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Imagine #43: Famous Boyfriend (Michael Clifford)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1071

Story line: You’re dating Michael but anyone in your school believes you.

I never cared if people didn’t believe about my relationship with Michael. I wasn’t one of these girls who were always bragging about boyfriends so I actually didn’t care; but things changed recently. One of the girls who sat behind me, saw my phone wallpaper which was a picture of me and Michael kissing and… Well, the girl thought it was photoshop so she started to tell their friends that I was obsessed with Michael of 5 Seconds Of Summer. I thought the mockery would end that day but I was wrong, they continued. They continued until I couldn’t take it anymore and I started crying in the bathroom.

I considered myself a strong girl. I knew the disadvantages of dating a famous boy but I never thought that it would be so mean. I mean, I knew some fans could be a little bit hard but people who always were with me? People who knew me since I was a little girl? I never thought that my people could do this to me. And honestly, I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to tell Michael anything because what could he possibly do? He was on tour with his bandmates and he was having the time of his life. He called me everyday and we talk for hours but I didn’t want to tell him what was happening. I didn’t want to bother him with that. He had enough things in his head to put another silly thing. And anyway… I was going to see him in a couple of days because he was currently in New Zealand doing a concert and the next stop would be Sydney.

I tried to calm myself but it was being impossible. I knew that the only thing that could calm was on the other side of the phone so I tried to stabilize my voice and I dialed Michael. “I hope you’re not playing truant, young lady” that was the first thing that Michael said when he answered the phone. I laughed softly, feeling better already.

“I’m not, I’m in the bathroom. I just wanted to talk to you. How are you? How is your face?” I asked him because recently he had a problem with the fires in Wembley’s concert. It worried me like hell and I was about to take a plane to see Michael when he called me and told me he was okay.  

“It’s fine and I’m fine” he said and I could tell he was smiling. “Are you okay, though?”.

“Yeah, why?”.

“Because although I know you love me, you never call me when you’re at school. You know, you’re a nerd”. He had a point, I never called him when I was at the school. He took my silence like something was wrong and then he asked me: “Y/N, seriously. Are you okay?”.

I sighed. “I’m having a rough day”.

“Why? What happened?”.

“I just miss you” I said, trying to avoid the main subject.

“I know you love me but you’re going to see me in two days. Also, I know that’s not why you’re having a bad day”.

“How could you know?”.

“Because we’ve been together for a while now. Are you going to tell me or…?”. Finally, I told Michael what was happening. He told me not to listen to them, that I didn’t need their approval. That we were dating and nothing else mattered. I knew he was right but it was hard anyway. Listening to your classmates making fun of you because they thought that you were obsessed with a band member and that you were telling that you were dating him because you were crazy… Well, it hurt and Michael couldn’t say otherwise.

The last day of school that week coincided with the concert in Sydney of 5 Seconds Of Summer. Although I wasn’t feeling better, I was excited to see Michael and forget about my stupid classmates. So when the bell rang, I grabbed my stuff and I left the school almost running. I didn’t want to lose another minute without Michael.

My feet stopped just when they stepped on the street and I saw a guy with a leather jacket and leaning against a red car. He smirked when he saw me and I couldn’t help but think that was a dream. I mean, I knew that Michael was in town but he never (and when I say never is never), told me he would come to my school. And if I’m honest, I never wanted him to come. I liked my privacy and although I loved him I wanted to live in peace.

I heard some girls gasping and other commenting that, in fact, Michael Clifford was there. Some of my classmates were there and they were looking at me as if I was a crazy person who, someway, had managed to bring Michael Clifford to the school. Michael raised his hand and waved at me, still smirking. He moved his head, telling me in silence to go there and I started walking towards him, feeling really observed. When I was a few centimeters from him, his smile widened. “You’re crazy” I mumbled.

“Am I? I thought that those kids needed a lesson”.

I frowned, not sure to understand what Michael was telling. “What lesson?”.

“This” he said while he leaned towards me, grabbed my face with his hands and pressed his lips into mine. I lost my breath for a few seconds, like the people who were looking at us, then I stood on my tiptoes, I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him harder, more passionately. Michael smiled into the kiss and I couldn’t help but do the same.

“Thank you” I mumbled into his lips.


“For doing this”.

“I’m not doing this for them, Y/N. I’m doing this because I missed you like hell and I thought it would be a nice a idea to surprise you”. I bit my bottom lip and I had to make an effort not to start crying. I loved him so much… “How about we go to my house, have dinner with my parents and then we think about what we could do?”.

“I know what we could do”. He laughed because he know exactly what I was thinking, he kissed my forehead, took my hand and we started walking towards his house.