i like lattes better but this is so pretty

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What was your favorite new food/drink to try since coming to the surface? ~<3

“i usually just stick to eating at grillbz.  you just can’t beat his burgers.  but, the coffee up here’s something i like a latte.”

“the donuts are pretty tasty and satisfy my sweet-tooth.  there ain’t any spiders in ‘em, so i can actually eat ‘em without owing that bitch muffet an arm and a leg.”

“…. there’s a disgusting amount of food up here, and it’s all goin’ to waste.  but eh.  i like sushi.”  He grin widens, turning slightly manic.


“MY NEW FAVORITE FOOD IS FUN DIP!!!!!  WOWZERS, THIS IS SO TASTY!!  I CAN’T STOP EATING IT!!”  Blueberry is vibrating with energy so hard that his bones are rattling.

“……wait, where did you get that?  how many have you had?”   Stretch is looking rather haggard suddenly.


Blueberry sprints off, leaving an exasperated Stretch to run his hand along his face.

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Can you please do a scorbus coffee au where albus is a flirtatious customer that leaves our precious scorp all blushy and flustered!

The first time it happened, Scorpius thought that maybe the customer was just a bit friendly. Scorpius thought maybe he was reading too much into it. After all, who wouldn’t want the gorgeous guy at the counter to be flirting with them? 

Albus had dark skin and permanent bedhead that Scorpius couldn’t work out if it was natural or stylized to be that way. He also had amazingly bright green eyes that just sort of drew one in. Most days he wore skinny jeans and tight v-neck t-shirts that hugged his body. It was a miracle Scorpius wasn’t drooling by the time Albus got to the counter.

Meanwhile, Scorpius knew he wasn’t unattractive but he certainly didn’t have Albus’ confidence. People were always asking him if his platinum blond hair was dyed to be that way and Scor always had to tell them it was natural. The only people who didn’t ask that question was anyone that knew Scorpius’ father.

Scorpius was doodling on a napkin when he heard footsteps. He glanced up and saw Albus approaching the counter. He quickly discarded the napkin and put on his best customer service smile, pretending that his heart wasn’t already racing just from seeing Albus. “Hi there, what can I get for you?”

“Oh Scorpius,” Albus said, nearly draping himself over the counter. “Must we play these silly games?”

Scorpius laughed and shoved at Albus a little to get him off the counter. “I’m going to have to clean the counter if you keep doing that.”

“You’re looking as ravishing as ever,” Albus told him, batting his eyelashes at Scorpius. Scorpius wondered how he had ever considered this just being friendly. He blushed from the tips of his ears down to his neck. 

“What can I get for you, Albus?”

“All work and no play,” Albus said with a tsk. “Maybe I just came in to see you.”

Scorpius swallowed around the lump in his throat. “Considering you come in every day for a coffee fix, I highly doubt that,” he managed to joke, getting out the spray bottle and wiping down the counter just for something to do to distract himself from those damn green eyes and those pouty lips that he just wanted to suck on.

“I come in every day to see you,” Albus corrected. “The coffee is just an added bonus.”

Scorpius chewed his bottom lip because it was better than screaming in delight. “Why would you want to see me?”

“Because you’re adorable,” Albus answered straight away. “And I’d very much like to jump over this counter, press you up against the latte machine and snog you for an extended period of time.”

Scorpius felt his stomach flip at the image Albus had presented. “I-I-I’m pretty sure I’d lose my job i-if we did that.”

“I know,” Albus said with a grin. “That’s why I’ve restrained myself so far, but you make it very difficult.”

Scorpius whimpered softly. Do not get hard at work, do not get hard at work, he begged his body. The last thing he needed was an uncomfortable boner and no way of taking care of it.

“I think you should go,” Scorpius told him.

Albus’ face fell. “I’m so sorry, did I offend you? I really, really didn’t mean to.”

“No, no,” Scorpius responded quickly. “You’re just…god, you’re really attractive and you keep saying all these wonderful things to me and if you keep it up I won’t be able to do my job.”

“Oh,” Albus said, chuckling softly. “What time do you get off work?” 

“Five o’clock,” he responded.

“Okay,” Albus nodded. “I’ll be back then.”

“You don’t have to -”

“I want to,” Albus cut him off with a small smile. “See you at five!”


Scorpius was just finishing locking up the coffeeshop for the night when he felt a weight against his back and arms encircle his waist. “Is this okay?” Albus’ familiar rumble asked in his ear, making Scorpius shiver.

“Yeah,” he murmured, turning his key and pulling them out from the door. 

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” Albus confessed, pressing soft kisses to Scorpius’ neck that cause Scor to mewl. “You’re so cute and sweet, I can’t get enough of you.” 

Scorpius turned in Albus’ arms and his lips were immediately captured in a fierce kiss that stole his breath away. Scorpius nearly dropped his keys but managed to put them in his pocket in favor of getting his hands in Albus’ hair. 

