i like lost more than ouat by now

There Is No Escape - Part 3

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Summary: You are still in a state of confusion as you come face to face with even more people that seem familiar to you. You soon start to panic and take matters into your own hands when it all gets too much.

Words: 1149

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Given just how confused you were about this whole thing you probably should have been keeping your eye on the boy that had brought you here but when a whole heap of other boys seemed to just roll right on out of the bushes around you your curiosity far outweighed the paranoia you were feeling towards him. They were all carrying an array of weapons on their person but none of them were currently aimed at you.

Most of them looked around your own age but there were a few that looked to be so much younger – maybe even no more than ten years old. You furrow your brows, wondering why it is that someone so young would be here and away from their parents, but other than that brief thought you have no time to think anything else as they all came running towards you with large grins lighting up their dirt-ridden faces.


The youngest one that had caught your attention moments before pushed his way through the small crowd of older boys to make sure that he got to you first and when he did he immediately wrapped his arms around you. It wasn’t exactly a hostile move, or one that posed any kind of threat for that matter, but it still makes you feel uneasy and so you lift your arms up in the air away from the young child before stepping back in a way that makes him lose his grip on you.

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I've managed to hold it together...till now.

I’ve just broke down. Sobbing uncontrollably. I don’t know what to do or to think. But I just feel like my heart has been shredded into a thousand tiny little pieces.

I’ve never lost anyone close to me. I’m grateful that all my family are still here. But what I’m feeling now is the closest thing I have to grief - having never experienced it myself.

A lot of people will tell me I’m being silly… it’s just a TV show or it’s just a character. What’s the big deal?

Well here it is. OUAT has helped me battle depression and has helped me all the hard times. Emma Swan is more like a friend to me than a fictional character. She’s held my hand when all I wanted to do was give up. And I’ve idolised Jen for the last few years. She’s encouraged me to never give up and to keep going.

But I just don’t know what to do now. I feel lost and heartbroken. The fact that in 2 (maybe 3) hours/episodes, I’ll have to say goodbye to a Emma Swan makes my heart hurt even harder.

I need to cry, cry and cry some more. Because to me… this is like loosing a friend.

Lost and Swan Queen

All this talk about Lost got me thinking about the show and Swan Queen and made me realize something. I loved Lost and I was in the fandom, creating videos and all that. I shipped the obvious het couples but I guess that was also when I started shipping my first femslash non canon couple: Kate/Claire, or Kaire. I even made a few videos about them, even though I didn’t take it very seriously and I never thought it would really happen. But thinking about this I noticed a few similarities between Kaire and Swan Queen

*Lost spoilers ahead*

Kate and Claire met when their plane fell in the island. Claire was pregnant and when she went into labour, Kate was the one who delivered the baby. That was the first thing that connected Kate, Claire and Aaron (the baby).

Many months later, they were rescued from the island but right before that Claire disappeared in the island, leaving Kate with the baby. Kate and the others who left the island lied about everything that happened and Kate said she had given birth to Aaron in the island, so she was the one raising him.

When he is 3 years old, she is his mom since that’s how he sees her and she sees him as her son, even if she still feels guilty about Claire. Everyone decides to go back to the island, and Kate at first doesn’t want to leave Aaron, but she decides to go because she wants to find Claire.

So, like Swan Queen, we have these two women who share a son, and one willing to sacrifice a lot to save the other.

Kate goes back to the island and, with their main love interests dead, they both get in the plane to leave the island and hold hands because they’re going to see their son together.

When they’re in the alternate reality/afterlife/purgatory/whatever, most characters remember who they were when they meet their love interests, but not Kate and Claire.They remember when they recreate the scene where Claire gives birth and Kate delivers the baby.

I believe that happens because their relationship to each other and their son is stronger than the other relationships in their lives. It makes sense that they raised Aaron together, since they were both his mothers and they got back to him together. But we never know what happens after the plane leaves the island.

I can totally see OUaT ending like this. Emma, Regina and Henry together, but not really together.

