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waxing poetic on chest hair removal

modern AU in which Emma works in a salon and Killian is her client, in for a bit of reluctant manscaping (mermen don’t have chest hair, after all). but it eventually grows back. and then…stuff happens. (definitely rated M!) (somewhat based off of prompts that @thesschesthair and @bleebug posted/rcvd; and thanks to @xpumpkindumplingx for looking it over!)
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happy happy happy happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETEST COCONUT ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, @cocohook38!!!! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are, darling!

“Hey, Tink; what’s my next appointment?”

“Your favorite: manscaping in Room 2.”

“Thanks.” Emma winked at the receptionist, washed her hands, and headed to the room where her next client waited. She was always professional, but one perk to working in a salon that offered waxing was the attention she got to lavish to the chests, abs, and other parts of some very attractive customers. True, she had to be almost clinical at times, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t still look.

There were some days she did curse her job, particularly when she had an itch that needed scratching (or when it led to that itch in the first place), but she always managed to resist slipping her phone number in with the post-waxing care materials, lest they lose a customer.

However, when she opened the door to Room 2 and saw the man leaning against the table, Emma knew right away that this was going to be the hardest client to resist…and she honestly wouldn’t mind if he never sought their services again.

She had seen chest hair of all kinds before—thick, thin, dark, light, a small amount, and an obscene amount.

But this guy? It was somehow…perfect: thicker near the center of the chest, tapering out over his well-developed pecs, and then drawing a dark, thin line down the center of his toned stomach, disappearing into his low-slung dark-wash jeans.

And he wanted it gone? For the first time ever, she kind of hated her job if she was supposed to rid the world of that beauty.

The owner of said glorious chest hair cleared his throat; Emma blushed immediately, realizing she’d been staring. “My eyes are up here, love,” he said, in a teasing tone and enticing accent.

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Cazriel - Modern AU, Fluff + Angst - 1/? - T

Part 2

Today has been a massive pile of anxiety and wank, so here, have some fluff to compensate for it because fuck yes, Domestic Cazriel is my one true source of joy. Even if this is a prequel to Couldn’t Dream of It, Dearest. 


Pairing(s): Cazriel, Feysand


Cass and Az are both Special Ops and tough as steel, and sure, it’s fine if they’re fucking, but feelings should never be on the table. Too bad Cassian is weak for pretty boys with fancy words and Az just needs his fancy coffees.

[Chronological Prequel to Wouldn’t Dream of It, Dearest]

Tags: Modern AU, Veterans, First Meetings, Falling in Love, Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling + Snuggling, Secret Relationship, Drunkenness, PTSD + Depression, Domestic Fluff

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anonymous asked:

Haha funny request but can you do a fic where Harvey and Donna are watching a horror movie and Harvey gets scared and grabs Donna's hand but he would never admit he was scared


She notices it within the first fifteen minutes- the way he squirms in his seat, the little uncomfortable sighs that escape his lips every couple of seconds, unbeknownst to him.

Donna bites her lip, watching him out of the corner of her eye, trying not to laugh.

He was scared.

Harvey Specter was completely freaking out- and doing a poor job of hiding it.

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City (Poe Dameron x reader)

AN: Idk what this is. It’s a fail

Today, instead of leaving from work and going straight home, Y/N decided it would be better to visit her friends at the coffee house.

Since getting a job with her mother’s company, Organa’s Organic Fruit inc., she practically had no time to visit her friends or other family working and living in the city as well.

When Y/N got to Corner Coffee she stepped in and smiled, noticing her two closest friends sitting at the coffee bar.

“Fancy seeing you here.” Said Rey. Y/N smiled and greeted both Rey, sitting on a bar stool, and Finn standing behind the counter with his green apron on and a rag in his hand.

“Hello my friends.” They lightly laughed and Y/N sat her things down on the bar counter.

“I’m pooped.” She stated.

“I bet.” Rey laughed looking at her friend’s very tired face.

“Your mom making you work long hours?” Finn asked.

“No, I just push myself a lot to make sure she’s content with the advertisements. So far she’s very pleased.” Y/N smiled weakly.

“That’s great.” Rey said. She looked behind her at the half full coffee house. “Your business is doing amazing Finn.”

Finn chuckled and thanked Rey. “Thanks. I’m glad you two are here to give me more business even though you’ve given me quite enough being my first customers.”

