i like making things a lot more complicated

Art museums are a lot more fun when you can admit your honest opinion of the works. I hated visiting them as a kid, ‘cause adults always expected me to be very serious about every exhibit and have complicated, nuanced opinions about What Art Is. 

Visiting them with friends? Loads of fun. You can make dick jokes, laugh at ugly Renaissance babies, and focus on things that you genuinely like or find interesting. 

Fat Fingers part 3: Family

Note: I won’t be posting a lot this week, since I am going skiing. Will probably have this one and another one or two. We’ll see

Word count: 2452

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Language, racism and a lot of other -cisms. Again, do not read if Trump supporter

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You had been trying to avoid Daveed for about a week now and it had honestly been really hard. You really liked the guy, but things were a lot more complicated than it seemed with a family like yours. You were pretty sure there was no way in hell that the two of you would make this work.

You were on your way to bed when you received a message from Daveed. “I hope we’ll see each other soon”, which made a sad smile appear on your lips. He was really adorable, in a way. Even with his whole tough- rapper image going on, he was a real softie. It hurt to know that this was destined to fail even before it started.

“Goodnight D.” You decided to answer as you went to bed. You were honestly exhausted after a long day of work and you badly needed sleep. You found yourself unable to fall asleep, though. You worried where this thing with Daveed might lead because it honestly seemed like both of you had intentions of being more than just friends and it worried you in a way. You worried that it would ruin your relationship with your family completely. Even if you did not agree and even if you thought that they were racist, homophobic, bigoted ass hats that you should not care about, you still did and way too much for your own liking.

You were unable to fall asleep for most of that night, tossing and turning, your mind not giving you peace for a single minute. At 5:30, you finally gave up. There was no way in hell you were getting any sleep that night. You texted Daveed to see if he was up because you really wanted company. “You up?” You wrote, as you slipped out of bed and made your way to your kitchen.

You were surprised when you got a message just seconds after leaving the bedroom and honestly just thought you were starting to hear things due to the lack of sleep. However, Daveed had actually been up. If he had not, you would have woken him up. “Yeah. Restless. So why aren’t you asleep?” He texted. You decided to call him instead, as it was a lot easier.

He picked up after just a few seconds. “Hey.” He said, sounding slightly tired. You started to worry that you actually had woken him up.

“Did I wake you up?” You asked, biting your lip slightly. You hoped not.

“Nah. I woke up a couple of hours ago. I can’t sleep.” He admitted.

“Can you come over?” You asked a bit nervously. You really needed to get all of this off your chest. You wanted him, badly. But you also knew that this would never work.

“I… Sure. Why?” He was obviously confused and also sounded sort of worried and you understood. It was probably weird for someone you barely to call you at shit am to get you to come over.

“I just really need to talk to you. I’ll make coffee.” You answered and gave him your address. After hanging up, you felt sort of proud of yourself for actually having the courage to ask him over. If you actually got to talk to him about your worry was another question, though. You were afraid that you would hurt him but also knew that it was important to tell him. Sure, you had only been on one date. But, you just had that thing that you probably will never have again.

After making coffee, you waited for what seemed like ages for Daveed to finally show up. In reality, it had probably just been a couple of minutes. But, you had still managed to overthink everything to a point where you felt your head was about to explode. You had to end this. It would probably hurt both of you, but you felt like you had no other choice. Rather now before it starts. When you heard a knock at the door, you were at the entrance in a heartbeat.

You unlocked your door to reveal a tired-looking Daveed standing in your hallway. He still managed to look really attractive, which annoyed you a bit. You felt like you faded beside him. He could do way better than you, you thought.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He frowned. He seemed really worried about you, which made you smile softly.

“I just really need to get something off my chest.” You tried to calm him down a bit. You closed the door after him and led him to your kitchen, where you handed him a mug filled with warm coffee. Your hands trembled slightly. You knew what you had to do.

“Okay.” There was no sign of anger from making him go to your place at night, which made your heart swoon a little bit. Did he really care that much?

“My famil-“ You began but was cut off by him.    

