i like just's reminder version better

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Before PYN came out, I listened to Bruno Mars' original demo and now I feel really awkward listening to Taem's version because all I can think about is the original version (way too sexual for a poor virgin girl heLP)

quick way to get rid of the awkwardness: just gotta remind yourself that there’s a large difference between what bruno mars and taemin are like. for example, this is bruno mars’ behavior around a girl

and this is taemin’s

The more I run across the attitude that a cover song with different pronouns or a differently-gendered singer than the original is automatically better than the original, the more upset I get.

Like, a woman’s cover of MAGIC!’s Rude isn’t automatically better than the original. A man’s cover of  Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun isn’t automatically better than Cyndi Lauper’s (even if Glee’s version makes me bawl my eyes out from melancholia). I like listening to lots of different versions of songs, and yeah I like some versions more than others, but the attitude that one single element of the performer’s identity is what makes it better/worse fucking hurts.

It’s this nasty little reminder that there will always be people that pick some aspect my my identity they dislike, and use it to denigrate my creative works.

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have you ever felt like you have no friends and everybody around you hates you? cause that's how i feel right now and honestly i'm so tired of everything.

Yeah, a few years ago I was going through a really dark phase, felt exactly this way and… It gets better. I know this is such a fucking cliche and many people will tell you that, but I SWEAR I mean it. The secret, for me at least, was trying to be the best version of myself that I can. Learn as much as you can, read as much as you can, DISTRACT YOURSELF as much as you can, try to make the pressure and the loneliness feel like background noise. Keep yourself busy and put yourself first. Dark times are just a reminder to cherish the light that will appear soon, so don’t worry okay? I’m sure everything will be okay. 

PS: If you need anyone to talk to, honestly, just message me and i’d be happy to talk, okay? <3 

Option One- Part 3

Ok, so this part is super close to my heart. And honestly I’m super nervous to post it. Mostly because this whole part came out of a talk I had with my therapist about my own body image issues. I morphed it in to this story in the hopes that maybe it will help someone else? And just a reminder, this isn’t the end of the story. I’m not saying Rae is fixed presto chango. It’s just a positive part of her life–or my version of her life. So anyway… I hope you like it! 

Also, I’m a little worried that it might sound a bit like something fanningon has written in her Series 3 or Series 4 fanfic but I’m not positive so if it is, I’m sure she did a better job of writing this stuff, and if not, you should still read her stuff because it’s awesome. Anyway… here’s part 3. I can’t decide if there will be one part left or two, but look forward to seeing the next part either tomorrow or Saturday. 

Part 3:

Rae wiped at the tears in her eyes, aching to be at home, in her bed, where no one could see her. She let out a ragged breath, feeling the pain of shame seeping from her every pore.

Rae’s body felt so wrong and achy from the confrontation. She cursed her thighs as they rubbed against each other with every step and her hips when they bumped into a bench in her haste to get home. She felt like a monster stomping around, too big and too horrendous for her world.

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Maria’s childhood spirit

Spirited Young Lady: To me, there’s two kinds of growing up: standardized growing up and spontaneous growing up.

Being the latter to believe in yourself and become your own better older version. That will take more time and more introspection, but the results are usually awesome and genuine. Reminds you of someone? Maria.

You can see how as a kid she was a bit of a troublemaker and liked playing with chickens (me too, I actually named them and had them very well trained). And growing up, Maria just seems to sort of… adapt it, while also polishing up in Spain and broadening her horizons with music and art and books.

Back in San Angel, while she is trying to figure out if and how Manolo and Joaquin have changed through the years, she is still full of life and young at heart.

She’s paying a lot of attention to how Manolo behaves in the bullring and studies Joaquin at dinner: she realizes the first is still holding on to his guitar and the second isn’t living up to her expectations.

But Joaquin and Manolo don’t seem to wonder if Maria is still Maria. The answer is before their eyes.  She’s kept her spark of rebellion and attitude, being the best word spontaneous, but also simple and honest.


For the Speak Now Tour, a friend and I drove 8 hours through a huge thunderstorm with torrential rain in order to get there. We arrived only an hour before the concert was supposed to start and I was ready to break down if we didn’t get there on time. I skipped a day of my summer course, lied about the reason why I was missing a day of class, and had to write the test I missed when we got back the next day. It was a whirlwind trip but I wouldn’t change a thing! I got to see Taylor live, AGAIN. I cried like crazy when she appeared from underneath the stage and sang “drop everything now”, the first line to one of my all time favourite songs. 

Thinking back to it reminds me just how much I would do for this girl. I love her and she has helped to make me a happier and better version of myself. I love you Taylor Swift. 

(x) April 9th, 2016. 11 notes. We don’t know if he got a paternity test or not… Nor do we feel that we are entitled to know… Maybe the reason why he didn’t confirm whether or not he got one is because it would make it look like he didn’t trust Briana, so he was better off not saying anything at all…? Nor do we know anything about his custody arrangement… And again we aren’t entitled to… We’re not saying we believe media and TMZ about everything… Just about common sense things… Which Larries completely lack… We “have so few wins” except you know the feeling of contentment that we can accept and enjoy the boys without turning them into our idealized versions of how we want them to be… And pictures of Freddie… Need I remind you how many Larry pictures you’ve gotten this year? 


Our starter has gone through a lot. From a Torchic that drops his Judgement onto his foes, to a Defeatist Lampent that we never gave up on. (Assuming we don’t take it being boxed as us giving up on it)

Who would’ve ever expected us to have gotten a freakin’ FLAREON in the end? And with a STONE, no less? Truly, this run’s lore kept writing itself.

So uh.. Yeah. I don’t know how I wanted to approach drawing Flareon, but I just wanted to draw a Flareon and express my excitement at how perfect this discovery was.

I wasn’t sure what version I wanted to go with, so I just included them all. I really like the crown, but I dunno if it was too much.