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I’m just your problem x skyhooks 

Sorry I don’t treat you like a goddess,
Is that what you want me to do?
Sorry I don’t treat you like you’re perfect,
Like all your little loyal subjects do.
Sorry I’m not made of sugar,
Am I not sweet enough for you?

Marceline being sweet for her princess.


Adil sends room service up to Toby via Tom, who doesn’t understand why Toby’s so awkward…

Even Bech Nӕsheim. Oh, fuck you, I’m already crying. Okay. Stop looking at me like that and let me talk. You are… the best thing in my life. You have taught me so much. You have given me the love that I never expected, the love that I didn’t think I’d ever find, and you have shown me how to love someone back. And in this minute, in this universe and in every parallel one, I am fucking in love with you, because you are the only person who can make me laugh and make me cry, and you are the only person who loves me and understands me and supports me and you are the fucking man of my life, goddamn it, and I’ve known that ever since I was seventeen and you kissed me in some random stranger’s pool. You’ve changed my entire life. You have made me happier than I’ve ever been, sadder than I’ve ever been, angrier than I’ve ever been, and you have made me a better person. I love you more than anything I’ve ever known. And, yeah, in this minute, we’re getting fucking married. So. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, I love you, Even Bech Nӕsheim, and I always will. Fuck. Oh, shit. Everybody, I’m sorry for swearing so much, and also for crying. Okay. Your turn.

Isak Valtersen. Out of all the movies I’ve made you watch, and all the ones that exist, our love story is the most beautiful that I’ve ever known. You always say that love at first sight is bullshit, but I saw you on the first day of school and just knew that we’d be here one day. Getting married in front of our families and friends. In tuxes - and, might I add, you look really fucking hot right now. Sorry. That made you laugh, though, so I regret nothing. But I have loved you for my entire life, and everything fell into place when I saw you, like all the parallel universes lined up in that minute. I loved you when I didn’t know you existed, I loved you from across the courtyard at Nissen, and smoking weed on my windowsill, and with pink streaks on your face, and snapbacks and omelettes and cabin trips and morning breath and everything you’ve done, everything you’ll do. I am so, so proud of you. I am proud to know you. I am proud to love you. And I will remind you of that every single day for the rest of our lives. You mean everything to me. Thank you. I love you. And I can’t wait to call you my husband.


The man-animals were gods unmistakable and unescapable. As his mother, Kiche, had rendered her allegiance to them at the first cry of her name, so he was beginning to render his allegiance. He gave them the trail as a privilege indubitably theirs. When they walked, he got out of their way. When they called, he came. When they threatened, he cowered down. When they commanded him to go, he went away hurriedly. For behind any wish of theirs was power to enforce that wish, power that hurt, power that expressed itself in clouts and clubs, in flying stones and stinging lashes of whips.

He belonged to them as all dogs belonged to them. His actions were theirs to command. His body was theirs to maul, to stamp upon, to tolerate. Such was the lesson that was quickly borne in upon him. It came hard, going as it did, counter to much that was strong and dominant in his own nature; and, while he disliked it in the learning of it, unknown to himself he was learning to like it. It was a placing of his destiny in another’s hands, a shifting of the responsibilities of existence. -Jack London, White Fang

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Could I pretty please get a sad, lonely Prompto who thinks his love will never see him as more than a sunny friend be consoled by said girl who places kisses on all his freckles? Love youuuuu!!! (also love his cute freckies <3)

HELLO LOVELY ANON. I am so sorry it takes me a while to get to these prompts, I hope you can forgive me, and I hope this is what you were looking for! PURE FLUFF AHEAD. Tagging some babes that may enjoy. @insomniascure @cupnoodle-queen @blindbae @themissimmortal @itshaejinju @misssarahdoll @the-lucian-archives @noxfreyas @saphscribes @louisvuittontrashbags @fieryfantasy

Prompto’s very soul blossoms under your whimsical light, truths―pleasant, unpleasant and everything between―bared on blooming petals. There are some days when he wants to curl in on himself, to let the laundry pile up and the light evade him, but then you stride in with your vim and vigor and you coax him from his loneliness, from his self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy. With gentleness and sweetness and an attentive eye, you tend to your sunflower like a devoted gardener. With hands clasped and a bounce in your step, Prompto is sucked back into the sea of you and away from the shores of his sadness. And like a sunflower, filled with the warmth of his sun’s love, he only looks at you.

