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The 100% off Pants OTP Meme...
  • <p> <b></b> ...doesn't really work with Drarry.<p/><b><b></b> Draco:</b> Nice trousers, Potter.<p/><b><b></b> Harry:</b> Thanks, they were 50% off!<p/><b><b></b> Draco:</b><p/><b><b></b> Harry:</b> I mean, they were already on sale but I think they got reduced mo...<p/><b>Draco:</b></b> <p/><b><b></b> Harry:</b> What?<p/><b><b></b> Draco:</b> on <i>...sale?</i><p/><b><b></b> Harry:</b> Yeah...?<p/><b><b></b> Draco:</b><p/><b><b></b> Draco:</b> We're breaking up.<p/></p>
I Am Writing Smut

Hello lovelies!

I know I said the other post would be the last one I would annoy you with but this is a serious problem that only YOU can help me fix

So as the headline suggests; I am writing smut.

Nothing new there, but I’m writing a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of story which means there will be a lot, and I mean a lot, of smut.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be a plot too. Obviously. But this story will feature the most amount of smut I have put into a story. (so far at least) 

But because this story didn’t come to me with a fixed celebrity in mind, I thought I would let you guys do the honours. Who would you like to star in this porno that is being thinly veiled as a fanfiction.

It can be anyone you like. It could be about a celebrity I’ve already written for like Kit Harington, Oscar Isaac or Richard Madden.

Or it could be about someone I have been promising to write a fic about, like Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman or Theo James.

It could even be about someone you like that I have not previously mentioned, like Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Chris Hemsworth… wait, that is too many Marvel people. I don’t want to seem biased so I will suggest some others.

Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Joe Manganiello… wait, too much DC. Damn. Ok, third time is the charm.

Jason Statham, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Bradley JAmes, Luke Evans… wait, they are all British. I need to think of some American’s to keep things fair.

Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Evan Peters, one of the Franco brothers, Charlie Hunnam… wait, I think he might be British.

In fact, the evidence suggests that I like my men how I like my tea: hot and british…

Anyway, send me an ask telling me who you would like the fic to be written about. It can be any of the names mentioned above, or anyone that pops into your mind. Let me know by dropping an ask, commenting on this post, or like/commenting on any of the asks I get and I’ll tally the votes.

Love you all my little lovelies,

–Tea Enthusiast

anonymous asked:


🌈 What’s your sexuality?

I’m straight and I love my men like I like my tea, British and hot. 

⭐️ What’s your zodiac sign?


🏒 Do you have a sporty hobby?

I hate to say this but I’m not a sporty fellow. :( I’m more inclined to art and books, not that I hate it. If ever I would have a chance to learn, I would pick ice skating.

🍪 Favourite sweets/🍭/snack?

This is another hard question for I love food! I think my favorite sweets are Blueberry Cheesecake and Panna Cotta. I love every existing chocolate and gummy candies there is. Pork Floss Buns and Cookies and Ice Cream are also among the ones I love. 

💜 What do you look like?

This will be a rare chance so here’s a photo of me..

Thank you so much for the question, anon. 

I like my men...

Um… yessssss. YESSSSSSS.

“I like my men like I like my tea, hot and british”.

shahirasnow and I wanted to make this post for quite some time. Let us introduce you to our top 12 (in no particular order) of all of our british crushes!

The puppy pictures were totally necessary.

A special mention to tomorrowisthelasttime because I’m sure she agrees with this post.

*Yes, I know some of them are irish and scottish but we just couldn’t left them behind.