Anyway, don’t know why I wrote this, but I just noticed the similarities on both ships and since A&E were in Lost as well I thought I could share…

My reactions to 4x13
  • The Charmings have rose patterns on their sheets. How kitschy lol
  • Snow: David, where the fuck are you at?!
  • Maleficent: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER! Me: Villains really love doing that.
  • What did Snow do to you?
  • Mal: I got your baby trololololo
  • Relax, Snow. It’s just a dream.
  • Snow-I can’t stop thinking about Regina-White
  • Kristin Bauer’s eyes though
  • I’ve never seen anyone cut lemons with more sass than Granny
  • Granny trolling Cruella like a boss
  • The way Regina takes Henry’s hand
  • Cruella: These are blood diamonds I have, you know? Me:
  • Regina, don’t forget the frosted donuts!
  • How long is that tentacle wtf?
  • Belle: Did you just come here to be cruel? Me:

Cruel…Cruella…Get it? HAHA

  • Someone get Rumple a new cell phone plz
  • Rumple creepily touching Mal’s ashes though
  • Regina: Just you and me, Robin and Roland… Me: Yeah, ‘cause they spent so much time together
  • Regina: That feeling was the closest I’ve been to happy. Me: Er, excuse me. What about when you adopted Henry??? I thought he was the one who finally filled the hole in your heart and gave you a happy ending after the curse was cast. WTF is this shit?! It’s like that stupid “the only people who believe in me are you and Henry” line from 4A.
  • And also why is she saying all these things in front of Henry? She basically tells him that he isn’t her world anymore although she’s always insisted on that before
  • Please stop ruining Regal Believer moments with OQ talk
  • Why is everyone lying to Emma? (Everyone except Regina and Henry of course.)
  • The tree of wisdom…so the Deku tree from LOZ?
  • Does Belle have a photographic memory or what? It’s the only explanation for her being able to tell that some random brown box is missing.
  • Cruella: Is there a problem, Sheriff Chiseled Chin? Me: You’re awesome!
  • OMG the red fluffy seats though
  • Snow: Where’s Maleficent? Me: Maleficent is about to fuck shit up!
  • Maleficent thinks the show needs less talking and more action. Well, I agree.
  • What is that old computer? Petition to upgrade Storybrooke’s technology.
  • Oh look, Hook brings Emma lunch. What a romantic gesture. But when Emma brings Regina lunch it’s not bc #NOHOMO
  • I love how Regina opened up to Emma on their “lunch date” whereas Hook is still the same old liar and dishonest when it comes to Emma
  • Hook: Enjoy your witch hunt. Me: Yeah…I’d rather watch the Witch Hunt episode right now.
  • David: We’re going on a hike! Me:
  • Oh look, Emma-human lie detector-Swan doesn’t question her parents any further
  • Regina: Wifey, where the hell have you been?
  • Yes, keep touching her Regina!
  • Emma: Regina, Regina, wifey, calm down!
  • Snow: How can we stop the EQ’s curse? Tree:
  • That tentacle bitch slap!
  • *Regina apologizes to Gepetto* Me: OMG this is so important! She’s only ever apologized to people she really cares about before. Look at that character development! LOOK AT IT!
  • Maleficent is a living pregnancy test
  • Mal: Your child might turn out to be just like us. Snow: You mean a… Me: Yes, a lesbian witch.
  • Ursula: My tentacles are bored. Me:
  • Snow: We have to tell Emma everything! *1 hour later* Snow: Regina, Emma musn’t know about what we did to Mal! Me:
  • Emma(to Hook): You’re not that person anymore(…)I’m gonna choose to see the best in you. Me: Oh, another thing that’ll be considered romantic. I’m having S2 Swan Queen flashbacks(But here she’s Regina. I know her. I believe her). But you know, #NOHOMO am I right?
  • Emma, why are you so stupid lately?
  • David(was it David, I don’t remember): Because they’re villains and we’re heroes. Me:
  • Maleficent’s pregnancy confirmed!
  • Snow, she’s a mother just like you and you deny her your help just bc she’s a “villain”
  • I thing Snow loves meeting people in the rain at night
  • BellexWill
  • Wow, she got over Rumple fast. In the last episode she had a small breakdown and now she exchanges saliva with Scarlet. Why can’t any woman just stay single for more than 10 seconds?
  • *Snow’s dramatic speech* Regina: I don’t understand. Me:
  • Snow: Because of us Mal lost her child. Me:
  • To sum up: Regina, stop crying over your 5 day relationship! + everyone’s lying to you, Emma(except Regina and Henry)