i like papa pope

Reactions to 5x17

1) I’m loving this Macbeth-lets-all-stand-around-the-cauldron scene in the kitchen. So many witches, such a big pot of fuckwick stew.

2) Has Liz North ever NOT been in a love triangle? I totally forgot about her/Mellie/Andrew until Defiance 2.0

3) Oh here comes the record player again. Rowake alert.

4) Speaking of alerts…Mellie is in red right after this. And Jake was eating some Mellie Fried Chicken last episode. Wouldn’t that be some shit if Mellie knew?!?! It would explain why she was all like “You go get your woman” to Fitz when Liv being killed would have solved a ton of issues for her. She wanted the war AND the ammunition against Fitz. And maybe SHE was the leak regarding West Angola to Congress. I can’t recall how they found out now. Hmmmm.

5) I like Jake as Papa Pope’s steady-be-eatin sidekick. He’s not messing with Liv’s head or V, just side eyeing and (hopefully) washing some dishes. I could be fond of this Jake, if he had just been Tom’s Evil Twin. Of course, since Tom was also evil…maybe just his Actual Twin.

6) Ahahahahaha the SHADE when Fitz cut Olivia off. I love salty Fitz. Dismissed, Miss Pope. Dismissed. Fair play for her pettiness earlier in the show, IMO.

7) Olivia has lost her damn mind. No, it’s not the chair…it’s the part where she raves about Fitz finally (?!?!) being Presidential and taking responsibility for all the underhanded things they’ve done for him. Girl…what?!?! And then offering Abby a job. Facepalm. I can’t even be mad at Abby for protecting Fitz bc Olivia is SO FULL of shit right now. The hypocrisy (when are you gonna take responsibility for your OPA monsters?!?), the blindness (girl, you’ve made Abby who she is), and her pride (I’m always the biggest dog around). Ugh, I can’t. Nobody is riding over a cliff for you anymore, Olivia.

8) EXCEPT Fitz. I love him. So does Olivia, which is why she called him. He’s her family, despite what Rowan may claim. I love that they always reconnect in a bunker…when it’s just them, in their safe place, they’re FINE. It’s the world that’s the issue. There isn’t any getting away from the world, of course, especially as the POTUS. The writers threw a kitchen and a bunker at us this week and we get a wedding next week. Hmmmm. Olitz bait all over. I’m totally here for it.

9) Andrew had a death wish, talking that much filth to a woman on the edge. I recall cindersinrags (not going to tag her bc she seems QUITE done) saying this particular writer will always find a way to call OP a whore. Welp! Mission accomplished. Oh yeah, we’ve seen one other helpless person in a chair get beat down on this show before: Jake. Rowake alert!

10) I love how plain the writers/fabulous director made the red door at the end. Rowake alert! The mother of all Rowake alerts!