 As is in the sun’s nature, your gaze spreads far and your love with it. Your love is so pure, and so plentiful that sometimes Prompto feels himself wilting when your light falls on another. He feels defective, faulty in his search for the happiness that always seems to ebb and flow, fickle as the tide. When will she look at me like that, he wonders as you search for frogs with Noctis in the swamps of Duscae. A toothy grin splays on your lips and the apples of your cheeks look ripe with happiness. It’s childlike, the way you hold the wriggling frog above your head and stomp through the mire to Noctis, a look of triumph enveloping your features. Prompto sits at the dock and watches ripples form in the water with the lazy sway of the stick he holds. With his hand curled and pressed against his cheek, his cat-like lips purse and he sighs. From a distance, you watch Prompto look more and more deflated and feel compelled to step in.

“Be right back,” you quickly murmur to Noctis as you trudge through the waters and back to the mud.

“Suit yourself,” Noctis scoffs and continues his search. “By the time you get back there’ll be none left for the taking.”

You approach Prompto on the dock, muddy and sopping wet, but he doesn’t shy away from you when you take a seat beside him. “Hey, sunshine, why the long face? Feelin’ overcast?”

You’re surprised when his lips don’t even twinge into a smile at your goofy pun. 

“I’m sorry―it was a good pun, promise. I am just…” he sighs, mind racing with all the different ways he could say everything without saying anything.

“Prom, you know you can tell me anything. I feel like ever since this trip started you’ve been acting funny.” Gently, you coax him, and your hand comfortably rests atop his, like a leaf falling to ground.

“There are just some things that are best left unsaid,” his voice is almost a whisper, his gaze is far-off and always parallel to yours. You feel your heart pumping faster in your chest, like your body knows something you haven’t caught wind of.

“If it was better left unsaid then it wouldn’t be tearing you apart from the inside out. Nothing that painful is worth bearing alone. Consider me a confessional.” Slowly, you turn on your bum and press your back against his. You hear him sigh and hope that it’s one of relief. For a moment, there’s silence, and you listen to the frogs croaking and the rustling of the branches above your head.

“Have you ever…had feelings for someone who never…looked at you that way?”

“Of course,” came your honest reply, and you leaned on the palms of your hands, head falling to Prompto’s shoulder.

“Like, everyone around you has all these outstanding qualities and you’re just…you. You don’t feel special; you don’t feel like there is anything that endears anyone to you. You’re just you, a nobody clinging to somebodys.”

“Objection,” you interject, and Prompto freezes, as if he’s forgotten he’d been talking to someone.

“You’re the most substantial person I’ve ever met. Prompto, you’ve lived through so many hardships and still there’s this light in you, this drive on dark days that propels you forward. You’re worthy of so much more than you’ll allow yourself,” your words are strong and sure as they leave your lips and Prompto is shaken by them, heart fluttering in his chest. He goes to lean against his palm and his hand meets yours, a petal fallen.

He clenches his eyes shut, pained by his indecision, and he lets his thoughts ferment. You twirl in front of him, sure hands falling to his shoulders and his eyes fly open. Like a rose, he’s flushed by your proximity and every inch of him screams to shy away. Slowly, as if gauging his response, you lean closer to him and he swears he’s never felt his heart pump so fast. His lips part, eyes wide as your lips descend on his cheeks. “Every freckle is something to love about you,” you murmur as your lips drag across his cheek to the next site. “Your sense of humor.” Another kiss. “Your courage in times where you could succumb to your fear.” Slowly, you bring yourself closer to his lips and his are quivering, anticipating. “The way you look at me and give me butterflies.” And your words give him butterflies.

You stop, so close to his lips that he can feel your breath fan against them. So close, that he can map the ripples of color in your eyes. So close, he could let himself fall into you like the ocean and be swallowed whole. When you plant your lips on his, soft, slow, languid, he feels alive―no, human. For the first time, he feels like the heart pumping inside of him is real. He feels real.


Parallels between God and Her prophet. 

In case you’re wondering about the last gif, my interpretation is that the Machine’s two blinks are Morse code for “I”, which in turn is a reference to “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14). (The episode is, after all, called YHWH.)  

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jisoo | joshua x reader

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word count : 1356 words.
genre : angst !! like heck.
synopsis : in a sick world, where you are given the time you have left to live when you are born, two soulmates find each other at a parallel and are given the fatal choice : to live or to let them live?