Funny thing was, he didn’t even look at Y/N when he acknowledged the fact that Y/N was one of his first customers. He continued to exchange grins with Rey. They both had it bad and would not admit it.

“So who is playing today?” Y/N asked noticing that it was in fact Friday: “Pay and Play” night. A night where one or two single musicians or bands came to play.

Only soft speaker music played in that moment.

“Poe Dameron, he’s a regular now.” Finn almost glared at Y/N. “You’d know that if you would actually come every Friday. Our day for meeting up since the house opened.”

The fake anger became very apparent quickly. Finn couldn’t be mad at Y/N actually. Those two had been friends since since high school, including Rey.

“I’m sorry Finn, it’s not that I don’t care-”

“I’m joking.” Said Finn as he and Rey laughed.

Y/N shook her head and looked behind her to the small stage when she heard a strum.

She saw the familiar looking man sitting on a stool, lightly strumming his guitar. He was in his thirties maybe, black curly hair and a light smile that could make everyone in the room fall over.

Y/N pushed off of the bar stool and found a table front row to sit at. She was so focused on the man strumming, she didn’t even realize she took a seat across from a young girl, also watching the man in awe.

After the light strumming he began to sing. He was covering a John Mayer song.

I know a girl,
She puts the color inside of my world,
But she’s just like a maze,
Where all of the walls all continually change,
And I’ve done all I can,
To stand on her steps with my heart in my hand,
Now I’m staring to see that maybe it’s got nothing to do with me,

He was singing daughters. The man’s voice was so passionate.

Fathers be good to your daughters,
Daughters will love like you do,
Girls become lovers,
Who turn into mothers,
So mothers be good to your daughters too,

Oh you see that skin?
It’s the same she’s been standing in,
Since the day she saw him walking away,
Now she’s left cleaning up the mess he made,

Fathers be good to your daughters,
Daughters will love like you do,
Girls become lovers,
Who turn into mothers,
So mothers be good to your daughters too,

Boys, you can break
You’ll find out how much they can take
Boys will be strong
And boys soldier on
But boys would be gone without warmth from
A woman’s good, good heart

On behalf of every man
Looking out for every girl
You are the God and weight of her world
So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too
So mothers be good to your daughters too
So mothers be good to your daughters too

After listening, tears leaking from Y/N’s eyes she looked over to the little girl. She was crying too. The little girl turned to look at the business woman across from her. She smiled with her tear stained face. “That’s my papa.”

Y/N took the sleeve of her jacket and dabbed the corners of her eyes. “He’s amazing.”

The little girl’s black curls bounced as she nodded her head.

She didn’t say anything, the little girl. She simply continued to smile.

“Does your Papa do this for a living?”

“He can’t tell me what he does for his job, apparently he works with Mr. President but I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you that.”
She clasped a hand over her mouth.

Y/N giggled at the adorable child sitting next to her. “I won’t tell. What’s your name?”

“Your a stranger, but you seem pretty nice so,” she leaned her entire little body over the table and whispered into Y/N’s ear.


“Ariel. That’s a beautiful name.” Said Y/N.

“Thank you, my mommy came up with it.”

“Your mother was very smart to think of that name, it fits you perfectly.”

“Yeah, she named me that after the little mermaid. She loves that song, part of your world.”

“Me too.” Y/N reminisced about her time watching the little mermaid with her mother on repeat everyday as a kid. “Is she here today?”

“No. She hasn’t been with us for two years.”

Ariel’s face was now completely normal, no emotion. Y/N couldn’t tell if she was sad, mad, or clueless.

“Ariel, you’ve made a friend?” Poe Dameron asked, approaching the table with his guitar.

“Yes!” Said Ariel. “But… I don’t know her name.”

Y/N stood and gently shook the man’s hand. “I’m Y/N Solo. I presume you’re Poe Dameron.”

“That’d be correct.” Poe smiled and nodded.

“Your daughter is very sweet.”

“Sweeter than sugar.” Poe said as he ruffled his daughter’s hair.

“And very beautiful.” Y/N added.

Poe’s head tilted. “I could say the same about you.” He winked and motioned for his daughter to go over to where Finn and Rey were playfully chatting. Ariel skipped over to them and Rey helped her up onto a stool.

Y/N was still blushing by the time Poe returned his attention to her. Seeing that, he grinned.

