i like not wearing pants in the name of cosplay

I was tagged by my friendo @jetset-death
Name: aitana
Nickname: barb
Star sign:aries
Height: 5'3
Time right now: 8:49 pm
Last thing you Googled: “give me one good reason”- blink-182 lyrics
Favourite music artist: green day or panic! at the disco
Song stuck in my head: revolution radio
Last TV show I watched: malcolm in the middle
What I’m wearing right now: black lounge pants and snoopy sweatshirt
Do I get asks regularly: once in a while :p although i love them hehe
Why did I choose my url name: line from my favorite green day song
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Pokémon team: valor
Favorite color: black,green
Favorite characters: korra (my mom always told me i looked like her and i’m cosplaying as her for this years comic con, so i’m growing out my baby bangs lol), scott pilgrim
Dream job: musician/touring with green day
Number of blankets: 3
Number of followers: 71

i tag my boos @chokerwilliam @billie-joe-arm-arm and @youworryyouworryshit and you can do it if you want just tag me so i can know more about you :)