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The Signs As Things My Friends Have Said To Me - Sleeping With Sirens Edition

Also known as a cliche post I’m making bc I have no content

Aries: I like their old stuff better, like I only ever listen to the first two albums

Taurus: That’s a girl, you’re lying

Gemini: Never heard of them

Cancer: I was gonna get you a cardboard cutout of Kellin for your birthday but then you’d probably hate me

Leo: What’s the name of the singer again? [Me: which one?] The one you said you hate that sounds like a girl

Virgo: Kellin, Justin… …whoever the other ones are…

Libra: Okay but you have to admit, Kellin’s really cute

Scorpio: What’s with his voice?

Sagittarius: They’re like hell mainstream now, I thought they were post-hardcore

Capricorn: Justin’s way better than Kellin

Aquarius: If you hate them so much why are you listening to it?

Pisces: Who?


hEH SO IM SORRY I HAVENT BEEN UPDATING SO MUCH. I recently really have gotten into don’t starve together and its really fun so i thought id draw some followers in that style! But yeah 1300 followers sweet B) i got some more followers im going to do tomorrow but this was just the first batch of some of the lovely people that follow me and really inspire me. as said more tomorrow theres alot of you guys <3 thanks for the follows yo.

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Get riggity riggity wrecked, son

Source: I mean if you just type “kellic interview” into YouTube the original video should pop up


Some of my favorite of the pictures I took last night. I still can’t believe I saw them they just don’t know how much they’ve helped me get through all the hard things I’ve been and am still going through It’s still so surreal I’m extremely happy right now

Kellic AU - the one where they get married

“Let’s cheers to this,” Kellin says, raising his glass, because of course he’d quote his own album, and Vic just grins because it’s cute, and he’s happy, and it’s good. It’s different, but it’s so, so good.