✐ i am just going to say this rn but i am so sorry shua stans !!! i lov y’all so much but like man ur man is always suffering here at lunarjihoon dot com. but yeah srsly, this one is sad af, i was feeling like real down when i wrote this so jeez. anyhow drink some water, grab some cleenex if ur an easy crier n get on !! also gonna tag some shua stanning frens !!! @choco-seventeen n @fluffyshua

The timer on your hands reads a lovely seventy years since the moment you were born and your parents always smiled at it since you were born because you were destined to live a long, healthy life until you hit the age of seventy-two which was a long time away.

Somewhere in the same city, another family cries, holding their precious little boy to their chests as they see his timer only goes up to twenty five, and then stops. he will only live to twenty five.

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#why would you personally attack me like this tho#shoot#i can’t even#i’m done#my heart#poi (via @queercapwriting​​) on THIS gifset.

Sooooo … it’s for you @queercapwriting​ (and every Shoot shipper :P) - PAIN mouahah

My main tag for my shoot edits is Shoot* (bc i won’t put them all here there is just too much (around 1500 gifs (22 pages), I don’t know how many gifsets)) and you can check the Shoot AU tag. The last tag is not pain ;) (yeah I’m not that evil ! :P Or am I ?)

If you want happy like this or this just go into the Shoot* tag and search :p

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MILD PAIN (not really pain ^^)

  • Here a little video to start (Pain at the beginning but at the end Root is alive)
  • “Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.”  [x]
  • Maybe someday …  Maybe someday …  (Clexa / Shoot parallels) [x]
  • I only care about one person harold [x]
  • Now I’m a believer [x]
  • What kind of fan are you ? [x]
  • Don’t look at me like that [x]
  • Real scene : Maybe someday [x]
  • Remembers you/Not the end [x] (a little hope in it)
  • Give me a memory I can use [x]
  • Real scene : I can’t live without you [x] (also in the tags where I asked for my birthday for them to have a happy ending … 1 day later was THE ep)
  • Real scene : 7000 simulations [x]


  • We belong together … You were my safe place … (multigifs/gif -quotes) [x]
  • Real scene : Is this the guy who killed you her [x]
  • Something Root had wanted to tell you [x]
  • I need an answer [x]
  • Take me back to the start [x]
  • “For you I know I’d even try to turn the tide.
    Because you’re mine, I walk the line.”
  • I never stopped looking for you [x]
  • Real scene : You were my safe place [x]

HARDCORE PAIN  (Mouahah for someone like me)

  • If loving you … [x]
  • Play/pause/stop/rewind [x]
  • I’m angry [x]
  • “This simulation sucks. And I’m ready to start again.” [x] (flashing gifs)
  • Die for something that you love/You were my safe place [x]

Is that all ? I thought there was more :P Anyway … Here you are ♥

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PS : A little fanart I made and use for my computer wallpaper for two years HERE.

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I am so freaking frustrated because I have like 12 worlds in my head complete with difference species and governments and all this stuff, but I have nothing to DO with them and I am dying. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who will roleplay with me but I keep changing the setting every two days and just. Ah. Sorry I'm venting the frustration of a world creator.

1) I’m SUPER IMPRESSED by world creators. Like holy crap there are so many mechanics to sort through, how???? I have a friend who’s got two parallel worlds with unique social, political, and religious histories. Like, in TOTALITY. It blows my mind.

2) I recycle characters all. the. time. Dead plots/half-forgotten plots leaving interesting, multi-faceted characters without a home.  So you’re kinda shopping your characters around different universes it sounds like!

3) Convince your characters that it’s like vacation. A continuous, unwanted vacation that skips between genres but a VACATION.

4) Let us cry together over our fictional words. Let us feel our feelings and burn complicated maps that become IRRELEVANT WHEN A NEW IDEA POPS UP. LET US BURN THEM ALL

FIC UPDATE: Any Four Walls: Not Like This

Also on AO3


Not Like This

Garrus woke with a start as sudden and overwhelming as a stim-shot, sitting upright even as he clawed at the smothering blankets, haunted by the lingering images left by his nightmare. His father, grim-faced. Shepard in a doorway. It’s—it’s Solana, Shepard. And the children.

A nightmare. Far worse than the ones featuring screaming Banshees and Reaper turians whose faces he couldn’t help examining, looking for familiar angles, familiar curves.

Just a nightmare.

And yet.

And yet, the bed was not his bed, the sheets not his sheets. His side ached, almost as if someone truly had jabbed a needle into the soft hide of his waist and emptied a vial full of poison into him. Instead of flowers, or candles, or the faint scent of Shepard’s perfume, the only smell was the universally unsettling antiseptic stench unique to hospitals.

