn’t really know what they’re doing
aquarius: really hard to get close to them because they’re so closed off, they’ll come pick your ass up at 3am from a stranger’s house if you asked
pisces: all over the place (literally. it’s 4 in the morning and they’re not in their bed. where are they??), very VERY sweet and VERY generous

a list of male excuses when called out on misogyny:
  • “freedom of speech! that means you have to shut up and can’t criticize anything I say!”
  • “jokes are just jokes! I don’t care what psychologists or sociologists or anthropologists say about their use in society! human beings are not affected by their environment, socialization doesn’t exist, culture isn’t a thing, and every idea exists in a vacuum!”
  • “you’re just supporting censorship! that’s why your critical analysis of this situation should be censored.”
  • “aren’t you the real intolerant one, since you won’t tolerate my intolerance?”
  • “you don’t have a sense of humor! I know this because you can’t possibly have a sense of humor unless you’re able to make fun of people who are suffering. that’s the best and only source of humor there is! I can’t imagine someone could have a more refined taste in jokes than this!”
  • “you’re just being a bitch! this is why no one likes you! if I keep calling you names, that’s the same as an argument! now, I am going to comment on how mean you are, completely ignoring that I am doing the exact same damn thing I’m complaining about.”
  • “being strong means having thick skin! I feel qualified to tell you this even though it’s literally impossible for me to experience the feeling I am telling you that you are obligated to feel.”
  • “but your beliefs make you a BIG MEANIE because it hurts my feelings when you accuse me of misogyny! nevermind the fact that I already hurt you, you were supposed to lay there and take it! when I said you need to have thick skin, that only applied to you, not to me! I can’t handle criticism!”
  • “your human rights and sense of dignity aren’t worth supporting unless you’re being super sweet and kind to me right after I have been very rude to you by saying this misogynistic thing.”
  • “Women can’t make feminism succeed on their own! They require men! That’s why winning over men should be the main goal of feminism. Men are the most important part of feminism! Know your place and be sweet to me or else I’ll withdraw my support for your human rights!”
  • “that isn’t misogyny at all! let me, a man, tell you, a woman, what real misogyny is!”
  • “real feminists don’t make men angry! real feminists make sure to prioritize my comfort over their own emotional satisfaction and their personal dignity! as a man I get to judge who the good feminists really are!”
  • “I’m a male feminist, that means it’s literally impossible for me to ever say or do anything misogynistic by virtue of the way I label myself. Nevermind the fact that I still act the same way as every other dude. I pay lip service! That should make me a saint!”
  • “but these other women agree with me! these are what good women look like. as a man, I get to make that decision, not you. be like these good women who agree with me! you should just agree with them and forget all of your own ideas because these women agree with me, a man!" 
  • “aren’t you being the real sexist by saying that men are sexist?”
Dan's audience VS Phil's audience during live shows.

I’ve noticed something lately that’s been really bugging me a lot. During the liveshows, Phil’s audience is very sweet and soft and funny, talking about silly things and whatever, but Dan’s audience seems to like to rip into him a LOT. Like, some things are okay, but I swear to god, some people just say and ask the meanest shit, and I know, I know, Dan laughs, and he’s addressed this before, how he doesn’t mind, he knows that everyone has a dark sense of humor, but there’s a different between teasing and just being plain fucking mean.

Some of these people literally rip into him for everything, from his hair to his clothes to anything that he says, and yeah, he laughs it off, and maybe it doesn’t really effect him that much, but Jesus Christ, it’s really fucking rude. Let the boy fucking breathe. He does enough, seriously, he does so much for his audience, but yet some of the Phandom doesn’t seem to care. Would you like someone criticizing everything you say? Would you enjoy someone criticizing your appearance? Some of you guys are so mean to him and it’s starting to be a little annoying. He doesn’t fucking deserve it.

