i like jillian for all the wrong reasons

I take back any negative things I said about the new Ghostbusters. This movie was very funny, very action-packed, and if I’m gonna be honest, the ghosts were notably creepier than the original film’s. But above all, there are two things that NEED to be said.

1. We all owe Paul Feig an apology. This movie was an excellent reimagining of the Ghostbusters, and while it may not be superior to the original, it is definitely a lot of fun, to the point that I can forgive Sony for not giving us a Ghostbusters 3. Mr. Feig truly did his best with this film and it paid off.

2. Whoever was in charge of the editing for the trailers needs to be fired. The trailers to this movie were VERY misleading as to how much fun and humorous this movie was, and that definitely had an impact on its box office earnings. Some of the jokes do indeed fall flat, but for some reason the trailers chose to go with the weakest jokes in the entire film.

Please do yourself a favor and see this movie. I was entirely wrong about the potential for this film. All four women were really great and funny, and this is coming straight from the mouth of someone who usually doesn’t like Melissa McCarthy’s characters. You will not be disappointed.

One of my professors (to paint the picture: white guy with a beard and ponytail yelling about indie films in a lecture hall) was shitting on Ghostbusters (2016) in class this morning so I was like: “Well, it more than matched the budget and then made about an additional 85 million for Sony, so I guess it worked out alright.” And I RARELY deliver sass to teachers (my mum’s a professor and I have so much respect for all the work they do, so I usually wouldn’t even dream of it), but he was being such a dick and criticizing it for all the wrong reasons, and it felt SO GOOD to say something. Internally I was like you just got Holtzmanned, baby!!