Even with his heart slamming like a fist desperate to punch through the wall of his chest, bone and blood and plates be damned, it took real effort to force his eyes open. He sucked in a breath; too shallow. Another. Another. The blankets were a white blur. Blinking did not sharpen his vision. No telltale halo of red hair sat at his bedside.

It’s—it’s Solana, Shepard. And the children.

“Garrus. Hey. In and out. One breath at a time, G. One cardiac arrest per day is more than enough.”

He swung his head toward the sound, recognizing his sister’s voice even before her indistinct edges took shape. The sun behind her was too bright, even dimmed by the darkened panes of glass. Like his eyes, his voice wasn’t working yet, either. His talons clenched and unclenched in sheets nothing like the soft ones Shepard always splurged on.

Tell me, he wanted to say. Tell me.

Instead of words, only faint keening escaped on his released breath.

Solana said, “I’m sorry, G. I don’t know where they are.”

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Please don't compare autistic people to animals. It's super not cool.

I’m assuming you’re referring to this quote from the ask about pigeons and parrots.

“And if your mom is prepared for that and able to deal with what amounts to an autistic 5 year old with wings who can scream literally as loud as a jet taking off and bite through a broom handle for the next 60-80 years, then awesome!
More parrots deserve a home that’s actually prepared for them!”

And I am sorry if that was offensive to any one. Another friend pointed out that it might be, so I went back and made the following edit to the post, immediately following the paragraph above.

“(Before any one gets concerned, I am autistic! I do not describe parrots this way as an insult. The similarities are just glaring to me, and if the thought of living with an autistic human child is upsetting, you should really rethink getting a parrot.)”

I stated at the beginning of the post that I’m not good with words either. 

Writing is the way I communicate most eloquently. I literally can’t talk like this vocally, unless I’ve spent HOURS practicing.

If I don’t mean any harm by it, I often can’t see how it could be hurtful, and I depend on more socially adept followers and friends to take me aside and point things out when I miss them.

I did not make the comparison for shock value or to degrade any one.

I am autistic. 

The similarities are genuinely glaring, to me.

I see myself and other people like me in every complaint I have ever heard some one make when they got rid of a parrot.

“It’s too loud!” “It destroys EVERYTHING!” “It won’t let me cuddle when *I* want to!” “It won’t stop plucking!” “I’m scared of it.” “It’s food/toys/housing/care/ is too expensive!”

All leads to:

“I don’t want it anymore!”

Parrots are BRILLIANT! 

Not only are they incredible mimics, but they are amazingly mechanically adept! They LOVE puzzles and climbing and they need TONS of time and mental stimulation! Space to play and forage! Toys they can destroy with out getting hurt. The company of some one that understands their needs and their behaviors.

They are adapted to live in HUGE flocks! Screeching that carries for miles keeps them in contact with each other.

Screeching is not bad behavior for a parrot. It’s just calling out to see if some one will answer.  Cockatoos especially genuinely NEED loud, excited time!

Humans that vocally stim are not misbehaving. They NEED to make noise to express emotion.

Expecting a parrot or the humans who need to vocally stim to keep silent all the time is TERRIBLE for their mental health! It stresses both unspeakably to bottle that up, especially if they are loud because they’re happy or excited!

Loud time is necessary, and people who think they want a parrot have to be ok with and prepared for that. 

Parrot’s thick, powerful beaks are designed to cut, crush, and splinter. They eat hard nuts, tough fruits, and many species chew through wood to make nest holes. They even use their beaks as an extra hand to climb.

They are not being bad when they bite.

They don’t usually mean to bite hard. But human hands are fragile, and biting hard enough to hurt is really easy to do by accident.

I accidentally put one of my elementary school teachers in the hospital by running up and hugging her as tight as I could. 

I didn’t mean to hurt her. I was just SO overwhelmingly happy to see her, and it didn’t dawn on me that I even could have.

People who think they want a parrot need to be prepared for the fact that they don’t innately know how hard is too hard, or that they can hurt their handler without meaning to.

Scared, cornered parrots can inflict a LOT of damage attempting to defend themselves or their eggs from The Scary Thing!

They aren’t being bad when they do that either.

It’s usually a misunderstanding. 

Bird warning signs are just not intuitive to humans, and when we want to touch a pet, we tend to insist the pet be ok with that when ever we want them to be with little to no regard for its comfort.

