i like lmfao style.


Michael: Lol why are you embarrassed? I think it’s cute!

Jeremy: Just–ugh. That was like five years ago back when I first got this account, and–let’s just forget about it! It’s fine. It’s me.

Michael: Alright, alright. Anyway, Christine’s is Juli3t–after her favorite Shakespeare character to play!

Jeremy: And Rich’s is Kerm. After, uh, evil Kermit. It’s his favorite meme.

Darling I know, the road ain’t easy,
and darling I know that life’s not fair.
And darling I know, it must feel like hell;
with all your fears right here,
and heaven way out there.
But darling, you know I believe in you,
and you know that I care.
I’ll be your light in the dark,
the angel on your shoulder
and the hope in your heart.
Just don’t give up on me, darling,
‘cause I won’t give up on you, I swear.
—  I know what it’s like: to be lost; that’s how I found you | m.a.w

drew this recently for my mom who got married! it was sort of a last minute little sketch, very silly, plan to give them a better gift at a later date when ive had more time to prepare something nice :)

this was a nightmare to do bc a) dude’s design was tricky for me and b) i was trying out a new coloring technique and shit so yikes but i kinda like how it looks anyway

anyhow, this is Dagmar and i absolute adore him???? like holy shit what a Guy

Dagmar belongs to @missthunderkin​ (please check out their art it’s phenomenal also Dag is just??? amazing??? and i hope i did him some justice???)

[do not steal/repost]



a little birdie came by and told me you were feeling a little down.. art is hard. you never really stop learning.

your blog is #relatable and cute! and even i have lots of trouble motivating myself to post. hopefully this doodle’ll give you a little nudge to keep posting.

keep up the good work! i’ll be keepin an eye on ya. 

Me with most other fandoms I’ve been in: *enjoys the content but really leaves the Canon Characters alone for the most part & goes off to make my own band of OCs/Fan Characters that I do more with than anything else*

Me with the OK K.O. characters: 


i haven’t had time to draw anything new, but i found a bunch of old art circa 2011 hanging out in my files when i was organizing a little earlier.

i might redraw some of these at some point hmmhmmhmhm that might be an interesting project. 

@doylist im not an expert in the definitions of various gay culture terminologies, but since when did ppl decide that sherlock holmes—who can kick most ppls, (including, in my opinion, Watson’s) asses in multiple forms of unarmed and armed martial arts—is a twink