“I know, Y/N. You worry and I don’t want to put you in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable, so if you don’t want to do this, I get that.” He rambled. He had obviously known that your family had to have some sort of part in you not answering him for some time now.

“Daveed.” You sighed. You wanted to tell him that you could and wanted to this. And you definitely did want to, but you knew that it would never work. There was no way in hell you were going to get away with this without your family knowing.

“No. I understand. Don’t Daveed me.” He was not angry, even if it seemed like he should have been. He probably had every right to be. You could easily tell that he was hurt by this. You really wanted to apologize and fall into his arms and lose yourself to him, but you already knew that this would be doomed from the beginning if you even tried.

“I’m sorry.” It was barely above a whisper. Tears were starting to sting your eyes, as you were pretty sure this was the end. You were almost certain that you would never see him again.

“I know, Y/N.” He clearly understood and was able to see things from your perspective, even if all of this really hurt him. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead as he sat the mug down on your kitchen table. “It was nice knowing you, it really was.” He mumbled. He left you in the kitchen, standing all on your own. He was out of your apartment in a matter of seconds and that was when the tears really began rolling down your cheeks. You wanted to run after him and tell him that all of this was a mistake and that you wanted to try this out. But, you knew that it was not a possibility. You would rather have him move on and be happy with someone who actually had the courage to take the leap and have something serious with him, even if that meant defying their family. You just were not ready to do that.

It had been a couple of weeks since the incident in your kitchen and you had not talked to Daveed since. You had wanted to text him several times but managed to stay away. You had already hurt him once and did not want to do that ever again. You wanted him to be happy and if that meant that you would be walking around like a zombie with less than 5 hours of sleep at night and tears running down your cheeks as often as every time anything bad happened to you, even if it was just a tiny thing, then that was just going to be what you had to deal with.

You had dinner with your family that night and they had clearly heard about the incident where Garrett had seen you with Daveed. You had not really visited your parents since before the incident, so they, of course, had to bring it up and make everything even worse than it already was, even if it was a long time ago now.

“So, Garrett saw you with a black guy on the street the other day.” Your father started and you knew you were in for a long ride.

“So?” You asked  as you took a sip of wine. You had just started to get over what had happened a little bit, but they clearly were not going to let you do so in peace.

“Don’t ‘so?’ me young lady. What in God’s name were you doing with someone like him?” Your dad seemed really unpleased with you.

You snapped at that. “A guy like him? Really? You and your friends ruin every form of relationship that I have with any person who doesn’t have the same values and views as you. Why does his complexion even matter to you?” You shot back, almost yelling at him. You had had enough. You really liked Daveed and you had to let him go because your family did not approve. You were done with sacrificing your own happiness to stay on good terms with your family, you decided right then and there.

“I will not tolerate you talking to me like this, you brat. I have given you everything you could ever want and this is what I get in return? I don’t want you to see him anymore.” He said sharply with a lifted finger. He was getting angry and even if you knew you were playing a dangerous game, you kept going.

“Well, then find someone else who wants to be subject to your male chauvinistic views, because I can’t deal with this shit anymore. You are bigoted, racist, sexist, and homophobic and you don’t get to tell me what to do with my life. You might be my father, but I never asked you for anything or nor do I want anything from you. He made me happy, but because of you I will never actually be happy!” You yelled. You did not think this was fair. They always managed to ruin everything and got themselves mixed up in your business. Business that did not belong to them.

“Enough!” Your mom finally had enough and slammed her flat hand into the table, making both you and your father stir as she pretty much shouted at the two of you. You were both fuming at that point and you knew that your father was ready to throw you out of the house. “I hate to say this, love. But, if Y/N wants to be with a black, then how can we tell her not to? She is an adult.” She started while looking at her husband, before turning her attention to you. “And you, Y/N. If you date him, we want nothing to do with you and you can’t ever contact us, is that clear? We do not approve of this lifestyle of yours” She said, sounding a lot sharper this time. It definitely was not up for discussion.