You guys have NO idea how afraid I was of the neurotypical kids who seemed to go out of their way to harass me, bully me, and kill or destroy things I liked because my behavior was not normal.

They’d be friendly one second and hateful the next, from my perspective, and not knowing what to expect made me skittish and defensive and withdrawn.

People that think they want a parrot need to be prepared to learn to understand enough of its behavior to know when it’s receptive to interaction and when it’s overstimulated pr afraid and needs its boundaries to be respected.

You also need to understand that all parrots tamed by imprinting are at least some degree of mentally ill.

Mental illness and neurotype are not the same thing.

There is nothing wrong with an autistic person. We are healthy people whose brains process and store and retrieve information differently from what is more common and thus considered typical.

Mental illness is usually caused by physical or emotional trauma or neglect.

Let’s start with the fact that the vast majority of parrots do not get to live their lives as parrots.

They are removed from their parents and raised by humans, which is, let me remind you, genuinely necessary for them to be safe to handle in captivity.

Imprinting, as stated in the post, does not just make an animal think you are its mother. 

A birds entire species identity is conveyed through imprinting. “This is what you are, this is your social structure, these are your normal behaviors, this is what you eat, how you live, what you should be sexually attracted to.”

Parrots raised by humans think that they are human because that’s what imprinting does.
But all of its instinctual urges will be parrot, and they will not match the thing it has imprinted on, which leads to a LOT of the miscomunication that stresses the bird and overwhelms the owner.

Humans don’t imprint, but I can tell you from experience that there is a disconnect between the way neurotypical and autistic humans think and process and interact with the world just drastic enough that it makes it hard to communicate effectively, despite being the same species and speaking the same language.

It’s incredibly frustrating, and with out any indication that the other can understand you, you just… give up and withdraw. 

People who think they want a parrot need to understand that a withdrawn bird doesn’t hate them and isn’t being bad. Its attempts to communicate have failed and it has given up.

An understanding of psitticine body language will go a LONG way to prevent this issue.

Most pet parrots live functionally alone and spend most of their time confined to their cage. They may never see another bird of their species, or even another bird, period, in their lives.

Look at most parrot cages on the market and the species they are marketed as suitable for.
Most parrot cages are just display stands, barely large enough for the bird to stretch its wings out all the way, never mind flying or climbing or engaging in any natural behaviours!

And keep in mind that these are wild animals, less than ten generations into domestication.

Adapting to confinement takes GENERATIONS of selective breeding, and all ethics aside, parrots just haven’t had the TIME!

An intelligent, intensely social animal used to traveling great distances, spending a lot of time foraging and relying on chewing to get almost every comfort met from food to nests will hallucinate, pace, tear up its enclosure, lash out at its handlers, and eventually self mutilate when deprived of all social interaction, mental stimulation, physical activity, and behavioral outlets necessary to reduce stress.

Sound familiar?

Parrots don’t get to choose who they live with. Autistic humans don’t get to choose who they are born to or who becomes their care taker.
And the consequances of willingly or accidentally failing to meet their needs are STRIKINGKLY similar.

I am sorry if that is offensive.

I was not drawing attention to these parallels to say “Parrots are terrible because they are like autistic people!” 

I am pointing them out as food for thought to remind people to respect that their needs are complex, not especially intuitive to the typical joe, and if you want one, you need to be prepared to spend the next 60-80 years doing your best to keep the commitment you made to meet them all.

Stop nit-picking Villainous (A rant)

This show isn’t even a full show yet and people are already saying stupid shit to make it seem like it’s bad and problematic. Please fucking stop and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Please.

- Lemonteaflower is not a disgusting human being. First of all, saying “they worked on this show so it’s problematic” is so petty of you. They are a STORY BOARD ARTIST AND LINE WORK ARTIST. they have nothing to do with the actual content of the show, and saying its bad because of that is disregarding the actual wonderful creatives who worked hard on it.

Her old “problematic user name” was forcibly their URL by their past abuser. As said in the apology letter here http://lemonteaflower.tumblr.com/post/137574630576/hi-everyone-after-a-long-time-i-figured-id

Please stop blaming this victim for the actions of their abuser, if you do thats really shitty of you.

-Also she didn’t draw “child porn”, She explains she used to draw SHotacon without understanding what it really was or its intentions. A LONG TIME AGO. A long time ago means she has learned from her mistakes, which is also helped by the fact she removed all content of it and no longer uses the characters she drew porn of.  Not to mention Rebecca Sugar drew porn of Ed, Edd, And Eddy characters and all of you saw it as a joke instead of problematic :/ if youre going to see one thing as a joke because you like the content, and another thing as problematic then you’re a shitty SJW not going to lie.