Stop being middle school bullies. You’re not being funny, you’re not being cool, you’re being fucking mean, and it’s not okay. Maybe he laughs it off, but it’s not okay for the rest of us. Give Dan the same amount of love and respect you give Phil, because he deserves it.

The Easy Way (Part 2) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: lots of dialogue between the reader and negan, takes place immediately after part 1, abe was the reader’s brother

a/n: holy shit dudes !! part 1 got over 300 notes in under 24 hours and a few requests for a part 2 sooo here ya go :-) like /reblog /reply /ask /message for part 3

“Jesus,” Negan chuckled, “People here really have no sense of humor.” He stood up, handing Judith to Carl and following you inside the house. Carl waited a moment before getting up and following behind him.

“I was just joking, hun. Don’t get your pretty little panties in a twist,” he shouted, his loud voice echoing around the house. You were already upstairs, in Carl’s room. You heard a knock on the door, but Negan didn’t wait for your response before walking in.

“Listen, baby-”

“Don’t call me that.”

Negan’s eyes widened for a moment, but they settled a moment later as he smirked. He turned to Carl and nodded, signaling his approval of you. “I like her,” he said quietly, but loud enough for me to hear. Carl’s face hardened. The last thing he wanted was for Negan to take you away from him, and he knew that was more than likely. When Negan sees something he likes, he takes it.

“The women in this town…Damn, they drive me nuts,” Negan remarked, shaking his head. He stopped abruptly, and his expression changed from cocky to cockier as he feigned shock. “I am so very sorry,” he interrupted, “I forgot to ask for your name.”

You remained silent, not giving in to his taunting demeanor.

He clicked his tongue and knocked his head to the side, just like Carl and Rick did. “Alright, I guess Baby will have to do,” he laughed, rolling his eyes.

“It’s (Y/N),” you demanded, glaring at him. Your mouth remained in a straight line, displaying no emotion, but somehow intimidating Negan a bit. Your chest rose and fell quickly with your even breathing, displaying confidence.

“Sweet little (Y/N). I like the sound of that,” he grumbled, putting his curled pointer finger your chin, lifting your face towards his. You turned your eyes to the side to avoid making eye contact with him. You hadn’t even noticed Carl’s eye. His bandage was off, which was a rare sight. Even though the two of you were practically attached at the hip, he never let you look at his scar unless you were helping him with the bandage.

“Eyes on me, darling,” Negan whispered, snapping you back into reality.

“My name is (Y/N),” you stated, your eyes boring into his in the meanest way you could muster.

Negan chuckled before pinching your chin with his thumb and pointer finger. He tilted your head up to his and got much closer. “If I want to call you darling, I’m gonna call you darling.” His voice carried the most serious demeanor.

“Get your hands off of me, you pig,” you growled, whipping your face away from him and pushing his arms down. “If you came to see Rick, that’s all you need to do. Don’t waste your time trying screw with me. It won’t work.” Your own words took you by surprise. You didn’t know you had that kind of confidence in you.

“Baby, (Y/N), Darling,” Negan chuckled, slowly walking around you, “I’m not trying to screw with you.” He leaned in to your ear and whispered in his raspy voice, “I’m trying to screw you.”

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, jerking away from him.

“She’s just a kid,” Carl spoke up. He’d been silently holding Judith, who, to your surprise, had been keeping quiet.

“Did I ask for your input on the situation?” Negan yelled. Carl flinched, startling Judith and making her bottom lip quiver. She began to cry hysterically; squirming in Carl’s arms and screaming at the top of her lungs. You pushed past Negan and took Judith out of Carl’s arms.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Negan asked. It didn’t seem like a question, though. It was demanding and harsh.

You could feel the anger bubbling inside of you. You slowly turned around, rubbing Judith’s back until she stopped crying before beginning, “I was going to go lay down, but I forgot…Some asshole stole all of our mattresses. Maybe I’ll take Judith to play with Daryl. Oh, wait, you stole him too! But, you know, it’s fine. I’ll visit my brother while Glenn and Maggie watch Judith. God damn it, you killed my brother—and Glenn! Now Maggie’s gone because of you! What the hell do you want from us that you haven’t already taken?”

