i like manip though

ASoIaF Fancast: Valery Kovtun as Rhaegar Targaryen 


Snowells Week 2016 Day 1
↳ COOKING TOGETHER: Caitlin is still struggling to feel better after what happened with Hunter, so Harry decides to try and make her relax by making homemade pizza together.


Ten x Rose - Ranch AU

(I was totally humming ‘Fields of Gold’ while doing the second one.)

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Sometimes your manips make me uncomfortable, but dude! I love them so hard.

aww well thank yoU!

Though now you got me curious what’s got you uncomfortable. If it’s the content, or the subject matter being too close to realism? If the discomfort is a GOOD thing (idk some discomfort helps us grow, right?) or if it’s something I should watch out for?


MISAWADAY 03 (02/20) - Smile or Diamond
► Flowershop AU: part 1 part 2 part 3

Sawamura has just finished his lunch and was eating a pudding that his mom packed for him that day, while making a list of the flowers that needs re-ordering, when the shop’s door opens, a customer walked towards the counter where Sawamura is still engrossed with his list.

“Excuse me, hey!” The customer called.  

Sawamura jolted, answering a muffled “Yes” as the he turned around, the spoon still on his mouth, he was a bit surprised, blinking at the customer infront of him. Blond with blue eyes, almost the same height as him. The customer stood proud, confident.

He took the spoon out of his mouth. “Sorry.” He put down the pen and clipboard and greeted, “How can I help you?”

The blond customer was staring at him. Observing, then he asked, “Is this where Kazuya bought the Red and Variegated Tulips?”

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Pushing Daisies AU || The one where Harry is the boy who bakes pies and wakes the dead.  Zayn is the boy who died but Harry decided to let him live more than 60 seconds.  


kayjag appreciation post!

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can you link me to some blogs that do manips? but i mean good manips lmao not shitty ones? which i guess would be good in ur opinion?

Oh man, I don’t even know some at the top of my head I would check out @maniphaven they are an affiliate of mine and they do some manips. IF YOU DO MANIPS CAN YOU PLEASE LIKE THIS? I believe everyone has talent when doing manips though like at least they are trying. You can’t be picky when it’s for free.


Mericcup Week: Day 06. Embers - Owl City (X)

Yeah you know it gets better and your story is yet to be told
Every push, every shove, every war, every love
Yeah the coals are beginning to glow
So I’m fanning the flames to climb so high ‘cause there’s no other way we can stay alive