i like most of this minus the bottom left picture


Yesterday (Monday) @insert-batterskull and I got to participate in perhaps the coolest chaos draft ever. A close friend of ours had purchased a while back one of most every set in the history of Magic (minus things like Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Portal Three Kingdoms, and a few others) because he wanted to do something to give back to our community. 

Pictured above is the pack pool (Conspiracy: Take the Crown is cut out in the top left, and Stronghold, The Dark, and Revised are cut out in the bottom right because I am short). The bottom picture were the 3 packs that I picked; I was the 11th person, so I was in the middle each round of picking. I wanted to get Champions of Kamigawa since it was the set I started with, but someone else took it first. My husband got first pick and took the Revised pack, but unfortunately no duals.

There were a total of 21 people participating, and it was so much fun. The weirdest decks and so many bad cards were being played. I realize this is a kind of event that won’t happen very often because of the expense (and this event was free for everyone), but if you enjoy draft and get the chance, you should definitely jump in…I can’t recommend if enough