i like linux

Why you should use Linux:
  • It’s free. (Both in price and in philosophy. When using Linux, the user has complete control over what’s going on in their PC, unlike Mac/Windows which are closed-source and keeps everything hidden.)
  • It’s beautiful. (There are many different desktop environments and themes available made by the community, allowing far more customization than Mac OS X or any incarnation of Windows.)
  • It’s secure. (Most programs are distributed through a Package Manager, a piece of software comparable to an App Store, and every program on it is approved by the people who run the Package Manager - you don’t even need an anti-virus software.)
  • It’s fast. (Most desktop environments/distros are much more lightweight than Windows or Mac.)
  • It’s everywhere. (Linux is installed on everything these days: smartphones, routers, modern TVs, even toasters.)
  • It’s growing. (As the userbase of Linux rapidly grows, so does the amount of support for it. By using Linux and submitting bug reports and feedback, you are helping it as a whole improve.)
  • It’s easy. (Contrary to popular belief, Linux is not this super intimidating thing that only aliens can comprehend. Many distros like Linux Mint and Ubuntu are designed from the ground up to be user friendly and have tons of support, most issues can be resolved with a quick visit to Google instead of having to buy a new Macbook or doing a complete reinstallation.)

why does every american college undergrad use a fucking macbook air my sister has one my three friends who are in college have them and all fourteen people with laptops on this floor of the library have one as well like? whats wrong with yall. macs fucking suck