i like my coloring on most gifs here

hhhhhhhhhhhh finally ^o^!

TWO DAYS FOR 18 FRAMES !!! xD i did my best x), it’s the most complicated animation i’ve ever made xD!

Here is color!sans from Othertale (by @superyoumna) ^^!


For @superyoumna :3!

I really support you on your project ^^, you’re an amazing animator ^w^ (WITH A MOUSEEEE??!!!! HHHOWWWWW!!!???? *O*) ! I would like to make my own AU animated but i still need to practice and improve my animations ^^’…

anyway x3…

I hope you like it :3!!!

(i’m gonna eat chocolate now ‘u’)

nya ~! :3

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Imagine being too early for a seminar in your university. As always. You’ll never learn to just leave the house at the right time. Anyways, thanks to your earliness you are able to grab a coffee and sit down to read a little in the latest avengers comic. And as you sit there, sipping the great, sweet, hot, black liquid, a guytakes the seat next to you. “The coffee here is hell!”, he mumbles angrily. “I know!”, you sigh, “I always put in too much sugar, that way you are able to drink it!”. The guy next to you nods. “Also too early? I saw you in my seminar last week, but it just about to start in a hour!”. Confused you look up… and see HIM. Your lecturer from the seminar for which you are too early. You never realist how good he look, always sitting in the last row and drawing sketches while he talks. But his deep, cello like voice got your attention from the first day on. And now you also see his hair, curly with the color of dark chocolate. And you can’t resist but stare at his cheekbone which are as sharp as knifes, or even sharper. He laughs: “You didn’t remember me?Well, that is a suprise! Normally my students love me!” “I would like to believe that, but I guess you are a little too fast for the other students so they don’t get any of the stuff you are saying!” He giggles. “I know! But I also know that you do! You undersand any and each of the words I say, and also you told me the most important secret for the bad coffee here. How about we grab a coffee at a better place then here after the seminar?”, and while saying that he stands up, smiles at you and goes: “I hope you do actually know my name, so untill soon! We’ll meet in the bakerstreet, I know a great coffee shop there!”.


ok but have u considered: ace bfs kakyoin & jotaro


                                                                             “You think I’ll fight him for you?

Mm, yes I do. I think you will fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life!

                                                         “She’s safe on the ground. How about you?

Close, but I am not talking about Lois. No, every boy’s special lady is his mother…


Pentatonix - The First Noel