You didn’t even realize you were crying until you had finished. You were panting due to forgetting to breathe as you ranted.

“Leave us alone,” you said after regaining your composure. “You’ve done enough.”

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Sometimes I forget that this sense of humor, this whole like, sarcastic all the time, self-deprecating, openly-laugh-at-all-of-your-mental-health-problems - which is a good thing that shows that we’re all about being real with our problems, because some people say oh it can’t be good for you, being all joking about yourself all the time, but I think it’s the complete opposite. The people with these self-aware, self-deprecating sense of humors - just think about it, what does it say? If you can joke about your problems in a way that some people feel like ‘am I allowed to laugh at this?’ what this shows is that you’re aware that you have issues, you acknowledge them, and you don’t let them define you, and you’re willing to talk about them and find them funny, and it’s actually a very healthy attitude.
—  Dan Howell

I have a theory.

Animals have their own senses of humor but it’s usually pretty innocent stuff, even among some of the most intelligent species such as crows.

There might be a few people who try to say otherwise but humans are the most intelligent species on Earth.

Yet despite this we as humans often find some really stupid shit funny as hell.

Youtube poops, toilet humor, etc. Low-brow humor in general.

I would like to theorize that the capacity to find something stupid as funny is only heightened with a species’ intelligence. A crow finds yanking a wolf’s tail and seeing it freak out to be funny. A human finds Robbie Rotten mispronouncing Sportaflop 50 different ways as funny. What’st he next step?

Assuming this theory holds, imagine there are aliens out there, aliens so intelligent that they have perfected space travel and so on…

imagine what their low-brow humor is like.

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How do you make funny comics?

Pffft. I dunno. My sense of humor is kinda dumb and I’m mostly entertaining myself?

I guess I like pointing out the ridiculous-ness or absurdity of pretty boring, normal situations? It’s of my opinion that you can make anything funny if you execute it properly.

S'all about that subtly?

Edit: Also it’s fun to think of the obvious logical, conclusion of something and subverting it.

example- a lot of people probably think the zen cat is named something like tranquility, or balance, or yin yang.

Its name is Checkers.

Contemplating Ben Solo

I’ve posted this idea before, but it was as a tangent to a different post, and I thought it’d be interesting to look at it in its own right.

One of the things that boggle me most about “Ben Solo” in Star Wars fandom, is just how arbitrary the characterization is.  

I get that there’s some natural interest in who Kylo Ren was before his fall.  It makes sense that people would be interested in exploring that.  But every version of “Ben Solo” I’ve ever seen seems to be at best a completely original character who just happens to look like Adam Driver.  Just a cookie cutter noble knight sort, MAYBE with a bit of a mischievous sense of humor, who exists to be a suffering victim.  That’s at best.  At worst, he’s Finn in white face paint.

I don’t recognize anything from Kylo Ren in these portrayals.  And I get that it’s kind of difficult to reverse-engineer a monster into a man.  But it’s not like it hasn’t been done in this franchise.

I mean, that’s basically what the Prequels ARE.  George Lucas and the other creative people behind the prequels had to basically reverse engineer the man, the hero, who would become Darth Vader.

And for all of the complaints about the writing, dialogue and performances, I think they actually did a good job.

Anakin Skywalker is a compelling, sympathetic (until he takes to child-murdering, anyway), interesting hero who we can recognize both as Luke and Leia’s father and the faceless monster of the original trilogy.

It works, because we can see Vader’s traits in Anakin.  We can see the pride, the impatience, the arrogance and the temper that would become Vader.  We can see how quiet resentment can explode into fiery anger.  And we recognize Darth Vader’s stillness before strangling the Admiral, or his tense interaction with the Emperor.  We can see how Anakin’s respect for single authority figures who can act as opposed to being bogged down by the democratic process forms the seed of totalitarianism and his eventual allegiance to the Emperor.