- Dr.Flug and Blackhat aren’t an abusive relationship. All of the things Blackhat does is CARTOON VIOLENCE. The stepping on him, grabbing things out of his hands, these are original cartoon violence tropes. Not to mention, he’s a fucking villain he’s not going to be nice. A real example of abuse in a cartoon is Steven Universe, Jasper is legit manipulative and OBVIOUSLY hurts Lapis when she is grabbed.No one called that out as “problematic” and hell lots of people ship it. Saying the dynamic of Dr.Flug and Blackhat is abusive is like saying Tom and Jerry are abusive, or fucking Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are.

If you don’t like the show, that’s fine. No one is forcing you to. But if you turn this into another “Clarence.” thing because you don’t want any show to compete with Steven Universe (Which I am a giant fan of so its not like I hate it.)
or you just don’t want other people to like because you don’t??? I’m sorry thats terrible of you, it’s immature.

Also I use Steven Universe as an example a lot because it’s the BIG show on cartoon network, which this “”“problematic””“ show is sort of in competition with. I have nothing against it, I love it a bunch but if you want to defend it when I can make many parallels to Villainous and what it’s being called out for, there’s a huge problem.

if you see callout posts, whether about shows OR about people. Please do your own research, do not be naive, think for yourself. Callout culture is super dangerous and you need to be aware most people will stretch the truth.


the calendar (2011) vs. the good, the bad, and the dirty (2016) -

Poorly written parallel

I tried hard to like episode 12x18. I really did. However, there are many things I cannot deny, no matter how much I still love Supernatural or how committed I am to shipping Destiel and being generally positive about stuff. The episode wasn’t good. It wasn’t even acceptably good, and I’m sorry if some people out there have liked it or found nice things to say about it. I applaud you if you found something to like about “The memory remains”. I wish it were that easy for me.

People wrote meta about the aliases used in the episode: Agents Stark and Martell. Of course the reference to Oberyn Martell, a bisexual character from Game of Thrones, was the first thing to come to mind, so the episode seemed promising.

The very first thing we saw about Dean in the episode was that he was still worried about Cas. Dean had been trying to find Cas and couldn’t be convinced that he’d be fine. It’s so unusual for Cas not to call Dean back that Dean’s even considered the possibility that Cas has been arrested or killed. Besides, Dean’s way ahead of Sam regarding how concerned he is about Castiel. When Sam finally said that it was time to find the angel, Dean confessed he’d already tried. Up until that point, everything seemed normal and in accordance to what’s been happening in previous episodes.

Consistent writing didn’t last long, though. I don’t want to sound mean, but Mr. John Bring didn’t do a good job of portraying Dean. It’s very obvious when people do their homework thoroughly and when people just do some kind of surface research. The fact that Sam is the smart guy who likes to do research and read books while eating healthy food and Dean is the ladies’ man who prefers to do women over research while eating meat or greasy food is something that Mr. Bring copied and pasted from many seasons ago when Dean hadn’t had any character development yet. I hate it when a character’s growth is set back simply because the writer couldn’t be bothered to watch the most recent seasons of the show. That was poor writing, no matter how much we might try to justify it.

Dean behaved like a douche in that diner. He wasn’t paying much attention to what Sam was saying; he seemed more interested in the waitress than in the case that took them to Wisconsin. I couldn’t help having a flashback to many seasons back. Then we were just told that Dean spent an “awesome” night of meaningless sex with the waitress (Carmen), and they didn’t interact after that.

Are you seriously telling me that the only woman who showed up in the episode, whose name we could barely hear, who had literally no lines (except for saying her name) was there SIMPLY TO BE DEAN’S ONE NIGHT STAND? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s stupid writing and I am not going to defend the jerk who came up with that unoriginal, ridiculous idea. Mary had meaningless sex with Mr. Ketch last week, and even their hook up provided more insight than what we were given about Dean and the waitress.

Dean is an almost 40-year old man who is allowed to have sex whenever he wants to. That’s true. He is free to do it just as much as Mary was. I don’t mind if we’re going to have Dean hooking up with random women, but at least that should be relevant to the story somehow. This random waitress, however, was totally expendable. Do this exercise, delete in your mind the scenes where she appeared. When you do that, is there anything missing in the story? Does anything change? Will it be useful in further episodes? At least Mary and Mr. Ketch’s sex scene added to the drama about the whole “Mr. Ketch, eliminate all American hunters” thing that we have going on. Carmen’s whole purpose in the episode was to show us that Dean still got it, that he can still be a macho man who gets the ladies. Repeat after me: That is poor, sloppy writing!