“Don’t you get it, mom? It doesn’t even matter! I let him go because it was either that or getting screwed over by my own family. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. I might lose all the people I know for all I care, but I will still have done the right thing. If you don’t start realizing soon, that what you are doing is wrong, I want nothing to do with you.” You started, taking a few deep breaths. This was a lot harder than you thought it would be. “Don’t contact me if you have no intention of realizing that your so called political values are racist and not values or opinions. I want no part in this anymore.” You said, a bit more calmly as you got up. You had no intention of staying under the same roof as your parents for another second.

You were out their front door in less than a minute, not even offering them a goodbye or anything. They had been ruining your life since the beginning and it had gotten to a point where you just could not take it anymore. You were honestly not surprised when tears started streaming down your cheeks for the second time that day. You were pretty sure you had lost Daveed for good, but you really wanted to try to make it up to him, because you honestly really needed him in your life.

You walked through the luke-warm, dark night of Los Angeles as you made your way to the address that Daveed had given you about three weeks ago, when he had tried to get you to come over. You had ignored him because you were scared and that you very much regretted too.

When you got to the building, you were unsure as to what to do. You wanted to see him and have him hold you tight, but you could not know for sure if that was what he wanted too and you obviously worried that it was not. He could have easily managed to move on since you saw him the last time.

You pushed the button beside his name on the street door, which made a small buzzing noise. You felt like you waited forever before someone picked up on the other end. “Yes?” A tired sounding Daveed answered.

“Can I come in?” You asked, your voice sounded much weaker than you intended and the fact that you had been crying a lot was definitely evident. Even if Daveed wanted to ignore that and not let you in, he also promised himself that he would give you another chance if you came around again. He really liked you.

You took a deep breath at the sound of the buzzing and stepped into the stairway. You were not sure what to expect, but honestly just hoped that there was a small chance that Daveed would actually forgive you. You wanted to tell him how sorry you were and you wanted to tell him, that you did not care what your family thought.

You would not be surprised if he did not accept your apology, though. There was a huge possibility that he would not and you knew it. But, you would at least have tried to make it up to him and if it did not help, then you were just going to have to take it from there.

You slowly made your way up the stairs, fearing the worst. You really wanted things to work out with him because you honestly really liked him.

the homophobia in “gamer” communities is ridiculous and quite frankly, super contradictory in the way they try to justify it. for example, before tracer was announced gay, whenever ppl would headcanon anyone (like roadhog or zarya, like the last post i rb just explained) as gay, a lot of gamers would say stuff like “why does sexuality matter? it shouldnt make a difference whether theyre gay or not, stop trying to make things more complicated than they are by putting labels, blah blah blah” so they would sound “”“progressive”“” or whatever.

but then blizzard announces that a character is gay in the most casual way! theres no huge introduction or build up of it, literally if tracer had kissed a guy instead of a girl, it would have been just as ordinary! which you would think the gamers would be happy about since blizzard is only catering to their “sexuality doesnt matter” argument. but then of course the gaming community tries getting out of it by saying that overwatch is too politically correct or trying to be inclusive or whatever. like!!! if sexuality didnt matter to you in the first place then why are you so butt hurt abt it!!! its because youre gigantic homophobic messes!!!!! lmao!!!!

i literally saw a comment on the forums saying like “the lgbt community’s job is to make gay ppl seem just as ordinary as straight ppl but their objective is failing bc of tracer’s sexuality now” like wtf kind of logic…….

i mean listen i have a lot to say and this post looks like ass rn bc of its complete disorganization but im just rly heated bc i saw more comments abt the reflections comic and i saw a lot of posts today that were getting me in the mood for “gamer lgbt discourse” or whatever

lmao feel free to rb

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I see people say stuff like "Alex VILLAINIZES Ford!", but watching the finale again it's made pretty clear that both Stan and Ford are at fault with each other. I think this perception comes from the Journal 3 book, which features a lot of Ford talking about his mistakes... but the book's (largely) written from his perspective, so of course Ford's gonna focus on his personal mistakes.

Some people don’t like how Alex talks about Ford when he calls him prideful and selfish and such. The journal really shows off a lot of his flaws too.