“The song brought tears to my eyes Poe. It was very heartfelt, I could tell.”

“The song means a lot to me and her. I’m the only one still with her. Other than grandparents, I’m the only one to protect and take care of her.”

Poe looked to her. All aglow and laughing at Finn’s hilarious cat jokes.

“You’re an amazing father.” Y/N stated. Poe looked back to Y/N and genuinely smiled. Nothing flirtatious like the smiles prior.

“Do you have a family?” Poe asked.

“Oh where do I start….

I have a brother, he’s a karate and Kung Fu instructor, my mother is the owner of the company Organa’s Organic Fruit, my father owns a large shipping company, the two of them - divorced, I also have two cats named Phasma and Hux, the girl one, Phasma, is pregnant.”

Poe laughed. “I guess I already know half of the story of your life.”

“Yeah, I guess you do.”

“But I’m interested in knowing the rest.” Poe sat down and motioned for Y/N to do so as well.

“I need to go home to my apartment to feed my cats.”

“Oh.” Poe nodded. “Make sure that pregnant cat of yours gets enough food.” You nodded and laughed in agreement.

Poe walked you to the bar counter and you grabbed your things.

“Aww, is miss Y/N leaving?” Ariel complained.

Poe nodded.

“Your car out there?” Poe asked.

“No, I walk. I sit in an office for ten hours, four days a week. I need the activity, especially coming home.”

“I agree…”

Poe led Y/N to the coffee house door and walked with her two blocks, until realizing he’d probably already crossed her comfort boundary.

“Sorry.” he said, suddenly stopping. “I didn’t mean to-”

“You’re fine Poe. Thank you for keeping me company these two blocks. The city’s a lonely place if you think about it. There are more people than you can count, yet you may only have two friends.”

Poe looked down at his feet and thought for a moment.

“Very true.”

“I’ll come tomorrow.” Y/N said quickly before she could allow herself to think about her schedule. “I’ll be at Finn’s if you are.”

“I’ll definitely be there.”

Y/N unknowingly bit her lip and turned to walk away.

“Should I bring Ariel?”

Y/N looked back.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that I would only come if you are there. I meant that I would only come if she is there.”

Under the Sea

The commission for @yamadara87 this month! I hope you like it! If you’d like more of my writing, including a new Mystery and Shadow to be dropped tomorrow, check me out at my Patreon! 2012 words. 

Michiru Kaioh, whenever asked what she would like for her birthday, smiled and said she was too old for anything too dramatic, and that she would very likely go to dinner with Haruka, perhaps take in a play.

What she did not say was that mostly, she simply wished to be left alone.

The last party she remembered having was her 16th, thrown by her parents to fete her burgeoning womanhood, or so the story goes. It had been the same as all her parents’ other parties, with lavish decor, champagne flowing, a cake decorated in the most lavish and expensive way possible, floral arrangements with crystal details, live music, and all the empty fineries of the world.

The first party she remembered wanting was when she was four. She had wanted a Little Mermaid party, and her parents had agreed. For weeks, she had looked forward to seeing the bright haired singing mermaid atop her cake, with her loveable yellow and blue friend, and the grumpy crab that always made her laugh.

When the day came, her 4th birthday party varied precious little from her 16th, the only nod to Michiru’s request the decor on the cake, mermaids singing on the shoreline and even they invoked Waterhouse in smooth lines and soothing colors, with none of the technicolor glow that entranced Michiru’s little heart.

And so, on that day, she learned that birthday parties were never for her, and always for others, and she dropped them as soon as socially permissible.

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disneysravenclaw  asked:

Jily + And 'James The Little Mermaid is my favourite movie please stop talking about the differences between mermaids in the muggle world and the wizarding world your'e such a nerd please stop'.

This is AU in that The Little Mermaid (disney) movie didn’t come out until waaay after these lovelies were killed. But otherwise they are their normal wizard selves. Sorry this took so long (and isn’t very long) but this is how I envisioned it happening. also disclaimer: no profits being made for HP/disney characters/references.

“You could be Ariel,” he tells her, as he sits back down on her mother’s sitting room sofa. “Long red hair and the voice of an angel – “

She scoffs, rolling her eyes, secretly pleased until he goes on.

“She gets the dapper prince in the end too. Fitting, isn’t it?”