“We’re - gonna - smudge - the - door -” Scorpius gasped out between kisses. “Have - to - clean - it  - tomorrow.”

Albus pulled them away from the door, keeping their lips locked. He backed them into the alley and pressed Scorpius up against the brick siding of the building. Albus broke the kiss and Scorpius sucked in air, his chest heaving. “Fuck, I’ve been wanting to do this for ages,” Albus confessed, kissing across Scor’s jawline and down to his neck. 

“Why didn’t you ask for my number?” Scorpius asked, tilting his head back to give Albus more access to his neck. 

“I like seeing you face to face,” Albus told him, sucking a mark onto Scorpius’ pale skin. 

“That’s so romantic,” Scorpius said, tugging Albus up into another kiss. “And also utter bollocks. Why didn’t you ask for my number?”

Albus laughed and nipped at Scorpius’ bottom lip playfully. “Took me a while to figure out if you liked my flirting with you or if you were just shy.”

Scorpius huffed out a laugh. “A bit of both, I suppose.”

“That’s why it took me a while,” Albus responded, sliding his hand under Scor’s t-shirt and splaying it against his heated skin, making Scor arch off the brick from the contact. “But now that I know you are into me, can I have you number?”

“Of course,” Scorpius said with a small smile. “Might be hard for you to find it though.”

“What?” Albus asked, his brow knitting together.

Scorpius’ smile widened. “I wrote it on the first coffee I ever gave you,” he told him. “Hoped you might call.”

Albus groaned and buried his face against Scorpius’ neck. “I didn’t even see it, I was too busy staring at you. I’m so sorry!” 

Scorpius laughed. “It’s okay,” he said, running his fingers through Al’s hair. “I suppose I’ll be nice and give it to you again.”

“I would appreciate it,” Albus said, nuzzling him affectionately. “I’m such a plonker.”

Scorpius hummed and tugged Albus’ face up. “Hey, don’t talk about my boyfriend like that.”

Albus kissed Scorpius, both of them smiling as their lips brushed. “So I’m your boyfriend now, eh?”

Scorpius shrugged as if his heart hadn’t relocated to his throat. “If you want to be.”

Albus kissed Scorpius with such tenderness it made his whole body tingle. “Yeah, I want to be.” They beamed at each other until their faces hurt and then their lips found each other again. 

Tsch yeah I guess I like Shingeki no Kyojin, which you may better know as Attack on Titan, the Japanese anime based on the manga by Isayama Hajime. *sips latte* *adjusts lensless glasses*

What? Who’s my favorite character? Thomas Wagner. He died pretty early you’ve probably never heard of him.

Huh? Thank you, I’m glad you like my cosplay. How did I make my what? My Omnidirectional Mobility Gear? You mean my 3D Maneuver Gear? I’ll bet you can’t even name the main character of Before the Fall. Do you even know who the Colossal Titan is? Poser.

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“zero fucks given. next please.” for the prompts thing :)

“What do you want?” Andrew asked bluntly, staring up at the next customer in line with a dull expression. He ignored person’s confusion, waiting almost impatiently.

“A Pumpkin spice latte.” The reply was immediate with a hint of fear. “Um, please make it a grande.” 

Andrew scribbled the order down in a plastic cup. “Whip cream?”


“Is that a question or an answer.” He was already losing his patience. 

“I-I.. um.. yes. I want whip cream.”

Andrew nodded and placed the cup to the side. “$5.25.” He watched as the customer fumbled with their wallet, pulling out several bills and a quarter. With a small nod, he took the money and cashed it in.

“You’re supposed to be courteous,” Nicky commented, sliding in to make the drink. “We put you as the cashier for a reason.”

“A stupid reason,” Allison muttered, pushing him aside to get another jug of milk. She was already irritated. It wasn’t even rush hour yet. 

“Zero fucks given.” Andrew didn’t even look back at them. He should have taken another job. Starbucks was the worst choice he could have made. Working with Kevin would have been a better idea and that was unbearable. “Next, please.”

“Hi, I would like a vanilla latte,” came a soft voice. Andrew looked up to meet pretty blue eyes and instantly felt something envelop his heart. 



“Anything else?”

“Whip cream, please.” There was a pause. “And, can I have your number?”

Later on

Hey, Renee, do you think I was obvious enough?”

Her twinkling laughter followed. “Yes, Neil. I’m sure Andrew got the idea.”

Dear Paula from California,

I don’t know the post that you’re referring to where someone else used a racist, sexist insult and I apparently—god-forbid!!!—liked it (which seems totes out of character for me, but whatevs). However, I do appreciate you taking off some of your invaluable time from fighting crime and working toward a cure for cancer and such to track all of the posts that I like and whatnot so that you can reprimand me on my inconsistency!!!

Guurrl, you got me!!! I give!!! You’re so right!!! OMFG, I have seen the light and her name is Paula!!!

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