And at the same time, we recognize his good traits too.  We see Leia in his righteousness and passion.  We see Luke in his kindness and humor.  Anakin Skywalker makes sense.

We could do the same thing for Ben Solo.  

I mean, let’s start with Kylo Ren.  What can we see about Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens.  We know he’s arrogant.  We know he has explosive anger, that seems particularly violent when his pride is wounded.  We know he’s entitled.  We know that he engages in pointless power struggles with people that should be his allies.  We know that he is prone to dramatic costumes and gestures.

As we’ve seen with Vader and Anakin, the Dark Side doesn’t imbue someone with negative traits.  Those traits were always there.  The Dark Side just enhances them.  Or maybe it doesn’t even do that so much as it strips away the more positive traits that balance them.  I think Lucas looked at Luke and Leia to fill in the blanks for Vader.  I think we can look at Leia and Han to fill in the blanks for Kylo.

So this is how I personally imagine Ben Solo.

I imagine Ben Solo as being a confident, charismatic young man.  I think he’s smart and ambitious, and has a wry sense of humor.  I think he’s never had to struggle for much.  A lot of things come very easy to him: he’s naturally clever, he’s naturally strong, he’s naturally got a shitload of Force potential.  But I don’t think he’s the sort that gets complacent with that.  I think he’s the sort who just uses that as a reason to push harder.

I think he’s theatrical.  He always knows how to make an entrance.  He’s always very well dressed.  He has a grin that is magnetic.

He’s very status conscious.  He’s the son of a Princess and the nephew of the Jedi Master.  Of course he has to conduct himself accordingly.  His appearance and actions reflect onto them.  This means of course that he has to be the very best.  He does well with competition…as long as he’s winning.

I think he’s reasonably friendly, maybe a bit aloof, but absolutely willing to use his status to help his fellows.  If he can put in a good word in his uncle’s ear for a fellow student, he will.  If he gets a bit of a thrill of satisfaction in the process, well, what’s the harm?  He’s a nice guy who’s got a politician’s eye for influence and a scoundrel’s willingness to use it for his friends or subtly against his rivals.

I definitely don’t think he deals well with rivalry.  Or being thwarted.  When another Old Republic nobleman’s kid shows up at the Jedi Order, Ben watches him carefully to see if this will be trouble.  He then offers help, as one of the more experienced students.  He only relaxes when the new student accepts his help, and his seniority.

I do think he was a good man once.  But I think maybe he was always a little restless and unsatisfied, and if he had a voice whispering in his ear sometimes, it was saying “you deserve more than this.  You can take more than this.”  Eventually, I think he listened.

That’s how I imagine Ben Solo.

Lapis in Alone at Sea:

  • doesn’t remember Greg but immediately seems awkward and apologetic when reminded she broke his leg
  • includes his injury when talking about what she’s done wrong and feels horrible about

Lapis in The New Crystal Gems

  • doesn’t remember Connie and is completely unapologetic about not just hurting her but nearly killing her. doesn’t seem to be bothered by the reminder she stole the earth’s water which we know she’s supposed to feel bad about

i understand that this is a more lighthearted/humorous episode but this just feels lazy and inconsiderate? they easily could still make this funny by say lapis blushing and turning away with an “oh” or something like that

they also introduced more a snarky lapis, which i could like! it’s fits with her character’s sense of humor and is a sign of her feeling more comfortable around people.

this might be more opinionated, but it felt more malicious than snarky? which again is inconsistent with her feelings in alone at sea. even her deadpan snark in previous episodes felt much lighter (“i’m not putting that on my head”//“lapis, fly us in!”“…no”).

i feel like this should have been easy to fix, but part of the problem might be that lapis is still somewhat underdeveloped. i’m hoping with more episodes, possibly on the more serious side (*cough* lapis interacting with the CG’s *cough*) they can be more consistent with her characterization in the future

“I was glad I wasn’t in love, that I wasn’t happy with the world. I like being at odds with everything. People in love often become edgy, dangerous. They lose their sense of perspective. They lose their sense of humor. They become nervous, psychotic bores. They even become killers.”

