i like pc gaming but still not everyone likes it

All these whiny, insatiable S4 player posts got me like. . .

I like how everyone forgets how fucking borked TS3 was in the first 2 years, and holds it to some high caliber now. Not only is it a COMPLETE game now with years and years of content and mods, it’s STILL fucking borked and runs like absolute shit, even on higher end PC’s.

At least my Sims 4 game runs to where I can enjoy the game.

So you have three options

Numero Uno, you STFU and buy the games and stop complaining about it. Unless your youtube/tumblr/insertyourbloghere is dedicated to giving us nonbiased opinions and reviews about the Sims 4 and all things relating to it, just stop trying to be relevant by complaining about a game that functions properly and is still relevantly new.

Second, you don’t buy the games anymore, and continue to play other games from the franchise and be on your merry little way.

Third, you start creating the content you want. Mod, CC, IDGAF, but stop complaining and do something about it.


EA/Maxis is doing what they can, when they can, when it comes to releasing content. Not to mention, FREE CONTENT. They have given us some FREE content. They are TRYING to do the best they can.

Not enough default eye color selections? Heres some more! You want to be able to go on a trip?! It’s Summer, lets go CAMPING! You want playable jobs? Enjoy 3 interactive careers PLUS owning your own business! You need more space for building houses and other lots? Here’s a whole new town! Not to mention all the other things they have released so far.

I won’t argue that EA/Maxis is a shit company. They gave us a half baked game. But they wanted to release it to us on the date they promised to their preorders, and it RAN—But those of you complaining are entitled attention seeking whiners who have nothing better to do than point fingers at a company who could easily point them right back and say “You ask too much, too soon.”