His grin is wide enough to show all of his teeth as he gestures to himself. He is visiting her house in Cokeworth a few weeks before the start of Seventh Year. And they’ve maybe-sort-of discussed the possibility of dating. (And she is maybe-sort-of-absolutely excited at the prospect. But he needn’t know that.)

“I suppose it could be, if I finally do meet my prince. But I doubt he even exists, really.”

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Cookies for Santa. Bucky x Reader

Merry Ficmas to @canumoveyourseatup-no!!! I hope you love this as much as I loved writing it!
-Your Secret Santa
Three years. Your little Elise was now three years old, and was finally getting excited about Christmas, but more specifically… Santa Claus. She loved getting her picture taken with him at the mall, and she made Bucky write her letter to Santa for her. This year, she was asking Santa for a kitchen like Mommy’s. She loved to watch you in the kitchen, for any reason: making dinner, washing dishes, and especially baking. In her letter to Santa, she is quoted to say “I will have even extra cookies for you. So please bring me a kitchen.” Her negotiation skills reminded you of her father’s. He was always trying to bribe you with kisses or soft touches.
When the time came on Christmas Eve Day to make the extra cookies, your daughter bounded into the kitchen, her own little apron hanging from her neck.

“I help too, Mama?”
“Of course, Pumpkin.” You tied her apron behind her back and she went to and fro, getting what ingredients that she could reach for you. Bucky would come in and leave kisses on the tops of his girls’ heads, and a squeeze to your backside for a little fun. Such a flirt. You spent longer than you intended, but that was part of having a toddler’s assistance, but once the fresh chocolate chip cookies were done, you washed up and Bucky took your babygirl into the living room to play. You watched from the kitchen as she pulled out her plastic food and pretended to cook a fancy dinner for her and Buck. You finished the last of the dishes and joined them to kick off the Christmas Eve fun.

“Elise,” you pulled a small box wrapped in silver Christmas paper out from behind the tree, “Do you want your Christmas pjs?” Elise’s cerulean eyes grew wide in her excitement, and her jaw dropped. She was such a Christmas kid!
“Yes please!” Bucky got up from off of the floor and joined you on the couch, carrying Elise over to sit her between the two of you. You set the box in her lap and she started to tear away at the paper. She lifted the lid to the box and pulled out her surprise. She, like her Uncle Stevie, had a love for Disney movies, so she was thrilled to pull out a purple nightgown, bearing the face of her favorite mermaid, Ariel. The nightgown was still special, because it was no ordinary Little Mermaid scene. No. The coral reefs in the design had strings of Christmas lights and garland on them! It was an underwater Christmas for the red haired mermaid. Elise looked it over, her smile growing bigger than you thought possible, and kicking her legs in her jitters.
“I wear it now, Mama? Pease?”
“Sure thing! Come on,” you picked her up to set her on your hip, “We’ll go change and Daddy can put the movie in for us. How’s that sound?” Elise giggled her approval all the way up the stairs to her room.

While you were upstairs with Elise, Bucky’s heart was so full. Every day, he thinks it couldn’t be any fuller, but he’s proven wrong every time. Today was no different. With the smell of his favorite kind of cookies wafting around him, he slunk back to the kitchen to sneak a bite. He was going to eat them anyways, so why not…?
“Stay away from those cookies, James Barnes!” He heard you holler from upstairs. He rolled his eyes and whined to himself, pulling away from the pastries. He sauntered his way back into the living room. He knelt down and pulled open the entertainment center to grab A Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD. The menu screen was coming on when he heard little thumping footsteps coming back down the stairs. He peaked over his shoulder from his seat on the couch to see Elise’s dark hair swirling around her, the purple fleece nightgown stopping just above her little toes. You followed behind, wearing leggings and Bucky’s red henley’s. You gave him a knowing look when you noticed his bottom lip trapped between his teeth. You were playing dirty, knowing how he felt about seeing you in his shirts. His thoughts were brought back to reality when Elise crawled up into his lap.
“Movie time, Daddy.” She nestled herself into Buck’s chest. You smoothed your hand through his hair when you walked behind the couch to sit on the other side of him. You smiled over to him to tell him that everyone was all set, so he hit play on the remote, sighing into his seat when the movie started.