I get why people are upset but at the same time… he’s a complex character. He has flaws, he makes mistakes, and this makes him interesting. He IS prideful and it DID cause his downfall but of course it was a lot more complicated than that (his father made it seem like his intelligence was the only thing about him that made him worthwhile, Bill did nothing but compliment him on how smart he is and how that made him special, etc etc…) but like… Alex doesn’t have to say that EVERY time he mentions Ford’s pride. Some people seem to think he does and don’t think critically for themselves.

Flaws make a character interesting. Ford would be boring if he wasn’t imperfect. 

Some people see only his flaws. Some people defend him so passionately they ignore his flaws. Both are frustrating to deal with.

"You're too beautiful, you don't need to cover up with make up"

SHUT THE FUCK UP, When the hell did makeup become something you use to cover yourself, or something you use because you’re “not pretty enough”? Makeup is an art, a beautiful and complicated art, that’s why professionals are called makeup artist, a lot of people use it because they actually love it and enjoy it, it is a way of expressing yourself, sure some do use things like foundation to cover some flaws in their skin but makeup is so much more than that, I personally don’t use it but i highly appreciate it and the people who do use it and enjoy it, i find myself watching makeup tutorials online because i find them really entertaining and fascinating, it’s just like watching an artist painting, the colors the details the different looks it really says a lot about a persons personality.
“Why do you wear makeup you’re a man”
Please shut up, stop trying to fit people in your stupid social standards, everyone has the right to wear makeup if they want to and they should embrace it, everyone is beautiful with and without makeup, so please stop your stupid attempts at complimenting by telling a person they don’t need it, you’re more likely insulting them by telling them to give up something they love and are passionate about.

Can we talk about how the TV show W.i.t.c.h. completely ruined the characters and vibes from the comics?

There were parts of the Meridian arc where things got really dark but nooooooo the show was pretty much Disneyfied. The relationships were also more complicated and less superficial. I hate how the show portrayed Caleb and Cornelia’s relationship. It was actually a tragic love story but the show makes it look like some cookie cutter boy meets girl thing. I’m hoping one day it gets a reboot to fuel my inner nerd.

But seriously, the characters were so off. Will’s supposed to be dealing with a lot more coming of age problems, like her insecurities, her father coming back into her life, complicated old Matt, etc. Instead, Will was portrayed as the new girl that gets everything because she’s attractive and interesting. I think the show nailed Irma down a little bit more than it did the others. Except in the comic books, she fucked up wayyyyy more and dealt with the consequences of her recklessness and was ten times flirtier. I’m glad we got to see some rebellious tendencies in Tara in both the show and the comics but her family dynamics in the comics is what made her really interesting to me. She was also portrayed under some stereotypes in the show whereas in the comics, there was so much more to her vulnerability. Hay Lin was also portrayed as an extremely stereotypically “kawaii” Asian school girl in the show when in the comics, she was simply the coolest hipster. They even gave her this really lame episode where she was afraid Eric wouldn’t like her anymore because of her new braces. Comic book Hay Lin didn’t give a fuck whether or not Eric liked her braces.

And Cornelia…where to start? She and Elyon barely had any chemistry even though they’re supposed to be BFFs. Both of them (in the show) were depicted as superficial white girls who did everything that the magazines said was cool and whose goals were just to flirt with boys all the time. Cornelia’s actually one of the most well written characters in the comic books. She was the richest girl in the group but her attitude about her lifestyle was nothing like the brat we saw on the show. She was actually extremely kind and generous in the show and her compassion for others exceeded a lot of the other girls since she displayed the most confidence. The show made her romance with Caleb seem like one of those relationships that celebrities fake in order to gain more likes or appearances in the tabloids. The way they downplayed her next relationship with Peter was also annoying. Her love for Caleb was always seen as tragic but Peter served wonderfully as a second love in the comics. Cornelia was always my second favorite of the girls. Irma is my actual favorite since I relate to her the most but I think Cornelia’s character received more injustice in her TV portrayal.

Also, is it just me or do the villains from the show seem a lot more spineless and less threatening than they do in the comics? I honestly wish a different company produced this. Maybe they would have been able to do the comics and the characters justice.

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you could make comics about transitioning..... if you can think of a way that doesn't specify what you were assigned at birth

that would be a pretty big challenge tbh, as much as I’d really like to do a proper ‘story’ comic one day about my journey so far I’m not willing to discuss my AGAB and that makes things a whole lot more complicated. Maybe one day I’ll be able to work something out but for now I’m sticking to simple one-page things :)

I vote for Fanfic ver. of Hwarang!

Fanfic authors PLEASE write a decent version of Hwarang?

How could they f*ck up such a promising show like this?

Now on THE LAST FEW EPISODES they want Ji Dwi and Sunwoo to battle for the throne? Isn’t that kinda complicated to be “solved” this fast?

I wished they focused more on the politics and such that make the whole throne/ hwarang/people thing so complicated instead of the love triangle (and heck my dear Maek Jong, STOP going after her… Mind taking your throne and prove yourself a good King otherwise they might make Sunwoo the King as well…). Obviously love is welcomed, but not like that… The way they did it made me dislike Sunwoo A LOT, and heck, I didn’t want to… T^T

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lol that fic-titles meme, I have an entire document of song lyrics (and, very occasionally, quotes from poems) that would make awesome titles but have nothing to accompany them. So, pick one or more: they also mourn who do not wear black; those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live forever; should this noose unloosen; all things that go to make heaven and earth; purity of heart is to will one thing; you're a canary, I'm a coal mine. I have lots more. I have problems.

oh, I have one of those too. I feel like it’s a necessity for title-challenged authors. (though I haven’t looked at mine in a while. I should pull it out and dust it off.)

I have picked my three favorites!

they also mourn who do not wear black: This one is definitely a Sif fic about her complicated relationship with Loki taking place either post-Thor 2 or post-Thor, or maybe both. I’ve talked before about how I think Sif does care, and I think she does grieve - it’s just that frequently (actually, like Loki) she transmutes her grief into anger (and also she does have a lot of legit anger). 

But especially post-Thor 2 I think her headspace would be a really interesting one to delve into. And now I’m kind of talking myself into writing this fic, whoops.  

those who tell the truth shall die: I like this idea of this one being that double-agent Loki working for Thanos fic where it looks like he’s turned on everyone but is all along secretly working toward Thanos’ downfall. I’m torn on what POV this would be told from - it could be interesting doing Loki’s but it could also be interesting doing someone else’s. 

all things that go to make heaven and earth: Gonna stray out of my Loki-centric zone here and say this one would actually be a Natasha backstory fic. I think I might do it flashback-flashforward style, start in the Red Room and build my way through to present day. 

Maybe if I was feeling really ambitious I’d have the flashbacks working forward and the modern day segments working backward (i.e. from post Civil War) and have them meet in the middle.

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Hi! I really enjoy reading your posts :) It may seem strange, but what do you think about romance options in adult social links? (Excluding legal matters,ofc) For example, what if Yu could have a relationship with Eri or Sayoko? We've received some "hints"with the latter, but I think it would be interesting if we would have the same routes with other adult characters in game to make it more complicated. Thought regarding Adachi or Eri it would be dark as hell.

Hey, I saw you liking a lot of my posts, and it made me super happy! I am always enjoying it when I can tell that what I did made somebody else’s day a little brighter~!

Ohhhh, I might be the wrong person to ask here, since I generally don’t like the romance routes in the Persona Games too much (I think if there’s one thing the writers of Persona are really not good at, it’s writing social link romance routes, but that may be because my definition of “love” is kind of different from what people usually think…) Generally, I tend to prefer a social link when I do *not* have to outright avoid accidentally taking it down a romantic path, just by being a good person *coughcoughPersona3cough*

If I really had to answer though, I’d say that romances with a large age gap should probably be avoided, though it has obviously been done before in the games. At least with Ken, P3P had the decency to make it clear that the relationship is not sexual, so that’s a big plus, but I generally don’t think somebody as young and inexperienced with their own sexuality as a teenaged blank slate protagonist should enter into a sexual relationship with someone that much older than them (or younger) after knowing them for less than a year. I mean, even by Japanese law, sexual intercourse is forbidden if one partner is younger than 18 while the other is not, so that doesn’t only make that sort of thing ill advised, but also illegal…

The matter is entirely different when it is obvious that the relationship is entirely romance-only, no sexual component involved, because in that case the inexperience of one party can’t cause quite as much damage, since non-sexual social interaction is something we consistently learn by everyday interaction… Long story, short, I guess it’s okay if these romance routes don’t focus on or even imply any sort of sexual aspect. You can easily imply that two people might become an item in later years, without them immediately indulging in a sexual relationship.

I agree with you entirely that a relationship with Adachi would be beyond unfortunate though, given how sexually repressed the man is. No way he can hold that sort of relationship with the necessary level of emotional maturity as he is right now. 


Here are things half-past-midnight me thinks of after having drank three La Croix and eaten ten chocolate liquor truffles:

-Something with lots of smut but not based in smut, you know? Like I love strictly smutty threads but what if there were MORE? Like hate fucking with complicated relationship things in between? idk I have thing where I really want a bad boy or girl to come corrupt or piss off some of my muses.

-Threesome, foursome thread???? fxfxfxf or mxfxfxf? This would be with the Vaughn sisters.

-Someone let me have Ivy (Phoebe Tonkin fc) piss off their muse.

-More stereotypical dynamics: Prof/Student, Doc/Patient, Boss/Employee???

-Old flame sorta stuff?

-Making one of the pairs of sisters (Rivers or Woods) all catty and jealous

-Making one of my muses jealous

-Someone rejecting the advances of one of my muses while they’re into her sister but now her sister is mad bc they upset her and oh god what a yikes

I’m tired. Night! Like this if you like any of those, or message me about ‘em.

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Hi, I want ask on how to end the friendship with my best friend? it's because I am in love with him, but he doesn't realise it. We share problems,thoughts and everything. To make things more complicated, he already has someone and they will get married next year. How can I get out from this mess. He will ask lot of questions if he knows I'm running away from him. I'm so depressed right now. Help me. :'(

I can’t even begin to understand how upset you must be. Moving on is really the only thing that you can do; although, I’m not quite sure how you would end your friendship with him. I feel like if you just ignored him without saying anything, then he’ll just end up hurt and confused. Maybe consider letting him know that you’ll be distant for a while, because you’re going to be busy. I mean, I don’t know the exact situation, so if you want, you can send me a message and we can talk about it.

@nonviiolent replied to your post:

feel free! we can make it a thread if you’d like ayyy all the grimm threads

“It’s … very complicated, … it’s kinda from everything a bit. I hate him and …”  He looked away, still finding it unbelievable that he had fallen for this person despite that he was a Hollow, believing it should be impossible to feel like this.  “… well like him  ( a lot )  and … he did good things but also horrible ones, … I often wish I would not feel like this for him, but I cannot change it, ‘cause without him, … I feel even more hollow,”  he admitted quietly. 

@snibnoom @sanhatation @moon-hyuks

I love you guys a lot wow. Nothing gets past you does it?

Why We Are Obsessed With CS Coffee

It’s not because we are all horny AF, though that could be the reason for some of you. But for others, including myself, it’s like this:

CS is the relationship that made some of us believe in finding someone and having it feel just like a fairytale, no matter how bad things get. For some of us, we base our idea of the perfect relationship on this gloriously imperfect and complicated couple

We’ve seen a lot. Their first kiss, first date, first couple fight, first “I love you”’s, and when they agreed to move in together. Yet we still want to see even more. Why? Because when we are watching them, we are essentially watching the relationship we hope to have, and when CS has some sort of progression off screen, we get upset, we feel cheated. Because it feels like the writers are making us skip moments of our own relationship

