i like nine a bunch i do


A bunch of Star Trek doodles, as promised! Mostly DS9 at the moment. I’m rewatching Voyager with dad, so I can’t binge like I do with DS9 lmao. 

I found @subspacecommunication‘s wonderful alien redesigns the other day, and I’m absolutely in love with their Cardassians (sorry for pretty much plagiarising them…). Now I really want to do more redesigns of my own!

The question on the table is do were put a twelve year-old boy in charge of running the Los Angeles Institute, or do we do it ourselves like a bunch of miserable losers? I say we make Julian do it, and I’m the boss. Therefore, meeting adjourned.
—  Uncle Arthur, at his first (and only) meeting with the Head Los Angeles Downworlders 

sixclawsdragon  asked:

2 and 6?

2: Show your pencil case and what’s inside.

So, if I’m being totally honest here, 98% of what I do anymore is digital, so these are what I’m using most days. I do however do have a little set I like to use for traditional work when I do it. ^^

From left to right: Copic Black Wallet Set, Armature Nine Figure, stylus case, leather traveler’s journal with a couple different types of paper, and a bunch of Papermate Flair pen because I love to write with them(so smooth)

I did throw a couple extra pens, grey copics, and a mechanical pencil in this guy.

6: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

I tried.

I’m actually pretty proud that you can mostly tell what it is. XD I spent a couple months practicing writing with my left hand, and while it’s still not good by any means but I feel like I cheated a bit.

I made a speedpaint of this painful process if you’re interested. ^^’

Unpopular opinion

I rlly don’t understand or like the Animal Jam YouTubers (Julian2 is tolerable)

They just sit there??? And???


To nine year olds??????

And take everyone’s rares? ??

I know some of them do giveaways and stuff but still jfc

And then??????????

Wisteriamoon is literally an adult???? Screaming to a bunch of little kids about a kids game????

And she’s rlly immature? ????????????
Isn’t she like in college lmao

None of them are funny tbh

At least Julian does what you’d expect of someone his age; he informs, shows glitches, and shows new features in a (for the most part) unbiased way

The rest just!!!!!! Scream!!?!?!? Like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

WisteriamhrjekqkozfjekKjejakkdnqmdifjjJSKWKFIFBENSMDI here :))))))))

That’s sure as hell annoying
Stopped watching her

Aparri would be ok but he annoys me in general
I can’t really stand the voice oops

Bepper?? She’s aparri 2.0 right

Skorm is ded

I don’t get it
Are those supposed to be jokes??
I watched one of her videos a few days ago and she was literally just bragging about membership lmao

I used to love SmileySmiles I haven’t checked that channel in a while tho so no opinion tbh

Lmao I’m waiting for the hate about this idrc it’s just kinda annoying to me especially when their fans just freak out over them
They probably don’t care about y'all in the depths of their hearts

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Nine, why did you give Saph that crystal?

Once, I met this absol that was a rock enthusiast. She really really liked rocks. A lot.

I didn’t understand a word she said about rock science, because, honestly, the most important part is tender love and care, but….

What I do remember is that she was big on this ‘crystal mythology’ stuff. Some ‘mons believe rocks can help you harmonize yourself. Maybe even give you superpowers, I dunno.

Now, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s a nice sentiment.

  • Sandor: You should watch out!
  • Nine: OR ELSE WHAT?
  • Sandor: OH, YOU WILL!
  • Sandor: ... I hate you and the fact that we can never have a normal fight

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Heyo, Steve! So, Troopers are raised from birth to serve the empire right? Well where do they keep the little guys? Are there tiny toddler troopers running around finalizer base???

OOOH! The little pups are my fave! They don’t live on the ship, but they come visit on occasion to help with their training. But that’s just for the ones that are old enough to learn things like computer programming or how to kill a man with a flamethrower. You know, like eight or nine.

I love it when they board the Finalizer for the first time and you see their eyes light up at the prospect of doing their part for the First Order. Well…imagine their eyes lighting up…because, well, the little helmets.

The youngest of the bunch are on our current base of operations (in a location which I will not disclose here - you’re not a Resistance spy, are you?), mostly being raised by nanny Droids and teachers. Once in a while, Kylo Ren has to help with the toddlers when Snoke thinks he needs to get in touch with his inner rage (Dark Side training is weird).

If you’re asking because you’re looking to get your own youngsters into our first-rate childcare program, be sure to message G3-0RG3 in the nursery.

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I was tagged by the wonderful @annabeth-will-kick-your-ass thank you so much!

nickname: My friends call me Foo, My mom calls me Famu when I refuse to get out of bed
star sign:
height: I don’t know 156 cm I think?

time right now: 17:20

last thing i googled: Brooklyn nine nine episodes what the fuck do you mean next one comes out april??

fave music artist: Idk a bunch?? Or none?? I have a spot for Taylor Swift, Halsey, P!ATD, r5 and 1D though

song stuck in my head: My shot from Hamilton

last movie i watched: Moana
last tv show i watched:
what i’m wearing right now:
Maroon pyjamas, and a pink dress polo thing with a pink jacket (I am in the privacy of my home leave me be)

when i created this blog: Summer of 2014 but I didn’t use it until early 2015
the kind of stuff i post:
Excellent question; mostly memes shitposts and random fandom-y shit but irdk

do i have any other blogs: @leviozah  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

do i get asks regularly: Sodium Bromine Oxygen (NaBrO)

why did i choose my url: Uh I have a specific reason but it’s emotional and personal and I Cannot Handle those so just know that atelophobia is a fear of imperfection

gender: gal
hogwarts house:
pokémon team:
i have never played
fave color: wondeful question, I’ll get back to you
average hours of sleep: depends on the day, usually 6 though
lucky number:
favorite characters:
Bicth I love so much!! most of the characters of HP and Star Wars and b99 which I ofc didn’t binge watch two weeks ago what

  number of blankets i sleep with: usually one quilt, but lately two because it is so cold
dream job:
following: 569

I tag: @openassurgery @just-another-hufflepuff @nahmesis @effascus @honeyoghurt @floralmara and all y’all <3

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Never in my entire life on this shit planet have I ever been more sexually attracted to a man more than I am to Jesse Fucking McCree. I attended catholic school for nine fucking years of my life so my ass can finally wake itself up when Blizzard releases their hot hunk of Wild West into the world and unto the eyes of God himself. My gray-asexual self has not been sexually attracted to any real life man but the second you show me a bunch of polygons that say things like “whoa there” and “I’m your huckleberry” and instantly I am weak in the knee. What did I do to deserve this? I’m a good person, I feed my cat every morning, I live my life the way a young lady should and I am rewarded with physical therapy twice a week and a ladyboner for Mr. Discount Clint Eastwood. I’m sick of this shit I can’t fucking take it how am I supposed to grow up and live my life when I am ROCK FUCKING SOLID for an Overwatch character. I blame Arizona. I blame growing up around cowboys and cacti and being called darling by actors with fake guns and I certainly do not thank Blizzard for ruining my life with this man.