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There are people like you who are always on the stage floor, but there are people who are always backstage like me. Why do you think I make good flavored soju? When I watch others pair up during group dates and stay out with them until 3am, this is my only friend. But do you know something? Girls always bring me with them when meeting guys. They need girls like me setting up backstage for them to look pretty.

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What type of software do u do ur comics on... or ur set up. Want to try myself but idk where to begin .-.

THIS is my setup for comics:

My general process for comics is:

  1. Artwork in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad (As you can see, I do one panel at a time, rather than doing a full comic page on one canvas.)
  2. Edits to color and composition in Photoshop on my laptop (Sketchbook Pro is really good for drawing but has limited color settings/cropping options)
  3. Assemble the comic in InDesign
  4. Build speech bubbles in Illustrator

So a page like this is a combo of four separate programs across two devices:

But this is just MY process. I use Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign because I’m a full time graphic designer and the investment in an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is justified because I use multiple Adobe programs all day every day anyway and I can write the cost off as a work expense! 


Sketchbook Pro or GIMP or Photoshop, whatever! Photoshop is probably the most powerful, and I love it to death, but if you already have, say, and iPad, Sketchbook Pro is super affordable and absolutely wonderful!

Small Witchy Challenges to Reconnect to Your Practice

Sometimes it can be hard to really feel connected to the actual magickal side of being a witch. Personally I’m involved with my deities or other spiritual/personal things 110% of the time but I don’t always feel connected to my actual witchcraft. So here are a few small magickal challenges I thought up to help anyone in a similar situation.

✨ – Set aside a time once a week to burn a candle. Make it a color that connects to whatever aspect of your life you would like insight or growth in and spend 10 minutes watching the flame and opening yourself to whatever it is you’re seeking.

✨ – If you have any books with pre written simple spells in them (most intro to witchcraft books have a section) flip through it and find a spell that calls to you and do it! As written, just to practice getting out of your head and going through the motions of spell work.

✨ – Send out blessings. To your crush. A new friend. Your best friend. Your mom. Whoever.

✨ – Call up your energy into your palms and then place them on your own heart to send yourself love and healing and to connect yourself to your energy.

✨ – Spend some time picturing the kind of witch you wish you were, your ideal witchsona if you will. Then tell yourself that’s exactly who you already are. Keep reminding yourself whenever you feel disconnected from your craft that you are already an unbelievable witch.

✨ – Go back through your old book of shadows/grimoire and reflect on what’s worked for you in the past.

✨ – Wake up and tell yourself first thing “I am a witch. I am magick. My life is full of magick. I see and feel all the magick around me. I am a witch.”

✨ – Pick out outfits or accessories that make you feel witchy. (Bonus points for intentionally planning a super witchy outfit on the full moon)

✨ – Do a spell for anything that’s coming up in your life that you want to work out a certain way, no matter how trivial it seems. Test this week? Do a spell. About to start a work out routine? Do a spell. First date? Spell. Gotta stay on budget grocery shopping? Spell. Your worth it, it’s good practice, and if it all ends up working even better!

✨ – Write down spell ideas as they come to you. Save them as notes in your phone and then come back and flesh them out in your BOS later.

✨ – Come up with your own challenges! If you’d like to share, tag me on your post or send them to me, I’d love to hear your ideas!

“I live in my dreams — that’s what you sense. Other people live in dreams, but not in their own. That’s the difference.”


Quick Blog Post! (Comics, Kickstarter Updates & More)

Hey, readers! I hope you’re doing well. I’m still toiling away at the next set of Check, Please comics, and wanted to fill you in on the happenings!

  • I’m currently finishing up roughs for the next few episodes and will be inking and coloring them over the upcoming weeks. 
  • My original plan was to get about three comic updates out by the second week of December, but with designing and editing Year Two, it looks like I’ll be moving updates to the third week. But I’m working hard on both the comics and finishing up these books!
  • Some stretch goals are already done, but I’ll still be in fulfillment until early 2017. So in January, February, and March, I’ll still be working to get posters, commissions, and other items completed and designed.
  • And finally, the store! In case people wanted shirts or physical copies of Huddle, I’m trying to get my online store up and running over the next month as well. There’s no guarantee merch will be available in time for the holidays, but I’ll try. (And will keep you in the loop!)

That’s about it. I’m hyped for the next comics and can’t wait to share ‘em! For most of these episodes? Jack and Bitty will probably be a little less intense than pictured above. (The boys love their hockey!)

Thank you!


[ revision log printable + google sheets ] — reviewing course material is an excellent way to retain information over the long term! to use for my exams, i made a little revision google sheet and a matching printable, which i’ve decided to share with the community (●っゝω・)っ~☆

✨ — at the time i didn’t realize it, but this is inspired by @s0manythings​‘ beautiful grade tracker printable + sheet set! go have a look!

✅ ——

  1. feel free to tag with #studykyt if you use.
  2. credit if necessary and don’t claim as your own!
  3. modifications are ok for personal use!
  4. i worked really hard on this, so likes + reblogs are much appreciated ♡ 

•  printable pdfs, available in 5 colors ( bubblegum, lavender moon, seafoam, silver & gold, studykyt colors ) + b&w version ( skyscraper ) + bonus color ( field berries ).

•  google sheets, available in 5 colors + bonus sheet ( field berries ). to use file in your drive, file ↬  make a copy. no drive? file ↬ download as ↬ microsoft excel.

• instructions manual on how to use the google sheet.

🔗 — printables  google sheet • manual

☆ — originals  more printables

—— happy studying! :: kyt / studykyt

I am fascinated by you. The way you tick, what makes you wake up in the morning, what sets you over the edge. I want to know why hearing “I love you” makes you jump and shake and worry. I want to know the little things, too, like your favorite color and what the best part of the day is for you and I truly cannot wait to know the answers to all of my questions about you.

Folded Clothes for The Sims 4

Hey, happy new year !

Again, sorry for the lack of news, I don’t play with my Sims a lot lately. But I’m fine, newt week, I move in my new appartment, and you can’t imagine how exited I am. I have to buy almost all the furniture, it’s like building a starter house in the sims, with my budget :o

So ! I created these folded clothes long ago, but at first, I wanted to include them in a bigger set. But it’s a bit hard to find the motivation to create furniture when you already work on 3D stuff all the day. :p

  • Two items are included : a single folded clothes, and a stack of three.
  • You can stack them. If you want to create a column of clothes, you can do it !
  • Each item has 20 different colors options.
  • Polycount : 258 for the single one, 546 for the stack.
  • Price in game : 12§ for the single one, 36§ for the stack.

Download : SimFileShare

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !