i like making pixels


Suzuki Hiroki as Mikazuki Munechika
[Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Kyoden Moyuru Honnoji]

somebody please kill me xD

ok here the backstory
after a very very long talk whit @nxsuper and him spamming a billion blog whit fresh asks since most of them have been on neofox67 if i remmeber correct he have ask me to make him a sprite for a fresh human
so here the result xD

I can’t stop laughing my brother walked into my room and all he said was “gafou but with DraculaUntold!Luke and Pixels!Josh” and then he walked back out I can’t anymore why is he like this I love him omg


Happy Birthday, @maskenjager!!! I tried to make a little thing for you :3

I hope you have an awesome day today!!