i like messing around with different styles

A different approach.

I worked my girl on my own for a bit the other day. The paddocks have been icy so she hadn’t been running and playing much, so she was full of vinegar and excited to be on the good footing of the indoor arena! She bounced, bucked, and hopped her away around the first few circles - never really hauling on me, just… frolicking at the end of the rope =) Then she settled, head low, into a long stretching trot.

The trainer barged into the arena and came down on me. “I just saw that horse rear like three times!!! And you didn’t spin her, smack her, correct her in any way! I try to help you but you just don’t trust my methods. You’re going to go off on your own and keep coddling this horse and get yourself into a mess!”

And on, and on. Then the sentence that summed up our difference in training style:

“You just stand there WAITING for her to calm down. You have to MAKE her be calm!”

Forced calmness? Through snapping a chain on her nose, smacking her with a rope, hitting her in the face? Doesn’t sound calm at all… defeated maybe. Shut down. Broken. Her profession is to break horses. I want to train mine. I want to negotiate, not dominate. I would chose a horse that might rear up on me or throw a little buck now and then over a horse that’s had the personality beat out of it any day. Such a horse might simply do as it’s told as nothing it isn’t told, but if I play my cards right I think my horse will offer me more.

“What Do You Miss?”

Alright guys, as promised, here’s another 10k imagine! The title isn’t great and is likely to change, but this one is based off of several different writing prompts that I’ve had saved for awhile. I’m messing around with different writing styles so let me know how you like this one! There might be a part 2, we’ll see.

Words: 1150+

Summary: Sleep deprivation leads to [Y/N] giving some honest answers about the apocalypse and cuddling 10k in the back of the truck.

      Sleeping in the truck bed was always tricky. Casualties could vary, depending on the terrain. Smooth Tarmac and you’d wake with nothing more than stiff joints from lying on the solid metal. Anything less than a well over road and you were going wake with a headache and spend a few days finding bruises from being tossed around like a rag doll.

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wonder-bread  asked:

hiya~ how do you add glitch filters to your paintings to add noise and make the colors and lines look unregistered? it looks super cool!!

it’s different for every image honestly but THIS tutorial is a pretty good starting place! It’s basically just a combo of a bunch of different exclusion + overlay + pinlight layers, plus a lot of noise.

I basically just mess around with layer styles until I get something I like! And thank you!

usually games like smash bros youre able to look past all the vastly different styles between the characters and jsut enjoy everything as just a fun mess of shit but every now and then i see an image where two sections of two seperate characters get put too close together and im reminded that this entire game is absurd and makes no sense. for example: marios fist is bigger than ryus head. mario could wrap his entire hand around ryus head and hold it like a tennis ball.

messing around with wings! a lot of you gave me some great ideas; I really wanna stick with the bird-wing style but there’s plenty of room in there to experiment. :D

these will probably change drastically later on but eh, still just trying stuff out. I think I like them having different wings based on their cutie marks, although that kinda limits me to Spitfire and Soarin…

man this just reminds me that I really need to figure out a final design for Rainbow’s wings, geeze

It kind of bewilders me when people are like, “How do I get an art style?  My stuff is different every time!”

Because really the fact is, if you draw, you have a style.  You have multiple styles.  They might even be more similar than you think!  Just enjoy messing around and trying different stuff, because I guarantee you that’s what most of your faves are doing.

messing around with trying a different brush and decided to try some disney??? style stuff from memory out of boredom and this character just. came out.

tbh, i’d like to hear my followers’ impressions of them. As sort of a little exercise for myself, I wouldn’t mind seeing how other people interperet this character while knowing nothing about them! Send me your headcanons!

What do you mean I shouldn’t be doodling on my phone during physics??

Once again I find myself drawing fan-art for the amazing @cheapcookiez ‘s Subscribe & Punch, just Wilford Warfstache this time.

I’ve been messing around with different styles, and I actually like how this one came out, so expect more in the future. Maybe I’ll draw Jack next, who knows