Don’t try to tell me that if Dean is bisexual it means he can be with women and with men whenever he wants to. I fucking know that! I AM BISEXUAL, for Chuck’s sake! I know what being bisexual feels like. I’ve known it all my life. It’s just that this isn’t real life; it’s TV. If the writer of the episode really intended to show that Dean is bisexual, he could have included the meaningless sex as well as a scene of Dean flirting with some random guy. But of course we’re not gonna get that! Of course we’ll only get Dean with a replaceable woman who has no substance or relevance in the story. OF COURSE!

You can tell me that the writer was trying to make a clear parallel between old Bishop and John Winchester. 
And maybe…. MAYBE you’re right. I’ll give you that.

PETE: Old man Bishop, he, uh, he had an eye for the ladies.

Before that line, we got the whole “different moms, same daddy”, which clearly reminded us that John Winchester had Dean and Sam but also had another child. (Hello, Adam!) It’s even more interesting to hear the guy say a line similar to the one that has forever been the Winchester motto: “Saving people, hunting things, the family business”. Compare that to the Bishop motto: “Hunting people, killing them. The family business.”

We know Dean learned to be the ladies’ man from his father. A lesson that he learned pretty well as we were painfully reminded in the episode thanks to Carmen. And here we have two Bishop sons: Pete (the one who wanted to do exactly what his father did) and Barry (the one who wanted to put a stop to it). So who’s Dean going to be? In this episode Dean was Pete. He behaved just like old John Winchester would have expected him to. Will he put a stop to it? Will he be like Barry? I don’t know and these writers fuck up so much sometimes that I don’t even want to speculate about it right now.

I got the parallel loud and clear. But I still think that it was poorly written. In the hands of a much talented writer, we could have gotten something ten times better. In moments like this, I miss Ben Edlund, Robbie Thompson, and even Jeremy Carver. The fact that I kind of understand why something was written doesn’t mean I have to approve of the way it was executed. At the end of the day, 12x18 was an episode that I wouldn’t recommend rewatching.

Oh God I’m So Sorry AU Prompts

  • we were playing a pickup game of basketball and I elbowed you in the face and that’s a lot of blood I’m so sorry
  • I was in a hurry and I ran into you outside the coffee shop while you were carrying two lattes and it turns out they were both for you except that now you’re wearing them I’m so sorry
  • this is my first job waiting tables and wow these plates are heavy but I’m doing my best which apparently isn’t enough to defy gravity I’m so sorry
  • I love hockey, I am Ruler of the Rink and apparently I don’t know my own strength because I just crushed you into the boards I’m so sorry
  • running is supposed to be good for your health except I seem to have sprained my ankle and I took you out with me I’m so sorry
  • I was in the middle of a sick skateboard trick when you walked into my path and I couldn’t stop in time I’m so sorry
  • being a bike courier is great for my legs and it makes me good money and I meet hot people by running them over I’m so sorry
  • these super powers are so awesome it’s so exciting but I have zero control over them and I’m so sorry
  • you look a lot like my good friend so I ran up behind you and grabbed your ass with both hands in front of everyone I’m so sorry
  • I was hired to walk up to you and kiss you in public for the paparazzi and I only did it because I’m broke but you are a good guy and a good kisser I’m so sorry
  • I am the worst at parallel parking I mean I am so sorry about your fender I really hope one of us has insurance I’m so sorry
  • formal events are not my thing these shoes are new and this is a very long staircase at least you were at the bottom to break my fall I’m so sorry

anonymous asked:

I'm still salty about Rhys's comment that Cassian would sleep with Feyre if she wanted to though, that's like the last thing Cassian would do :(

I totally get you nonnie, because there are some weird ways that the Inner Circle talks about Cassian re: sex. I don’t think that Rhys actually believed it though? He wasn’t being literal. We have to look at the context of the discussion and who Rhys is, what we know about how he interacts with Feyre (especially at this time since they are still… figuring things out), what he and Feyre were doing at the time. Here is the comment:

“Cassian tried to convince me last night not to take you. I thought he might even punch me.”
“Why?” I barely knew him.
“Who knows? With Cassian, he’s probably more interested in fucking you than protecting you.”
“You’re a pig.”
“You could, you know,” Rhys said, holding up the branch of a scrawny beech for me to slip under. “If you needed to move on in a physical sense, I’m sure Cassian would be more than happy to oblige.”
It felt like a test in itself. And it pissed me off enough that I crooned, “Then tell him to come to my room tonight.”