Even in the shortness of the film, Elise was asleep. Her little cheeks were smashed as she rested on her dad, making her dark lashes fan out along her fair skin. You had an arm resting along the back of the couch, reaching your fingers to twirl through the ends of Bucky’s hair and massaging the back of his neck. Once the film was over, Bucky scooped Elise up into his arms and you followed along to take her to bed. As she settled into her blankets, she peeled her eyes open with a small smirk.
“”The cookies,” she murmured, “Santa’s cookies.”
“Don’t worry, Ellie.” Bucky assured her. “Mama and I will make sure to put extra ones out for him. Okay?” She nodded into her pillow.
“Don’t forget the milk.”
“Oh, I won’t! Don’t worry.” You chuckled, knowing that this was Bucky’s favorite snack of the entire year. You knelt down to kiss Ellie’s forehead.

“Go to sleep, Pumpkin. Santa can’t come until you’re asleep, okay?”
“Night, Mama.”
“Goodnight, baby.”
“Night, Daddy.”
“Goodnight, sweetheart.” Buck kissed her forehead and tucked her blankets in around her body, and switched on her night light. He took your hand and led you back out into the hall, shutting Elise’s door about halfway before heading back downstairs.

Bucky shut off the main lights, allowing the room to glow from the Christmas tree and garland lights that lined the stairway. He stopped you by wrapping his hands around your waist and nuzzled his nose into the crook of your neck. You could feel his warm breath skirting across your skin, making you shiver and sigh.
“We have to get the cookies, Buck.” You tried to shimmy out of his grasp, but the metal plates of his arm began to whir as his grip tightened a bit more.
“Those can wait, Mrs Barnes.” He kissed that sweet spot behind your ear, his lips curling into a smile. “You’re wearing a very specific shirt, dear wife. I wonder where ever did you get it?”
“I think you know very well where I got it, Sarge.” Bucky groaned his approval, but whined when you finally slipped from his arms, a playful smirk on your lips. Buck’s eyes were darker now, and he stalked behind you as you went into the kitchen to plate up Santa’s extra cookies. You innocently looked over to the soldier and nodded towards the fridge. “Will you be a dear and pour Santa a glass of cold milk?” He nodded shortly and peeked into the fridge.
“And what for the Missus?”
“I think she’d love a glass of wine.”
“As you wish.”

You dished up the fresh cookies and settled on the couch with Bucky, wine in hand. Bucky had to fight back the pleased moan in his chest when he bit into the first cookie.
“God, babe. These are amazing. You get better every year, I swear.” You laughed quietly and sipped from your glass, keeping a keen ear on any noises from upstairs. Don’t need Daddy getting caught while eating Santa’s extra cookies! You indulged yourself as well on your creations, understanding Bucky’s delight when the chocolate melted in your mouth. You were getting better, for sure. Things were quiet for about an hour. Not a sound came from upstairs, telling your that Elise was out for the night. You glanced at the clock: 9:30pm. You couldn’t help the yawn that came from you, making Buck raise a brow at you.

“You’re already tired? Seriously?”
“Apparently,” you ran your hand over your face, “I just know that she’s gonna be up early. So it makes me tired.” Bucky took your now empty glass from your hand and walked it to the sink, leaving it for tomorrow. When he came back, you situated the empty cookie plate and empty milk glass on the coffee table, keeping the Santa appearance. Buck started to rub at the base your neck and shoulders and kissed into your hair.
“Maybe Santa could drop off presents early this year and get to bed for some much needed relaxation?” You hummed in approval and stood up to walk with Bucky to the closet in the back porch. Behind the winter coats and boots, there were two white trash bags, containing the wrapped presents. One bag had Eli’s presents and the other had the gifts that you and Bucky had gotten for each other. You set up a nice pile for Elise and then nestled Buck’s presents to one side, while he set yours on the other side. You stood before your tree, hands on your hips as you scanned over the scene. Everything was neat and symmetrical, just the way you liked it. Elise’s new toy kitchen was at the back of the pile, since it was the biggest. Bucky returned to his place behind you with his hands on your waist.

“Come on up to bed. It’s closer to 10:30 now.” He pressed his lips to your temple as he whispered. “A little elf told me that you have been particularly good this year, Mrs Barnes.” You quirked an eyebrow at him and intertwined your fingers in with his before stepping down on the floor switch to turn off all of the lights. You let your eyes adjust to the dark and pulled Bucky along up the stairs to your bedroom for a long winter’s nap.