I feel like I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that yamaguchi is actually perfect. And he’s not. If he were, I’d honestly be less interested in him as a character. Is he more open and decisive than tsukki? More reasonable and calmer than hinata? More approachable than kageyama? Less jittery than yachi? Yes, but that doesn’t make him perfect by any stretch of the imagination. He’s shy and tends to be a bit of a downer. In social situations, he likes to have a “safe” person to turn to and sometimes forgoes talking to new people if a safer, more comfortable option is available. He’s nosy, he’s got a sassy sense of humor, he has a smart mouth. He gets down on himself a lot. When confronting others, he’s either 0 or 150 with no in-between; meaning that he’ll either not say anything or he’ll run at them full force and call them lame and lay everything out at their feet without thinking of the possible consequences (a method that, admittedly, worked in that situation but should definitely not be repeated without a lot more forethought). On that note, he can be a bit impulsive and probably makes quite a few ‘aaah fuck it’ decisions. When uncomfortable in a social situation, yamaguchi will try to direct attention away from him–usually by focusing it on someone else (i.e. tsukki). He gets worked up and is scared of putting himself out there. When trying to reassure others, he often runs out of words to say. He gets wildly insecure. He’s pretty bad at telling people about what’s troubling him. What I’m getting at is that in certain ways, yamaguchi is more put together than some of his peers. And in other ways, he’s just as much of a mess as any of them. That’s just the way it is and it makes him more interesting as a character, it makes him real and well-rounded

my entire sense of humor
  • an entire fucking piano is dropped onto a cartoon character and all they say in response is “ow” in a really calm voice
  • deadpan humor
  • that one SU moment in Log Date 7 15 2 where peridot pushes greg off the roof
  • saying stereotypical white people names in a really exasperated voice
  • horribly misspelling every single word in a sentence
  • inserting “fuck you” into random parts of a sentence like “i decided at last minute fuck you”
  • severely miscounting the number of words in a sentence like “16 words. elevator” “that’s one word you insolent dumbass”
  • saying “bleventeen” in the place of numbers that i can’t count up to
  • weird insults with incredibly even weirder adverbs and adjectives like “you’re such a colossal titty-sucking ass-licking fucking stick in satan’s moist, melted underpants, kyle”
  • somebody says a pun and everybody in the room shits their pants
  • furry jokes and vore jokes and furry jokes that involve vore
  • drawing cartoon characters with my left hand and then putting a speech bubble where they say something like “end my terrible existence” or “god has forsaken my tired old bones” or just one random word like “sex” or “puppies”
  • astral projection
  • anime titty jokes
  • “self-care is (thing that is either completely impossible to do or if it is possible it could fucking kill you)”
  • putting “fucking” in front of any god damn word in the sentence
  • incredibly sweet and naive cartoon characters swearing like a god damn sailor
  • assuming every inanimate object in the universe has feelings or can get up and do shit like “i didn’t use any tissues today so i can only conclude that my tissue box is going stab me to death in my sleep tonight”
  • using animal genitalia as insults like “simon you absolute horse dick give me back my eraser”
  • using curse words and inanimate objects put together as interjections that express rage like “aw shit-baskets i forgot my wallet” or “fucking ass-hammock that hurt like a bitch” or “what in the bitch nipples is going on here”
Three Things I Like About Myself

1. I am strong. I have and continue to overcome so many obstacles in my life, and I will stay open to recovery even when relapsing is easier.

2. I am funny. I have a great sense of humor, and I can make people laugh even when they’re in bad moods (including myself…). I might be very socially anxious and awkward, but I know people enjoy being around me.

3. I am passionate. If I see something that I have strong moral feelings about, I still will listen to others’ opinions and incorporate them into my perspective, but I will ultimately fight for what I believe is right.