This scene is when they are going to the Weaver, and Rhys has a history of… goading Feyre, when she is upset for various reasons. He distracts her by annoying her, by pushing her buttons. I don’t think that his comment should be taken literally in any way. I mean… Rhys is clearly in love with Feyre, why would he actually suggest that??? And she recognizes what he is doing, moments later:

“A dangerous line—one Rhys was forcing me to walk to keep me from thinking about what I was about to face, about what a wreck I was inside.

Anger, this … flirtation, annoyance … He knew those were my crutches.

What I was about to encounter, then, must be truly harrowing if he wanted me going in there mad—thinking about sex, about anything but the Weaver of the Wood.”

However, there is a history of people making jokes about Cassian, but in this scene he gives shit back to Amren just as easily:

“No one warming your bed right now, Cassian? It must be so hard to be an Illyrian and have no thoughts in your head save for those about your favorite part.”
“You know I’m always happy to tangle in the sheets with you, Amren,” Cassian said, utterly unfazed by the silver eyes, the power radiating from her every pore. “I know how much you enjoy Illyrian—”

There was another comment on that post (I’m assuming your ask is a response to that) that explained how Cassian would have actually reacted to that situation of Feyre coming to him, and yeah, he is not actually up for sex with whoever the hell Rhys sends his way. And if we were to look at this from a different perspective, if Cassian were female, then we would definitely be looking at this as a sort-of taking away of his bodily autonomy, basically?

But this quote here is what makes me think that he is willing to play this role in particular circumstances, for the benefit of his friends, in a way:

“We’d just appeared in the mud outside the little house when Cassian drawled from behind us, “Well, it’s about time.”
The savage, wild snarl that ripped out of Rhys was like nothing I’d heard, and I gripped his arm as he whirled on Cassian.
Cassian looked at him and laughed.
But the Illyrian warriors in the camp began shooting into the sky, hauling women and children with them.
“Hard ride?” Cassian tied back his dark hair with a worn strap of leather.
Preternatural quiet now leaked from Rhys where the snarl had erupted a moment before. And rather than see him turn the camp to rubble I said, “When he bashes your teeth in, Cassian, don’t come crying to me.”
Cassian crossed his arms. “Mating bond chafing a bit, Rhys?”
Rhys said nothing.
Cassian snickered. “Feyre doesn’t look too tired. Maybe she could give me a ride—”
Rhys exploded.”

TBH, the way that Cassian is acting here is so like Mor - pretending to think this is funny, while also preparing himself for what he knows is coming, what he has baited Rhys into. It was necessary. He doesn’t literally think that Feyre will have sex with him. Just like Rhys never literally intended for her to approach Cassian. So… if you look at the context, think about what we know about the characters, I don’t see this as being such a problem as some others seem to.

If there is more evidence I would love to see it, if it challenges my ideas or not, because I honestly haven’t really spent any time thinking about this in too much detail - mostly because I don’t think that the Inner Circle is dysfunctional or that Cassian in any way is somehow… the victim of their disregard or disrespect. I almost didn’t even want to go into this aspect of Cassian’s character because… fandom history. I’d like to explore more of his character, either way. So that he isn’t just seen as a trope or a stereotype of himself. BUT, I think that if you look at his character’s parallels with Mor, the way that he is basically… subtly taking care of various needs? We get a lot deeper.

fan email [2/5/17]:

[email regarding the community’s feelings about faust’s response to being asked if ashe is trans]

Email received from Faust [2/6/17]:

“Thanks for writing me and for opening a dialogue, I appreciate that. I am deeply sorry if the way I phrased the tweet came across as exclusionary, or felt like I’d pulled the rug out from under peoples feet. Life is a mess and it’s difficult enough to figure oneself out, to find parallels that help you to open up and to live. If anyone is able to understand themselves better, or to squeeze even an ounce of happiness from interpreting Ashe as transgender I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. Far be it from me to say no to that. I answered the question the way I did, because at inception I had imagined Ashe as a confidently masculine woman. I could have let the question sit, but I felt like it had come to the point where silence would have been worse. So I suppose to rephrase what I said, using your words, That is not how I pictured Ashe but that is a valid interpretation!”</p