Any sort of romantic relationship has a a sexual theme to it, even if none of the people in the relationship are interested in sex at all! In a relationship, sex is kind of a big deal, if the people in the relationship choose to have it with each other, and we want to see the aftermath of first time together because we want to see the entirety of our ideal relationship, and skipping details is like giving someone half an instruction manual. Even if we never get the X rated version, the “have they had coffee yet?” is important because having sex with your partner is something we all want to know if we’ve done yet, and we want to see our relationship role models react to having shared that sort of intimacy

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idk i feel like a lot of ppl have trouble talking abt relationships wrt genderfluidity bc like. it's hard to express but i think partially it's why i self-describe as bi/pan bc then it means i don't have to put labels on my attractions when my gender has been different than it is, labels that become empty and useless very shortly afterwards (at least imo). maybe part of that is having a Non Typical Trans Narrative but it's still a hard thing to talk abt so i'm glad i'm not the only one

finally answering this now but that makes sense!

personally iding as a lesbian is useful to me because it’s the easiest and fastest way to express my lack of desire for relationships with men but its a lot more complicated than that because like, i cant really see myself dating a cis woman either? shrugs

I feel like NaNoWriMo was useful to me mostly in that it allowed me to make a lot of mistakes very fast, because of the volume of writing I was producing; and because each time I completed a “book” it was with the intent of publishing it eventually, I read over those drafts and saw and understood all those mistakes. Obviously it’s more complicated than that—I haven’t done NaNo in something like four years and I have a much better understanding of how to write the things I want to write than I did four years ago—but it was a contributor.

It’s not useful to me anymore, and I think a lot of the stuff on the forum and the general attitude of it is unhelpful or downright harmful bullshit, but it’s not completely pointless.


I decided to start writing. Letting my sometimes overwhelming and (let´s be honest) unrealistic imagination free is absolutely necessary for me in order to function as a normal human being. And what other way to do so other than write it down? So I typed and typed and the result ended up being a Dylan O’Brien imagine. I have been obsessing over him for a quite some time now and I basically came up with the idea because of a dream - cliché right? I have finished about 3 chapters, however I´m not going to publish them at once. I´m probably going to publish a chapter per week, but as I´m currently studying at university it can become more complicated. I would also like to take this opportunity to make few things clear. Firstly, English is not my mother language and I will probably make a lot of mistakes. Secondly, I´m not some bad-ass writer who just comes up with the dialogues without a blink of an eye. I get my inspiration from movies, series and also quotes. So if you ever read something that you think you heard before in a slightly different way, keep in mind I have probably seen it somewhere and it stuck in mind. And lastly, it would mean the world to me if you could leave me some kind of feedback, good or bad - I´m more than open to constructive criticism. I hope you´ll enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed writing them! 

- Ell 

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I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about whether or not I make non-nail art.  The answer is complicated: I’ve always loved art and I will never stop thinking of myself as an artist, but for various reasons I don’t make a lot of hang-on-your-wall-type art these days.  Right now I’m a lot happier and freer doing more ephemeral stuff, like painting my nails and doodling in the margins of things.  

But since people are interested, I thought I’d post some pictures of an old piece of mine.  This is a really big painting/collage/self-portrait thing, which I made on my 17th birthday (a good, holy shit, 12 years ago now).  I put a whole lot of myself into it, and I’m still amazed at how it holds up as an artistic snapshot of a point in my life.  And it still hangs above my living room couch.

Another thing about Jupiter Ascending.

I actually kind of like the specific way in which it didn’t make sense. It was SO FULL of narrative and world-building information that they had to brush past the emotional realism we’ve come to expect in movies.  It was more like a fairytale–the actual narrative tone and pace of an archaic fairytale is complicated, wild, full of drama. Lots of movies are doing fairytale content right now, but nobody is doing fairytale tone.

Fairytale tone is full of lampshades and exposition and the presence of the narrator.  It’s repetitive and complicated and full of unresolved details. It’s uncomfortable and unexpected and has weird phrases stuck in that only make sense in thematic context and not narrative context (Bees Never Lie!)

Anyway, what a great movie.