i like myself around you alicia

“Where is Jack?”

Bad Bob smiles. “Off working the Zimmerman charm…whatever that means.”

Alicia leads Georgia on a tour of Samwell highlights while Bob waits for their son to come back. The tour finishes in front of the Lake. Alicia explains that when she graduated, there was a tradition of immersing oneself in the water–robes, formalwear, and all. The post-graduation swim has died out. She seems disappointed.

Alicia looks at her phone. “He hasn’t texted.” Georgia and Bob check their phones as well and shake their heads. Bob sends a quick “where r u” and waits. 

They make small talk. Bob likes Georgia. She seems unflappable, like she’ll be good to Jack. He likes her as a person. He wants to trust her.

Jack walks up ten minutes later. His hair is slightly disheveled, the formerly smooth cowlick sticking up. Bob remembers Baby Jack, with the same cowlick. His tie is crooked. Alicia sees Jack’s face and catches Bob’s eye. They both have to look away to hide smirks. Jack is glowing, incandescent with happiness.

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Drunk Confessions (Lexark)

Between the two of them Elyza knew they had each had a good amount to drink so she should have expected it, but it still took her slightly by surprise when Alicia asked the question. “How many people have you been with?” 

Elyza stared at Alicia for a long time from across the couch and took a drink before finally answering. “Enough.” Elyza shrugged, trying to play it off. “Why does it matter?” When the words came out of her mouth she wished she could take them back.

“Because it matters to me. I’ve only been with one other person. So, how many?” Alicia asked, putting her bottle down and sitting up on the couch. Elyza knew there was no getting out of this one. 

“I’ve been with seven girls and one guy.” Elyza confessed, not wanting to look Alicia in the eye. “But most were just one night stands.” Again, Elyza knew she should have stopped talking way before she did. 

“Most?” Alicia lifted her eyebrows, now very interested in hearing a story Elyza didn’t want to tell. 

“Yeah, most of them meant nothing. One of them did.” Elyza really didn’t want to go any further than that and hoped Alicia may just let them drop it. 

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We All Have Them (Lexark) Blurb

The silence woke her as it often did most nights, her cheeks were wet with tears and she knew she had been having nightmares again. Alicia rolled over and saw Elyza propped up on her arm looking at her lovingly. “Are you okay?” She asked, reaching over with her free hand and wiping away a tear. 

Alicia shook her head and moved closer to the blonde. “What’s wrong with me?” She asked, feeling weak for crying.

Elyza paused before responding softly, “It’s the same thing that’s wrong with all of us. Our demons haunt us and we have our own ways of dealing with it.” 

“I hate it so much.” Alicia moved so she was cradled into Elyza’s chest. “I want to be strong like you.” 

Elyza gave a small laugh, “You don’t want that. You are just too good for this world. I won’t let it destroy you.” It was a promise to Alicia and Elyza, she wouldn’t lose her. 

“I just don’t want to feel like this anymore. I still see their faces. How do you fight it?” Alicia asked, moving so she could look into Elyza’s face.

“I don’t fight.” Elyza confessed. “Sometimes I can feel them overtake me and I lose myself in my own demons.”

Alicia looked confused, “What do you do?” 

Elyza smiled and kissed Alicia’s forehead, “I think about you.” Elyza pulled Alicia closer. “If I’m able to I hold you and I know that they can never touch me the way you touch my heart, my soul.” Elyza would never confess this to anyone else.

“It was like there had always been a piece of myself missing and now I know I can fight the demons because they’ll never have my soul, part of it lives in you.” 

Alicia felt warm tears running down her cheeks, but these weren’t from sadness or fear. “I love that you’re like this with me. It makes me feel special.” Alicia confessed.

“Good, because you are.” Elyza wrapped her arms tightly around Alicia. “Try and sleep again. I won’t let them get you.” 

Alicia leaned up and kissed her lips softly. “Goodnight.” 

anonymous asked:

did you see Fassy with Alicia at the globes? so awful.... she's like this little gross boy with no curves and he's obviously not into it but she's so clingy

Okay, I didn’t want to publish this because it’s so offensive, but this isn’t the only ask like this I’ve gotten recently, so I’m going to address this.

First of all, I like Alicia and think she’s lovely, but I’m here more for the Charles and Erik than the James and Fassy, so I’m not all that interested in the Fass’s love life. I just hope he’s happy and doing his thing. (James and Anne-Marie are serious #goals though.)

But what I really want to address in this ask is something I have seen repeatedly around in the Fassbender fandom, though I have done my damnedest to blacklist and unfollow to avoid it.

STOP BODY-SHAMING ALICIA VIKANDER. JFC. If you don’t like her – fine, but don’t be misogynistic about it. 

She is a grown woman with small breasts and hips, not a “little gross boy.” I myself have SMALLER breasts than Alicia so I guess that makes me what? “Gross”? “A little boy”? Unworthy of love and affection? (I know that seems like a leap, but what else could you possibly be implying?)

Stop insulting women’s appearances. Don’t we already have enough of that in general society? Insulting fat women isn’t okay. Insulting thin women isn’t okay. Stop insulting women! What a revolutionary idea!

And please, for the love of god, stop sending me messages that not only are cruel and unfair to Alicia, but also cruel and unfair to me and women in general.