i like my ar tag

Wasn’t satisfied with quality of original lineart for Soma that i made last year and finally got myself together to fix parts that bothered me the most + quickly threw on some colors. Still can see mistakes here and there, but i think i like the way it looks now.

shit he’s cute when he sleeps… 

dirk totes naps on him when he does weirdass emperor shit

The Sign of the Broken Heart

Well this got out of hand in about 0.5 seconds flat. Inspired mainly by @janestrider with a little of a @dirkar-inspired mythos softly laced in. I hope you like it​! I got a little Too Into It.

They say the Gods once named the stars.

Whatever names they chose, whatever stories they drew in glittering lines from point to point, we do not know if we still speak the same tales. Perhaps we have forgotten, perhaps we have remembered, but all we can know for certain are the words spoken to us by our ancestors as their fingers traced the shapes we came to see among the cosmos, teaching us these lessons that we might remember where we came from, the we might honour the hands that once held our Earth cupped in their steady palms.

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